Mirvduflu: btw the discussion with you did inspire me to a working solution. I installed Ubuntu from USB stick to another USB stick on my another computer, and then booted that up on the Chromebook, therefore bypassing gfxboot06:54
Mirvsince gfxboot is only used on live usb for the legacy boot06:55
dufluMirv: Oh good trick06:56
dufluI might try that06:57
dufluanpok_: vscroll events are now magnitude 1.0 for mouse wheels. Is that new?07:05
dufluWeren't they 1/15 before?07:05
duflugreyback_: Figured out why touchpads in Unity8 don't feel very accurate. We convert the floating point input to integers :P07:35
greyback_duflu: we do? Where?07:35
duflugreyback_: handleWheel* ... QPoint07:36
duflurather than QPointF07:36
dufluTouchpad two-finger scrolling is normalized... a float usually less than 1.007:38
duflu1.0 just means "the same amount as a mouse wheel tick"07:38
greyback_duflu: ok, nice find. Patch on the way?07:39
duflugreyback_: Sorry, I need to get more Xmir done before EOW07:40
greyback_duflu: bug logged?07:40
duflu(just added smooth scrolling there too)07:40
duflugreyback_: Yep, top of the Qtmir list07:40
duflu anpok_: vscroll events are now magnitude 1.0 for mouse wheels. Is that new?08:04
dufluI'm not complaining, but I thought it was 1/15th before08:04
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zone42314how do you run gedit on mir from cli?11:52
alan_gzone42314: GDK_BACKEND=mir gedit11:56
zone42314Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to send message to server: Success11:57
zone42314(gedit:11651): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:11:57
zone42314doesn't work11:57
alan_gWhich Mir server are you running? What arguments?11:57
zone42314i'm using the terminal app on unity811:57
zone42314not on server11:57
zone42314i need to launch gedit from terminal app11:58
zone42314but using mir gdk mir or whatever is called11:58
alan_gU8 needs something like GDK_BACKEND=mir gedit -- --desktop-file <some desktop file>11:59
alan_gIn this case Unity8 is your Mir server11:59
zone42314alan_g: some programs just throw and error if you use -- args12:00
zone42314how do you launch them?12:00
zone42314if you can't use --12:00
alan_gzone42314: that's not my doing12:00
zone42314where to ask?12:01
zone42314unity channel?12:01
alan_gyou may need MIR_SOCKET=/tmp/mir_socket too12:01
kdub#ubuntu-touch or #ubuntu-unity might be good places12:01
zone42314ok thanks12:01
kdubalthough most the people there hang out here and vice versa12:01
alan_gBut that ought to be set if the terminal's running under U812:02
zone42314SDL_VIDEODRIVER=mir supertux2 -- --desktop_file_hint=unity8.deskop12:03
zone42314Error: Unknown option '--''. Use --help to see a list of options12:03
zone42314is there a way to workarround this error?12:03
alan_gzone42314: no point (yet) SDL_VIDEODRIVER=mir supertux2 doesn't work on any mir servers12:04
zone42314what does ubuntu-app-launch do?12:05
zone42314looks like you can launch supertux2 with 'ubuntu-app-launch supertux2'12:06
zone42314and i don't see using Xmir12:06
alan_gThat probably starts an Xmir server12:06
zone42314but then i should see the Xmir in top12:06
zone42314but i don't12:06
alan_gWhat system you running? Xenial?12:07
alan_gAh. That may have a more recent SDL than I've got12:07
zone42314ibsdl2-2.0-0/yakkety,now 2.0.4+dfsg2-1ubuntu1 amd64 [installed,automatic]12:08
zone42314probably not12:08
alan_gIs ubuntu-app-launch a script?12:09
zone42314hey, i'm here for help :D12:09
zone42314don't now :(12:09
zone42314i can't c/p from Xmir pff12:09
zone42314it's on lp12:09
alan_gSorry, wife calling "lunch"12:10
zone42314bon apetite12:10
bregmazone42314, supertux2 does not run natively on Mir, it definitely requires XMir12:49
zone42314bregma: but if it runs with Xmir, you should see the Xmir process in top, right?12:51
bregmaXMir does not use a lot of CPU12:51
bregmado a ps-ef | grep -i xmir12:51
bregmabecause supertux2 uses libSDL2, it should theoretically run OK natively on MIr, but it turns out is uses some X11 calls outside of libSDL, so it will fail12:52
zone42314bregma: i don't have ps-ef, do i need to install ps-watch?12:53
bregmathe root of that problem is that it uses the "glew" OpenGL extension wrangler library, which has a hardcoded assumption that Linux == X1112:53
bregmazone42314, there should be a space between the 'ps' and the '-ef'12:54
bregmaI am running supertux2 on a test machine right now....12:55
bregma$ ps -ef | grep -i xmir12:55
bregmastephenw 13490 13486  4 08:54 ?        00:00:00 Xmir -rootless -title @ -displayfd 3 -mir yakkety_supertux2_0.012:55
zone4231412385 11641  0 15:56 pts/19   00:00:00 grep --color=auto -i xmir12:58
zone42314i only see this12:58
zone42314bregma: how did you launched sueprtux2?12:59
bregmazone42314, I have it in a libertine container, I just click on the icon in Unity 813:00
zone42314bregma: but libertine uses Xmir13:00
bregmalike I said, it won't run natively on Mir13:00
bregmait == supertux213:01
zone42314but it runs on my pc13:01
zone42314sudo apt install supertux213:01
zone42314ubuntu-app-launch supertux213:01
bregmazone42314, is that from Unity 8?  Are you running on a Mir server at all?13:02
zone42314it's from unity813:02
zone42314i'm running the game from the terminal app with ubuntu-app-launch13:02
bregmaand it runs?13:02
zone42314because -- --deskop_file_hint=unity8 gives an error13:02
* bregma has been wrong before13:02
zone42314because suerptux2 doesn't like the -- arg13:03
bregmawhy do you have a -- in there at all?13:03
zone42314bregma: how do you launch apps in unity8-desktop from terminal app13:04
zone42314you need to use -- --desktop_file_hint (i think?, right?)13:04
bregmayou need to pass the appropriate .desktop file to ubuntu-app-launch13:04
zone42314how do you run gedit or nautilus for ex?13:04
bregmazone42314, I use libertine for X11-based programs13:04
alan_ggreyback: have updated. Happy now? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/monitor-outputs/+merge/30074013:06
bregmazone42314, if you have a native Mir application, and its .desktop file is set up properly, you should just have to pass the .desktop file name to ubuntu-app-launch (no --desktop-file-hint or -- or anything)13:06
* bregma install supertux outside of a container to play with it13:06
zone42314bregma: thanks :D13:07
zone42314i think that's how i launch supertux :P13:07
greybackalan_g: approved13:09
zone42314bregma: does it work? :D13:13
alan_gI doubt supertux2 works without Xmir, it fails for both me and duflu (https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1605074/comments/13)13:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1605074 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "supertux2 has two mouse pointers (one should be hidden)" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:16
bregmazone42314, I have a slow internet connection, so it takes a while.....13:19
bregmazone42314, I modified the .desktop file by adding the magic X-Ubuntu-Touch=true stanza, and launched using 'ubunti-app-launch supertux2' but the app crahes on startup13:20
bregmahaven't figured out why yet (need a backtrace) but my guess is the libglew problem I mentioned earlier13:21
bregmasame thing if launched from the Unity 8 Dash13:21
alan_gbregma: duflu agrees (see above comment)13:21
alan_gIt doesn't work natively with the miral shell either13:22
zone42314bregma: oh. i'm super confused right now because it works fine for me13:24
bregmazone42314, well, until I've analyzed my crash I won't commit to why it doesn;t work for me13:24
alan_gbregma: An SDL game that works (well starts up) natively is 7kaa13:24
bregmaalan_g, 7kaa is known to start on the demo Mir server, not necessarily on Unity 813:25
alan_gExactly. But supertux doesn't work at all with the Mir backend13:26
alan_gU8 is whole additional set of opportunities13:26
* bregma takes the dog for a walk while he waits for stack traces to run with his pokey network connection13:28
alan_gLucky dog13:28
alan_gzone42314: "it works fine" with X-Ubuntu-Touch=true in the desktop file?13:33
zone42314alan_g: i don't see x-ubuntu-touch in any of the 2 supertux2 desktop files13:35
alan_gThen I would guess that ubuntu-app-launch defaults to using an Xmir server. And we know that works (for a suitable value of "works").13:38
zone42314alan_g: i am playing supertux213:38
zone42314and killing the Xmir at the same time13:39
zone42314nothing happens13:39
zone42314there is no Xmir running13:39
greybackthanks XMir for stealing all my input. And thanks kernel for not giving me a usable VT!13:43
alan_ggreyback: Bad luck! But why would XMir steal all your input?13:45
greybackalan_g: am genuinely unsure. I Alt+dragged the XMir window, and from then on compiz refused to let focus switch away from xmir. As if mouse clicks disappeared somewhere13:47
alan_gXmir or mir-on-x?13:47
greybackmir on x13:47
greybackyes, my bad13:47
alan_gThat sounds like camako's grabs going wrong. It's been working for me though.13:49
greybackit was a once-off, usually it's ok13:50
* camako reads the backlog13:50
* alan_g remembers "once-off" that waited until after release before becoming "always"13:50
camakohmmm, greyback have you filed a bug?13:53
greybackcamako: if I can reliably reproduce it again, I will13:53
greybackam not managing it now that I try13:55
camakogreyback, did you alt+drag an app running inside mir-on-x or mir-on-x window itself?13:56
camakoYou shouldn't be able to alt+drag mir-on-x13:57
zone42314alan_g: Xmir13:58
zone42314bash: /usr/bin/Xmir: No such file or directory13:58
zone42314alan_g: and i can still play supertux213:58
greybackcamako: alt+drag working for my qtmir-based mir-on-x! It moves the window around my X desktop13:58
zone42314bregma: i've removed Xmir and supertux still starts13:59
camakogreyback, beats me14:00
alan_gzone42314: ack14:02
zone42314alan_g: i have to take a brake, see ya guys and thanks for help14:03
alan_ggreyback: great news! Can we ship it? ;)14:10
* alan_g has CLion "run"ning on Xmir on MirAL shell14:14
alan_gdoes it have to be so laggy?14:16
bregmayep, traceback showsupertux crashing in XQueryExtension, which is completely consistent with the glew issue14:56
bregmazone42314 must be running an X server somewhere else if he's able to launch it and run it successfully14:57
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alan_ggreyback: I've just thought that CanonicalWindowManagerPolicy has two roles that ought to be separated. 1. the default WM wiring (which you want) and 2. interpreting events (which you don't). Do you agree? Can you suggest good names?15:38
greybackalan_g: I do agree15:39
greybacknames... lemme think15:39
greybackwow, was it something I said? :)15:40
alan_gI'm inclined to leave CanonicalWindowManagerPolicy with 1 and move the event handling into miral-shell15:40
alan_gWere they all in germany?15:40
greybackmpt isn't15:40
greybackerr actually, he might be15:41
greybackalan_g: +1 on your suggestion15:41

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