infinitytjaalton: I assume that xserver-autobind-hotplug.patch you dropped in your xorg-server SRU was unused/unapplied?07:43
infinityGuessing so, given the lack of change in series.07:43
infinitytjaalton: Would have been nice to mention it in the changelog, so I didn't have to guess. ;)07:44
infinityOh.  That patch wasn't even in debian/patches, it was just cruft in the root.07:46
LocutusOfBorgslangasek, I'll answer soon wrt virtualbox meh :)07:46
LocutusOfBorgdo you have any ETA?07:46
ogra_infinity, http://paste.ubuntu.com/20424372/ ... *sniff*08:09
ogra_running "sudo snapcraft" locally works though ... but cleanbuild falls over08:10
ogra_cjwatson, does LP actually run snapcraft cleanbuild when it builds snaps ?08:11
infinityogra_: What is "cleanbuild"?08:11
infinityogra_: Forces it into a container with restricted mounts and ickiness?08:11
ogra_it makes snapcraft run the whole build inside an lxc container08:11
infinityogra_: That would be unnecessary in LP.08:11
infinityogra_: Since LP builds each happen in a fresh environment anyway.08:12
ogra_well, does the build actually run as root ?08:12
ogra_i seem to actually get a proper build when i run it locally as root08:12
ogra_(it is just snapping my build result)08:13
ogra_taging livebuild08:13
ogra_Priming livebuild08:13
ogra_Snapping 'ubuntu-core' |08:13
ogra_Snapped ubuntu-core_16.04.1_amd64.snap08:13
ogra_so the question is how an LP snap build is actually invokend i think08:14
infinityShould be easily determined by looking at a build log.08:16
infinityOr by reading the launchpad-buildd source.08:17
ogra_hmmwell, trying to fins a snap buildlog :)08:17
* ogra_ notes that the form to set up a snap build defaults to yakkety ... probably not what we want08:18
ogra_well ... why bother ... i'll just try it ...08:32
infinityogra_: Looks happy.08:41
ogra_OOOOOHHH !!!08:41
ogra_yeah !08:41
ogra_except that i now have a non-os snap that contains an os nap and two kernel snaps :)08:41
infinityogra_: And I note the point release version there, too.  You fixed it to grub around in os-release?08:41
infinityogra_: Can one build produce multiple snaps, or will this be a Complicate Problem to solve?08:42
ogra_there seems to be something worng with using the PPA in live-build ... the inner snaps are actually anonical-pc-linux_4.4.0-31+20160722.08-39_amd64.snap and ubuntu-core_16.04+20160722.08-37_amd64.snap08:42
ogra_i think you can only produce one snap08:43
infinityThat seems short-sighted.08:43
ogra_there are definitely still some changes ahead, but the prerequisites are there \o/08:43
infinityEspecially with the content-sharing stuff, it would make sense to want to produce N snaps with content-sharing deps.08:43
infinityFrom one build.08:43
ogra_i can produce snaps for multiple arches08:43
ogra_with the same name08:44
ogra_but i cant produce kernel and os snaps with different names from one build08:44
ogra_(which is fine)08:44
ogra_i roughly know what to do now ...08:44
infinityGood deal.08:45
infinityNice when a plan comes together.08:45
ogra_also snapcraft will need to learn to mangle the yaml... what it currently produces acnt be used as rootfs08:45
ogra_well, i guess i need signoff from mark still ... he needs to understand that the machinery is identical to what produces the cloud images and that i only replace the wrapper08:46
ogra_i dont want to be shouted at *after* i implement the changes :)08:46
ogra_infinity, hmm,08:56
ogra_Get:16 http://ftpmaster.internal/ubuntu xenial-updates/main amd64 livecd-rootfs amd64 2.408.2 [48.1 kB]08:56
ogra_i dont get why it pulls from xenial-updates08:57
ogra_https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/image/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=xenial ...08:57
ogra_ livecd-rootfs - 2.420+ppa1508:57
ogra_it should pull that version instead08:57
infinityogra_: Only if it's building in a PPA...08:58
ogra_ah, so i picked the wrong archive at the form ...08:58
* ogra_ tries changing that08:58
infinityogra_: Yeah, I see snappy-dev/tools there, but you wanted snappy-dev/image, right?08:59
ogra_well ...09:00
ogra_EXTRA_PPAS='snappy-dev/image snappy-dev/edge'09:00
ogra_that is what it shoudl use09:00
infinityAaand, that's where things might fall over.09:00
infinityThe EXTRA_PPAS thing might be specific to livefs builds.09:00
infinityThough, I'd think that PPAs with deps on other PPAs would behave similarly.09:01
infinityYeah, EXTRA_PPAS is a livefs-only option, other types of LP builds can't specify anything other than archive.09:01
infinityThat said, if a PPA has a dep on another PPA, both should end up in sources.list.09:02
infinitySo, perhaps you need a hierarchy like edge -dep-> stable -dep-> image09:02
infinity(Fake PPA names, I don't know what you have)09:03
infinityBut you get the idea.09:03
ogra_well, i see the ppa in the apt-get update output of the build09:04
infinityJust the one PPA that you're building in though.09:04
xnoxinfinity, i'm pretty sure that one has to manually add recursive ppa dependencies by hand. Only direct PPA deps end up in sources.list.09:05
ogra_i just triggereed a build with the snappy-dev/image PPA as source ... lets see09:05
ogra_the prob will be that we use two PPAs currently09:05
infinityogra_: Well, what's in edge?  Stuff needed to build, or stuff needed in the snap?09:05
ogra_and LP only allows me to pick one09:05
ogra_edge only has the daily snapd build after it ran though elopios tests09:05
xnoxppaA (which build deps on ppaB), and if your ppa you want both, one has to specify both09:06
infinityogra_: What you probably want is "stuff neeeded to build" -> image PPA, and then "stuff needed in the chroot created by live-build" -> specify in build.09:06
ogra_i see live-build pull updates for both PPAs in the build ... that looks more like some kind of pinning is going on based on what i chose in the LP form09:06
infinityAnyhow, let's see your results and see if something needs tweaking.09:07
ogra_this is incredibly fast btw ... i wonder why ...09:07
ogra_the last build only took 7min09:07
infinityShould it not be?09:08
infinityIt's a tiny rootfs.09:08
ogra_iirc the livefs bulder takes more like 10-1509:08
infinityIt's the same builder. :P09:08
infinityAnd the same code.09:08
ogra_for an amd64 build09:08
ogra_hmm, k09:08
ogra_then i'm probably wrong09:08
infinitySo, you might just be hitting different scalingstack hosts.09:08
infinityUnderlying hardware in scalingstack differs wildly.09:09
infinityThe machines there span about 4 years, AMD and Intel, crap and slightly less crap disk, etc.09:09
ogra_yeah, that will likely be it then09:09
infinityThe joy of "cloud".09:09
DJonesHI folks, does http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release need updating now that 16.04.1 has been released so that LTS users will see 16.04.109:10
infinityYou'll note that ppc64el and arm64 scalingstack are much more consistent, cause the compute nodes are all identical.09:10
infinityDJones: Not yet.09:10
infinityDJones: It'll happen next week after we've double-checked all the upgrade bugs, etc.09:10
infinityDJones: There's a reason the release announcement said that 14.04 users would be automatically upgraded "soon", rather than "now".09:11
DJonesinfinity: Thanks, just getting people asking in #ubuntu  why they can't upgrade yet, noprobs,just wanted to make sure09:11
ogra_infinity, ok ...09:13
ogra_Snapping 'canonical-pc-linux' ...09:13
ogra_Snapped canonical-pc-linux_4.4.0-31_amd64.snap09:13
infinityogra_: Oh, the other major difference is often just network traffic and if a node is in the same DC as builddmaster, etc.09:13
ogra_that definitely uses the right livecd-rootfs09:13
infinityogra_: Because LP counts the "return result blobs to the master" in the total build time.09:14
ogra_but likely not the snapd from the edge PPA :/09:14
ogra_Get:19 http://ppa.launchpad.net/snappy-dev/edge/ubuntu xenial/main amd64 snapd amd64 2.0.10+ppa167-1 [4572 kB]09:14
ogra_looks good09:14
infinityYou must be specifying that in your live-build setup.09:15
ogra_yeah, but as long as it works :)09:15
ogra_i do09:15
ogra_might be my Makefile hackery09:15
ogra_(i'm not that good with shell scripts in makefiles :P )09:15
infinityAre you in the big hack room?09:15
infinityOr a session?09:15
infinityogra_: ^09:16
ogra_big room09:16
ogra_i guess thats just some quoting issue09:16
infinityKay.  Smoke break?  Then I'll follow you back there.09:16
apwogra_, your variable assigments at the top are very odd, using variable expansion on the right ?09:18
LocutusOfBorgwill anybody please accept libcypher-parser in queue? one rdep that I'll retry once it is published, a little soname change09:38
cjwatsonogra_: no, LP does not use cleanbuild.  Anyway, as infinity says, you can just read lp:launchpad-buildd - "buildsnap" there does most of the work and it's very short.09:46
ogra_cjwatson, yeah figured it all out and it works wonderfully https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/+snap/os-snap-test/+build/1745 :)09:50
ogra_(still needs some cleanup in livecd-rootfs ... but working snap builds actually mean i can drop 80% of the awful hacks :) )09:51
infinity(Meaning 20% still remain)09:51
cjwatsonogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~ogra/+snap/os-snap-test/+build/1745 looks slightly implausible ...10:09
cjwatsonogra_: launchpad-buildd doesn't pick up livecd.* when doing snap builds10:09
ogra_what looks implausible there ?10:09
cjwatsonone 4K snap file?10:09
ogra_yeah, but we wont need that at all anymore10:09
cjwatsonI doubt that Ubuntu Core fits in 4K :)10:10
infinityYeah, it still needs work. ;)10:10
infinityThis is a WIP.10:10
ogra_cjwatson, that might be because the install target in the makefile just calls "echo foo" atm ;)10:10
infinityThe snap is intentionally empty currently.10:10
cjwatsonAh, OK.10:10
ogra_i need to copy the rootfs chroot content in the installl target10:11
ogra_and rip out all the internal snap creation bits10:11
ogra_the important point is that this can auto-uppload to the store ...10:11
ogra_compared to cdimage hackery thats a huge win10:11
ogra_the big piece ahead is still to convince mark that this is better ...10:15
tjaaltoninfinity: yeah xenial had cruft in the diff :/11:08
infinitytjaalton: Yeah, I sorted that out myself and accepted.11:17
tjaaltoninfinity: are trusty dailies now with lts-xenial?11:38
infinitytjaalton: Not yet.  Getting there.11:38
infinitytjaalton: They definitely should be on/by Monday, but maybe earlier.11:39
tjaaltoninfinity: going through NEW? mesa has been sitting there a few days, adds mesa-vulkan-drivers11:46
tjaaltonand ppc64el ftbfs, can drop llvm again if it makes a difference11:46
infinitytjaalton: Yeah, I'm slowly going through it.11:47
ogra_cjwatson, now the snaps have the right size ;)12:28
ogra_cjwatson, hmm ... do you filter out "type: os" in LP builds ?13:16
ogra_if i put it in my snapcraft.yaml it stays around when i do a local build ... but i cant find it in meta/snap.yaml inside a LP produced snap13:17
ogra_hmm, might actually be a livecd-rootfs issue after all (silly hacks)13:26
cjwatsonogra_: we do no such filtering13:38
ogra_yeah, just found the issue13:38
ogra_a very bad hack in livecd-rootfs plus a bug in snapcraft that it doesnt seem to fully replace meta/snap.yaml in the prime step13:38
* ogra_ filed bug 160562213:42
ubot5bug 1605622 in Snapcraft "if something creates meta/snap.yaml during a snapcraft build, "type: os" is not carried over from snapcraft.yaml during prime step" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160562213:42
infinityogra_: So, all sorted with your rm?13:45
ogra_all fine now13:45
ogra_but there is something wrong in snapcraft indeed ... it should just overwrite the exiting file13:46
ogra_the rm does fine for now though13:46
bdmurrayslangasek: Its been brought to my attention that http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-updates/main/dist-upgrader-all/current/ReleaseAnnouncement doesn't have the words LTS in it.  Does that seem worth an SRU?15:28
bdmurrayoh, he's out today. infinity -^15:30
=== pleia2_ is now known as pleia2
bdmurraywell, having the mirror lists updated too is probably a good idea16:01
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slangasekbdmurray: ReleaseAnnouncement SRU> I checked and the trusty one doesn't say 'LTS' either... your call?17:18
bdmurrayslangasek: the precise one does and I uploaded Xenial already17:19

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