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LeMikehello. On a server hosting multiple services, is it possible to grant SSH access but jail them in their own context? The crux for me is, that every user may use a different mysql-server or other db - so I don't know how to jail, if jail is good and how to swap sockets to their login.05:52
AtuMthe topic is wrong about 14.04 to 16.04.. it's July 22nd... so when will this be possible (without intermediate upgrades)?07:02
henkjanAtuM: i guess upgrading to 16.04 should work now07:13
henkjanas 16.04.1 seems on the mirrors http://releases.ubuntu.com/07:13
AtuMhenkjan, Perhaps our local mirror is not updated yet...  so it works in general elsewhere?07:14
thekrynn_hey all, does anyone know of a preferred/faster way to scan a large FS faster for a small list of changed files?07:15
henkjanAtuM: maybe canonical still needs to flip a bit to make the update checker aware of the new LTS07:15
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AtuMhenkjan, since I've waited so long.. a bit more won't matter :)07:18
zetheroowhat is the equivalent of these commands for Ubuntu:          systemctl stop getty\@tty107:34
zetheroosystemctl disbale getty\@tty107:34
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InnerCodeHi, Is there a way to convert LXC 1.* containers to LXC 2.0?11:21
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mdeslaurrbasak: https://utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/blog/linux/Ubuntu1604MySQLUpdatePain12:17
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meekratAnybody know when do-release-upgrade will start to work for 16.04.1?12:27
mhoneycan an iscsi lun be setup on top of an lvm logival volume?12:43
mhoneyWhat I'd like is an iscsi target that can grow if needed12:43
jamespagecoreycb, ddellav: have a hunch that the ironic ftbfs is due to slightly old pecan - proving that now13:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605629 in Ironic "requires pecan > 1.0.2" [Undecided,New]13:26
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jamespageddellav, coreycb: cotelydon is in the NEW queue in debian (thanks zigo)13:51
jamespageonce that's accepted we can sync and fix the aodh and ceilometer build failures - okies...13:51
jamespageddellav, the wedges in yakkety-proposed appear to mostly be s390x autopkgtest failures13:52
jamespageI tried fixing one by adding rabbitmq-server to the list of pkgs, but that did not appear to resolve the problem13:52
hallynmeekrat: i don't think do-release-upgrade does that, just a regular apt upgrade13:53
meekrathallyn: neither seems to trigger it - the ubuntu servers may not be handing it out yet, I guess13:56
hallynmeekrat: according to #ubuntu-devel topic it has been released.  i'm not sure what you're expecting to see - it's not a full upgrade, it's13:59
hallynjust a new 'release' based on what's in xenial archive at the moment14:00
hallynbt if you've been keeping uptodate, yo'ure likely already there14:00
Picimeekrat: are you on 14.04 now?14:00
hallynoh i c.  that'd make sense :)14:01
Piciaccording to the release folks, they're waiting for things to settle down before the release upgrade from 14.04 will be turned on. And yes, I thought it would be the day and date when .1 was released too.14:03
meekratpici: I'm on 14.04.x LTS14:19
meekratI'm thinking they are just letting things settle down - I can wait....thought the 16.04.1 LTS would trigger the release.  Thanks all14:20
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mpjettamy fresh ubuntu 16.04 from a -server.iso is showing a black screen on the local console on boot, I have to Ctrl-Alt-F5 to get a login prompt. any ideas how to get rid of the black screen?16:04
mpjettait boots so fast that it is hard to tell the server is up ;)16:05
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heydrickany idea when http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/ will have the 16.04.1 images?17:27
TangurinHi, can someone here help me find out why my subdomain not working on my Ubuntu Server (Apache)? It is the first time I am doing this, and I don't know if I done something wrong17:33
SuperdawgDoes anyone know what changed in 16.04 that would cause a locally created apt repository (using dpkg-scanpackages) to not work?  It works in 15.10.17:34
sarnoldSuperdawg: do you get any error messages?17:35
sarnoldTangurin: do you get any error messages?17:35
TangurinJust that I can't reach the site17:36
Superdawgsarnold: only from apt-show-versions "Error: No information about packages! (Maybe no deb entries?)"17:36
SuperdawgI don't have the Release.gpg or InRelease files that 'apt-get update' tries to grab, and I'm not sure if that's what is causing it.  I *do* have the Release file.  That's been sufficient for all debian based distros I've used since some point pre-debian etch.  I tested the same sources.list entry on a 15.10 box and it works fine.17:37
tewardTangurin: is it a page showing coordinates, and a username/password auth?17:37
sarnoldheydrick: they may not be called 16.04.1, it's just 16.04 with everything updated; the daily builds are already that..17:38
sarnoldSuperdawg: "the same" -- did you change the "wily" to "xenial" and so on?17:38
Tangurin... yes teward17:38
Tangurinhow did you get in :O17:39
SuperdawgThis is a private deb repository that I maintain.17:39
tewardTangurin: it's up here.  Nuke your browser cache and try again.17:39
sarnoldTangurin: how about the /var/log/apache/error.log ?17:39
Tangurinsarnold: I tried to access the log but I got permission denied when I am trying to access the /var/log/apache2 folder :S I don't know why17:39
Superdawgmy sources.list entry looks like 'deb [trusted=yes] http://hostname/ref_mirrors/debmirror stable main'17:39
tewardTangurin: because you should be using `sudo tail /var/log/apache2/error.log` or similar, it's locked out to standard user access17:39
tewardTangurin: that said, erase your browser cache, start again.17:40
SuperdawgIt works in 15.04, 15.10, but not 16.04.17:40
tewardLooks like it's working17:40
Tangurinteward: okey, great info, thanks :)17:40
Tangurinteward: I did: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache but it did not help :S17:40
tewardTangurin: i didn't mean on your server17:40
tewardI meant on your computer where you're trying to access the site from ;)17:41
SuperdawgI use the same format for many mirrors.  Ranging from way back at debian etch all the way to, at this point, ubuntu wily.17:41
heydricksarnold: gotcha. the most recent AMI on the ami finder is from 6/27, was hoping for a newer image that has all the updates17:41
TangurinI wrote: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache on my computer, in the terminal17:41
sarnoldheydrick: hmm that feels like a surprisingly long time ago17:41
SuperdawgSo I'm confused on what is causing the break in 16.04.  Haven't found much with regard to what might be wrong.17:41
sarnoldSuperdawg: hmmmmm. very curious. :/17:42
sarnoldSuperdawg: the InRelease files are relatively new in the last few years, it's a combination of Releases and Releases.gpg files that can be updated atomically17:43
sarnoldSuperdawg: (I don't think that's related here, but maybe if those files exist and are blank, maybe..?)17:43
Superdawgsarnold: Yeah, that's what I'm suspecting is the problem.  Maybe they added that as a requirement.17:43
SuperdawgIt doesn't like a blank version of those files.  I tried that this morning.17:44
Tangurinteward: is there another way to clear cache? :)17:44
SuperdawgI also tried just one that works but doesn't necessarily reflect what I've got17:44
Superdawgthat didn't work either. heh17:44
tewardTangurin: i don't think you know what I mean by cache17:44
SuperdawgI'll try to go about generating that and see how we end up.17:44
TangurinMaybe not?17:44
tewardoh you're on Apple17:45
Tangurinteward: yes :)17:45
tewarddscacheutil is the Directory Service cache ***NOT*** your web browser cache17:45
tewardTangurin: nuke your web browser's 'temporary internet files' or 'cached files' (depends on the browser how to do it), then try again17:45
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Tangurinteward: Thanks it was cache :) Appreciate your help!17:50
tewardbleh missed him by a minute18:00
* teward goes back to poking the Internet18:00
sarnoldOdd_Bloke: hmm, the newest 'xenial' on http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/ appears to be from 20160627 -- but there was a kernel published on 2016-07-14 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux  -- is the autopublisher thing working well?18:32
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Superdawgsarnold: Looks like generating the gpg signed InRelease, Relase.gpg and then importing the key into apt was the fix.  I am now able to get the packages on my repo.  That kinda sucks since I need to change my build process around a bit, but oh well.  Those are the pains of upgraing.18:56
Superdawgsarnold: Thanks for the second set of eyes18:56
sarnoldSuperdawg: hmm. that's not exactly a satisyfing answer but at least you've got a path forward18:57
Odd_Blokesarnold: It's working its way through now.19:02
sarnoldOdd_Bloke: thanks :)19:04
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jonahhi can anyone help. It's just take over an hour to install a new ubuntu server and then right at the very end it's sprung up with "Unable to install Grub in /dev/sda" "Executying 'grub-install /dev/sda' failed! Does anyone know how I get get grub installed correctly without losing all this time/setup..?21:09
sbeattiejamespage: hey, does ceph relly need 1GB sized test-dbg debs? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/c/ceph/?C=S;O=D22:18
sbeattieseems kinda mirror-hostile.22:19
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