swalladgeis the click command/package tied to ubuntu/debian based systems? I'm trying to build it on arch and running into all sorts of problems00:38
swalladgenow i'm getting no module named debain.debfile when running ./run-click00:40
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navdeepsingh13anybody know how to download docs from zotero on ubuntu-touch and read in night mode05:16
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matv1how far along are we wrt multiple os users?09:41
matv1I am aware of thsi  article https://unity.ubuntu.com/2015/09/22/unity8-greeter-on-the-desktop-split-greeter/09:42
matv1justwondering where we are now?09:42
matv1in general terms i mean? is there any kind of timne frame?09:44
matv1am i assuming correctly that providing /home ecryption is the bottleneck?09:46
davmor2matv1: no is the short answer, the long answer is if we plan to have unity8 on desktop for this release as an install option we will need it for that if nothing else so it might get more traction this release.09:48
matv1davmor2 allright thanks. But the basic design as outlined in that article is still valid today?09:55
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zone42314hi all12:11
zone42314help, what is ubuntu-app-launch?12:11
* ogra_ finds the name rather descriptive ... 12:13
ogra_(it is the security wrapper that launches apps)12:13
zone42314ogra i'm trying to launch gnome-calendar on unity8-desktop from the terminal app but i get this error12:15
zone42314* (process:11753): WARNING **: Unable to find keyfile for application 'gnome-calendar'12:15
ogra_i thik it wants you to point to its .desktop file ...12:16
zone42314gedit launches fine12:16
zone42314oh i see, the uri?12:16
zone42314Usage: ubuntu-app-launch <app id> [uris]12:16
zone42314this is all the info from ubuntu-app-launch12:17
zone42314--help doesn't work12:17
dobeyzone42314: how does gedit work? what command are you using to launch it?13:02
Paddy_NIdobey, I got it!13:03
dobeyPaddy_NI: great!13:03
zone42314dobey: ubuntu-app-launch gedit13:11
zone42314dobey: works okish.. the menu placement are wrong and some other bugs13:12
dobeyzone42314: do you have a libertine container set up or something?13:16
bregmazone42314, in answer to your question, ubuntu-app-launch takes a .desktop file and uses it to determine how to launch an application (native, snappy, libertine) and then launches it with the appropriate containment infrastructure in place13:23
bregmathe Mir server in Unity 8 will not accept connections from an inappropriately confined application13:24
zone42314bregma: thanks, it's a bit clear now, i was just reading the ual source code13:28
zone42314dobey: yep13:29
zone42314bregma: ual doesn't give much help, --help13:29
bregmazone42314, yes, and no man page13:29
zone42314** (process:12762): WARNING **: Unable to find keyfile for application '--help'13:30
* bregma shakes his fist at tedg for not providing required docs13:30
zone42314hehe :D13:30
dobeyzone42314: did you install gnome-calendar in the container, or just gedit?13:35
tedgbregma: I bet you want man pages too! :-)13:36
dobeytedg: nah, info will do13:37
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zone42314dobey: i have both installed in the container, why?13:48
dobeyzone42314: because i don't understand how ual actually works, either13:50
zone42314dobey: yeah :D and without man --help the only way is to read the source code13:50
zone42314but i'll let that part to a rainy day13:50
DPAHi, I tried to compile the kernel of my Meizu Pro 5 from https://github.com/meizuosc/m576 using the compiler from https://android.googlesource.com/platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/aarch64/aarch64-linux-android-4.9. I compiled the kernel using "make ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu- pro5_defconfig" and "make ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-". Then, I made a copy of the bootimg15:32
DPApartition of my phone and replaced the kernel using the abootimg tool, but when I flash the Image, my phone freezes on the meizu splash screen which the bootloader displays when I start the phone. Am I doing something wrong?15:32
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pmcgowanondra, or morphis ^^15:40
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willerhi hi hi18:39
sen_is it possible to install ubuntu in any mobile ?19:27
sen_of android19:27
sen_whois sen19:28
NeKitsen_, https://ubports.com/19:29
horuxanhi all20:05
horuxanone people online20:06
horuxanyes ..20:06
dobeyi see 27620:06
horuxanbad expression20:07
horuxani have one moto g 2014 titan20:07
horuxanin this video20:07
horuxanfuncition for me ?20:07
dobeythat is an old video, wow20:08
horuxanrun in my phone ?20:08
horuxanfollow this tutorial ?20:08
dobeyi don't expect instructions in that video work for much of anyone any more :)20:08
dobey!devices | horuxan20:08
ubot5horuxan: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices20:08
horuxanmans ...20:09
dobeyi don't think there is a port for your phone20:09
horuxanmoto g falcon, this not me20:09
horuxanproject abandoned20:09
horuxanthis video run ?20:09
horuxannot ?20:09
dobeyno, galaxy nexus hasn't been supported for a long time now20:10
dobeythat video is extremely old20:10
horuxanin this repository20:10
horuxanhave moto g titan20:10
horuxanmy model20:10
horuxanhave idea to make ?20:10
dobeyfollow the porting guide20:10
dobeyi don't know anything about that repo myself20:11
dobey(and very little about porting, at that)20:11
horuxanok, thanks20:11
horuxanother people ?20:11
horuxanhave idea to compile20:48
horuxanubuntu touch20:48
SebthreeBQM10HD 21:27
tsimonq2 22:19
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