MirvFYI yakkety specific Qt 5.6.1 Unity 8 FTBFS07:12
Mirvbug #160550207:12
ubot5bug 1605502 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Unity 8 FTBFS with Qt 5.6.1 on yakkety" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160550207:12
MirvI'm nearing hopes of yakkety landing so it'd be nice to get fixed07:13
ahoneybunwould be more awesome to have 5.6.1 on xenial07:20
faeniltsdgeos: what is the best way to test the combination of scope cards? tryDash is one example, is there anything closer to a real scenario?08:58
faeniland scrolling those fake scopes I get plenty of09:00
faenilfile:///home/faenil/Desktop/UBUNTU/PROJECTS/ScopeCards/unity8/qml/Dash/GenericScopeView.qml:352: Error: Cannot assign to non-existent property "backgroundShapeStyle"09:00
faenilfile:///home/faenil/Desktop/UBUNTU/PROJECTS/ScopeCards/unity8/qml/Dash/GenericScopeView.qml:385: TypeError: Cannot read property 'defaultMinimumHorizontalSpacing' of null09:00
faenilfile:///home/faenil/Desktop/UBUNTU/PROJECTS/ScopeCards/unity8/qml/Dash/GenericScopeView.qml:385: TypeError: Cannot read property 'defaultMinimumHorizontalSpacing' of null09:00
faenilfile:///home/faenil/Desktop/UBUNTU/PROJECTS/ScopeCards/unity8/qml/Dash/GenericScopeView.qml:385: Error: Cannot assign to non-existent property "minimumHorizontalSpacing"09:00
faenilgah, sorry for the spam09:00
faenilor maybe mzanetti ^09:07
mzanettifaenil, there's the cardtool09:08
mzanettialthough it only shows one card at a time afaict09:08
mzanettiyou might want to fix those warnings :)09:08
faenilmzanetti: there's no visual in tryCardTool...just strings :|09:11
faenil"View width" "card width"  "card height"09:12
mzanettifaenil, there's a binary for cardtoo, isn't there?09:12
mzanettilet me check09:12
mzanettifaenil, ok, the make tryCardTool should work, but for some reason it looks a bit broken09:14
tsdgeosmzanetti: try card tool is for the card tool09:14
mzanettiprobably it just can't find the art source09:14
tsdgeosit's not very useful as try09:14
tsdgeostryCard is more useful09:15
tsdgeosbut it's just one card09:15
mzanettiright, that's the one I was searching09:15
mzanettiyeah, I said above that it only shows one at a time09:15
tsdgeosfaenil: tryDash is fine, those warnings are "ok", there's a branch somewhere that fixes them09:16
mzanettifaenil, if you need a combination, you can probably easily hack up a copy of trycard putting some more in09:16
faenilmm what's this social-actions...I did not see it in the documentation09:16
tsdgeosfaenil: it's share/like/etc09:16
faeniltsdgeos: ok. Yea I was looking for something closer to a real scenario09:17
tsdgeosbasically "buttons"09:17
tsdgeosfaenil: it is a real scenario09:17
tsdgeoswhat do you mean "closer to a real scenario"09:17
faeniltsdgeos: yeah, I'm more worried that the docs are not updated so I have to go rely on the code even for API investigation09:17
faeniltsdgeos: like, example scopes with fake data, but still "real"09:17
tsdgeosfaenil: what's your definition of "real"?09:18
faeniltsdgeos: or is there an up to date API doc?09:18
faeniltsdgeos: like, weather scope with fake weather pics and fake weather data09:19
tsdgeosfaenil: unity-scope-fake from ppa:unity-team/scopes-dev09:19
tsdgeosand then use unity-scope-tool09:20
tsdgeosfaenil: which API level are we talking about?09:20
faeniltsdgeos: great, yeah that's what I meant09:20
faeniltsdgeos: API --> in this case I?m talking about categoryrenderer API...it seems social-actions but the doc does not mention that. So I'm wondering if I can rely on the docs09:21
faenilsocial-actions was added to the schema*09:21
tsdgeoswhich docs are you reading?09:21
Mirvahoneybun: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting lists both yakkety and xenial PPAs. yakkety is more fully complete atm.09:21
Mirvexcept that unity8 FTBFS mentioned09:21
tsdgeosfaenil: yeah bug pstolowski about it i guess09:23
tsdgeosthe unity-api people maintain that doc09:23
faeniltsdgeos: ok, thanks!09:23
faeniltsdgeos: anything else beside tryCard/tryDash and fake-scopes I should be aware of?09:24
faenil(to test cards)09:24
Mirvand thanks Albert for fixing rapidly :D09:24
Mirvit looked indeed trivial09:25
MirvI'm trying to enable my chromebook for yakkety Unity 8 desktop testing09:25
davmor2Mirv: you mad fool ;)09:26
tsdgeosfaenil: nothing immediately comes to mind, no09:26
faeniltsdgeos: alright, cheers09:27
tsdgeosfaenil: other than the mentioned unity-scope-tool09:27
Mirvdavmor2: I installed from USB stick to another USB stick on another computer since the SeaBIOS hack for my chromebook doesn't support booting from the internal HDD, and because gfxboot on live USB doesn't work with chromebooks. Now I can essentially run Ubuntu from the USB/SD stick, but I need to use external keyboard since the internal is somehow disabled :D But I am progressing.09:27
MirvI've had the laptop for half a year, first waiting for SeaBIOS payload to arrive from someone, then to find time/motivation. But now testing Unity 8 on yakkety + new Qt is the real need to finish.09:28
davmor2Mirv: wouldn't it of been cheap to pick up a cheap laptop and use that ;) just to upset you :D, you're welcome by the way :)09:30
faeniltsdgeos: mzanetti I think I'll start from modifying the generator to get a first prototype and start collecting issues or problems with ideas/specs, and then go from there, what do you think09:31
tsdgeosfaenil: i'm not sure *exactly* what you're doing but you have a plan so that's nice :D09:33
faeniltsdgeos: you don't know?? XD09:33
tsdgeosi know you're going to do something with cards09:33
mzanettifaenil, you know, tsdgeos is now doing something with performance, so not really his area any more :D09:48
Mirvdavmor2: I don't want to give money for Win license, and there is no really cheap Dell laptop here, and especially not 11" in size, and Chromebook had nifty 14nm Atom with Broadwell era graphics, the 14nm Atoms are really lower power, it has touch screen for Unity 8 testing... really, no competition for the purposes I need it (backup machine + Unity 8 touch testing etc)09:48
Mirv(Dell Ubuntu laptop, I mean. they start from about 600€ and are 15" in size)09:49
faenilmzanetti: I won't fall in that trap, you won't convince me that now it's nobody's area and I'm left alone :D09:49
Mirvalso 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD (...which I can't boot from yet :D) not too shabby09:49
mzanettifaenil, it's cimi's area09:49
faenilmzanetti: ok, but tsdgeos has the past knowledge of all the problems/fixes right? I can't let that go :p09:51
mzanettifaenil, yeah, you probably still want to consult him at times, yes09:52
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tsdgeosSaviq: can we include the floor_includes branch in the next silo so we fix the compile for Mirv?11:02
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah sure11:02
Mirvtsdgeos: Saviq: btw at some point during the next two weeks it might be that yakkety Qt 5.6.1 is possible to land. we have remaining runtime issues but they can be fixed before Qt 5.6.1 is landed to xenial overlay.11:10
Mirvthis week has seen quite awesome progress on that front11:11
Mirvor well benefiting from for example the upstream fixes during my leave11:11
Mirvbut also even though 5.6.1 broke a few things like many examples installations they were easy for me to fix "on the fly"11:12
Mirvis unity8-desktop-session everything that should in theory be needed to log in to Unity 8 / Mir session on yakkety?12:50
Mirvand/or could someone test silo 24 on yakkety Unity 8 desktop... but I'd also like to do that myself now that I seem to have this chromebook hack of an installation working12:51
MirvI'm getting just a black screen after giving password in lightdm with Unity 8 selected12:51
Mirvintel graphics12:53
Mirvok I guess my problem is bug #1549455 although I have Cherryview (I'll update the bug), so unfortunately I can't test Unity 8 desktop myself12:58
ubot5bug 1549455 in qtubuntu (Ubuntu) "Unity8-dash on Intel Atom graphics crashes and restarts continuously [qtubuntu: ASSERT: "eglDestroyContext(mEglDisplay, EglContext) == EGL_TRUE"]" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154945512:58
Mirvcorrection, I can has unity8!13:16
Mirvtsdgeos: Saviq: ok Unity 8 desktop starts on Qt 5.6.1 on yakkety with silo 024, please arrange for more testing if you need something else, I don't know much about the desktop testing. I ran webbrowser and surfed around.13:35
SaviqMirv, ack, if it was your first session of that user, bug #1525285 could still be it13:36
ubot5bug 1525285 in clutter-gst-3.0 (Ubuntu) "inspecting clutter plugin hangs outside X11" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152528513:36
ahoneybunMirv: I mean for the main repos not a ppa13:42
Mirvahoneybun: right, that's unfortunately not likely happen directly, although it will get a permanent PPA home eventually.13:44
ahoneybunsince we need it for KDE 5.713:49

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