jrwrenomg, tmux just blew my mind.01:49
jrwreni use one running tmux and connect many windows to it in diff sessions. TIL alt up and down changes the session. Its awesome.01:53
_stink_so i should finally switch from gnu screen?02:06
jrwrenup to you.02:12
_stink_inertia is strong.02:13
cmaloney_stink_: Yes02:18
cmaloneyOh that is awesome02:20
cmaloneyI didn't know that you could switch sessions like that02:20
cmaloneyHoly shit02:20
jrwrencmaloney: SEE!!!02:27
jrwrenfor once my fat fingers HELPED me02:27
cmaloneyTHough it's not mmalled to alt02:27
cmaloneyit's [CTRL]-B ( or )02:28
jrwrensomehow i have meta up down left right02:29
cmaloneyMight be a later release02:29
jrwrenor byobu settings02:29
cmaloneyAh, right, Byobu02:29
cmaloneyaka that thing I kicked to the curb because tmux defaults were good enough02:30
jrwreni like status line02:30

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