teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:24
iceylazyPower: I didn't think you were in PA anymore ;-)14:20
lazyPowerThis Loco is still the best loco14:20
lazyPoweri dont think jedijf is ready to kick me out anyway :)14:20
iceyha :)14:25
rmg51if we haven't kicked any one else out because they left the state, lazyPower is save14:30
rmg51for a while at least14:30
lazyPoweri mean, thank you for this opportunity sir14:30
rmg51after all pleia2 is still an administrator here14:31
waltmanPA's both a state and a state of mind14:37
lazyPowerThats true... i think 'Man i wish i were in PA still' everytime i go outside with a heat index of > 10014:38
waltmanNote to self: don't tell lazyPower to check this weekend's Philly weather forecast.15:12
* lazyPower smirks15:12
iceybut here it won't last ;-)15:12
waltmanMother Nature seems to have confused the DNC with fosscon.15:13
teddy-dbearshould I bring a small personal fan to Fosscon?15:14
iceyteddy-dbear: or an industrial one?15:17
teddy-dbearI just need to keep myself and my chocolate cool :-D15:19
waltmanteddy-dbear: It must be tough staying cool with all that fur.15:26
teddy-dbearyou have no idea15:29
teddy-dbeartry wearing a fur coat all the time :P15:29
teddy-dbeara water ice right about now would help ;-)15:30
=== pleia2_ is now known as pleia2

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