minasotaA little old but interesting https://www.axllent.org/docs/view/ssh-geoip/01:31
cyberangerminasota: I've just told SSH to bind to localhost and tun003:20
cyberangerAnd it's SSH key only too, I can get in over my VPN or Tor that way03:21
Unit193Does anyone use passwords these days?03:21
cyberangerThey shouldn't, but yes03:30
minasotacyberanger: I use key only too over my vpn. I don't understand how binding ssh to localhost and tun0 will block brute-force attempts10:41
cyberangerminasota: If your on my VPN brute forcing my ssh login, I have worse issues14:20
cyberanger(Hidden service is why localhost, and I'm ssh key only)14:23
minasotacyberanger: Maybe I'm off here... But I still don't understand how that blocks brute-force attempts on the server hosting the vpn22:38

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