lol768Hi there, I'm interested as to when https://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-devel/2016-July/050321.html will become available in Ubuntu's X server package?14:42
lol768Do I need to file a bug report even if upstream have already fixed this?14:44
lol768VirtualBox is pretty much intermittently unusable with Ubuntu for me14:44
lol768Or rather to reword: running Ubuntu inside VirtualBox is intermittently problematic for me to the extent that the guest OS becomes unusable14:45
tjaaltonlol768: is it in 1.18.4?15:52
lol768I'm not entirely sure, I know the patch was accepted but I can't find a trace of any sort of commit in the VCS15:54
tjaaltonthen it's not fixed upstream, until applied15:55
lol768"This has now been fixed in the upstream X server"15:56
tjaaltonyes and is in 1.18.4 so yakkety has it15:57
lol768Right but that's not released yet15:57
lol768will it be backported to Xenial?15:58
tjaaltonthere's another sru pending which will be handled first16:00

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