magespawngood morning05:00
superflyMorning magespawn 05:07
magespawnconference over and doen?05:08
magespawndone too05:08
superflyYup, two weeks ago now 05:08
magespawni lose track of time, sometimes05:09
superflymagespawn: it means you're getting old :-P05:09
magespawn i go with tha, also focused on a few othe things05:20
superfly:) 05:22
paddatrapperMorning everyone 05:38
superflyMorning paddatrapper 05:40
superflythatgraemeguy: so, are you playing Pokemon, or Ingress? 05:40
thatgraemeguysuperfly: I'm not sure "playing" is the correct term ;-)06:18
thatgraemeguyI have installed both recently, and poked my fingers at them, not sure if you would call that "playing" really06:18
paddatrapperthatgraemeguy: you've managed to survive installing Pokémon? Well done! 06:22
thatgraemeguythe wife plays it, I don't bother06:23
LangjanG'morning Kilos and the guys06:24
Kilosmorning Langjan paddatrapper thatgraemeguy 06:24
thatgraemeguymy day starts at 05:30 and relax time starts at 20:00, and by then I don't want to be wandering around staring at my phone06:24
LangjanNews from down under Kilos ?06:24
Kilosstill waiting to hear Langjan 06:25
Langjanok let me know, and your WILL still doing its job?06:25
Kilosstruggling a bit though06:25
LangjanGreat guns! Youre a star! Well done06:25
LangjanEks trots op jou06:26
Kilosnie baie maklik nie06:27
LangjanEk is seker, maar ek weet ook jy kán06:27
LangjanHet die pakkie al aangekom?06:27
Kiloshaha en die hoes is erger06:27
LangjanMiskien die longe wat nou met meer entoesiasme skoonmaak06:28
Langjanen dankbaar is vir die geleentheid06:28
LangjanDie oomblik dat jy ophou, begin die herstelproses06:29
Langjanen die ergste skade word elke keer aangerig deur die éérste sigaret van die dag06:30
Langjanonthou dit06:31
Langjandan sal jy daardie eerste een makliker vermy06:31
Kiloslol ok ek sal die laaste een rook dan06:31
LangjanGeen salf aan jou te smeer nie...06:31
Langjandis soos die ou wat losies langs die spoorlyn kry06:32
Kilosen daar kom nog sneeu06:32
Langjandie tannie sê die treine sal hom dalk die erste paar nagte pla06:32
Langjantoe sê hy moenie worry nie hy sal die eerste paar nagte by sy pêl se huis slaap06:32
Kilosweather man says it will snow on mountains this weekend06:33
Kiloshet ek dit verkeerd gespel06:34
Langjansjoe, en daar kom die koue weer alweer06:34
Kilossug ja06:34
LangjanOk my vriend, jy moet my verskoon ons seun kom kuier en ek moet gaan paar dinge koop06:34
Langjanhet die pakkie nog nie gekom nie?06:35
Langjanok ek volg weer op06:35
Kilosgenieg jou dag oom06:35
Langjanlekker dag vir jou06:35
Kilosselle daar dankie06:35
superflythatgraemeguy: I think you'd find Ingress more interesting than Pokemon. After having played Ingress for 3.5 years, and hearing what people say about Pokemon, I'll be surprised if people play it for longer than 6 months.06:40
thatgraemeguyI don't see where I'm supposed to find the time06:41
superflyI do it on my commute, but that's also because I take the train, so I have the time there.06:41
thatgraemeguyhaha no thanks, never again06:42
Kiloshi dlPhreak anton_may 06:55
Kilosand superfly 06:55
Kilosand inetpro 06:55
superflyKilos: morning sleepyhead06:55
inetproohi oom Kilos06:56
inetproand hello everyone else also06:56
dlPhreakHow is everyone doing?07:02
inetproat least I'm not everyone but I'm good07:05
inetproit's Friday after all07:05
inetprodlPhreak: how are you doing?07:05
nsnzerojust some information - ms access database can be read with kexi from the calligra suite - tables are imported 07:10
dlPhreakGood thanks inetpro, TGIF08:26
* Squirm wanders in08:54
Kiloshi Squirm 08:56
paddatrapperdlPhreak: I don't know how I'm still awake today... So tired 08:58
dlPhreakI know the feels, paddatrapper 09:24
paddatrapperKilos: long week. Lots of late nights and very early mornings 09:57
thatgraemeguyMaaz: seen mazal10:09
Maazthatgraemeguy: mazal was last seen 1 month, 13 days, 16 hours, 56 minutes and 5 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-06-08 10:13:24 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-06-08 11:59:24 PDT10:09
thatgraemeguywhere is that outjie?10:09
Kiloshe says peeps fight with him here10:10
Kilosvery snsitive fella10:10
thatgraemeguymmmm yeah10:11
thatgraemeguyI see he was last here ranting about Kubuntu being the Vista of Linux10:12
thatgraemeguyHe should probably just install Windows 10, doesn't sound like he knows what he's talking about :D10:12
Kiloshi SEptic 11:08
SEptichey Kilos11:10
jeritguys I'm having a hell of a time here12:27
jeritneed to find a folder called pets.plootopos.com but nothing I've tried works12:27
Kiloshi jerit 12:27
jeritsudo find / -xdev 2>/dev/null -name pets.plootopos.com12:27
jeritsudo find / 2>/dev/null -name pets.plootopos.com12:28
jeritfind / -name pets.plootopos.com -type d12:28
jeritwhereis pets.plootopos.com12:28
Kilosjerit be patient, as soon as someone gets a break theyll help you12:30
jeritno worries, I asked on reddit as well12:30
jeritand I'm doing CompTIA's Linux+ on Cybrary over the weekend too12:31
Kiloslets see if we can wake someone12:31
Kiloschesedo inetpro superfly thatgraemeguy ideas ^^12:32
inetproit's Friday, I've run out of ideas for the week12:32
inetprooops... let me read12:33
Kilosand jerit you are welcome here all the time  not only problem times12:33
jeritMuch appreciated. Didn't even know about this channel until a friend of mine just told me about it12:34
Kilostell your friend i say thanks 12:35
inetprojerit: locate pets.plootopos.com12:36
thatgraemeguyif 'find / -name pets.plootopos.com -type d' didn't find it then 1) it doesn't exist, or 2) you spelled it wrong, or 3) its not a directory (symlink perhaps)12:36
jeritstill nothing inetpro12:36
jeritthatgraemeguy I'm guessing the last is the case here12:37
jeritset up vesta CP for my web hosting there but I have no idea where it put the websites12:38
thatgraemeguyperhaps the name of the directory doesn't even contain the vhost DNS name12:40
thatgraemeguyI don't really do control panels, sorry12:40
jeritwell it just installed and configured apache and such so I didn't have to12:40
jeritif I could find apache's vhost config file maybe I can find the website folder12:41
thatgraemeguywhat O/S is it?12:41
jeritubuntu 14.03.4 I believe12:41
jeritserver that is12:41
jeritya that one12:41
thatgraemeguyshould be in /etc/apache2/sites-{available|enabled} unless Vesta does weird stuff12:42
jeritthere exists both a sites-enabled and a sites-available12:43
thatgraemeguymight be in there12:43
thatgraemeguyalthough they seem to put stuff in weird places: https://vestacp.com/docs/#config-log-location-debian-ubuntu12:44
thatgraemeguysites-available typically contains configured vhosts, and sites-enabled contains symlinks to them12:44
thatgraemeguyso if you have a vhost sites-available/www.example.net.conf then you can enable it using 'a2ensite www.example.net' and reload apache12:45
thatgraemeguyi.e. apache only reads what's in sites-enabled when it is building its config12:45
thatgraemeguybut again, I 'm describing default Debian/Ubuntu behaviour, control panels can do other things, I wouldn't know12:46
jeritI don't understand what I'm looking at in these folders to be honest12:51
jerit[14:42] <thatgraemeguy> sites-available typically contains configured vhosts, and sites-enabled contains symlinks to them       <<< that's fixed this problem, however12:51
thatgraemeguyyeah the thing with control panels is that its typically an all-or-nothing thing12:52
thatgraemeguywhat i mean is, if you want to use the CP, then you use it exclusively, don't go mucking about with files and directories on the filesystem, you are going to cause yourself pain12:52
jeritfound it... DocumentRoot /var/www/root12:55
jeriterr... /var/www/html12:55
jeritall that's there is an index.html12:56
anton_mayHi jerit did you try the locate cmd?12:57
jeritI did12:57
jeritapparently what I'm looking for isn't in the smylinks or something12:57
thatgraemeguyjerit: honestly I would disregard what I've said, and seek help on using the control panel12:58
thatgraemeguylike I said these control panels are meant to fully manage everything for you, you aren't supposed to much around on the filesystem12:58
thatgraemeguyeither that or ditch the CP and figure out how to do what you want properly12:59
jeritdoing it properly would mean hiring someone to admin the system who know's what he's doing and I can't afford that yet sadly13:00
jeritCP doesn't make sense to me either really13:00
Trixar_zathatgraemeguy, what if the cp is lacking the permissions to actually create the users it claims it does - maybe they only exist within the database, but it lacks the permission to create the physical location. You know how tempermental 'all-in-one' solutions can be :/13:02
jeritwell, I was able to put the files in13:06
jeritwhat if I went into the FTP (confusing as that will be since the CP prefixes all ftp usernames with "admin_" for some reason) and create a file called jeritsomethingorother and search for that13:06
jerit... if there are no symlinks for the site I'm guessing that wouldn't work hey13:06
thatgraemeguyTrixar_za: then its a bad CP or badly installed13:07
Trixar_zaKnowing Debian/Ubuntu defaults, can be a bit of both :P13:07
thatgraemeguyregardless, this is a "have your cake and eat it" scenario in my view, others may not agree. you either want to use the CP or you want to DIY13:08
Trixar_zaOk, so I googled. The default should be indeed in /var/www/html, but under /var/www/html/USERNAME/13:08
jeritftp says this for pets.plootopos.com -> /home/admin/web/pets.plootopos.com13:09
* inetpro agrees with thatgraemeguy13:09
jeritthat dir doesn't exist though13:09
inetprodo it the proper way, it is not difficult13:09
anton_maythat's what she said.......13:10
inetprocontrol panels are for those who don't want to understand things13:10
Trixar_zaanton_may: she was wrong13:10
jeritthatgraemeguy well I don't actually know the password for the ftp so I thought rather than going through doing a reset and all, might as well just directly edit the files I need to edit13:10
jeritwell, took me 5+ hours but I finally found everything I was looking for and also found that I don't have to make any changes13:35
jeritThat's kinda irritating since that's basically 5+ hours wasted13:36
Kiloswonderful jerit 13:36
Kilosbut now you know how to find them13:36
Kilosand you found the best help chnnel in the world13:36
jeritI'll say. The response here has been significantly more positive and helpful than anywhere else I've asked for help on this network13:37
jeritDo you guys think the CompTIA Linux+ will be sufficient to get me competant on how to do basic things like this? What about a follow up after I'm done with that?13:38
anton_mayYip should be perfect to get you going into the basics if linux. Learning the comnands etc13:44
anton_mayBut nothing beats throwing yourself in the deepend and solve a problem, like today13:48
anton_mayI'm busy with my first MAAS installation. All I have are the ubuntu docs and it's going slowly, but learning as I go13:48
anton_mayand youtube vids13:49
jeritonly way I solved this problem was to reset the password on the ftp account, email myself the details from the CP and login there and fish for the file I needed13:50
anton_maywell you've learned how to solve a porblem.13:51
anton_mayAnother way also to learn is to install oracle vm and install your flavour of linux and play with it first in a vm environment13:53
Trixar_zaI tend to think the headfirst method works pretty well.13:54
Trixar_zaBut I was always a faster learner when I'm drowning (except when actually drowning considering I can't really swim)13:55
anton_mayYip that's why i got a few old boxes and busy with MAAS cluster on it and see hwat it can do. The possibly deploy it in the production13:55
anton_mayOk well have a good weekend all. I'm off ciao13:58
jeritTrixar_za you know I've been trying to do this for years14:02
jeritexcept that every time I get the VM set up, its like "okay wtf do I do now?"14:03
Trixar_zaI mean run it on your PC - I jumped ship from Windows to Ubuntu on purpose. Didn't even have a way to connect to the internet - so had to think on my feet :P14:03
Trixar_zaI'm not saying you should take that extreme of a step, but you should try using it daily for small tasks. You learn by struggling a bit.14:04
jeritespecially not since all of my dev work for my clients is .NET based14:04
jeritI'd be utterly screwed without a Windows system to work on14:05
Trixar_zaThen play with Mono and Vala - should be familiar to you14:05
jeritwe're actually using mono for our pos terminal14:05
jeritsince the pos system is php hosted on linux, and since there's no php libraries that provide an interface between php and the pos hardware (cashdrawer & receipt printer), we had to develop a pos terminal application in C# that has the libraries for the interface and then load the pos system in a browser control on that14:07
jeritallows us to use the same terminal application regardless of what OS is being used in the store14:07
Trixar_zaGood idea from a technical stand point - especially if you can couple it with a reasonably small micro-linux - you should be able to run it on any POS system - regardless of age.14:12
jeritwell we're actually planning on shipping the system with relatively cheap windows systems... my partner wanted to run it on tablets though14:23
jeritso maybe we can ship on windows tablets... need to get him to get one so we can test that way14:23
jeritalthough tablets might not be ideal since the printer will need to connect to the computer via usb14:24
jeritso I figured out that user nginx is running the web server15:12
jeritso it would then naturally follow that the files for my websites would exist in /home/nginx somewhere15:12
jeritbut that directory doesn't exist15:12
Kilospower gone wbb15:12
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KilosMaaz coffee on15:49
* Maaz washes some mugs15:49
KilosMaaz large15:49
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos15:49
magespawngood evening all15:53
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:53
Kiloshi magespawn 15:54
KilosMaaz ty15:54
MaazYou are welcome Kilos15:54
pavlushkaahoy ZA!16:05
jeritso in my ftp, I'm at /public_html/sma/modules/pos/views and in this directory there's a "view.php" file17:44
jeritso you'd think that find ~/ -type f -name "view.php" -print would output SOMETHING17:45
jeritgiven that the file clearly exists but I got nothing suggesting that this file doesn't exist at all17:45
Kiloswhat was the command inetpro gave first17:48
Kilosdoesnt that work either17:48
Kiloslocate i think17:48
magespawni htink there is a difference between locate and find17:49
MaNImaybe the ftp folder is not inside your home folder (~)17:49
MaNIor maybe you don't have read permissions on the folder it is in17:49
jeritKilos I've tried it all17:49
Kilosoh my17:49
MaNIfind vs locate - find actually searches the physical directories - locate looks it up in a database (it won't find things that aren't in the database - the database is only periodically updated when updatedb is run)17:50
MaNIlocate is obviously faster (but not as reliable)17:50
Kilosty MaNI 17:50
Kilosnice when clever peeps join here17:50
Kilosi cant help them17:50
Kiloshi nsnzero 17:51
nsnzerohey there Kilos17:51
Kiloscatch up in the logs nsnzero some heavy stuff on the go here with jerit17:54
magespawnhome time chat later18:00
Kilosgo safe magespawn 18:00
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nsnzeroKilos: reading now18:02
jeritwhat I notice about other channels is that if people, after a time, still aren't able to help me, they'll eventually stop responding to me18:06
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Kiloslets see from the bottom18:07
Kilosthe file is in your home folder right?18:07
Kiloshi qwebirc1792 18:08
nsnzeroi never knew that logs were kept ! 18:11
Kilosyour lucky day18:12
Kilosyou learned something new18:12
nsnzeroKilos: i learn .... well you just took the word out of my mouth 18:13
Kilosi learn something new everyday and then forget it so i can learn again tomorrow18:13
Kiloswb chesedo 18:14
nsnzerolol - i know exactly what you mean 18:15
jeritKilos I don't know where the file is. When I connect via ftp, I can browse to public_html/sma/modules/pos/views where I see "view.php" but find -iname "view.php" returns no results18:16
jeritdamn weird18:16
Kilosso then 18:17
Kilosi dunno ftp or much else but can you find where or how ftp is connecting to18:18
superflyjerit: I presume when you say you're running "find", it's either via SSH or an actual terminal on the box?18:18
jeritI set the ftp details on the interface for vesta18:19
jeritsuperfly on the actual terminal18:19
superflyftp (which is broken and you should not be using) does not run a shell18:19
nsnzerojerit: you building an point of sale server ?18:19
superflyjerit: totally beside the point, but why PHP?18:19
jeritsuperfly yes I know, the ftp was set up with vesta - I'm not in a position to switch it to TLS or SFTP given my knowledge in linux system. The find command is what I'm executing on the terminal18:20
superflyjerit: if you have SSH, you have SFTP18:20
jeritnsnzero developed a point of sale system for a client which I'm now hosting as best I know how18:20
jeritsuperfly I don't know if I have SSH. I use putty to connect to the terminal and I use the ppk files that AWS requires in order to establish the connection18:21
superflyjerit: PuTTY is just an SSH client and terminal emulator for Windows, because it's too borked to have it's own18:22
nsnzerojerit: sorry the logs stop at 16h00 so messages from then till now arent logged as yet. i am in the dark here 18:23
Kilosjerit if the file is there still, what do you want to do with it18:43
Kiloswb SEptic 18:46
nsnzerolocate works better than find - IMHO18:47
SEpticwhat we discussing?18:48
Kilosseroius issues on files that are there but find cant find them18:49
Kilossome pets gone missing18:49
SEpticoooh cool18:49
SEpticspecific types of files?18:50
Kilosim waiting for jerit to reply18:50
Kiloshe said this last18:51
KilosI don't know where the file is. When I connect via ftp, I can browse to public_html/sma/modules/pos/views where I see "view.php" but find -iname "view.php" returns no results18:51
Kilosnow we already into stuff i dont understand18:52
nsnzeroi did a test - ironically locate found the files - find couldn't 18:56
nsnzeroanybody know how to setup unixodbc ?18:56
nsnzeronot a problem - its my current goal to set it up 19:02
nsnzeroSEptic: thanks 19:05
SEptici've used it before, just shooting in the dark19:08
Kilosyou guys play with horrible stuff19:09
SEptic*i've never used it before19:11
SEptichaha my bad19:11
nsnzeroSEptic: i am trying some things out - but the write-ups are old , so alot of tinkering is required 19:11
SEptichmm reading up about it, sound rather interesting idea19:12
nsnzeroKilos: the best way to learn something is to attempt doing  it 19:12
Kilosi know the best way to sort windows hassles19:13
SEpticnsn: what you wanna do with it at the end of the day?19:13
Kilosboot from ubuntu dvd and choose use whole disk for install19:13
nsnzero15 years ago i created a database using access - we still use it today - but i like to move it to linux - if i can figure out this odbc setup - the transition will be faster  19:14
nsnzerobasically the odbc driver allows read/write  to MS-Access files from other programs 19:17
SEpticaah ok, that makes for a good plan19:18
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:19
nsnzeronight night - i am off as well - brain needs rest 19:19
nsnzerotake care guys19:19
inetprogood evening20:06
inetproor is it morning already?20:06
Siceloor both ;)20:22
* inetpro lol at Sicelo21:14
inetprowb chesedo21:14
inetproand good night everyone21:15

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