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eagles0513875|2hey guys :)09:34
eagles0513875|2how can one join and help develop ubuntu studio?09:34
eagles0513875|2hi natsurou09:40
autumnaeagles0513875|2: just hang out here, and join the ubuntustudio-devel mailing list. there is some testing efforts going on currently.09:53
autumna... and hi :)09:54
eagles0513875|2autumna: :) need an install of US09:55
eagles0513875|2autumna: i got an interesting thought here09:55
eagles0513875|2not sure if you would agree with me. has the idea of becoming our own unique entity been considered09:56
autumnahang out here and ubuntustudio-devel irc chat (sorry not quite awake yet)09:56
eagles0513875|2our own repos our own development time line etc09:56
eagles0513875|2autumna: do you know how big the US repos are currently?09:57
autumnaah. well such a decision would require a lot of the group agreeing at least and possibly other decisions. I am pretty new here as well. I would talk to sakrecoer. he is the current lead.09:57
eagles0513875|2hey sakrecoer :)09:57
eagles0513875|2autumna: i know where we can get a beast of a machine at low cost with a one time setup fee09:58
eagles0513875|2autumna: i have a server with these guys http://www.soyoustart.com/ie/offers/sys-ip-1.xml for my own personal own cloud storage09:58
eagles0513875|2anyway will hang out here might bounce in and out from watching IRC to not as I am at work09:59
eagles0513875|2bit of a nutty day hopefully things will settle down here after lunch soon09:59
autumnaalright. sorry I can't be much help about this.10:00
eagles0513875|2its ok10:00
eagles0513875|2dont worry just throwing the idea out there10:00
eagles0513875|2reason im suggesting is is about EOL of 32bit discussion going on10:00
eagles0513875|2autumna: where is everyone based its awefully quiet here.10:08
autumnaeagles0513875|2:  most of the team is in europe (where it is morning/noon) and north america (where it is very very early in morning), plus people have day jobs. irc channel ubuntustudio-devel is where this is best taken at, and the mailing list. Good luck! :)10:16
eagles0513875|2thanks autumna10:17
eagles0513875|2is set around on here at the moment autumna10:20
eagles0513875|2who else is a lead team dev in here? if anyone12:58
dool7You're better off simply asking your question or hitting up the forums12:59
eagles0513875|2looking to join and help the dev team out have some ideas sakrecoer told me to speak in here and get to know people ::)13:00
treatzCan anyone help me install a .so library into audacity on Ubuntu?  It seems that edit->preferences->libraries isn't there on Ubuntu!  (please I need help)18:15
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dool7Hi. What are good projects for OSS beginners ? I write on my blog. I've done vlog posts for linux and with linux and OSS. What other ways should I look to contribute while in college ?21:33
zequenceeagles0513875|2: If you are interesting in contributing to Ubuntu Studio development, you are free to join the team.22:16
zequenceThere's no money involved at all. It's strictly on a volunteer basis.22:16
zequencedool7: By OSS, do you mean Open Source Software?22:17
zequencedool7: I would rather use the term FOSS, or FLOSS, when it comes to Ubuntu Studio22:18
zequenceEven though it is not 100% strictly so.22:18
zequenceIf you would like to contribute with writing articles, blogs, or anything else, you are free to join the dev team and do that from within the UBuntu Studio team22:20
zequenceOr, do it independantly, if you would rather.22:20
zequenceThe only requirement in principle to contribute directly and write on behalf of the team is that you follow some common sense, and that's about it.22:21
zequenceIf you're interested, I would suggest having a word with sakrecoer about that.22:21
dool7I plan to create blog content for Ubuntu Studio once I get more comfortable with LMMS22:28
dool7right now, I'm not making the time because of crammed summer classes22:28
dool7but I put stuff on my blog when I can22:29
zequenceWell, you know where we are if you want to join. The dev channel is #ubuntustudio-devel22:31

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