xubuntu68wHey guys, I have a question and I was wondering if you could help me?01:40
xubuntu68wI can't figure out for the life of me how to hide the "ALL" category in MenuLibre01:41
xubuntu68wDoes anyone know how to do it? Can't find anything on google..01:42
xubuntu68wI'm running MenuLibre 2.1.3 Xubuntu 16.0401:43
krytarikxubuntu68w: That's not actually a category, but a feature of Whisker Menu - and no, I don't see anything on a quick look either.01:57
xubuntu68wIts a weird  feature, If you hide a category it makes no sense to show the hidden category apps in All category01:59
xubuntu68wnowing my grandma she's goign to click on everything she's sees in her menu lol01:59
xubuntu68wjust wanted to leave the apps she uses02:00
xubuntu68wthat way she's not going to mess everythin up02:00
xubuntu68woh well thanks for your help krytarik02:00
xubuntu68wmuch appreciated02:00
xubuntu68win menulibre (Xubuntu 14.04) it wasn't like that that's why I was asking, if you hide stuff it stays hiden..guess they've updated it02:02
xubuntu68wAnyhow..have  a nice day..maybe I ask the dev02:03
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vahveroHello! desktop-file-validate gives me no errors....How i can add shortcut to Xubuntu desktop? its now /usr/share/applications/ and i can see it at whisker menu. I want it to desktop! xD Thank you07:50
vahveroEvery new user should get it07:51
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aberlinhello, I would like to use the new version but '~ $ sudo apt-get  dist-upgrade ' doesent work, do I have to wait or should I look for some special commands?12:19
akxwi-davehave yopu tried..  sudo do-release-upgrade12:34
drohmhi, are there instructions on how to verify the xubuntu iso after downloading?12:42
akxwi-davedid you download from the offical torrent on xubuntu.org?12:45
drohmaye, I did.  I was just wondering if Xubuntu.org has their own pgp key.  I did the sha256sum -c SHA256SUMS and it was 'ok', but wanted to verify as well12:49
akxwi-daveI don't think it does.. only the shasum..12:52
TsakNorrisHello i was here already asking, but i will ask one more time :D Why /usr/share/applications/foo.desktop goes to whisker-menu? How i can make it so that it will go straight to desktop. Thank you.12:55
akxwi-davesorry can't help with that one13:09
TsakNorrisi will add :D if i put it straight to ~/Desktop/foo.desktop you can't even see the file :D13:11
TsakNorriswith ls command you can see it, but not in GUI13:12
TsakNorrisis there somewhere like real document where is all the commands for XFCE?13:13
TsakNorrisThat whisker-menu is ruining now everything :/13:14
NotARobotTsakNorris, whickermenu will read all .desktop files from /usr/share/applications (as well as $HOME/.local/share/applications) to populate menu entries.13:22
TsakNorrisNotARobot, So what is the magic command to write in .desktop file that i will see it on desktop?13:23
NotARobotIf copying the .desktop file to the desktop is not showing the icon, then 1. Is desktop configured to display icons and 2. Is xfdesktop managing the desktop?13:23
TsakNorrisNotARobot, well its stock Xubuntu. No editing done to it. Latest version13:24
NotARobotThere is no magic command, if xfdesktop is managing desktop and icons are set to be displayed, it should be displaed13:24
NotARobotWhich version xubuntu?13:24
TsakNorriswell im not close to it now, but latest :D13:25
TsakNorriswhat you can download from they're page13:25
NotARobotCheck Settings Manager, Desktop, Icons tab and make sure that "icon type" is set to "file/launcher icons"13:26
TsakNorrisits that 64-bit13:27
TsakNorris16.04 LTS13:27
TsakNorrisI will install that to my home laptop also.13:29
TsakNorrisand why xubuntu have that avahi-daemon problem? other distros i haven't seen it. i know, i have to go to /etc/defaults/avahi-daemon and change 1 to 0 there, but still.13:36
drohmTsakNorris, you do see the application in the Menu, correct?  Have you tried right-clicking the icon in the menu and select add to desktop?14:00
ruwolfHello. :-) How can I view list of packages available on live CD? If i look on xubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.list, there are very few packages, so it is incomplete.14:57
ruwolfI look for live CD with GParted.14:58
ruwolflist of programs14:58
ruwolfI know, I can install other packages from Internet (by aptitude. e. g.), but I prefer it on DVD...15:00
xanguaXubuntu comes with gparted, yes15:02
ruwolfThank you, xangua - where can I see it, that it is included on DVD image?15:05
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tacomasteris 1.5GB of ram good for a smooth xubuntu experience?16:38
flocculanttacomaster: worked for me when I had that much16:41
flocculantthough of course it depends on what *you* are doing ;)16:41
tacomasterI am mostly using this for learning c, watching video courses, and accessing the web16:42
tacomasterI am running gentoo with blackbox right now but i am getting tired of always having to spend my time fixing something instead of studying lol16:43
tacomasterI just know some of the *buntu's can be a bit heavy on ram16:44
flocculanttacomaster: on boot my yak install grabs ~400Mb - but I do have stuff starting on boot16:45
tacomasterI am using around 300MB with firefox and pidgin running!16:46
hoverbootsGuys, anyone knows if i can use the icedtea java plugin on chromium-browser?16:56
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DexterFin 16.04 when I raise volume properties I can raise the currently running programs *above* 100%. can I attribute that to certain programs permanently?18:03
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SteinerIsCookingIs this an OK place to ask questions about running apps in Xubuntu?19:31
mrkrampsprobably yes19:32
SteinerIsCookingOK, well.19:32
SteinerIsCookingIn the past, I've used Dropbox before in Xubuntu just fine, but I'm looking to switch to iDrive. Can I use iDrive's GUI in Xubuntu?19:33
SteinerIsCookingI got it up and running in the terminal, I think, but I was wondering if I could get the syncing like Dropbox19:34
mrkrampsSteinerIsCooking, https://www.idrive.com/online-backup-linux19:35
mrkrampsi don't see any graphical client supported by linux19:36
SteinerIsCookingYes, that's my problem19:36
SteinerIsCookingSomeone told me Ubuntu had its own cloud service?19:36
mrkrampsSteinerIsCooking, Ubuntu One cloud was shutdown 201419:37
SteinerIsCookingDidn't know, honestly19:37
SteinerIsCookingMaybe I'll do Dropbox, then. iDrive had a better deal, but the no GUI is a deal-breaker for me19:38
rwfwhat is openbox22:42
mrkrampsrwf, a window manager22:42
rwfty  mrkramps22:43
rwfso quiet in here22:44
guyWhoRunsXubuntI`m trying to install Xubuntu on MSI u100 with 1GB RAM laptop,is it ok?22:45
rwfwow the guy that runs ubuntu22:46
mrkrampsguyWhoRunsXubunt, might work22:46
guyWhoRunsXubuntCool,i made that laptop ultra lag with Windows 1022:46
rwfwindows is a resource hog by default22:47
guyWhoRunsXubuntYe,i know22:47
guyWhoRunsXubuntWindows 7 is like last Windows that was OK22:47
rwfi think  10 is really a  922:47
mrkrampsguyWhoRunsXubunt, the u100 has not much ram, a slow atom cpu and likely a slow harddisk22:48
guyWhoRunsXubuntNo,Windows 8 is actually 922:48
guyWhoRunsXubuntOh yeah,that laptop is crap22:48
rwfi swivel  corrected again22:48
mrkrampsimho lubuntu might be the better choice22:48
guyWhoRunsXubuntBut it  can run Windows XP,so it should run Xubuntu22:49
guyWhoRunsXubuntI like Xubuntu`s look22:49
mrkrampsgive it a try then22:49
guyWhoRunsXubuntIs there any Linux Creation wizard? Like nLite for XP?22:49
rwfi got xubuntu on my old dell dimension 3000 and it runs fine22:49
guyWhoRunsXubuntCool,than it should totally run on mine22:50
mrkrampsguyWhoRunsXubunt, what exactly do you expect from a tool like nLite?22:50
guyWhoRunsXubuntWell,i would like to put Xfce into Lubuntu22:51
guyWhoRunsXubuntOr is Lfce what makes Lubuntu a Lubuntu?22:51
mrkrampsit's LXDE22:51
guyWhoRunsXubuntAnyway,i would like to put my own drivers and stuff22:51
guyWhoRunsXubuntWant to make my own Linux distro22:52
mrkrampsstuff yes, dirvers most probably not22:52
guyWhoRunsXubuntCool,if stuff is yes22:52
mrkrampsinstall mini.iso, install xubuntu-core package and go ahead22:53
guyWhoRunsXubuntXubuntu rocks Zorin OS in Windows-Like look22:53
mrkrampsbut for beginners it is easier installing desktop edition and just remove unwanted applications22:53
guyWhoRunsXubuntZorin OS is laggy,too22:55
guyWhoRunsXubuntbuggy* i meant22:55
rwfzorin is graphic intense crazy22:55
rwfgamer os i'd say22:55
mrkrampsjust forget about zorinOS22:55
guyWhoRunsXubuntLOL,gaming os should be less resource-eating22:56
rwflinux mint an xubuntu are my favs so far22:56
guyWhoRunsXubuntLike SteamOS22:56
rwfpuppy linux didnt like my pc i guesses22:56
guyWhoRunsXubuntdistro pros?22:57
rwfwell  i'm gunna go chat on buzzen.com   take care23:00

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