tsimonq2woah what?00:00
tsimonq2yakkety_unstable_kdeplasma-addons build successfully00:00
tsimonq2yofel: can you see what's going on?00:00
yofeltsimonq2: well, I have shell access and a monitoring attached to the CI, but I can't see anything obviously wrong00:01
tsimonq2yofel: so then rebuild? :)00:01
yofelI triggered what you said00:02
tsimonq2well, that's a big build queue...00:03
tsimonq2yofel: did you do a global rebuild? just curious00:03
yofeloh, the daily job for mgmt_merger just triggered00:03
tsimonq2oh okay00:03
tsimonq2yofel: so this isn't all to Kubuntu packaging right?00:03
tsimonq2from what you have seen, I can do this for hours on end00:04
tsimonq2but what else is there to do?00:04
yofeltsimonq2: no, that's the CI part. Which does help with the release packaging, but that is a seperate workflow00:04
tsimonq2yofel: so what else can I help with? :)00:04
yofelgood question right now, clivejo would probably have a better answer for that. Lets see00:06
yofelhm, the ci isn't really triggering any builds. Now I wonder whether I either fixed it earlier, or broke it...00:08
yofelwell, it did trigger breeze-gtk because of an SCM change, so I guess it's working..00:09
tsimonq2yofel: what happens to these CI builds next?00:11
yofelthey go on, until a new upstream release happens. At which the kubuntu-automation tooling that generates the release packages goes and merges kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_yakkety_archive.00:11
tsimonq2where's that?00:12
yofelthat way getting the new release done is very little work, as long as the CI packages are in a good shape00:12
yofeltsimonq2: https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation00:12
yofelcurrently being reworked, the README is for the old and still used scripts00:12
tsimonq2yofel: what about my two outstanding MPs? :D00:13
yofeland the merger is done too00:17
yofelaaaaaaaaaaand it triggered 440 builds00:17
yofelsitter: Is it really supposed to do that? ^00:18
tsimonq2yofel: thanks :)00:22
yofel# docker --version00:25
yofelDocker version 1.6.2, build 7c8fca200:25
yofelhm, I wonder if we can update that...00:25
tsimonq2yofel: if there is a file listed in the install file that is no longer present, do you remove it?00:34
yofelyes, otherwise the package won't build00:35
tsimonq2well I'm off to bed, thanks for all of your help yofel 00:49
yofeltsimonq2: nini, thanks to you for fixing so much!00:50
leumasHi All, please see error generated by Steam  https://goo.gl/FxAncA PLease help me resolve this.01:09
yofelleumas: #kubuntu for support please01:22
yofelfigured out how to run a vanilla kernel on linode. I have a working docker in lxd \o/01:28
valoriewill you use that for builds, or what?01:35
ahoneybunI just got the email about that boot01:41
yofelvalorie: trying to put another jenkins executor on linode01:46
yofelnow I have to figure out how to set *that* up :P01:46
valorieI'm assuming you never sleep01:47
yofelwell, soon I will. I am getting sleepy after all01:47
valorienews from Munich is so bad01:48
valorieand sad01:48
yofelok, jenkins can now talk to linode...02:02
ahoneybunjenkins talks to the lxc?02:24
yofelit talks to the container over ssh02:24
yofelI already got it to do *something* http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_modemmanager-qt/190/console02:24
yofelnow the problem is how to deploy the ci-tooling to the slave02:25
yofeland that not all jobs that should run on all slaves are matrix jobs :/02:26
yofelalthough, the docker cleanup can just be a cronjob..02:28
yofeland there goes LP again..02:35
* mamarley kicks LP.02:39
acheronuktsimonq2: if you look at the failed plasma-desktop build timestamp in it's name, it predates the packaging change I made to fix the appstream data. so the sources were generated pre my change, but it just got queue for a stupidly long time06:24
acheronukand it's successor build with the change has never quite got to build yet. was in the queue when the queue was cleared yesterday I thing06:25
santa_good morning everyone09:44
acheronukmorning :)09:49
santa_offtopic: just got into lxc containers and this seems awesome10:31
* yofel spent half of the night making docker work in priviledged lxd containers10:36
yofellxc is great though, and I recommend reading https://www.stgraber.org/2016/03/11/lxd-2-0-blog-post-series-012/ for lxd10:36
clivejoare you planning to build stuff on the new Linode server?10:37
yofelI want a kci slave on linode10:38
yofelthe slave works, docker too now. But now I don't get how to deploy the docker containers for the ci10:38
yofelrake can't find some ruby modules for some reason10:38
santa_I am investigating lxc to migrate my ppa simulation invention from libvirt on top of kvm10:40
santa_right now I'm feeling better working with it directly, without lxd10:40
santa_docker seems it wouldn't be appropiate as I need persistent storage10:41
yofelright, if you want system containers you want lxc. And lxc does give you a bit more flexibility than lxd10:41
acheronukKCI seems to be stalled waiting for that linode docker container, which is offline?10:41
yofellets see if I can abort that10:43
acheronuks/docker/lxc or whatever10:43
* yofel didn't think it would wait on the offline slave10:43
acheronukthat got it moving again :)10:44
acheronukclivejo: Is apps staging for xenial meant to have Qt 5.6.1 in it?10:49
clivejono :(10:50
clivejoI forgot that was there when I copied frameworks 10:50
acheronukit want to remove my plasma, as I'm still on 5.6.5 on this main machine10:50
acheronukah.. right10:51
* acheronuk disables apps staging for now10:51
clivejowhat is it trying to remove?10:54
* clivejo shouldnt have sat up chatting to Maro so late last night10:55
clivejoI feel so hungover today10:55
acheronukclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20584915/10:56
clivejowith all the changes with apps (missing and disabled packages) maybe I should klear the staging-apps PPA10:57
clivejoand redo them10:58
clivejohow does this work Yofel?10:58
clivejoOn YY Im on Qt5.6.1, Plasma 5.7.2 and having problem will apps not being Qt5.6.110:59
acheronuklol. back to front then11:00
clivejoplasma-discover seems to be broken11:00
acheronukI posted about discover yesterday11:00
yofelyou might as well11:00
clivejoreally I need YY Apps to be built on Qt5.6.111:00
yofelas long as all fixes are in git, that should be easy11:00
clivejoare the package lists fixed now?11:00
clivejoie a git-do-all should now see them11:01
santa_but it doesn't use the static package names lists11:02
acheronukclivejo: one prob is plasma-discover 5.7.2 depends packagekit >= 1.011:02
acheronukand some obsolete plasma-discover 5.6.5 packages maybe11:02
acheronukand http://paste.ubuntu.com/20468770/11:03
acheronukwhat I posted yesterday ^^^11:03
clivejowhy does muon have an epoch11:06
clivejowhats building that package11:08
yofelmuon is from muon11:08
yofeland it had one for a long time11:08
clivejois muon being released again?11:09
yofelhuh? weren't you one of the people that fixed it last cycle?11:09
clivejoyes, but it wasnt released11:09
clivejo muon-updater (4:5.7.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa1)11:09
clivejothat package came from staging11:10
clivejoI worked on the Muon Package Manager11:11
yofelthat is not from muon, but a transitional package from discover11:12
clivejoah yes11:14
clivejomuon-discover depends on plasma-discover-updater11:15
clivejobut dont see that being created by that control file11:16
clivejomy head is just not in the zone today11:18
clivejoNeon has a plasma-discover-updater.install while Debian doesnt11:19
acheronukThat YY VM had been updated multiple times, so I can't guarantee there wasn't some left over oddities on it11:19
acheronukcan try a clean one leter maybe11:19
clivejomy recent merge with debian removed those packages11:20
yofelurgh, now jenkins has a hardcoded apt-cache host11:24
yofel11:24:50 gpg: keyblock resource `/var/lib/jenkins/tooling/gnupg/secring.gpg': file open error11:26
yofel11:54:42 D: Writing logfile: /var/lib/jenkins/workspaces/yakkety/unstable/gwenview/build/gwenview_16.04.3+p16.10+git20160723.1156-0_source.ppa.upload11:57
yofel11:54:42 Successfully uploaded packages.11:57
soeeto archive ?11:58
yofelsoee: I'm setting up another build executor for KCI, but the tooling is really not intended for that......11:59
soeeon the linode vps ?12:03
soeedo we have already some running ?12:05
yofelsoee: "some" ?12:05
yofelthe linode is running, and has an LXD setup mostly meant for packaging setup on it if people need a server to work on12:08
yofelI now put a jenkins slave in an lxd container http://kci.pangea.pub/computer/linode-01/12:08
yofelwhich... took a while...12:08
soeeah i thought we were talking about building instances not for users but kci12:10
soeeso the one that grabs stuff from git tries to build it etc.12:10
yofelah no, it was primarily meant for users, but the server has plenty of resources so it could be used for that12:10
soeeunused resources are lost resources ;D12:11
yofelthat was what harald wanted to do back when he first set the ci up12:11
soeewe shudl use all we can 12:11
yofelyes, esp. as that linode is actually somewhat expensive if we had to pay for it ^^12:11
acheronukand hopefully won't run out of memory? ;)12:11
yofelkci has 4G, linode 24G12:11
soeeif users want to build something and need more resources some kce instancs could be pasued than12:11
yofela "bit" more :P12:11
yofelbut the memory issues is a docker bug I believe12:12
yofelyou find verious bug reports if you look for it12:12
acheronukyofel: yes, I was jesting12:12
yofelbut I don't want to upgrade docker 1.6 to 1.11 without having a fallback slave 12:12
soeetried: http://kubernetes.io ?12:12
yofelthe linode slave runs 1.11, so we'll see12:13
yofelno, I know that harald or rohan had played with docker swarm, but the tooling requires far too much handwork in the setup currently12:14
yofelso fixing that comes first12:14
yofelsomeone also needs to look at the changes he did for NCI12:14
acheronukNCI even has sound effects :P12:15
* acheronuk runs12:16
yofelsounds like harald alright12:16
BluesKajhowdy all12:24
yofelYES, the slave built gwenview12:25
yofellets add some more executors12:25
yofelhm, might as well overdo it while I'm at it12:27
clivejoCannot add PPA: 'ppa:~kubuntu-ci/ubuntu/unstable'.12:30
clivejoback to front?12:30
yofelclivejo: where did you see that?12:31
clivejoin the console log12:31
yofelclivejo: of *what*?12:31
acheronukoh. right12:31
yofel12:27:04 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.12:32
yofelwell, master12:32
* yofel set 32 executors on linode-0112:32
yofellets see how that works out:D12:33
clivejoyou trying to make it go boom?!?12:33
acheronuk32 :D12:33
acheronukstress test...12:33
clivejoI thought the executors had to be set to stop Jenkins crashing12:34
acheronukyou might kill launchpad12:34
yofeluhm, according to dstat and zabbix, that uses barely any resources, a bunch of disk IO and +1.2G memory12:34
yofeluhm, ok. I did kill it12:36
yofelbtrfs that is -.-12:37
* yofel does desaster recovery12:37
* clivejo thinks yofel is having fun!12:37
yofeluh oh12:38
yofel[39693.784549] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at fffffffffffffe5812:38
yofel[39693.784557] IP: [<ffffffffc00a5d2c>] __btrfs_unlink_inode+0x1c/0x470 [btrfs]12:38
clivejohave to ping BS?12:38
yofellets see if I can trigger a hard reset12:39
clivejowhat did you kill the linode or KCI machine?12:44
yofelI guess btrfs couldn't handle the kernel 4.5 -> 4.4 downgrade12:45
yofelbecause I'm running it in other places under heavy stress in 4.4 and it runs fine12:46
clivejoacheronuk: sorry for cancelling you project yesterday12:47
yofelok, linode back up12:48
yofellets see12:48
acheronukclivejo: no problem at all. I'm in no hurry. I was more pleased to see Simon getting stuck in12:48
clivejowell that was the intention behind it12:49
clivejoits nice to see things happen!12:49
acheronukIf he's back later, perhaps he can look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274580284/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238-0_BUILDING.txt.gz12:50
yofelhm, btrfsck doesn't see anything, but I don't trust that fs structure anymore :S12:50
clivejodid all his merge reqests get pushed?12:50
yofelor hm, lets try again12:51
acheronukclivejo: think so. yofel was doing them v late12:51
clivejohow is he so perky today!12:51
clivejoI feel like I could sleep for a week12:52
acheronukI felt like that earlier in the week. Now it's cooler I'm better12:52
yofelwhen I'm angry I don't need sleep :P12:53
yofeland jenkins makes you angry12:53
clivejodo you drink coffee?12:53
acheronukme or yfl?12:54
acheronukI think I've now become mostly immune to caffeine. Doesn't help like it used to....12:55
clivejoI dont drink it12:56
clivejobut thinking I should start!12:56
yofelat work I do12:56
clivejoIm in a strange mood today12:56
clivejothats one way to clear a queue13:40
clivejoyofel: the container you setup for packaging, is it shared for all the packagers?13:41
yofelit's shared for whoever has his key in the ubuntu account13:42
clivejoso for access to depot who ssh key would it use?13:42
yofelyou can either use one for all, or make a container for each person13:42
yofelnone, it doesn't have access right now13:43
yofelas for that, the container needs its own ssh key13:43
clivejoI dont fancy putting my keys on it :/13:43
yofeljust make a password less key in the container and add that to depot13:43
yofeljust make sure to remind people to not take that key out of there13:43
clivejowhat about git access to LP?13:44
yofelthere is no push access unless someone decides whose user will be the proxy13:44
yofelthat's why I personally recommend one container per person13:45
yofeland you can invite people to use yours as needed13:45
clivejocan we use one of the kubuntu accounts as a proxy?13:46
clivejoie create a key for kubuntu-packagers13:46
yofelno, please don't do that13:46
yofelrather create a new user and add the key to that13:46
yofelwell, packagers is a team, so you couldn't add a key to that anyway13:47
clivejohow would you do it?13:47
clivejothe kubuntu-ci seems to be an actual account13:48
yofeluse my account, add a new key to it, give people access to my container while i'm watching them, then kick them out when I have to leave13:48
clivejoyellow belts is a team too?13:50
yofelyellow belts should not be member of packagers anyway13:50
clivejowould setting up abrand new account, something like kubuntu-training or something work?13:51
yofelwell, feel free to, as long as it doesn't give people unreviewed committ access to kubuntu-packagers13:52
clivejoyofel: is my key still on dev.kubuntu.co.uk ?14:36
clivejocant log in14:37
yofelhow are you trying to?14:37
clivejossh dev.kubuntu.co.uk14:37
yofelhm, it seems to be there14:38
clivejoHost dev.kubuntu.co.uk14:38
clivejo    User ubuntu14:38
clivejo    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_clivejo14:38
yofelwhat's the error?14:38
yofeloh, wrong user14:38
clivejowhats the username?14:39
yofel'clivejo' on port 22 will give you the host. 'ubuntu' on a different port will give you a container14:39
yofelalthough, it seems one of the port mappings got lost in the reboot :/14:39
clivejojust want a container14:40
yofelclivejo: try port 220114:40
yofelclivejo: sorry, jenkins killed the server again14:49
acheronuklinode KCI node just fell over?14:49
clivejoI figured!14:49
yofelI think I need to recreate that FS :(14:49
yofelJul 23 14:47:14 ubuntu kernel: BTRFS: error (device sdc1) in btrfs_rename:9374: errno=-2 No such entry14:49
yofelJul 23 14:47:14 ubuntu kernel: BTRFS info (device sdc1): forced readonly14:49
yofelI'll try to do a quick reboot to get your container back up and leave jenkins down14:51
yofelthen I'll be gone for a while14:51
* clivejo cries14:51
clivejomy poor container14:51
clivejoyou killed it!14:51
clivejohow do I get my terminal back :/14:53
clivejopacket_write_wait: Connection to port 2201: Broken pipe14:53
yofelclivejo: should work again14:53
yofelas long as you don't do jenkins-level crazy things nothing bad should happen14:54
yofelI'll recreate the setup on a clean filesystem in the evening14:54
clivejohave fun14:56
clivejogit-clone-all uses depot :(15:01
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ahoneybunlots of action today yofel lol16:47
=== Guest29209 is now known as pavlushka
soeethis saturday is sponsored by letter R like  Red :-)16:58
acheronukplasma-desktop is about to go GREEN17:05
tsimonq2acheronuk: ahh I see17:28
tsimonq2yofel: no problem, it's nice to learn this stuff :)17:29
tsimonq2I'll fix something before I go17:31
tsimonq2yofel: the failure on xenial_unstable_dolphin is an internal error, not related to the package17:38
tsimonq2o/ for now17:38
clivejolot of internal errors at the moment17:39
clivejoyofel: is it posible to run the staging script again?17:41
yofelclivejo: staging script is unaffected by what I do. Regarding the deleted packages: try it18:29
yofelif you don't see them as Deleted on the delete page anymore you're fine18:30
yofelclivejo: do you need linode? I would like to take that offline18:30
clivejonope, go ahead18:30
yofeland I think I should be reading up on lvm...18:30
acheronukhmmm... wiki won't let me create a page18:33
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Yea the wiki is kinda broken for login18:34
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Well it works at times18:34
yofelwiki modification is also restricted to specific teams18:34
acheronukahoneybun: I'm logged in from the ubunutu side18:34
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Well pagea18:35
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Not making one18:35
clivejothe wiki sucks!18:35
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Well18:35
acheronukahoneybun: "You are not allowed to copy this page!"18:35
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Copy mine18:35
yofellast I heard was: The wikis are locked down to only two teams: ~ubuntu-members and a18:35
yofelCanonical team.18:35
acheronukyofel: great!18:35
acheronukjust as well I'm not in a huge hurry to do it!18:36
yofelah, there's also ~ubuntu-wiki-editors for non-members18:36
acheronukyofel: so I could join that with the justification of creating a profile page?18:37
clivejoOSM have a thriving mediawiki install ( http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Main_Page ) why on earth cant Ubuntu ?18:39
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> Oh18:39
yofelprobably...? popey is the team owner, so maybe ask him in #ubuntu-devel?18:39
acheronukyofel: may do that then, they should at least know how to sort it, even if I can't join the team18:41
acheronukbut after the weekend. no rush on this. I just had a urge to start doing it, and was thwarted18:42
yofeloh, I know that feeling combined with the wiki...18:43
clivejodid valorie bribe you with cookies?18:43
yofelI didn't get cookies when I applied :(18:43
acheronukI want ginger biscuits18:44
clivejoI still havent got them!18:44
clivejoI feel cheated!18:44
clivejoyofel: should apps 16.04.3 be built on Qt5.6.1?18:50
yofelfor yakkety yes, for xenial... probably too as we're almost done with plasma 5.718:51
clivejowhy wont git-clone-all grab libkgeomap ?19:02
clivejodid you map it?19:05
yofelgit-clone-all doesn't use our maps, but creates a package list directly from depot19:06
yofelsee kubuntu-automation/.cache/19:06
* clivejo beats head off the table19:07
clivejoI give up!19:18
yofelok, so lets try to kill the server again...19:48
clivejokill it, kill it19:53
yofelbetter, I was reconfiguring the docker bridge20:04
yofelbecause our ci builders for some reason expect apt-cacher-ng to be available at
yofelok, that built, so let hell break loose20:05
yofelwell that didn't go too well20:06
jimarvanthat must have hurt xD20:08
yofelI never set up RVM20:08
yofelnow how do I do that...20:08
clivejoapt install rvm20:13
yofelthat's not a thing20:17
yofelbut I got that installed20:17
yofelbut now it's failing to actually install the correct rvm ruby *-.-20:17
clivejois it not ?!? *whistles*20:17
yofelI'm somewhat tempted to just tar up the freakin' rvm env from river and copy it to linode20:19
yofelor let me try something else20:20
clivejowhats river?20:20
yofelkci hostname20:21
yofelok, using root seems to work20:21
yofeloh great, now it's compiling ruby......20:22
yofelError loading RubyGems plugin "/home/jenkins-slave/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.0@merger/gems/gem-wrappers-1.2.7/lib/rubygems_plugin.rb": cannot load such file -- gem-wrappers (LoadError)20:25
blazeso green, am i in a forest?21:03
yofelok, btrfs can't handle parallel trashing on 64 subvolumes. bummer21:12
yofelext4+overlayfs it is I guess21:13
clivejoyou seem to be enjoying yourself !21:14
yofelI am actually21:14
clivejokinda wish I could look over your shoulder and watch an expert at work!21:16
yofelan expert that googles like every 2nd command because he has barely any idea about ruby environments? :P21:17
yofelat least I have backups, so setting this up agains should take an hour at most21:17
clivejoI think I nodded off for a few minutes just there :/21:19
clivejoso if I kopy qt,fw and plasma from the staging-plasma and build apps 16.04.3 on those?21:22
clivejoIve bumped Qt to 5.6.1, FW to 5.24 and Plasma to 5.7.221:24
clivejoand hopefully got all the apps this time!21:24
yofelyeah, should work21:30
clivejoyofel: did you send out an email regarding downgrade of those packaged with bad epochs?21:52
yofelno, I forgot about that -.-21:52
yofelthat were too many parallel discussions yesterday21:53
clivejoI know!21:53
clivejoyofel: I deleted all the packages in staging-kdeapplications22:16
yofelnow or earlier?22:17
clivejobut LP is rejecting all my uploads22:17
yofelwhat's an example reject message?22:17
clivejoFile zeroconf-ioslave_16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa1.debian.tar.xz already exists in Kubuntu Staging KDE Applications, but uploaded version has different contents.22:17
clivejoshould I redo them as ppa10 or something?22:18
yofeloh, you'll have to upload something higher than ppa1 then. I guess it didn't delete the metadata yet22:18
clivejoLP doesnt nothing fast!22:33
santa_I have my doubts that would work, but go ahead and try22:34
clivejoWe have recently noticed you made a claim for tax refund of lb235.8422:35
clivejowrong pounds22:36
yofel22:33:02 Error on retry_it(unknown) :: Container command '/var/lib/jenkins/ci-tooling/kci/builder.rb' not found or does not exist.22:39
yofelthis tooling is cursed I tell you22:39
clivejobooby traps22:40
yofelok, mergers work again22:48
clivejoyofel: is it working again?23:06
yofelno, rake is being a though opponent23:06
* clivejo nods and smiles23:08
clivejoyofel: can I do a LP push?23:10
clivejoneed to pause?23:10
yofelthat wouldn't work right now23:10
clivejook Ill go ahead and push23:10
clivejohow does it do mergers without any executors?23:13
yofelit won't do any23:15
clivejoyofel: ark seems to have lost its epoch in KA23:52
clivejoand Ive no idea why23:55
clivejoits in https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/tree/packaging-exceptions.json23:55
yofelnew or old tooling? That's only for the old one23:56
clivejoold one23:57
clivejoI run the staging-upload script again23:57
clivejolooking at previous LP upload emails23:57
clivejo[~kubuntu-ppa/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/xenial] ark 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1 (Accepted)23:58
clivejothat was a few days ago23:58
clivejobut this morning - [~kubuntu-ppa/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications] ark_16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa10_source.changes (Rejected)23:58
yofelah, the epoch is not part of the filename23:59
clivejowhats changed?23:59

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