ahoneybunleumas: my bad01:41
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computer1hey any kubuntu konversation users02:30
computer1can you tell me how to get onto other servers02:30
DragnslcrFile -> Server List02:30
computer1it only showes this one02:31
DragnslcrClick the New button02:31
computer1and just enter one?02:32
computer1i thought there would be a populated list02:32
computer1anyone here who can help me populate server list on Konversation02:44
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[Relic]what's the best way of making a text file list of installed packages and only the installed package, not any extra info04:28
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rexxplease send me download link o latest kubuntu os06:53
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leumasahoneybun: hi10:04
leumasHi, can someone please help me resolve this steam issue https://goo.gl/STaIhJ. Thanx in advance.11:26
leumasKubuntu 16.0411:26
soeeleumas: how did you installed it?11:53
rajiv_is there any worse effects after installing different "desktop environments" on my 16.04 computer?12:19
soeerajiv_: "worse effects" ?12:21
rajiv_soee: I mean is it good to install different DE?12:23
BluesKajhowdy all12:24
rajiv_when does plasma 5.7 arrived for update on 16.04/12:27
rajiv_when does plasma 5.7 arrives for update on 16.04?12:29
rajiv_when does plasma 5.7 arrives for update on 16.04?12:31
soeerajiv_: there is no ETA yet12:34
soeeit needs some lifting and hard testing12:34
soeerajiv_: why do you want different DE on one system12:34
soeeit should work but will install a lot of packages/apps designed for each DE making your system lest clear12:35
soeeif you want to test some new DE, try it in VirtualBox for example12:35
rajiv_soee: I am not going to install different DE. i am just asking this because i don't know how it works.12:40
rajiv_soee: currently i am using kubuntu 16.04. therefore i wanted to know when does plasma 5.7 arrives for update on kubuntu 16.04?12:41
soeerajiv_: if you install separate DE you shoudl have an option in login screen to pick what DE you want to use12:43
jinxi1rajiv_: it will take some time for kubuntu to have it in their repo12:43
soeerajiv_: as i said there is not ETA yet, packages are building and need some fixes/testing atm.12:43
jinxi1rajiv_:  this is the main reason I switched to KDE Neon12:43
jinxi1Sysinfo for 'jinxi-desktop': Running inside KDE Plasma 5.7.2 on KDE neon 5.7 powered by Linux 4.4.0-28-generic, CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz at 1199-1839/3300 MHz, RAM: 13332/32122 MB, Storage: 66/219 GB, 480 procs, 113.73h up12:44
soeejinxi1: yeah and this is nice but there are some cons also, for example it sticks to LTS and we wont have new PulseAudio here12:45
soeeand this is a problem for me when using hdmi output for audio :)12:45
jinxi1I am not sure what you are talking about. I am using hdmi audio also. It works perfect.12:45
rajiv_soee: thank you:)12:47
soeejinxi1: try to connect screen with speakers, (make is turn off and turn on) it will change to analog output12:47
rajiv_jinxil: thankyou:)12:47
soeealso even when using hdmi audio some games use analog anyway and this is fixed in 9.x12:47
jinxi1soee:  I am using audio from my monitor.12:47
soeedual screen or single?12:48
jinxi1single screen.12:48
jinxi1soee: or try to disable the onboard audio in the BIOS12:48
soeewell i have laptop (screen off) + external with speakers and i have those problems here :012:48
jinxi1ah. I forgot. my motherboard does not have integrated audio12:49
leumassoee: via apt package manager on konsole12:58
soeeleumas: what ? :)12:59
leumassoee: i have also installed the .deb file but same result12:59
soeeleumas: but what is the problem ? :12:59
leumaswas replying to your question13:00
soeewhat question ?13:00
leumas https://goo.gl/STaIhJ...steam wont launch13:00
soeeah :D13:00
soeehmm i have id downloaded from the website and installed, works pretty good13:01
leumascan you pls look at paste link and give any hints why steam wont launch13:02
jinxi1leumas: launch it in console and see what error it gives you13:04
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Guest96949hi, is this the support channel for kubuntu?15:14
Guest96949I have a question: I want to mount an NTFS Windows drive, but it won't display the German "Umlaute" äöü etc.15:15
Guest96949I typed sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o ro /dev/sda4 /media/hdd, but then it won't display the Umlaute. I tried to insert "locale=de_DE.utf8" somewhere in there, but it won't work. What can I do?15:16
lethuGuest96949: what's the Umlaute?15:26
lethuGuest96949: the accents?15:27
Not_a_RobotAnyone here with Plasma 5+ have effects working?15:56
frischluftHi! Which weather app do u use at kubuntu? at all..16:38
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bad_ipman, idk if Ubuntu 16 has just made huge strides in the user side of Linux but installing Kubuntu 16 was by far the easiest install I've ever been throguh19:28
bad_ipby far the easiest and most functional out of the box19:30
DarinMillerbad_ip: Good to hear your install was smooth.  KDE with plasma 5 has come a long way but don't set you expectations to high as the developer are still addressing many issue (aka dual screen control).19:47
DarinMillerAlso, many fixes have been implemented but are not accessible unless backports are installed or unless you are experimenting with 16.10 alpha.19:49
timur_Is anybody here?19:56
kwfucc1whats the best local network audio stream for kx studio20:05
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kwfucc1im a pirate radio station in phx az 67.9 fm 150 watts been on the air for 3 years 24 720:06
kwfucc1sorry 87.9 fm ..just switched to linux ..not likeing jack to much ..any vst3 like stuff out there20:07
kwfucc1kwficc.com ..if u wat to cheack my net stream20:07
kwfucc1i have a stignburg mixing board for my main out20:08
kwfucc1so much free spftware in linux20:09
kwfucc1what is this place   its like the 90s20:10
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kwfucc1i just want to know this how is it that u can make linux operate with every stock sound card and yet not with any of the manny i have here how is that20:22
lethukwfucc1: google them20:23
lethukwfucc1: this might not be the best place for you if you want a quick answer20:24
lethukwfucc1: sometimes you get lucky20:24
lethukwfucc1: make sure you stay around for a while and repeat your question20:25
kwfucc1i did and have been for days i could have boght pritty much any adc by now i wanted //but hey thats half the fun //   how is that that no one has desighned a do all app for linux yet that dose this without all the hart eack20:26
lethukwfucc1: what is the hardware you are looking for support for?20:29
kwfucc1ivgot all kinds of sound cards this is a raidiostation //its just none of them workn  shit i built this 150 watt transmitter from scratch /i think im going to end up20:35
kwfucc1ripping thedac chip sets and ram out of this tacam dp 02 recording board i have //but i dont know where to find any sprcs on the bios //am i nuts could it be that hard /like in wine or something to genarate a usable digital signal at 192kz .24 bit20:38
kwfucc1or maybe something in pure data20:40
kwfucc1cuz this is no where near broadcast quality frome what im seing so fR20:41
kwfucc1i cant evan run my rds below 192 kz20:42
kwfucc1any stighnburg api,s u guys know about i could use the adq in my main board if i had thatb20:44
kwfucc1i think i understand the reason for this strange place ..u all just sine in then split //what givs20:53
kwfucc1hmm guess im not linux cool lol //kwfucc.com check ot out some time yo20:55
rajivmarshow to remove akonadi services in kubuntu 16.04? It consumes so much memory?21:09
rajivmarsIs it possible to install ubuntu 16.04 wallpapers in kubuntu 16.04?21:10
marahinHow can I check if Kubuntu is using my dedicated GPU?21:28
lethumarahin: install mesa-utils then run glxinfo21:35
lethuyou might need to run glxinfo | less21:36
rajivmarsHow to upgradefrom 16.04 to 16.04.1?21:42
rajivmarsHow to upgrade from 16.04 to 16.04.1?21:48
Not_a_RobotAnyone here with Plasma 5+ have effects working?21:50
leumasJikan: see it here  https://goo.gl/STaIhJ21:54
leumasjinxi1: see it here  https://goo.gl/STaIhJ21:54
leumasJikan: apologies for calling your nick. it was meant for someone else21:55
Not_a_RobotCan someone help me enable desktop effects?21:55
Not_a_RobotPlease :)21:55
leumasNot_a_Robot: you can enable at Settings>Desktop Behaviour> Destop effects21:57
rajivmarsI have just installed "ubuntu-wallpapers" on my kubuntu 16.04 computer. But i don't know how to get these wallpapers, because whenever i go to wallpapers change settings it is not showing any of those wallpapers. anyone please help me find those?21:58
leumasNot_a_Robot: there are several effects in there to work with21:59
Not_a_Robotleumas: http://uploadpie.com/HKUmg no one works, that's why I ask :( They used to work in Plasma 421:59
leumasNot_a_Robot: try this, Alt+Shift+F1222:03
leumasNot_a_Robot: that command suspends composiing an releases it as well22:04
Not_a_Robotleumas: nothing happens, I tried before asking here22:09
leumasNot_a_Robot: one last go at this, try Ctrl+F8, what do you see?22:10
leumasNot_a_Robot: pls share your screenshot22:10
Not_a_RobotCtrl+F8 does nothing, what should happen? :(22:10
leumasAll opened windows shud form a grid22:11
Not_a_Robotthen.. no :/22:11
leumasIts really strange you effects are not working22:12
santa_Not_a_Robot: go to in systemsettings -> screen & monitor22:13
santa_it's in the "hardware" section22:14
santa_there go to the compositor thing22:14
Not_a_Robotyes, santa_?22:14
santa_Not_a_Robot: does it say something strange? can you select opengl/xrender?22:15
Not_a_Robotsanta_: my current configuration: http://uploadpie.com/fBSBh22:15
santa_Not_a_Robot: select xrender as rendering backend and see what happens22:16
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Not_a_Robotyesss santa_!22:18
Not_a_Roboteverything crashed22:19
Not_a_RobotI don't have window's bars22:19
Not_a_Robottop bars, with close button and so22:19
Not_a_Robotthe panel disappeared too22:19
Not_a_RobotI will have to reboot22:20
Not_a_Robotdo you know how can I restar plasma?22:20
Not_a_RobotWindows are there, that's why I cant talk22:20
Not_a_RobotI can't switch to another window so..22:21
Not_a_RobotIf someone can tell me how to restart plasma22:21
Not_a_RobotI'll thank you22:22
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot: killall plasmashell && plasmashell &22:22
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot: if your windows bars are missing, you need to start or restart kwin.  Assuming your are running x, killall kwin_x11, then kwin_x11 & to restart.22:24
santa_↑ that22:25
Not_a_Robot_Sorry, I had to reboot22:28
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot_: hi22:28
DarinMillerI think you may have missed what I typed earlier...22:29
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot_: to restart plasma: killall plasmashell && plasmashell &22:29
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot_: if your windows bars are missing, you need to start or restart kwin.  Assuming your are running x, killall kwin_x11, then kwin_x11 & to restart.22:29
DarinMilleroh well, I tried....22:30
Not_a_RobotIt seems I have effects enabled22:32
Not_a_Robotbut plasma "crashes" when I try to use them22:33
Not_a_Robotlike the zoom effect22:33
Not_a_Robot(the one I need)22:33
Not_a_Robotand I have to restart then :(22:33
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot: What is your video card?22:34
Not_a_RobotNvidia GTX 870M and Intel HD Graphics 4600, DarinMiller22:34
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot: regardless of video card,  go to system settings -> Display and Monitor -> Compositer22:35
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot: Check the rendering backend and set it to opengl 2.0 and set OpenGL interface to GLX22:36
Not_a_RobotNow I'm using XRender but I was using OpenGL 3.0. Do I have to use the 2.0 now, DarinMiller?22:36
Not_a_Robotnow it seems to work22:37
Not_a_RobotWith 2.0 and GLX22:37
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot: if you are running the nvidia card with proprietary drivers, you should be able to use Opengl 3.0.22:37
DarinMillerdid you see my previous posts on how to restart plasma and recover your windows bars?22:38
Not_a_RobotThe plasmashell thing yes22:38
Not_a_Robotthe Kwin thing no..22:38
DarinMiller if your windows bars are missing, you need to start or restart kwin.  Assuming your are running x, killall kwin_x11, then kwin_x11 & to restart.22:38
Not_a_RobotThank you For your help DarinMiller!22:40
Not_a_Roboteffects workiiing :D22:40
DarinMillerNot_a_Robot: good to hear :)22:40
Not_a_RobotThanks to all who tried too, really!22:40
santa_np, I'm glad it works22:40
santa_ftr opengl doesn't work well here22:40
Not_a_RobotI don't think I use the proprietary drivers because I couldn't use effects with OpenGL 3.1, DarinMiller22:41
leumasHi guys can someone help me look into this issue, steam wont launch  https://goo.gl/STaIhJ22:41
DarinMillerleumas: I wish I could help, but steam always runs fine for me.  Did you install steam from the repositories or the steam website?22:43
leumasDarinMiller: I have tried both and a getting the same result22:44
DarinMillerleumas: Looks like its complaining about fonts.  Did you remove any fonts?22:45
leumasFunny tho it worked before and all of a sudden it stopped working, cant really remember when it stopped.22:45
leumasDarinMiller: nope, i didnt22:45
leumasi usually update my system tho22:45
leumasDarinMiller: will installng the fonts help the issue?22:46
johndroidHi, anyone using full disk encryption as a daily driver with neon KDE?22:46
DarinMillerMy 16.04 system is fully update w/ backports PPA and steam is fully updated to v017, 1468702332922:47
DarinMillerleumas: did you try purging steam, then re-installing?22:48
leumasDarinMiller: Done that already22:48
DarinMillerWhat about renaming your ~/.local/share/Steam directory (assuming the default directory...)22:50

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