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Son_Gokuzyga: ping06:29
mupPR snapcraft#682 opened: Extending the created yaml from `snapcraft init` <Created by wandrewkeech> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/682>07:37
mupPR snapcraft#673 closed: Updating styling and examples for `snapcraft init` in lifecycle.py <Created by wandrewkeech> <Closed by wandrewkeech> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/673>07:40
ali1234oooookay, i have a PPA with Qt with EGLFS support: https://launchpad.net/~a-j-buxton/+archive/ubuntu/qt5-raspi-eglfs09:00
ali1234now i just need a snapcraft to build my app and bundle everything from the three required PPAs09:01
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CavanStrange question: Is the snap completed if I can run the application? For example if I want to start karaf I have to go through the 'prime' folder and command it from there after its snapped10:17
ali1234okay snap install doesn't work10:55
ali1234i didn't expect that installing a snap would be harder than making one10:55
ali1234- Make snap "ubuntu-core" available to the system (can not set next boot: cannot determine bootloader)10:55
ali1234i see it's bug 158040310:58
mupBug #1580403: snap tries to manage bootloader in snappy-on-ubuntu-classic mode <Snappy:Fix Committed by zyga> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1580403>10:58
ali1234ah, my snapd is quite out of date...11:10
ali1234hey why does qt5launch not work on arm?11:19
ali1234okay i need to fork qt5conf then11:22
ali1234so how do i tell the yaml to use my fork of qt5conf instead of the wikipart?11:26
ali1234figured it out11:32
ali1234this is pretty good, i'm impressed11:32
pcktsnscrtchHow close are we to a raspberry pi 3 release?11:38
ali1234good question11:40
ali1234/snap/infodump/x4/bin/qt5-launch: 76: exec: infodump: Permission denied11:51
ali1234i'm sooooo close to getting this to work :/11:55
CavanHow can I change the npcraft directory, my installed snaps are in my C drive and I cant access them without copying them into a different folder12:13
ali1234hmm okay, apparmor denied my snap from using exec12:28
CavanAnyone know how I could install the Karaf logs when I snap, current issue is there not ebing made13:26
Cavanonce i finish my snap a instance file becomes read-only, anyway to change that?14:00
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sergiusensali1234 try the new desktop parts for didrocks15:55
sergiusensglad to know you found your way around.15:55
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CavanWhen snapping karaf I'm running into a problem, the files when made are read only and they need to be edited to run16:25
Cavan'Unable to update instance pid: /snap/karaf/x3/instances/instance.properties (Read-only file system)' how can I fix this?16:57
* mactrent waves17:03
Elleois there a ppa for more recent versions of snapcraft? I'm trying to use the new desktop-launch command, but the version in xenial just says it doesn't exist17:05
ali1234sergiusens: i'm not sure what that means, sorry17:06
ali1234you mean eg [desktop/qt5] ?17:08
ogra_ i guess thats what he means :)17:09
ali1234it installs a load of stuff that i don't need :/17:14
ali1234like light-themes17:14
ogra_ell, thats an argument i constantly have with didrocks :)17:14
ali1234i don't even have a desktop17:15
ogra_(who created the launcher parts)17:15
zygaCavan: hello17:15
ali1234i am running Qt on eglfs17:15
ogra_ali1234, then grab the part and re-implement your own bsed on it17:15
ali1234i literally don't need any of the stage-packages17:15
zygaCavan: you need to make the program write user specific data to a file relative to to the SNAP_USER_DATA environment variable17:15
ogra_ali1234, there are a bunch non desktop related stage-packages in the list i think17:16
ogra_... that are important for qt execution17:16
ali1234no, there aren't17:18
ogra_well ... shrug17:19
Cavanzyga, thanks, how would I go about doing that, any handy links or advice?17:19
ali1234it's building glib17:19
ali1234and x1117:19
ali1234okay this fails to even build a snap17:20
ogra_kyrofa, sergiusens, hmm, shouldnt "type: os" disable --all-root in the mksquashfs options in snapcraft ? seems it doesnt for my os snap LP builds ( /home/ubuntu is root owned)17:20
ali1234ogra_: i don't understand how to make my own version of the part17:28
ali1234i can fork it on github and modify it17:28
ali1234but then how do i include it in my project if i do that?17:28
ali1234it can't put my modified version on the wiki17:28
ogra_i would just copy/paste the part from the upstream snapcraft.yaml into mine and then modify it17:29
ali1234that doesn't work17:29
ali1234there are two upstream yaml files17:29
ogra_are there ?17:30
ali1234https://github.com/ali1234/snapcraft-desktop-helpers/blob/master/qt/snapcraft.yaml and https://github.com/ali1234/snapcraft-desktop-helpers/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml17:30
* ogra_ has never touched that ... i consume it in a few snaps17:30
ali1234and they both use relative paths17:30
ali1234so i don't understand how to copy and paste it in17:30
ali1234i was able to do it with qt5conf part, because it is much simpler17:30
ogra_i fear you have to wait for didrocks (who is only strictly 8h online during work hours usually)17:31
ali1234it's okay i figured it out17:32
ogra_sergiusens, kyrofa, filed bug 1605903 for you guys17:32
mupBug #1605903: type: os does not unset --all-root option for mksquashfs when coming fro snapcraft.yaml <snapcraft (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605903>17:32
ali1234okay well desktop-launch still says permission denied17:43
ali1234it fails on exec "$@" exactly the sample place where qt5-launch failed17:46
ali1234Jul 23 17:45:12 ubuntu audit[5434]: AVC apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" profile="snap.infodump.infodump" name="/snap/bin/infodump" pid=5434 comm="desktop-launch" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=1000 ouid=017:49
Cavanhow can I predefine user data so the error 'Unable to update instance pid: /snap/karaf/x3/instances/instance.properties (Read-only file system)' wil stop?18:02
Cavanhow do I set the SNAP_DATA? Do I use the yaml?18:25
ElleoI'm trying to snap an ubuntu sdk app, but despite including all the normal dependencies and 'desktop/qt5' I get "qmlscene: could not find a Qt installation of ''" when attempting to run it, any pointers?19:22
Elleothis is my attempt so far: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/20639883/19:23
Cavanstill keep getting 'cannot create directory ‘/snap/karaf/x7/data/log’: Read-only file system'19:27
Cavanhow do I change the read only or allow the snap to create the files19:27
CavanAnyone there to give me a hand?19:35
LBoI've created a simple snap for xcape: https://github.com/LeonB/snappy-xcape/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml20:39
LBoBut I keep getting a permission denied error when running it20:39
LBogeteuid()                               = 100020:43
LBowrite(2, "need to run as root or suid", 27need to run as root or suid) = 2720:43
LBowrite(2, "\n", 120:43
LBo)                       = 120:43
LBoWhat could be the problem?20:43
LBoI've created another snap and I got this same behaviour20:44
LBoRunning something like htop, installed from the store, seems to run fine20:44
LBoSo maybe it has something to do with my snapcraft.yaml's20:44
LBo$ /snap/bin/xcape --help20:45
LBoexecv failed: Permission denied20:45
ali1234LBo: i am currently getting the same problem22:03
LBoali1234: great, I'm not the only one :)22:05
LBo16.04 also?22:05

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