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* pavlushka yawns03:13
RemonShaipavlushka, how're you??? I'm back....04:32
pavlushkaRemonShai: I am great, thanks, and what about you?04:33
RemonShaipavlushka, এই তো....! মোটামুটি মাস খানেক পরীক্ষা সংক্রন্ত ঝামেলা নাই।04:34
pavlushkaRemonShai: should feel like heaven then for you, :p04:35
RemonShaioops.... :)04:35
Kiloshi pavlushka and other guys07:05
pavlushkaMorning Kilos !07:05
Kiloshaha i worked it out07:05
Kiloscan you ask researcher on fb to come talk to me please07:06
Kilosi first have to go do chores07:06
pavlushkaon it.07:08
pavlushkaKilos: but he is not in my list.07:08
RemonShaiআজকাল AudaciousTUX এর সাথে কথাই হয় না...! কিরাম আছেন?09:19
Kiloshi RemonShai 09:20
RemonShaihi my friend Kilos09:20
Kiloshow are you lad?09:20
RemonShaiafter sleeping, now **** hahahahahaha09:21
RemonShaihow're you, Kilos?09:22
Kilosim ok ty09:22
RemonShaity too...09:22
RemonShaiI don't understand one thing...! that is launchpad. in launchpad → jabber???09:24
Kilosjabber is the original xmpp im client 09:25
Kiloslike google talk09:25
RemonShaihow can I fulfill it??09:26
Kilostry google jabber.org09:27
Kilosi dont have data atm to do much googling09:28
RemonShaio... its okey. but I don't understand openPGP key, SSH key, Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct  too.09:30
Kilospavel will help you09:31
Kilosthats tricky stuff for me09:31
RemonShai okey :)09:35
kamrulQA, coffee please10:25
QAkamrul: There isn't a pot on10:25
kamrulQA, coffee on10:25
* QA starts grinding coffee10:25
QACoffee's ready for kamrul!10:29
kamrulQA, thank you10:30
QAkamrul: no problemo10:30
Kiloshi kamrul 10:37
zakiKilos, that was my friend. 10:46
Kiloswas or is10:46
Kilosoh he left10:46
zakiha ha. :D 10:47
Kiloskeep them coming here10:47
Kiloswb kamrul 10:47
Kiloszaki make him feel welcome so he stays here10:47
zakiyes. :) 10:48
kamrulthank you guys10:49
zakiKilos, talk to you later, study time. bye 10:53
Kilosstudy hard lad10:53
pavlushkaHello everyone and QA!16:03
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: why you are marked away? select automatically unmark away in the settings, :)16:08
AudaciousTUXami beshirvag shomoy away e thaki :p16:10
AudaciousTUXpc te gan saira choila jai16:10
pavlushkaHEllo kamrul !16:30
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pavlushkaHello zaki wewlcome16:50
Kiloshi pavlushka zaki 16:51
Kiloswb kamrul 16:51
zakihi pavlushka, Kilos :) 16:51
zakiwhat are you doing guys? 16:52
kamrulKilos, thanks16:53
Kiloswaiting for stormers rubgy game 16:54
Kilossuper rugby 1/4 finals16:57
zakioh. 16:57
zaki i don't know how to play rugby. :|16:58
zaki:D 16:58
Kilosbut i learned a bit more about locos and wikis and sites today16:58
kamrulhey guys i have a question 17:01
Kilosalways feel free to ask for help17:01
Kiloswe are all friends here17:02
kamruldo you know about other video player beside  vlc17:03
kamrulor then vlc17:03
kamrulbetter then vlc17:03
Kilosyour system comes with a built in media player17:03
Kilosbut i use vlc for everything17:04
Kiloswhat OS are you using kamrul 17:04
kamrulvlc is the best.i know....but other player....ubuntu 16.4.117:05
zakipavlushka, tell me about it https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bengali-translation17:06
Kiloskamrul if you right click the file and choose open with17:06
pavlushkazaki: try to see in the translation section of that page.17:06
Kilosthen media you should see other installed media players17:07
Kilosor just google media players for 16.0417:08
kamrulokay.thank you17:08
Kiloszaki what is the default media player man17:09
Kilospavlushka is using xubuntu so he wont know unless he has unity going somewhere17:09
pavlushkaKilos: I have Ubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu-MATE17:10
Kilosone missing still17:10
pavlushkahahaha, i cant afford that, the k thing\17:11
Kiloskubuntu isnt mush heavier than ubuntu17:11
Kilosthey pretty close17:11
Kilosif you can run unity you can run kde17:12
pavlushkaKilos: I am actually dragging the Ubuntu, so dont like to drag two, :p17:12
zakivideos or totem Kilos 17:12
Kilosoh ok17:13
Kilosi dont even look at other media players, just install vlc from the beginning17:13
Kilosand i can watch any dvds 17:14
zakii use vlc for for playing videos, and clementine for mp317:14
Kiloskamrul why do you ask this, are you having problems with vlc17:14
zakipavlushka, there everything translated.17:14
Kilosi use vlc for everything17:14
pavlushkawhat i got is lubuntu is not for the starters but very light, and Love Ubuntu-MATE17:15
zakiarc flat theme is working nice in unity17:15
pavlushkazaki: download po files of any app to translate and after completing, just upload, I used that because I wasn't in the ubuntu-bd translation team.17:16
pavlushkaBut I have pretty good experience on reader friendly translating, that helped me17:17
pavlushkazaki: I used poedit to edit the downloaded po files17:18
pavlushkapoedit is the best in this regard17:19
zakiKilos, may be he want to use a media player that have nice user interface. ha ha.. :D he is good at watching movies and cartoons. :D17:19
pavlushkawe need some one like that, to write some review, :p17:19
zakii used vlc  when i was a windows user.17:21
zakipavlushka, https://poedit.net/ ?17:22
pavlushkabtw xubuntu default is parole, but I grow up with Ubuntu using Totem, so I just installed it on Xubuntu, :p17:23
pavlushkaand I like gnome-mplayer too17:23
pavlushkaand for music its Audacious17:24
pavlushkazaki: yes17:24
pavlushkaKilos: but after getting a high performance machine, sure will try KDE, I like KDE, watched a video where the guy said that one of his friend is using KDE. :p17:28
zakiinstalling poedit\17:28
pavlushkaKilos: no seriously, In liked KDE and will try.17:28
zakiha ha..17:28
zakipavlushka, poedit সম্পর্কে আমাকে আগে বলা দরকার ছিল। :p17:31
pavlushkazaki: you haven't asked, :p17:32
zakiyou should guess. :p17:32
pavlushkabut zaki you should discuss with mak on translation, I recommend that.17:32
zakioky. 17:34
zakiKilos, what you learned today about locos? says something back there.17:35
Kiloslet me see if i can find some of the info to share here17:36
Kilosi was given steps17:38
Kilos1  create a wiki for the loco17:38
Kilos2 ask lc for a domain name. that is a .org17:39
Kilos3 After years/months/days my team developed a proper website, so I ask LC to change the ubuntu-el.org redirection to my new HOSTING with my new website17:39
Kilosso now i know the steps into getting a website with an .org domain name17:41
zakioh. 17:43
pavlushkaKilos: wow!17:44
* pavlushka claps17:44
Kilosyou need to find guys that can do bazaar work17:44
Kilosthen we build you guys a static website like za and africa sites17:44
Kilosstatic sites are faster and more secure17:45
zakidon't know much about bazaar17:45
zakiversion control system 17:46
Kilosour sites are built with nikola and bzr17:47
Kilosbuilt on launchpad so you score karma points all the time as well17:48
zakipavlushka, import queue is empty for Ubuntu-Bengali-translation17:52
zakiGenerated Diff Size Limit: what is this Kilos ?17:59
Kiloslol i have no idea18:00
zakigot it.18:01
zakiIn computing, the diff utility is a data comparison tool that calculates and displays the differences between two files. Unlike edit distance notions used for other purposes, diff is line-oriented rather than character-oriented, but it is like Levenshtein distance in that it tries to determine the smallest set of deletions and insertions to create one file from the other.18:01
Kilosyes but why did you want to know that18:02
zakiwhen i;m trying to subscribe in a branch, this diff option pop upd18:02
Kilosi thought it was something you were doing that gave that error18:02
zakinope. Ha ha.18:02
zakiin launcpad.18:04
zakibrb, time for diner 18:04
zakiwb pavlushka 18:17
Kiloswb pavlushka 18:17
Kilosyou supposed to be eating zaki 18:18
zakieating done. :D 18:19
zakiwb RemonShai  :)18:20
zakiKilos, had your diner? 18:21
Kilosso quick18:21
RemonShaizaki, yeh......18:21
Kilosyes i had dinner 1 1/2 hours ago ty18:21
zakisay about your problem 18:21
Kiloshi RemonShai 18:21
Kilosdinner is 2 n's zaki 18:22
RemonShaihi Kilos & zaki 18:22
RemonShaizaki, Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct: ??18:23
pavlushkazaki: http://bazaar.canonical.com/en/18:23
pavlushkaRemonShai: hello18:23
RemonShaipavlushka, hi18:23
pavlushkaRemonShai: got your message on FB, on it18:23
RemonShaime back again...18:23
pavlushkaRemonShai: ssh keys are keys to secure your ssh connections and shells18:24
RemonShaihow to fulfill that??18:24
zakiyes i signed that18:25
zakiRemonShai, 18:25
pavlushkaQA define gpg | RemonShai 18:25
QApavlushka: I don't have a definition for that. Is it even a word?18:25
pavlushkaQA define gpg18:25
QApavlushka: GPG GNU Privacy Guard (GNU)18:25
pavlushkaRemonShai: gpg key is to secure your almost every online activity including mail transferring using the machine where gpgp key is stored/installed.18:26
pavlushkaRemonShai: jabber is not necessary if dont wish to bother, :)18:27
RemonShaipavlushka, how can i get?18:27
pavlushkaRemonShai: what?18:27
pavlushkaRemonShai: give me some moment, on looking for some contents for zaki18:28
zakiRemonShai, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto 18:28
zakithis one helped me a lot getting my gpg key. :)18:29
pavlushkazaki: http://bazaar.canonical.com/en/, http://blog.launchpad.net/general/exporting-translations-to-a-bazaar-branch, http://blog.launchpad.net/releases/launchpad-223-multiple-ppas-and-translation-imports-from-bazaar18:29
RemonShaiafter trying i'll back.18:29
pavlushkazaki: https://launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ubuntu/ppa18:30
pavlushkazaki: get bzr package installed in your system, try "man bzr" then, :)18:31
Kilosthis looks interesting18:32
zakitry RemonShai and if any problem happen, let us know. :)18:32
zakiit's better to use terminal RemonShai 18:33
pavlushkazaki: to configure, I feel the CLI way easier, has less problems, configured my sis and cousins keys that way, :)18:34
pavlushkaand mine18:36
pavlushkazaki: dont add the bzr ppa, that has no 16.04 candidate.18:37
pavlushkainstall bzr from regular repository18:37
zakiafter generating my gpg key i useed "gpa" to sign my ubuntu code of conduct. 18:38
RemonShaipavlushka, zaki yea18:38
zakipavlushka, oky.18:38
pavlushkazaki: gpg key is the pre-requisite for signing the Code of conduct, :)18:38
Kilosi struggled with that18:38
Kilosthink we even had a how to in trello at one time18:39
pavlushkaKilos: it took me a whole day for me as that was my first, :)18:39
Kilosi really battled18:39
zakiha ha. 18:39
Kilosfly had to help me18:39
zakii;m in good position than. :p18:39
pavlushkazaki: but you got me, and you are good at catching up, lucky you18:40
zakiRemonShai, how is it going?18:40
zakiha ha.. :)18:40
Kilossee this is how a team works, everyone helps anyone that needs help18:41
pavlushkaKilos: you should keep that how to still in trello18:41
Kilosi think it is still there pavlushka but trello also uses data 18:42
pavlushkaKilos: "think we even had a how to in trello at one time", the had created the confusion, should have used Have, :p18:43
Kilosim not sure what is there anymore18:44
Kiloswe used it daily for months then everyone got busy with other stuff18:44
pavlushkaKilos: from last meeting, ZA guys including you are supposed to work on trello to my knowledge, :)18:45
Kilosyes i helped clean out some of the stuff that was out of date or ready to be archived18:46
RemonShaifinally i'm angry to see that again and again https://paste.ubuntu.com/20634944/18:46
Kilosyou watch me hey18:46
RemonShaipavlushka, finally i'm angry to see that again and again https://paste.ubuntu.com/20634944/18:46
pavlushkaRemonShai: keep your cool, relax18:46
pavlushkaRemonShai: noticed that when you said it first.18:47
Kilosrelax young man18:47
RemonShaipavlushka, yeh.... 18:47
pavlushkaRemonShai: you have no need to install enigmail for this, first complete the gpg key creating.18:48
Kilospatience works better on computers18:48
zakiyes. 18:48
pavlushkaRemonShai: the reboot way will work for you without any other side effects except being offline, :(18:49
RemonShaii think so...18:49
pavlushkaRemonShai: try logging off first18:50
pavlushkasee if that works18:50
zakipavlushka, why logging off?18:52
pavlushkaKilos: I told you already which group of people I keep an eye like NSA, :p18:52
pavlushkazaki: can you fix that https://paste.ubuntu.com/20634944/, happened to me few times recently, but rm way get me into some other problem, so logging of to terminate zombie process18:53
pavlushkazaki: if the process is really become zombie there's an CLI way to deal with it.18:54
pavlushkazaki:run "ps -aux"18:55
pavlushkaRemonShai: dont install enigmail, tell us the progress of gpg key creation.18:56
RemonShaipavlushka, i installed bzr.    now?18:57
pavlushkaRemonShai: why? I told it to zaki, its not for you man.18:58
zakipavlushka, RemonShai's key generation is complete may be, now he have to publish it in ubuntu key server18:58
RemonShaizaki, yeh... I installed it.           then???18:59
Kilospavlushka here is our trello18:59
Kilosand the gpg how to is gone sigh19:00
Kilosmaybe in archives19:00
Kiloshi walrider 19:01
walriderpavlushka: bhai asen ?19:01
walriderhelo kilos uncl how u doing 19:01
pavlushkawalrider: you remind me of টিকটিক, দেয়ালে থাকে, :p19:02
walriderpavlushka:  bhai ami amar team er shathe kotha bolsi ora bollo raji 19:03
pavlushkawelcome walrider , exam over?19:03
pavlushkawalrider: copy that 19:03
walriderpavlushka: ho bhai akhon just practical baki ogula 27 tarikh 19:03
walriderpavlushka: akhon amar aktu office jaia dekha lagto bhai apne aktu office er apner known karo shathe kotha bolanor bebostha kore den please 19:04
Kilosok ty walrider and you19:05
walriderKilos:  me too ucle 19:05
pavlushkaRemonShai: hold on a second, please19:05
pavlushkaRemonShai: "gpg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com $GPGKEY" to upload the key to ubuntu key server.19:10
zakiRemonShai, 19:13
pavlushkaRemonShai: for example "pg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com D8FC66D2"19:14
RemonShaipavlushka, বুঝতেছি না। কোন ভিডিও টিউটোরিয়াল থাকলে দেন্।19:17
pavlushkaRemonShai: for example "gpg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com D8FC66D2"19:17
pavlushkaRemonShai: আপনি এখন পর্যন্ত কি কি করসেন, steps গুলা বলেন অথবা command গুলো output সহ paste.ubuntu.com এ পেস্ট করেন19:19
RemonShaiআমি শুধু bzr ইনস্টল করছি, তারপর থেকেই বুঝতেছি না।19:20
zakiafter Publishing gpg key in ubuntu key server you can use gpa to decrypt or encrypt anything19:20
zakioh my19:20
pavlushkaRemonShai: bzr দিয়ে আপনার কোন কাজ নাই19:21
pavlushkaRemonShai: একটা একটা করে বলছি, run করেন আর output paste.ubuntu.com এ পেস্ট করেন19:22
RemonShaipavlushka, আমাকে step by step বললে , আমার জন্য সুবিধে হয়।19:22
pavlushkaRemonShai: একটা একটা করে বলছি, run করেন আর output paste.ubuntu.com এ পেস্ট করেন, ঠিক আছে RemonShai ?19:22
RemonShaiOK... let's go.......19:23
pavlushkaRemonShai: first get into normal usermode that is $ sign promp, got it?19:24
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run  "gpg --gen-key"19:25
pavlushkaRemonShai: what it says?19:26
pavlushkaRemonShai: put 1 and press enter19:27
pavlushkaRemonShai: you see that default is Zero, so just hit enter.19:30
RemonShaiReal name দিতে বলতেছে, এখানে<আমার নাম> নাকি?19:31
pavlushkaRemonShai: yep19:31
zakipavlushka, http://askubuntu.com/questions/15433/unable-to-lock-the-administration-directory-var-lib-dpkg-is-another-process19:32
RemonShaipavlushka, passphrase মানে কি?19:35
pavlushkazaki: did I told you to run "ps -aux"? see? and then the "| grep" filtering will come into act, :p19:35
zakipavlushka, yes19:35
zakips aux | grep apt ?19:36
zakipassphrase mean your password RemonShai 19:36
pavlushkaRemonShai: just like password, but its very important in this case, so write it down, create a backup, as hard copy and soft copy.19:36
Kilospavlushka im proud of you, you are becoming a good tutor19:37
pavlushkazaki: well if you used apt to manage package, but generally for apt, this kind of problem never rises, :)19:37
pavlushkaKilos: dont make me nervous, please, ;p19:38
Kiloskeep it up19:38
pavlushkaKilos: thanks you, appreciated, :)19:39
walriderpavlushka:  bhai team lekhte gia auto correct  hoia gese 19:39
walriderteen hoia gese 19:39
Kilosa good tutor is never to impatient to go step by step with a new user19:39
pavlushkacopy that, will keep in mind.19:40
pavlushkawalrider: no problem, I got that but just kidding, :p19:41
zakipavlushka, yes got it19:41
RemonShaipavlushka, https://paste.ubuntu.com/20642175/19:41
pavlushkazaki: the gui package managers usually creates the problems.19:42
walriderpavlushka: apner number den bhai :| 19:43
zakisome people suggest to delete that lock. :|19:43
walriderar office ta koi jani ?19:44
pavlushkaRemonShai: keep doing other works, the more is your computer activity, the quick the gpg key will be generated.19:44
pavlushkawalrider: corp Gulshan-2, noc - Banglamotor19:44
Kiloshaha i just typed a lot of gibberish19:44
zakiRemonShai, this part is fun. :D19:44
walriderpavlushka: ok bhaii 19:44
RemonShaizaki, যেমন?19:45
walriderpavlushka: bhai 16.04.1 kamon ?19:45
walriderdekhsen ?19:45
pavlushkazaki: read that well, the poster itself said that it is the last resort, noticed that?19:46
pavlushkawalrider: better, faster, nicer19:46
zakiyes. 19:46
walriderxfce ubuntu 16.04.1 install dibo 19:46
pavlushkazaki: the 2nd method is preferred, the 3rd is repeat of the 1st.19:46
zakiRemonShai, ভিডিও প্লে করেন, যা যা পারেন একসাথে চালাই দেন :D19:47
RemonShaipavlushka, zaki ,ভুতুরে কান্ড!!! এই দেখি হচ্ছে...........19:47
RemonShaipavlushka, zaki >>>> key পাইছি sub লেখা19:47
pavlushkawalrider: xubuntu has a little more bugs than the other distos, so for you , I would refer Ubuntu, if not then Ubuntu-MATE or Lubuntu, or as you like, ;p19:48
pavlushkaRemonShai: paste.ubuntu.com please19:48
walriderxfce chalai obbhash bhai 19:48
pavlushkawalrider: then ok, go ahead, you will find me if there will be any problem, :)19:49
walriderapne asen deikhai to xfce er pise lagsi bhai :D19:50
RemonShaipavlushka, https://paste.ubuntu.com/20643182/19:50
pavlushkawalrider: but I am in love with my old gnome2 fork, Ubuntu-MATE, :)19:50
pavlushkaUbuntu used to use gnome219:51
pavlushkabefore unity19:51
walridergnome hang kore 19:51
walriderleptop e :|19:51
Kilosgnome2 was great19:52
zakignome3 is memory eater 19:52
pavlushkawalrider: there's no gnome2 anymore, it replaced by gnome3, MATE is the new gnome2, see?19:55
walriderye 19:55
walriderkisu game jodi linux e cholto dur 19:55
walriderchole to chole abar fps kom 19:55
walriderkopal 19:55
RemonShai pavlushka , https://paste.ubuntu.com/20643182/19:57
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run "export GPGKEY=C4DF0614"19:59
RemonShaipavlushka, terminal এ 20:01
walriderho 20:01
pavlushkaRemonShai: yes20:02
pavlushkaRemonShai: run "killall -q gpg-agent"20:02
pavlushkaRemonShai: run "eval $(gpg-agent --daemon)"20:03
zakipavlushka, i will try to write a tut on this in bangla. 20:04
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run "export GPGKEY=C4DF0614" again.20:04
pavlushkazaki: sure, that would be great, :)20:04
RemonShaipavlushka, এরপর?20:05
zakithinking that may be we need this steps again sometimes. :p20:05
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run "gpg --output revoke.asc --gen-revoke $GPGKEY"20:05
pavlushkazaki: well, you have the logs in two places, in ubuntu.com and in your machine, ;20:06
Kiloswhew i cant remember doing all of that20:07
RemonShaipavlushka, https://paste.ubuntu.com/20645286/ ঠিক আছে কিনা?20:07
zakii don't have a revocation key. :|20:08
pavlushkaRemonShai: yes, so far its okay, now run "gpg --output mykey.asc --export -a C4DF0614"20:09
pavlushkaRemonShai: And please run it again "gpg --output revoke.asc --gen-revoke  C4DF0614"20:10
pavlushkawalrider: install steam20:11
walrideramar steam id te 300$ er game ase 20:12
walriderincluding csgo 20:12
walrider:D 20:12
pavlushkaI am happy with my MAME, :p20:12
RemonShaipavlushka, https://paste.ubuntu.com/20646140/20:13
pavlushkaRemonShai: put a null, :p and hit enter20:14
RemonShaipavlushka, একটা ID পাইছি।   এখন??20:18
pavlushkaRemonShai: keep it, save it, and we should move to next, ready?20:19
zakipavlushka, i'm ready. :p20:20
RemonShaipavlushka, yes.....20:20
pavlushkaRemonShai: run "gpg --send-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com C4DF0614"20:20
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run "gpg --fingerprint"20:22
pavlushkaRemonShai: goto Launchpad and click on the "OpenPGP keys", over yellow pen indicator, and follow.20:24
pavlushkaRemonShai: in your profile20:24
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight20:28
pavlushkaKilos: Night night, :)20:29
RemonShaipavlushka, finger print দিলাম,এর পর??20:29
zakigood night Kilos :)20:29
pavlushkaRemonShai: check your mail inbox and tell me.20:30
pavlushkaRemonShai: the mail you given in gpg key creation process.20:31
RemonShaiহ্যা , আসছে।20:31
zakipavlushka, i have to generate ssh key20:31
pavlushkaRemonShai: check if it matches any part in here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto ? 20:32
pavlushkazaki: yes, on it, a moment please.20:32
pavlushkazaki: click in your LP profile over the ssh keys yellow pen option.20:34
pavlushkaRemonShai: try to look at the bottom of that page, found something matching?20:35
RemonShaipavlushka, Linux mail readers এইখানে??20:37
zakii used gpa20:37
zakiRemonShai, OpenPGP keys and Launchpad20:37
zakisee this section20:38
RemonShaizaki, একবার কিন্তু দিয়েছি। আবার দেবো??20:40
pavlushkaRemonShai: wait, dont you find any matching part with your received email?20:41
pavlushkaRemonShai: anything looking similar?20:41
RemonShaipavlushka, my email https://paste.ubuntu.com/20648348/20:42
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run in terminal "nano remonshai-gpg.txt"20:45
pavlushkaRemonShai: and paste the "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----, to -----END PGP MESSAGE-----" the whole part of the body, exactly into there, in the nano editor.20:46
pavlushkaRemonShai: and press "ctrl+x" at a time.20:48
zakipavlushka, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys how is it?20:48
RemonShaipavlushka, paste করছি । এখন??20:48
pavlushkaRemonShai: and put y followed by hitting enter.20:49
pavlushkaRemonShai: and press "ctrl+x" at a time.20:49
pavlushkaRemonShai: and put y followed by hitting enter.20:49
pavlushkaRemonShai: you have to have the text file as exactly as in the body of that mail, co extra character is allowed.20:50
pavlushkazaki: (y)20:51
pavlushkaRemonShai: "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----, to -----END PGP MESSAGE-----" এর -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- থেকে copy শুরু করার কথা না?20:53
RemonShaiতাই তো করলাম।20:54
pavlushkaRemonShai: https://paste.ubuntu.com/20650742/ কই এখানে ?20:55
pavlushkaRemonShai: and press "ctrl+x" at a time and put y followed by hitting enter.20:58
RemonShaipavlushka, ohh ...হইছে।20:59
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run "gpg --decrypt remonshai-gpg.txt"21:01
RemonShaiyahooooo হইছে , ভাই। :)21:03
pavlushkaRemonShai: paste the output in paste-bin (paste.ubuntu.com) and post the link21:03
pavlushkaRemonShai: paste this link in your browser's address bar and hit enter.21:05
RemonShaipavlushka, OpenPGP keys অ্যাড সুসম্পন্ন হইছে। I already paste ...21:06
RemonShainow ....., SSH keys21:06
pavlushkaRemonShai: now run "Go to sleep and see you tomorrow"21:07
zakiha ha..21:08
zakiQA, coffee please21:09
QAzaki: There isn't a pot on21:09
RemonShaipavlushka, OK .... আমি অনেক খুশি। আমার আশেপাশে আপনার বাসা হইলে , এই খুশিতে এককাপ coffee খাওয়াইতাম( নিজের হাতে বানানো)21:09
RemonShaipavlushka, zaki আমি কিন্তু কফি খোর....!!21:10
pavlushkaRemonShai: we will sign the code of conduct tomorrow possibly, :)21:10
pavlushkaand the ssh keys21:10
zakiQA, coffee please 21:10
QAzaki: There isn't a pot on21:10
zakiQA, coffee on21:11
* QA flips the salt-timer21:11
pavlushkaQA coffee on21:11
QApavlushka: There's already a pot on. If you ask nicely, maybe you can have a cup21:11
pavlushkaQA coffee please21:11
QApavlushka: Sure21:11
zakipavlushka, ঘুমাতে যাব। 21:12
pavlushkazaki: sure, good night, :)21:13
pavlushkakamrul: Good night21:13
pavlushkazaki: QAর coffee খাইয়া যান, :)21:14
zakihe he..21:14
zakiঅবশ্যই। :p21:14
QACoffee's ready for zaki and pavlushka!21:15
pavlushkaQA thanks :)21:15
QAno worries, pavlushka21:15
zakipavlushka, i will install kubuntu this wk :p21:15
zakiQA, thanks 21:15
QAzaki: no problemo21:15
pavlushkazaki: sure, be Kilos Guest, :p21:15
zakican i know about your pc hardware configuration?  21:17
zakiQA, good night21:18
QAGood night zaki sleep tight21:18

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