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Mirvali1234: :( the xcbglintegrations is for X.org / normal OpenGL. if you build with only OpenGL ES development headers installed during the build time, that wouldn't get built. (even if it would get built, it wouldn't be used on armhf board's GLES GPUs)11:43
ali1234Mirv: i fixed it now :)11:43
ali1234currently making a snap out of the resulting package11:43
Mirvawesome :)11:44
ali1234i do still have a couple of minor problems with the package but it works with a bit of fiddling11:44
ali1234like it defaults to using xcb so you have to run with -platform eglfs11:44
ali1234and i have to symlink one of the egl libraries from whatever.so to whatever.so.2 (but that's down to the libraspberrypi stuff)11:45
ali1234would be nice to get rid of the xcb stuff entirely since it would make my snap smaller11:45
ksamakhikiko: do you know what interferes with the background transparency of the popup from "switcher" module? i'm sure there's a theme somewhere11:50
ksamakcan't seem to pinpoint it though11:50
ksamaki have one custom build of compiz, that has no theme, and one packaged, and i can't seem to get the theme off.11:50
ksamakTrevinho: if you know11:51
Trevinhoksamak: you mean the unity or compiz switcher?11:51
Trevinhommh, I think there's no theme... just textures11:52
ksamakthere's an option, called background color for it11:52
ksamakthe bg of the popup11:52
ksamakand it doesn't have any effect when this "texture" is on11:52
ksamakand i can't seem to get rid of it.11:52
ksamakthe problem is the transparency, it's not so nice for visually impaired people11:53
Trevinhoksamak: I think that there has never been written anything for that11:54
Trevinhoksamak: so you should probably patch in order to get it opaque11:54
ksamakmmm, you think it could be the entire gtk theme then?11:55
ksamakhow come there's no theme when i make install it?11:55
ksamakTrevinho: cmake options are the same as .deb though11:56
ksamaki'm sure i'm missing smt...11:57
Trevinhoksamak: there's no theme. It's all hardcoded11:57
ksamakisn't there gtk windows then? i'm looking for the difference between a locally compiled project, that has no 'theme', and a .deb, on which i can't get the theme out11:59
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