Bashing-omEnough is enoug .. Gnite.03:31
ducassegood morning, all06:35
* daftykins flips around the other side of the clock09:36
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ducassehi daftykins, any plans for today?09:58
daftykinsmmm domestic chores i think, i also have a new Dell XPS13 9350 to reinstall for a client, but the next windows 10 build comes out on the 2nd of August so not much point doing it now other than for fun ;)09:59
daftykinshow about yourself?09:59
ducassenot really, i'm trying to find someone who sells keyboards with mechanical cherry switches in international layouts - not easy :-(10:00
daftykinsooh, which layout do you require? i just ordered one recently as my das keyboard has been irritating me with dropping some vowel presses10:01
daftykinsbut i'm simple and only want a UK layout10:01
ducassei'd _love_ a das keyboard, but i'm so used to norwegian layout.10:01
daftykinsi had the blank one :)10:02
ducassei _ca_ handle us, but...10:02
daftykinsah US is evil, they put the |\ above enter - and have that nasty single row enter10:02
ducasseyes, but i've owned a lot of old unix workstations with us layout, so it's in muscle memory like the norwegian layout.10:03
daftykinsaww, corrupted!10:04
ducassei bought a razer black widow a while back, since that was available in my layout and the switches are nice, but a couple of keys hang a little. they tend to send two keys on one press.10:05
* ducasse wants his NeXTStation back10:05
daftykinsouch that'd be as annoying as my das dropping the 'o'10:05
ducassethe razer cost a fortune, and i only bought it a year ago. needless to say i'm not getting another.10:06
daftykinshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01F1VKG8S/ i have this on order right now10:07
ducasseah, steelseries use cherry? that could be an option - i've seen those here. thanks :)10:08
ducassehave you tried them?10:08
daftykinsyep cherry red in there10:08
daftykinsi've only had blue on my das, so i'm not sure how it'll be - more of a 'gaming' choice allegedly10:09
ducassehmm. yes, i was hoping for blue, but maybe they have that as well. the razer is also a gaming keyboard, but just fine except for the hanging keys thing.10:10
daftykinssadly not in that model, mmm10:10
daftykinslast time i bought my das many years ago it was from www.getdigital.de - you could have a browse there :)10:10
daftykinsi'm sure they'd sell a US layout das with blue, which could be one choice10:11
ducasseyes, us layout is my fallback. but as you say it's evil :)10:12
ducasseuk layout could also be interesting, though, i didn't think of that first.10:14
daftykinsrun with the cool kids! *whistle* - no bias whatsoever10:16
ducassewhich model das keyboard do you have?10:16
daftykinsit says "DASK3" on the back and was an ultimate, so blank - probably 7+ years old10:19
daftykinsquite a long time but i still feel they should last longer10:19
ducasse+1. these switches can handle >50m keystrokes.10:20
daftykinsthe keys it drops changes per day, so i think it's the controller board - but it's nothing i can do anything about, it seems10:21
ducassei'm looking at the 4 pro and the model s pro, the 4 pro has two usb 3.0 ports, which could be nice, i guess.10:21
ducassenot that i _need_ two 3.0 ports when my desktop is ~30cm away :)10:22
daftykinsi could've always done without the hub :> i used to have power up issues until they shipped me a free USB 'Y' cable10:22
ducassewhen i think about it, i think my keyboard came with 1 year warranty...10:23
ducassethese also look nice - http://codekeyboards.com/10:24
ducassein swedish layout, that's pretty close.10:25
ducassethe only difference is the øæå keys, the swedes use öäå instead. minor difference, really. i could live with that :)10:28
ducassethe xps13 is a terrible thing to waste on windows 10, btw ;)10:33
daftykinsit's not, since no Linux can run properly on it without Dell PPAs10:34
ducasseurgh :-(10:34
daftykinsand all Linux distros on nice laptops trash the battery life.10:34
daftykinsoops sorry, keyboard clean10:34
daftykinsi'm having to get by on a membrane Dell cheapy for now :(10:39
ducasselaptops and linux don't play well together, it's sad. probably hard to fix.10:39
daftykinsyeah, you need the 4.6 kernel i think for skylake to be happy, too - and certainly no ubuntu has that out of the box10:40
ducasseno, i deliberately did not buy skylake when i bought a new desktop last summer, didn't feel like being a guinea pig.10:41
daftykinsthat's a very sad reflection on Linux when you feel the need to avoid the bleeding edge10:42
ducasseyup, i just wanted something that worked. still, i'm perfectly happy with the machine :)10:42
daftykinsaaah glorious clean desk \o/10:44
ducasseyay! \o/10:45
daftykinsi treated myself recently with the replacement of my core 2 quad Q6600 desktop, now running a skylake i7-6700, 32GB DDR4, NVMe M.2 SSD and just recently an nvidia GTX 1070 8GB graphics card to cap it off10:47
ducasseoooh, nice :) mine's just 4790k, 32g ddr3 and 2x samsung 850 evo sata..10:48
daftykins^_^ probably very little between them10:50
ducassethe 6700 wasn't out when i bought mine, so i got the best single-core performance i could, which was the 4790k. it's plenty fast for me.10:50
ducassei don't have a discrete gpu, though, so your graphics performance just *might* be a teeeny bit better.10:52
daftykinsthat reminds me, now there are 1,920 cores there i was going to install folding@home to see just how impressively quick it handles some GPU compute jobs now10:53
ducassenvidia has linux sw for video encoding, don't they?10:55
daftykinsnot sure10:55
ducassethink i saw that mentioned somewhere.10:55
daftykinsthe name nvenc rings a bell but i don't know what platforms it's on11:03
ducassethat's one thing i'd like a decent gpu for, as it would probably be a lot faster than using the cpu. sw support is a problem, though.11:04
daftykinsi'm waiting for some software to catch up as it is, as my video player of choice doesn't know my card can do hardware decode of everything now :D11:17
daftykinsgot some high bitrate HEVC samples here11:17
ducassewhich player are you using?11:18
daftykinsmmm vacuuming in a warm house, eek11:20
ducassenot fun, i did all the domestic stuff yesterday so today i'll just refuse to do all the other stuff i should have done long ago.11:43
ducassei'm an idjit, btw, didn't consider just getting a nice keyboard with us layout and replace the keycaps...11:44
ducassedaftykins: /me found! wasdkeyboards.com has mechanical keyboards, any kind of cherry switch, 105-key, any layout you want :) they can even get me one with tux on the windows keys :)12:02
ducasse*happy dance*12:02
daftykins*super keys ;)12:03
ducassewhatever, i just think of it as mod4 ;)12:03
daftykinsplatform agnostic \o/12:05
ducassethis was so much easier than i thought i'm actually a bit sceptical ;) need to check a couple of reviews, see what the build quality is like...12:10
daftykinsseems to be US, so shipping might not be fun?12:17
ducasseshould be fine, i think. had some stuff shipped from the us around easter, took less than a week via normal airmail.12:20
BluesKajhowdy all12:24
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pauljw_vmHi everyone15:29
daftykinsheya \o15:30
ducassegreetings and salutations! :)15:31
pauljw_vmhi ducasse15:31
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