ajg4M3l5Good evening folks. Can anyone help me with a purchasing decision?03:02
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alkisgflexiondotorg: Hi Martin, could you please have a look a this when you have some free time? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-mate-meta/+bug/160557106:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605571 in ubuntu-mate-meta (Ubuntu) "apt install --no-install-recommends fcitx-bin, breaks dead keys" [Undecided,New]06:01
alkisgI think it will be solved for the ubuntu-mate live CD by adding 2 lines in the seeds, fcitx-data and fcitx-module-x1106:02
alkisgOr, it can be solved by removing fcitx-bin from the seeds, as it was the case back in vivid06:02
alkisgHmm I see that you removed " * Feature: no-follow-recommends" in the yakkety seeds, so all the fcitx packages will be pulled there..06:08
nick__how do i get 16.04 mate to boot from dvd drive at start up i want to install and leave out my windows xp totally. have not got much data on ubuntu have been trying it for a week all my windows data is on a external drive so there is no problem08:30
nomicdon't you change something in the bios to get it to autoboot from something other than hard drive08:43
nomicthere was 'boot sequence'08:43
nomicit looks for hard  drive then your cd08:44
nomicused to be floppy08:44
nomica b c08:44
nomiccos other than bios can't think of anything that gets dvd to boot from @ boot stage08:45
nomicthats the only thing after turn on -> boot08:45
nomicso, change your bios settings08:45
nomic= F2 on many machines08:45
nomicF2 as it starts up08:45
nick__thanks will try it08:47
nick__hi it's nick again i tried f2 it worked what is the command that i must type to boot from dvd drive?08:55
nomicwell in bios setup, it requires changes09:01
nomicchange boot sequence09:01
nick__do i type change boot sequence?09:03
nomicwhat make is your pc09:04
nick__i had it built for me 12 years ago by a private guy  it has an asus mother board and intel celeron i think 2,6 that's all i know09:06
nick__am going to get a new pc that's why i experimented with ubuntu and am impressed09:09
nomicthing is.  all bios setups are unique09:09
nomicnothing to do with OS09:10
nomicwithin bios, settings, there is "boot sequence"09:10
nomicyou change it ,, within the BIOS menu (setup)09:10
nomicthen save it09:10
nomicyou must read, apply to your situation09:12
nomichttp://www.boot-disk.com/images/screen/boot_priority.gif   <- do you see that kind of a screen09:13
nomicmost common bios = "phoenix" .. yours is 12 years old09:13
nomicwill be phoenix09:13
nick__yes i can't do it with windows start up since i put ubuntu alongside my xp with xp  when i loaded ubuntu i did it by f9 and then changing boot sequence but it does'nt do it now so i want to try from ubuntu or i will have to uninstall and install again09:15
nomicshows asus motherboard bios09:15
nomictop menu option ^ = "boot"09:15
nomicwithin = boot sequenc09:15
nomicchange and file it, reboot09:15
nick__ok thanks09:15
nomichttp://www.boot-disk.com/images/screen/boot_priority.gif  <- that screen "boot"09:15
nomicgives you what media is on your system09:16
nomicsays (there "shift+1" to enable or disable) .. so on that, move selector down to dvd drive & shift f109:16
nomicF10 = save setting you made & exit09:16
nomic= boot09:16
nomichave you got into your bios settings screens09:18
nick__not now but earl09:19
nomicsure, you have to be offline to do it09:19
nomicwhen you are in, navigate to "boot" menu item/settings09:20
nick__thanks sorry for the trouble09:22
nomicsign of fialure of microsoft -- how many people are still on XP .. good percentage of pc users09:28
alkisgNah, it means that it was a good OS that was supported by many many app vendors for many years after its release09:33
YankDownUnderA large sign of failure on the part of Microsoft is the amount of people that are moving to Macs and to linux...however, oddly enough, THOSE statistics do NOT make it to the public domain...hmm...09:33
alkisgWhile e.g. we can't run newer apps in older linux versions, we have to update all the stack09:33
alkisgDue to constant API breakage09:34
nomicwhat I was saying was that they did not manage to produce anything that the users of XP wanted09:36
nomicthey hadn't improved their basic GUI/filing system (& they still haven't)09:36
nomicthe only improvement = mobile09:36
nomicand they are out of that09:36
nomicthey cannot compete against their own basic products09:36
alkisgxp users did have a good os and the newest browsers and image editors and all, they didn't miss anything09:37
alkisgAn OS doesn't have to be upgraded just for the sake of it09:37
nomicits 16 years old now09:37
nomicyeah - thats what they realise now09:37
nomiccos they're trying to make  their OS a service09:37
alkisgThat shows just how really good it was09:37
nomicit wasn't good09:37
alkisgWell Linux is so much slower, 16 years later09:38
nomicits slower?09:38
alkisgYup, a lot, due to bad api and implementation09:39
alkisgDon't count the add-ons like antiviruses, count the os performance only09:39
alkisg(btw I stopped using windows in favour of linux in 2007, so I don't think I'm biased)09:40
alkisgI was a windows programmer for 17 years, a linux programmer since 200709:40
nomicyou make money out of linux programming?09:40
ali1234XP is far, far slower than modern Linux in almost every possible way09:41
alkisgali1234: care to show any benchmarks for that? because e.g. graphics are 2 times slower in the same cards09:42
ali1234do you have any examples other than graphics?09:43
ali1234(which has nothing to do with XP or linux, it's the drivers)09:43
alkisgThe drivers implement an API09:44
alkisgXorg has a network oriented api, so it's slow09:44
ali1234and the APIs are identical09:44
alkisgOf course not09:44
alkisgXorg is the same as winapi graphics?!!!09:44
ali1234opengl is different between windows and linux?09:44
alkisgwindows has directx09:45
alkisgthat's the native protocol09:45
alkisgAnd it's implemented on top of the graphics drivers, it's not a driver09:45
alkisgIt's something like middleware09:45
alkisgAnyways, sorry guys but I have to go09:45
alkisgMaybe we can continue some other time09:45
ali1234you should compare benchmarks which the OS actually has some chance of affecting, like disk throughput or process switching overhead09:46
ouroumovHm, interesting10:23
ouroumovuBlock Origin broke ArsTechnica10:23
ouroumovI think they externalized one of their .css files for some reason10:23
LangleyHi, does anyone know how to make Backspace go back in Firefox10:50
ouroumovHi Langley10:51
ouroumovI don't know sorry, are you unsatisfied with ALT+Left arrow?10:51
LangleyYes, can't press that with one hand10:53
bekksyou could use the back button as well10:53
LangleyI wanna use the Backspace button... but alt+left is better than the mouse, didnt know about that, so thanks10:54
ouroumovI'm looking at about:config and I haven't found a backspace key option10:55
ouroumovApparently it's the same for every version of Linux10:57
bekksApparently it has nothing to do with Linux, but with firefox only.10:57
ouroumovohwait: https://itsfoss.com/enable-backspace-firefox-ubuntu-linux/10:58
ouroumovSo Langley in case you read the logs later: about:config -> search for "backspace", set "browser.backspace_action" to "0"11:01
frail_trevhi everyone, I have developed a problem with  ubuntu 16.04 on my other laptop. After start-up and pwd entry the screen remains blank and only responds to a rt-click which provides a new pane with limited options, but I cannot run thee main programme. Any suggestions would be welcomed! I can get into 'terminal' - so is there a command which might en12:16
frail_trevable the main op to run?12:16
nomicefficient to ask on ubuntu / mate forum s13:02
ouroumovHe left13:03
nomicdoesn't say he left13:03
ouroumov* frail_trev (56b90d1e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)13:03
nomicno idicator 'left'13:03
nomicin chan13:03
ouroumovWhat IRC client are you using?13:04
ouroumovDo you see any join/part messages?13:05
nomicI DID NOT SEE IT13:32
nomicmy eyes13:32
nomicis in red13:32
nomicim outside in sunlight13:32
nibblynHi! On a laptop the HDMI secondary display output is not working (no signal) after fresh install of UbuntuMate 16.04. It is working properly with the live iso from the very beginning of the boot process. Unfortunately a standard system update was already performed but it should not be the issue. Nouveau driver in use in both cases. What are the differences between the two boot processes which may trigger this14:30
nibblynbehavior? Thanks.14:30
SuperEngineerhave you enabled the 2nd screen in dipslays?14:39
SuperEngineer[i.e. is the hdmi screen detected & enabled there?]14:39
SuperEngineer....just a thought.  No neccessarily the answer.14:40
mate|51050hello, i have um 16.04 and in the top panel i can see a icon to change between intel or nvidia driver,  when using the Ubuntu Mate layout in mate tweak, but i have made a custom layout and i cant find how to put that icon on the custom panel?14:43
nibblynSuperEngineer, yes, tried that without success. Neither disper (screen toggler) nor xrandr solved the issue. Diagnostic tools report fine except that there is still no signal.14:44
nibblynSuperEngineer, are the kernel started with some particular parameters during live? I don't know what else to think about.14:46
SuperEngineernibblyn: sorry, don'yt know the answer to that14:52
nibblynSuperEngineer, thanks anyway14:54
ubuntu-matehallo hoe krijg ik mijn beeld goed15:04
javier_buenas tardes16:22
SuperEngineerHe olvidado la mayor parte de mi español - pero buen día para ti también16:29
javier_acabo de instalar ubuntu-mate en la raspberry pi 316:31
javier_y estoy probando`esto, por cierto es la primera vez que uso linux16:32
SuperEngineersoory, no tengo un profundo conocimiento de la utilización de un pi16:42
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javier_perdonadme si hago algomal pero realmente es la primera vez que uso linux y no me entreo de nada todavia16:43
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Guest61703Hi guys I can't connect my android cellphone via bluetooth20:25
Guest61703both devices have active bluetooth connection but they dont talk20:26
sfxworksHi. Learning all this is fun... But im looking for something like dreamweaver for this machine. Catch 22 is I'm using a rasperry pi. So it has to work with ARM architecture..20:35
sfxworksI seee... Geany...20:35
sfxworksbut I no likes...20:35
t3kg33kHi all21:07
t3kg33kI just install 16.04 and I seem to be having the same problem with videos in VLC like I had in 15.10. The best way to describe is screen tearing. Any idea on how to fix it?21:08
randallscreen tearing just in vlc? or theentire deaktop?21:20
randalldid you try fixing it within vlc?21:24
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t3kg33kNot sure how I would fix it in VLC21:24
randallclick on video while playing something, and try experimenting with deiterlacing21:25
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