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DroTrying to convert a .img file to .iso with ccd2iso , I got this error "Unrecognized sector mode (0) at sector 0!17:37
Dro"  .. wondering why it does'nt work :/17:37
Na3iLDro, make sure that you are in the right path where there's .img file17:54
DroNa3iL, yes its in the correct path :(18:51
Na3iLWell, then the file is corrupted? md5sum for the origin one and the other that you have downloaded18:52
Drono ya Na3iL mrigla w tet7al18:56
Na3iLWeird! change to another alternative tool18:56
Droexemple? :s18:58
Na3iLlet me duckduck it19:00
Na3iLlook here Dro https://bleedux.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/burn-isoimg-image/19:05
Dro~$ sudo mount -o loop Mountain_Lion_10.8.img /tmp19:08
Dromount: you must specify the filesystem type19:08
Drochnowa n7ot type :$19:08
Na3iLit is a OS-X iso, right?19:14
DroNa3iL, its an .img OS-X19:14
Droand i need to convert it to .iso19:14
Na3iLI didn't tried OS-X but I think it have its own format19:15
Na3iLI mean not EXT4 or NTFS19:15
Na3iLSomething MFS if I remember well19:15
Na3iLOtherwise, google it19:15
Drook merci Na3iL19:17
Na3iLyw, take a look if you still facing the same problem, let me know19:17
Na3iLo/ nizarus19:36
nizarusahla Na3iL19:37
Na3iL3aslema nizarus labes 3lik19:37
nizarus├ža va merci19:38
nizaruset toi ?19:38
Na3iLHamdoullah as usual19:38

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