mimecargood morning09:00
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Umeaboyrpadovani: You here?12:41
UmeaboyI just got a hold of Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-i9505) and I want to try Ubuntu Touch, but it seems that you have abandoned the development of Ubuntu Touch to that phone.12:42
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florian__Good Evening19:47
florian__Someone could help me with the emulator from the SDK19:48
florian__I cannot unlock it with the mouse19:48
florian__I can swipe away the lock screen, but then trying to enter the passphrase is unsuccessful19:49
florian__after typing the first character it returns to the lock screen19:50
illegalprimeHi all, I'm wondering if someone can help me find the new ubuntu phone? It is sold out in the provided link.20:44
illegalprimeany word on the availability of the Meizu Pro 5 (Ubuntu)?21:40
talonzillegalprime, the new meizu 6 will be out soon better off waiting for that ... i dont think the pro 5 will be re stocked21:51
illegalprimenoo.... but the 6 will have Ubuntu on it?21:54

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