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fujisanmorning mapps09:15
fujisanmapps  i see that you wake up early09:15
fujisanmy goal is t reach 4:45 am09:15
fujisandaily but im not there yet09:15
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:18
daftykinsmorn o/09:33
daftykinsi see we still have a llama problem09:33
diddledanMy brother-in-law has gone and got himself an audi rs413:36
diddledanIt goes. A lot.13:37
daftykinsthis looks fun13:39
DJonesdiddledan: Looking at the specs for RS4, top speed is 155MPH at 26.4MPG, my Diesel Insignia Estate does 140MPH at around 45MPG, I think I'd give up the extra 15 MPH for the extra 20 MPG :)13:44
DJonesSpecially with a 70 MPH speed limit13:44
diddledanDJones: that's the limited top speed13:45
DJonesAlthough, as they say, the speed limit is 30 MPH, there's nothing to say you can't start at 30 :)13:45
zmoylan-pibut does the rs4 run linux...13:45
diddledanIt'll actually go over 17013:45
DJonesYeah, I can see that, is he moving to Germany to go on the autobahns13:45
diddledanIt'll do 0-60 in less than 5seconds!13:47
diddledanAnd no, not moving to Germany13:47
SuperEngineerdiddledan: did your bro have the pass the usual Audi "prove you can drive 4 inches from from the car in front" before purchase?13:48
diddledanNo idea13:49
daftykinshmm quite some variation in cost of a Pi 313:54
diddledanIt's supposed to be 35$13:55
diddledanWhich means upwards of £67013:55
daftykinsooh we have a winner! amazon UK sell the starter kit for the 2 at £50 - that comes to £41.67 in taxless rock moneys13:56
diddledanLucky get13:57
daftykinsno need for wifi in my plan13:57
daftykinsmeh got teased by faster specs too much14:30
daftykins£43.50 on amazon for a 3, just doesn't have cables but pssh who doesn't14:30
zmoylan-pias a true geek you have 6000 cables tanlged up in huge ball for when you need a spare cable...14:32
daftykinszmoylan-pi: aren't you pleased? i'll own a Pi! :O14:34
zmoylan-pidoesn't everyone? :-)14:36
zmoylan-piyou never know if commodore wants to hold the record for most manufactured of single computer they'll have to start production again too... :-P14:36
daftykinsi didn't until now :P14:39
daftykinsif this works well, i may end up putting a few in for a full synced music setup at a clients, all around his huge house14:39
zmoylan-pihave you checked your cable ball recently? rasp pis are like coat hangers and appear out of nowhere...14:39
daftykinsi've never even seen one in the flesh14:40
zmoylan-pioften buried in tiny case behind a screen14:44
daftykinsi'll see how the audio quality is then maybe consider - https://www.hifiberry.com/dacplus/14:44
zmoylan-pithere is a valve based amp for pi's if onboard doesn't cut it... :-)14:45
daftykinswell the above uses a Burr Brown DAC so that'd be fine14:46
daftykinshttps://www.amazon.co.uk/HiFiBerry-DAC-Pro-HifiBerry/dp/B017L7K4BE/ £42 >_<14:48
zmoylan-pimore expensive than the computer you're adding it to...14:49
daftykinswell, identical price to the kit that makes a bare Pi 3 usable14:49
daftykinsunit, case and PSU are £43 on my order14:49
zmoylan-pithat's 3 things though14:50
daftykinsall it has to do is take FLAC or less input and spit it out to stereo over HDMI, that might prove decent enough14:50
* zmoylan-pi is thankful my ears are ok with mp3s and i don't need to use flac14:51
daftykinsit's not even particularly about that, it's about going from CD once and storage being cheap :)14:52
zmoylan-pinot when it's mobile devices... phones still seem stuck in <128gb territory14:53
* zmoylan-pi finishes off the last of the cheese and crackers and prepares to limp to shops...14:54
daftykinspop in my telco on the high street here, ask why i can text the US and they can't text me15:15
daftykinstwo youngsters far too fresh in the face, "err it's either a problem with their end or here" - well done Junior Sherlock!15:15
knightwiseafternoon peepz15:25
daftykinsi almost sent mr.llama an email to sort things out :P15:30
knightwisei'm gonna have to move my router15:31
knightwisewifi reception in the garden is a bit spiffy15:31
daftykinsspiffy sounds like a word for good, to me!15:36
daftykinsjust add an AP :P15:36
knightwisedaftykins: yeah , probably will setup a repeater in my wifes office or something15:36
knightwisePrepping tomorrows podcast episode15:43
daftykins:( i avoid wifi repetition, horrible attempt at tech :)15:43
daftykinseither a cable, or a WAP on the end of a powerine adapter perhaps ^_^15:43
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knightwiseGlossy screens .. i hate em !16:04
SuperEngineerknightwise: get some sandpaper. Apply liberally to gloost screen16:05
knightwiseMight work in deed16:05
knightwiseWorking outdoors for the moment. Its too damn hot lately16:09
SuperEngineerSeeems like a case of "fridge has not got enough room to fit knightwise inside"16:10
SuperEngineerMe.. inside... sitting by a nice breezy window16:11
knightwiseWhat machine are you workin on SuperEngineer16:12
SuperEngineeroooh, Microsoft, there's a new name for a cloud release uyou can have frr of charge... Windows Breezy16:13
SuperEngineer[working on own home-built pc16:13
daftykinsjust done more vacuuming myself, but oof that's far too hot work16:14
SuperEngineer[screen strategically placed next to TV so I can watch the F1 qually anfd the anniversary games16:15
SuperEngineernooooooooooooooooooooo.... not vacuuming - not allowed!!16:15
SuperEngineerMy duties today: back up both pc's, update 3 systems on this pc, 2 on other pc, update both netbooks and the HP mini... & get hair cut16:18
SuperEngineerall done [& no more pony tail] :-(16:18
SuperEngineerit's nice having a day off - even better when it's an F1 weekend [and your only plan left is to have a lie-in tommorrow morning]16:20
daftykinsback to short hair eh?16:22
SuperEngineeryes, no more hippy stylie :-(16:22
SuperEngineertalking of hippies...16:23
daftykinsnothing in that title suggests hippy to me :P16:27
SuperEngineera bunch of back-biting, funny hat wearing hippy haters ;-) [& now -pirateers]16:32
SuperEngineerunlike our good lads & lasses of the sea ;-)16:33
SuperEngineer.... *we* wouldn't put a foot wrong anywhere or anytime... surely we wouldn't![/me checks history & retracts that]16:37
m0nkey_ ... so I set-up our small inflatable pool for the kids to play this afternoon and a big nasty storm rolls in :(16:38
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SuperEngineerm0nkey_: turn the pool upside down, tell it you're not a Windows user, you are a Linux user.... that should sort it :-)16:45
SuperEngineer...if it doesn't - hide under the upside down pool!16:46
SuperEngineerand pretend you're enjoying it16:49
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* m6lpi gets confused as to why an Ubuntu server 16.04 needs 'iw' installed...21:21
m6lpiespecially when it's installed as a VM guest...21:22
daftykinsdon't say this is a minimalism kick...21:26
m6lpiit was more a WTF moment when installing21:27
m6lpifollowed by "how many terminal multiplexers do I actually want?"21:27
zmoylan-pimore multiplexors than you can shake a keyboard shortcut at...21:29

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