Kilosmorning everyone07:05
grembleGood morning08:49
Kiloshi gremble09:03
grembleHow are you Kilos 09:03
Kilospower cuts killed another 80g drive09:03
Kilosim ok ty lad and you?09:03
grembleThat sucks. I am well thank you. 09:05
grembleJust taking a breather. First week of the semester has been rough haha and the weekend doesn't offer much salvation09:05
grembleDon't think hardwork ever killed anyone though, so it should be fine. :P09:07
grembleHave you considered getting a UPS to buffer against the power cuts? Or are they prohibitively expensive?09:08
Kilosyip  cost is the prob. i have one but battery died, and they not cheap either09:11
Kilossaving for trip to aus is priority atm09:11
Kilosi should just leave the 2 desktops turned off09:12
Kiloslappy at least gives me 2 mins to shutdown09:12
grembleThats good though09:16
Kilosyeah its enough time to shutdown if im here when the power cuts09:17
Kiloswill get a new lappy battery in aus09:17
Kilosthey $45 aud there and R1450  here09:18
Kilosso like 1/3 of our costs09:18
grembleThat is quite a large difference in cost O.o09:19
Kilosthings expensive here09:19
grembleBooks... Books are so expensive. Luckily I've found a few nice second hand bookstores09:19
Kilosyeah books are crazy prices09:20
LangjanHi Kilos, Sharks were lucky to get the nil! 09:42
Kilosvery shocking display09:44
LangjanNews from Melbourne?10:05
Kiloseish , she was feeling to bad to go yesterday so got another appointment in 2 weeks time10:06
LangjanAnd Sharks need to learn that, in rugby, you need the ball to score points10:07
Kilosand when you have it dont kick it away10:07
LangjanSo if you dont want points you just kick it away10:08
Kilosoh , maybe that was their plan10:08
LangjanWhat beats me is that they have the ball in the opponents 25 AND they have a penalty in their favour playing advantage, they still kick it away!10:09
Kilosyes, i dont understand the tactic at all10:09
LangjanYes good plan, now they have a new record to their name, only team ever to not score a single point in a super Rugby playoffn 10:10
LangjanIts not tactic its pathetic10:10
LangjanThey dont even know the rules10:11
Langjanlast week their flyhalf kicked into touch after a penalty as if that would end the game 10:12
Kilosmaybe they are trying to be dropped out of the supers10:12
LangjanHe was perplexed at why they had to play a lineout10:12
Kilosyeah i saw that10:12
Langjandropped out of rugby10:12
LangjanIf your'e a coach and the rules change, dont you tell the players?10:13
Kilosdepends how much pay you get'10:13
LangjanIm becoming a Lions supporter10:14
Kiloshaha tara and debs already have10:14
Kilos(10:40:39 AM) baby: LIONS WOOOOO10:14
LangjanHope they thrash the 'Saders but they botched their chances of a home final in Argentina10:14
Langjan(10:40:39 AM) baby: LIONS WOOOOO?10:15
Kilosthat was tara this morning10:15
LangjanOk ok10:16
Kiloswe call her baby10:16
LangjanCute! Well enjoy the day and hopefully the next game will be better 10:16
Kilosty sir and all the lekker goed daar by julle ook10:17
LangjanYour will still holding out? 10:17
Kilosbattling , have had a couple when things get tough10:17
Kilosbut im stopping 10:17
Kilosdont you nag as well10:18
Kilos2 yesterday and 1 today10:18
LangjanHows the headache?10:18
Kiloswas bad this morning but ok now10:19
LangjanOK but now you've ruined the friendship 10:19
Langjancheers Kilos chat later again10:19
grembleHey ra1v3n 10:19
ra1v3nHello gremble 10:20
Kiloshi ra1v3n 10:20
ra1v3nmind if I hang here?10:20
ra1v3nhello Kilos 10:20
Kilosyou are welcome10:20
ra1v3n^^ thanx10:20
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za10:21
grembleits what i do10:21
grembleim just nursing a pulled bicep xD10:21
ra1v3naw shame gremble 10:23
ra1v3nSo I shall be upgrading to LUbuntu 16.04 soon10:31
ra1v3nany thoughts?10:31
ra1v3nor hints?10:31
Kilosare you in a hurry ra1v3n 10:38
ra1v3nnot really10:39
Kilosthen wait a bit longer i think10:40
ra1v3nfor all the updates to hit?10:40
Kilosi havent been watching them lately10:41
Kiloslet me see what i can find out10:41
Kilosra1v3n where are you?10:43
Kilosyes where10:43
Kilosim in pta10:43
ra1v3nmy skin?10:43
Kilosthe guys here are all over za10:43
ra1v3nlol Durbs10:44
Kiloswhat city? hehe10:44
Kilosaw you lucky10:44
ra1v3n<--------- vampire10:44
ra1v3ndurbs is the worst10:44
Kilosyes today i spose it has gone backwards10:44
ra1v3ntoo Sunny10:45
Kilosi love the sun10:45
Kiloswas a beach life saver in toti10:45
ra1v3nIm super pale.... sun just eats me10:45
Kiloshi chesedo 10:46
Kilosor wb10:46
=== eebrah_ is now known as eebrah
Kilosra1v3n im just checking with the lubuntu guys i think its them10:49
Kiloswaiting for a reply10:49
ra1v3nkewl thanx man10:50
Kilosi get mixed up with channels at times10:50
jeritgot ubuntu server 14.04.4 installed on a VM in VMWare... now this blob:http%3A//imgur.com/71bcc52d-33ad-4891-b79c-580cbd8105d410:52
jeritfuck wth is that?10:52
Kilosjerit what are you doing10:54
Kilosor WAYTTD10:54
jerittrying to run my Ubuntu server 14.04.4 VM10:54
Kilosssh into it10:55
jeritI can't get it to start even10:55
Kilosoh my10:55
Kilosis that a vm in windows10:56
Kilosyou should have text login prompt only10:56
jerityes but when I try to start the VM in VMWare, that error comes up10:57
jeritI don't even get the chance to log in10:57
Kiloswell hang on, i dont know if anyone here puts ubuntu in a windows vm10:58
Kilosra1v3n check private message tab10:58
jeritI'd dual boot but thats a chore in and of itself10:59
Kilosno man its not that difficult10:59
MaNImessage means pretty much what it says11:00
jeritwell I have 3 hard drives in here and all have data on them so I'm not sure if I want to format any to install the linux OS11:00
MaNIyou need to reboot your machine - go into the bios - and turn vt support on11:00
MaNIwhat cpu do you  have?11:01
superflygood evening Kilos11:01
Kiloshi there superfly 11:01
jeritMaNI, got an i5 3570K11:03
MaNIsee e.g. https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/13/html/Virtualization_Guide/sect-Virtualization-Troubleshooting-Enabling_Intel_VT_and_AMD_V_virtualization_hardware_extensions_in_BIOS.html for step by step instructions11:03
superflyMaNI is right, just go into your BIOS and you'll see an option to enable virtualisation extensions11:07
superflyit's usually fairly easy to find, and it's just one of those "on/off" switches11:07
Kilossuperfly is your mac still a mac?11:10
superflyKilos: you mean, is it running Mac OS? yes, it is. we use it for OpenLP's mac build11:10
Kilosspose so for everytime you upgrade your project11:11
Kilosah guessed as much11:11
jeritvt-s is enabled in the bios and is supported by my processor11:18
jeritokay its running11:20
jeritwhat type of system installation do I want? Normal or live O_o11:30
jeritokay I went with normal11:34
jeritnow I have to select a kernel... why it doesn't just be like "this is what you'll use and you'll like it"11:35
jeritsheehs by the time you've got installation completed you've forgotten your login details11:39
jeritI am iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn11:42
* jerit flexes not-existant brain muscles11:42
jeritlol I can't sudo11:43
jeritdunno what the password is11:43
jerit[sudo] password for logan:11:43
jeritlogan is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported11:43
jeritokay but how do I sudooooo11:43
Kilosra1v3n 11:51
Kilossome work for you11:51
Kilosif you like you can join us on launchpad and our mailing list11:52
Kilosgo to https://ubuntu-za.org11:53
Kilosand tick get involved11:53
Kilosthen you become an official za member11:53
Kilosfind the mailing list and launchpad goodies11:53
ra1v3ndo I have to use the email I registered here with?11:54
Kilosyou use the mail you prefer11:55
Kilosmost of us use a gmail address11:55
ra1v3nkewl 11:55
jeritapt-get is installing from disc, not from web O_o11:57
jeritthats a first for me11:57
jeritthis is preventing me from installing a lamp stack here11:59
Kilosjerit you can use apt only nowadays11:59
jeritstill asking me to put in the disc, buuut I don't know if its looking for a disc in my physical rom drive or if its looking for the iso in the virtual one12:00
Kilosmost likely need to activate the other repos12:01
Kilosi dunno how to do that from cli12:01
Kilosand unntick the cdrom as a repo12:01
jeritwell, this seems helpful12:11
jeritexcept sude sed -i '/cdrom/d' /etc/apt/sources.list errors12:11
jeritoh thats because whenever I do a ' I have to press space twice12:12
jeritso now I've removed cdrom from sources but now I have no sources at all12:12
Kilosgoogle adding repos from cli12:16
jeritadd-apt-repository is an unknown command12:17
jeriterr... command not found rather12:18
superflyjerit: which version of ubuntu?12:20
jeritserver 14.04.412:20
superflywhat is the code name? trusty?12:20
superflydeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty main restricted universe multiverse12:22
superflydeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty-updates main restricted universe multiverse12:22
superflydeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty-security main restricted universe multiverse12:22
jeritsuperfly, I have no idea @ code name12:23
jeritmy sources.list is empty and read only so I can't edit it12:23
Kilostrusty yes12:24
superflysudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list12:24
jeritno nano12:25
jeritgot vi though12:25
superflyvi is a little difficult at first, it's not a normal text editor12:25
superflyI love it, it's amazingly powerful once you know it12:26
superflyjerit: you can use vi12:26
superflyjust press "i" to get into insert mode, and <esc> to get out of insert mode so that you can save and exit12:26
jeritah that's what I was looking for12:27
superflyjerit: also, don't use your arrow keys. vi uses h j k l for movement12:27
superflybut you can only move in command mode (press esc to get to command mode)12:27
superfly(I use vim for all my development)12:28
superflyin command mode, type : to start a command12:29
ra1v3nwatching an experienced vi/vim/neovim user is akin to watching a squirrel on tik 12:29
superflyso saving is :w12:29
superflyand quitting is :q12:29
superfly(w => write)12:29
jeritfuck me running, vi is shit to use12:32
superflyjerit: it's amazing, but you have to use it the way it was meant to be used, not the way you think it should12:33
Kilosjerit we dont swear here12:33
jeritsuperfly I added the sources like you said but unable to locate package nano12:33
Kiloswe have ladies here at times12:33
jeritdo we have any ladies here now?12:33
ra1v3n<------ thinks vi is amazing 12:33
superflyjerit: then you need to "sudo apt update" once you're out of vi12:33
* superfly agrees with ra1v3n12:33
ra1v3nIm a novice tho12:33
Kilosthe pro is only a novice at fixing cars12:34
jeritra1v3n are you a masochist? :P12:34
ra1v3nwhatched someone use it on a windows box recently and was in awe of the speed at which he geneated text12:34
jeritapparently its abnormal that I can log in as root and edit this file12:35
superflyra1v3n: plugins are extremely useful too12:35
jeritoh, would be if I couldn't*12:35
superflyjerit: yes, you don't want to be root, you want to only use sudo12:35
ra1v3nonly ever sudo12:35
ra1v3nNEVER sudo su12:36
jeritnano installed12:37
* jerit wipes sweat off brow12:37
ra1v3nfor sudo su is both sacred and profane! We shall not avail ourselves thereof....12:37
superflyra1v3n: you can also sudo -i ;-)12:37
jeritwell my apache works :P12:42
Kilosra1v3n have you joined us yet?12:43
Kilosi can learn lots from you as well12:44
ra1v3nyes I signed up to the mailing list12:44
Kilosand if you stay here it isnt a problem when i forget12:44
Kilosand launchpad?12:45
ra1v3nno Im staying12:45
Kilosjoin there then you are counted as a ubuntu-za team member12:46
superflyra1v3n: vimawesome.com12:51
superflyjerit, ra1v3n: ^^12:52
ra1v3nok all signed up!12:53
Kilosgood lad12:53
jeritoh hey I just realized, I can set up my client's pos system here on this vm and mess with it that way12:53
jeritif I can set it up so that it works on the api I developed, then I can write the manual myself and fire my contractor lol12:53
jeritI need to install ftp though. Is this generally included in a lamp stack?13:02
jeritokay so apache, mysql and php installed (though I haven't actually managed to test mysql yet)13:37
Kilosjerit did you thanks superfly for his help13:44
jeritactually I didn't :( sorry superfly13:45
jeritthanks for the help :) really got me going that did13:45
Kilosour fly is a star at everything so we have to keep him happy to help13:46
jeritI have openssh server installed but I can't use winscp to access the system13:59
jeritneed to copy my website files over and configure apache to serve it correctly I guess13:59
jeritthinking that http://server_ip/website/ isn't going to be ideal13:59
jerit[16:08] <ChainsawBaby> I see a vim user, I see an insane person14:11
jeritcouldn't have said it better myself ;P14:11
ra1v3nyes! But all the best people are!14:21
Kilosra1v3n i dont see you in lp 14:23
Kilosjerit have you done the lp bit yet14:23
Kilosyes i nag till i get my way14:24
jeritKilos the lp bit?14:24
Kiloseasier just to give in14:24
jeritI dunno what that is14:25
ra1v3nI logged out14:25
Kilosno man ra1v3n you supposed to tick join this team, not just look and go14:25
ra1v3nI did join the team14:26
ra1v3nIm in 14:26
Kilosi dont see you there waiting for approval14:26
Kiloslemme look14:27
Kilosi still dont see you14:28
Kilosha gotcha14:28
Kilosnow jerit your turn14:29
Kilosra1v3n welcome to the za team14:29
ra1v3nAwesome! thanx14:31
Kilosnow you get to nag new peeps so i can rest14:31
Kilossuperfly is our resident python and most other languages expert, only he doesnt like php14:34
ra1v3n<---------- knows nothing of programming14:35
Kilosme neither but with fly around we win all battles14:36
Kiloswe have many clever peeps in this team14:37
ra1v3nIve only been using Linux for a few years (2?) got fed up with win 7 and mb bs and dll hell...14:37
jeritKilos what dis?14:52
jeritubuntu one14:53
Kiloscant you get there?14:53
Kiloslaunchpad is where ubuntu peeps register14:54
Kilosra1v3n did you have probs14:55
Kiloshehe you can help jerit 14:55
ra1v3nnope 14:55
ra1v3nwas rather easy14:55
Kilosim a greeter bot i dont do clever stuff14:55
ra1v3nIm just spinning too many plates today14:55
ra1v3nthats whyI may have missed the second join team link14:56
Kilosmultitasking is a painful thing to do14:56
ra1v3nbut its all sorted now14:56
Kilosjerit what are you battling with14:57
ra1v3nI do it rather well most of the time14:57
jeritKilos I registered14:57
Kilosi can only do one thing at a time14:57
Kiloshmm... another one taking long to show14:59
ra1v3nJerit go to the lp ubuntu-za page and click on the join team15:00
jeritI did and I registered and verified my email address already and everything15:00
ra1v3nubuntu one >> join team >> ubuntu-za >> join team15:00
ra1v3nor rather15:00
ra1v3nubuntu one >> join team >> register >> verify >> ubuntu-za >> join team >> wait for approval15:01
ra1v3nlink is on the upper far right of the page15:02
superflyYeah, Launchpad's design is still rather 200015:14
Kiloswhew its quite a mission nowadays hey15:23
Kilosjerit ubuntu one >> join team >> register >> verify >> ubuntu-za >> join team >> wait for approval15:31
Kilosyou gotta go back again15:31
jeritmhmm ra1v3n did that15:39
Kilosstill dont show15:39
jeritlook again15:40
jeritI think I missed a thing15:40
Kilosthere you go15:40
Kiloswelcome to the za team15:41
jeritcoolness :)15:59
jeritnow, I just need to figure out how to make phpmyadmin work since I've installed it, then I can set up a database for my website15:59
jeritcan't seem to get phpmyadmin working16:15
jeritdid this https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-secure-phpmyadmin-on-ubuntu-14-0416:15
jeritbut I get 404 when I browse to http://server_ip/phpmyadmin16:16
Kilosi go eat16:23
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest29209
=== Guest29209 is now known as pavlushka
jeritafter all this work to get the server installed, the lamp stack set up and configured with peripheral systems like phpmyadmin to help you manage the databases you kinda get a sense of "damn I'd hate if this were to go away"16:58
Kilosi would have installed it on another pc16:59
Kilosnot inna vm16:59
pavlushkaahoy ZA!16:59
superflyjerit: have you ever installed the MS stack?17:00
Kilosnow you trusting windows to keep it working17:00
jeritsuperfly as I don't know what that is, nope17:00
jeritKilos this is just so that I can learn how to work with linux mostly17:00
superflyjerit: the Microsoft stack... MS SQL Server, etc.17:00
ra1v3nawait the impending cheese error or BSoD17:00
superflyjerit: it's far more of a pain17:00
jeritsuperfly oh right... yeah it took roughly the same amount of time I guess17:01
superflyjerit: did you install Apache, MySQL and PHP first? I presume you did, though.17:01
* pavlushka is afraid of water, dont know how to swim but love to be a sailor, ahoy17:01
jeritFor my business partner's product we actually got AWS to host everything. On there I'm running an MS server with IIS and such to host my API and then the POS systems go on the linux server17:02
superflypavlushka: stick to the simulators17:02
jeritthe windows server manages DNS and email too17:02
ra1v3npavlushka, what drugs are you on? and! Where are mine?17:02
jeritsuperfly: installed apache first, then mysql and php ya17:02
superflyI last installed that stuff a long time ago, but I didn't find it difficult17:03
pavlushkasuperfly: yep, I think that would be wise.17:03
jeritthen I figured out some weirdness on the website and fixed it to apply to this environment and then got phpmyadmin installed and properly set up... now I'm working on securing it and getting the database info that I need out of the website17:03
superflyjerit: kudos to you, most people give up before they get to this point17:04
jeritsuperfly I'm based in SA so zar currency17:04
superfly(most ex-Windows)17:05
jeritfor this project I'm getting paid 15k USD as a start so it wouldn't make sense to give up17:05
superfly^^ what he said :-)17:06
jeritthereafter my profit share is to be paid to me as a monthly salary starting conservatively at 2500 USD/month17:06
SEptic    ^^ what he said too17:06
jeritso giving up is not an option haha17:06
Kilosnope fix it17:07
jeritunfortunately the stuff that needs to be fixed is the php and thats where my contractor comes in but I'm admin of these servers so I need to learn how to use them17:08
* superfly needs to get kids into bed and will be back later17:08
SEpticwoah ... kubuntu just blown my mind with "activities"17:12
kulelu88hey guys17:16
kulelu88is anybody familiar with SQL? 17:16
Kiloshi kulelu88 17:16
kulelu88specifically sqllite17:16
Kilosthe pro17:16
Kilosmost likely fly as well17:16
Kilosand we have new guys here kulelu88 17:17
kulelu88how do I join x-db entries to form a 1-to-many relationship?17:17
superflykulelu88: cross database?17:55
superflyjerit: managing to make some progress?17:55
kulelu88superfly: my setup is quite simple. I want to map 1-to-many relationships between containers. Do I even need a DB for this?17:57
kulelu88vertical relationships (master/slave) and then horizontal after that17:57
superflykulelu88: I'm trying to understand what you hope to achieve by this?17:59
kulelu88superfly: by mapping relationships, I will be able to share packages between containers18:00
superflykulelu88: ah, using container inheritance?18:00
kulelu88yes, correct. eg. Python will be the father of Django, Flask and Pandas. when I update Python, I just need to use my mapped relationships to say: okay, put all the fresh packages into Flask, Django and Pandas18:02
superflykulelu88: if you actually use container inheritance you don't need to do that18:06
kulelu88superfly: looks like LXC doesn't have it18:07
superflyoh, you're using LXC18:07
superflyI don't know LXC18:07
kulelu88which is why I am rolling my own :D somebody already told me Docker solves this problem18:08
superflyI just had a brief look at LXC, and I'm flummoxed. their website does not overflow with information18:12
kulelu88here superfly https://linuxcontainers.org/ ?18:13
superflyman pages are not documentation18:15
superflythey need to learn that.18:15
kulelu88superfly: LXC containers are quite awesome though. they are multi-process18:15
superflykulelu88: as are docker containers18:15
kulelu88doesn't Docker break PID1?18:16
superflykulelu88: this is why you use phusion's baseimage instead of Canonical's ubuntu18:19
superflykulelu88: baseimage is ubuntu, but fixed18:19
kulelu88superfly: so you're saying the ubuntu base image breaks PID1 and not Docker?18:20
kulelu88aah that looks cool :D18:23
superflythe phusion guys are quite jacked up18:23
kulelu88well I'm sure I can use this as an excuse to learn raw SQL though :)18:24
superflyalways good to use raw SQL18:24
kulelu88how good does raw SQL perform against using an ORM? 18:25
superflypeople should never ever use an ORM without knowing SQL18:25
superflykulelu88: in most cases, they'll be on par18:25
superflybut someone who really knows that particular RDBMS well will be able to exploit it in ways an ORM cannot18:26
kulelu88I thought the ORM is what makes webapps like Flask and Django so slow, I didn't know the speeds are equivalent18:30
superflyhi Sicelo009N18:32
superflykulelu88: it depends on the ORM. SQLAlchemy is fast18:32
Kiloswhew he became a 00918:32
Sicelolol .. that's my phone .. model number back-to-front18:35
Sicelohope everyone is doing great18:35
kulelu88whoa someone who still uses Nokia18:35
Siceloi actually have two of them :P18:36
Siceloreal linux n my pocket18:36
kulelu88Sicelo: you tried booting an android device to Sailfish or Ubuntu yet?18:37
theblazehenFunny. I'm trying to build ubuntu now.. Over 16 GB of source...18:39
theblazehenDownloaded 15 GB locally, then decided to do it on my dedicated server instead18:39
Sicelo009Nkulelu88: i don't have one ... but it's insanely difficult - bootloader issues18:39
kulelu88theblazehen: abusing high-speed priviledges :)18:40
jeritsuperfly I'm working on setting up the database now for the website and seeing if the website works18:40
theblazehenkulelu88: 500 mbit :)18:40
jeritthen I need to secure phpmyadmin more apparently per https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-secure-phpmyadmin-on-ubuntu-14-0418:40
kulelu88stop showing off theblazehen :)18:40
theblazehenkulelu88: and 2 TB disk, 8 GB RAM18:41
kulelu88jerit: I wouldn't let phpmyadmin exist on a server18:41
Sicelo009Nkulelu88: N900 too old for Sailfish .. but I've tested Ubuntu, Arch & Debian on it in the past ... will actually make 2nd one run Debian permanently now, as it is also now possible to make & receive calls while in Linux18:41
theblazehenOnly around R1600 / month18:41
kulelu88only 8GB ram :O yucks18:41
theblazehenUnmetered bandwidth18:41
kulelu88fibre right?18:41
jeritlol kulelu88 I've heard some people prefer other things18:41
kulelu88jerit: installing woordepress?18:41
theblazehenkulelu88: It's in a datacenter18:42
Sicelo009Ni prefer to avoid phpmyadmin if i can help it :-/18:42
jeritkulelu88 nope, the pos system my contractor developed. I'm looking at this as a setup for a new store18:42
jeritnot impressed, superfly? Is it worth doing?18:42
superflySicelo009N: I prefer to avoid PHP18:42
superflyjerit: it's worth doing, it'll stop most of the automated bots and things18:43
superflyjerit: but it's not particularly secure18:43
kulelu88you let your dev develop a POS in PHP? 0.o in 2016 nogal18:44
superflyjerit: it's probably worth more putting it behind a TLS certificate18:44
kulelu88jerit: how big is your server?18:44
kulelu88and is it remote?18:44
jeritthis one is just running as a vm on my pc here18:44
jeritthe actual server is an EC2 instance on AWS18:45
superflyjerit: but if this is just locally on a VM, I wouldn't even bother18:45
jeritah cool then18:45
kulelu88jerit: as superfly said, you should use lets encrypt for a free SSL cert (https) - so not MiTM18:45
kulelu88and then you can harden the OS firewall with some rules and then put an app firewall also, to prevent against attacks on the app itself18:46
theblazehenhttp://caddyserver.com/ is cool. Automatically gets ssl certs for you18:46
theblazehenI use it with a reverse proxy to get it for all my subdomains18:46
kulelu88theblazehen: does LXC have container inheritance?18:46
theblazehenkulelu88: Refering to nesting or something else?18:48
kulelu88theblazehen: more like something where container X and container Y both live on the same host, but X is Ys daddy18:49
theblazehenWell, you can run lxc inside lxc18:50
kulelu88down for you guys: https://pastee.org/ ?18:50
jeritmy website works19:17
superflyjerit: \o/ woo19:17
jeritonly took me all day lol19:17
kulelu88Devops level 1 unlocked jerit 19:17
jeritnow what else can I do with this ubuntu server?19:17
jeritcan I set up znc without a static ip on it?19:18
Siceloyes .. use a ddns service to 'follow'  your changing IP19:18
Siceloalthought most ISP can give static for not so much money (if any)19:19
superflyjerit: of  course since it's running in a VM, you won't be able to access it from outside your own PC19:19
jeritnot so much money is all I've got lol19:19
kulelu88jerit: I know of a domain-based naming service that follows your dynamic IP to give you a static-like option19:20
jeritis that useful?19:22
Sicelosuperfly: if he's not NATed, he can setup iptables to forward packets into the VM19:22
Siceloddns *is* useful if you have no choice ::)19:22
jeritI'm more involved in software dev, networking and such goes over my head generally speaking19:23
jeritask me anything about C# and app development however and I can probably give you an answer19:23
kulelu88jerit: what's your dev toolset? 19:23
kulelu88aah C#19:23
Kilosinetpro .19:30
Kilosinetpro ping19:41
Kilosglad you got that thing working jerit 19:41
Kilosxo once youve tested it you gonna install on their server19:42
jeritwell I'm seriously considering dumping everything I've currently got set up on my live server and installing it all again like I did today19:42
Kiloshope you kept notes19:43
Kilosor can you remember it all19:43
kulelu88he doesn't need to19:43
kulelu88cat ./bash_history19:43
Kilosoh yes19:43
Siceloif he changed the contents of files though ;)19:45
kulelu88git? Sicelo 19:46
kulelu88or whatever source-code-manager he uses19:46
jeritI can remember most of it lol19:46
kulelu88your server will get hit with port scanners, root login attempts and brute-forcing jerit . secure the server first19:47
jeritserver exists behind AWS firewalls in addition to whatever security is in place by default19:48
jeritI also limit SSH traffic to it to my IP address only - have to go in every day roughly and update it before I can access the shell19:48
kulelu88afaik, AWS has no firewalls. the service is self-managed19:49
kulelu88default security is none :P19:49
jeritwell that's monday's problem. I'm off to have fun for the rest of my weekend19:50
jeritThanks for the help all (that means you especially superfly) :)19:50
inetproKilos: ?19:52
Kiloshelloooooo inetpro 19:52
inetproohi oom19:52
Kiloshoe gaan dit daar oompie19:52
inetprobusy, busy oom19:52
Kilosive forgotten what i wanted to ask you19:52
Kilossaterday night19:53
Kilosyou need to rest sometime19:53
superflyjerit: you're welcome19:53
=== Ra1v3n_ is now known as ra1v3n
Kilosnice to see you involved again superfly 20:11
superflyKilos: pfft20:12
inetproKilos: rest?20:16
inetprowhat is that?20:16
Kilosthat thing you need to do sometimes inetpro 20:17
Kilosyou need to look after your health20:17
Kilosyou are useless to anyone in a sick bed20:17
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:29
pavlushkaI am following Kilos, going with him, see ya, :p21:17

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