ryan500YankDownUnder I see still a message for os updates should i reboot?00:00
YankDownUnderryan500: That was assumed...so yes...please, by all means, do so.00:00
ryan500YankDownUnder im not a linux expert don't assume lol00:01
YankDownUnderryan500: I'll do my best.00:01
ryan500YankDownUnder :P00:01
crafty1__YankDownUnder: Is this the same issue a Ryan was this morning?  I remember a ryan44 or something00:06
jon5000hello.  lenovo yoga 13 with 16.04 installed will not recognize trackpad.  can anyone help?00:08
solo8hello everyone00:10
solo8anyone there?00:10
Bashing-om!ask | solo800:11
ubottusolo8: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:11
solo8a ooo00:11
YankDownUndercrafty1__: That was ryan.00:11
solo8sorry, but i just want greet u all, really sorry00:12
crafty1__YankDownUnder: I mean is this the same ryan?00:12
jon5000can anyone help me get a trackpad that used to be recognized but is not recognized anymore, to come back to life?00:12
YankDownUndercrafty1__: Yes00:12
crafty1__OK - is this the same issue?00:13
YankDownUnderjon5000: Is this an ASUS?00:13
crafty1__Just curious00:13
crafty1__He has a Yoga Lenovo00:13
YankDownUndercrafty1__: Curiosity is a good thing.00:13
peitii need some help00:13
crafty1__!ask | peiti00:13
ubottupeiti: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:13
YankDownUnderpeiti: We all need some help. In one way or another. What exactly do you require here in Ubuntu, though...?00:14
jon5000YankDownUnder, it is a lenovo yoga 13.  16.04 installed00:14
minimecjon5000: ... and it worked with 14.04?00:15
jon5000YankDownUnder, it used to work fine in 14.04, and even in 16.04 for a short while  then for some reason i typed restart x, (dont ask) and then it stopped00:15
peitiwhat make ubuntu better like tools and program00:15
minimecjon5000: YankDownUnder: I guess we can try the 'xserver-xorg-input-synaptics' driver again ;)00:16
backboxim new member of IRC chat :)00:16
whoeverweird problem, formated thumbdrive to fat , well vfat, and every time , before i remove my thubdrive I right click eject and was fine every time but after the third time pluggin it into ubuntu box it was corupt00:17
peitiu have backbox like me00:17
jon5000YankDownUnder, great.  how do i do that?00:17
solo8@peiti u means dont use terminal but tools like in windows?00:18
whoeveri post the questio here beause i can plug and unplug my usb stick into my desktop no prob before this corrupt problem with ubuntu00:18
peitiil like put  command00:18
minimecjon5000: As it worked before, we can safely try to install 'sudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics'. Ubuntu changed the input driver (like most of the distributions). reboot after installation.00:19
minimecjon5000: It also worked under 16.04 I see now. So there is another problem. Do you have a hardware key to disable the tpuchpad?00:21
whoeverwhen you remove a thubdrive does it matter if you unmount or eject it , i assume eject would be the same as unmount, is it00:22
minimecjon5000: Try the FN+F8 key combination... https://support.lenovo.com/ch/en/documents/ht07559900:22
OerHekswhoever, yes, it matters, on any operatingsystem.00:22
ryan500YankDownUnder it worked00:22
ryan500YankDownUnder thanks00:22
whoeverOerHeks: i assmed that the system knew that the drive was a usb drive and eject would unmount&& eject . am i wrong00:23
minimecjon5000: Oh its FN+Delete on the yogas... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bGDJktLGBk00:24
whoeverorlock: or must i unmount , than eject ?00:24
OerHekswhoever, using the software button eject yes, but not pulling the usb out00:24
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WhiteNightHi, I am on UM Xenial, everytime I shutdown the system, there is a considerable delay. It always takes a long time to unmount my LUKS data partition followed by another systemd thing that keeps on waiting for some time out.....00:29
WhiteNightany clues?00:29
torpetis there a reason why vlc 2.2.4 is not in xenial?00:30
torpeteven debian 8 has it00:30
jon5000YankDownUnder, thanks.  i did a little research and then reinstalled the thing to mentioned.  track pad is back. however the weird thing about this install now is that restart or fresh boot does not get it working... i have to suspend then wake, and then it comes alive... same for WIFI.  just doesnt work at first boot.  is that a thing??00:30
ryan500YankDownUnder I hope that is free call with an encrypted app lol :P00:33
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Toxtlols: command not found!00:58
ahrc333ffToxtlo: navigate to the /bin directory01:07
ahrc333ffsee if the binary is there.01:08
friedis 16.04.1 released? I'm trying to do do-release-upgrade and it says "No new release found"01:08
Bashing-om!ltsupgrade | fried01:10
ubottufried: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st but was postponed for one week due to last bug testing.01:10
friedah, thanks :)01:10
ryan500hasnt 16.04 been out a while?01:10
Bashing-omryan500: Yeah, 16.04 was released on schedule . we have a delay in the release-upgrade path .01:12
ryan500wow that is big delay01:12
ryan500good to know though01:12
ryan500im new to ubuntu01:13
crafty1__16.04.1 is only delayed a week or something.  Its not even a major release01:16
ryan500when was 16.04 originally released01:21
YankDownUndercrafty1__: Funny that...I appear to be running 16.04.1...hmm...01:21
crafty1__April.  The first section is the year second is the month,01:21
YankDownUnderMaybe I should downgrade so I can be like everyone else... ;)01:24
crafty1__YankDownUnder: In fact both of my Ubuntu machines have the latest patch
ryan500I was wondering cause i thought I have had 16.04 for a while01:25
tgm4883Yes, if you are running 16.04 and do regular apt upgrades you get 16.04.101:25
tgm4883There's no real difference between 16.04 and 16.04.1 other than updated packages01:26
YankDownUndercrafty1__: Tis good.01:26
samtu92http://paste.ubuntu.com/20537631/ I keep geting a usb error despite having set to ignore it01:26
YankDownUndertgm4883: It's the NUMBER that means the most...01:26
crafty1__Yeah I had no idea they released a new patch.  Some people had reported it hadnt updated.  I dont see why that would be01:26
crafty1__I can barely pronounce Ubuntu released anymore01:27
YankDownUndersamtu92: Have you tried this? https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225795501:28
samtu92YankDownUnder: Yes, and as far as I can tell usb 2 is already disabled.01:29
samtu92YankDownUnder:   "2. PS2M  S3*disabled"01:29
YankDownUndersamtu92: sudo apt-get install acpitool => and then: acpitool -w => it's one of the solutions about midway on the page...did you try that?01:30
samtu92YankDownUnder: Yes, and as far as I can tell usb 2 is already disabled.01:30
StreetWitchCould anyone help me use an lv2 effect installed in ubuntu studio on a wav file?  I've been trying in audacity and ardour with no luck all day.01:48
YankDownUnderStreetWitch: Um...have you asked in the #ardour or #audacity channel yet?01:52
crafty1__or #ubuntustudio01:53
pennTellerhi guys is this the right channel for ubuntu server too?02:08
YankDownUnderpennTeller: Is this a magic trick?02:08
pennTellerYankDownUnder: I dont understand what you mean02:08
YankDownUnderpennTeller: This is primarily for "desktop" issues, and there is a channel: #ubuntu-server02:08
pennTellerYankDownUnder: thanks man02:08
YankDownUnderpennTeller: I was joking as "Penn and Teller" are magicians.02:09
pennTellerYankDownUnder: oohh right lol how dumb of me02:09
YankDownUnderpennTeller: Must be lack of proper amounts of coffee.02:10
pennTellerYankDownUnder: yeah actually I have to eat something too.. this day has been heavy02:10
YankDownUnderpennTeller: Coolbeans...(not that that is a suggest to eat beans, mind you)02:10
prplns identify burp02:11
pennTellerYankDownUnder: haha02:11
owen1how to install libgit2 on ubuntu 15.10?02:18
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Dice-Manhello how to route packets trough a first nic called eth1 to a second nic connected to interned called eth2 ?02:18
Dice-Man*to internet02:18
Dice-Manthe eth1 nic as a network like
Dice-Manand eth2 as a
YankDownUnderDice-Man: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html => therefore you'd want to forward from the first network to the second network.02:21
YankDownUnderowen1: What package requires that? There are a number that do...hmm...02:21
owen1YankDownUnder: https://notabug.org/rain1/clay02:22
OerHeks!find libgit202:22
ubottuFound: libgit2-24, libgit2-dev, libgit2-glib-1.0-0, libgit2-glib-1.0-dbg, libgit2-glib-1.0-dev, libgit2-glib-1.0-doc, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 23 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libgit2&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all02:22
Dice-Manahem is it really possible or i'm totally wrong on some network notions ?02:22
crafty1__Yeah just running an apt-cache search shows options for install02:23
Dice-Manahem is this possible really i don't networking well02:23
YankDownUnderDice-Man: Read through that guide - it's awesome, bro.02:23
Dice-Mani tried route add gw but02:24
YankDownUnderDice-Man: Read through that guide - it's awesome, bro, truly.02:24
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Dice-Manmaybe this could explain better my questions02:25
Dice-Manmaybe this could better explain my question02:26
Dice-Mani tried everything but nothing works02:26
Dice-Mani want traffic through eth0 pass out trough eth102:27
pictionarydice-man - have a look at bridge-utils02:27
vgambit`this is an odd question, but... can anyone explain how the "<" terminal command passes a file location to an app?02:30
vgambit`like, does it just pass the filepath? or does it pass the contents of the file?02:30
pictionaryit redirects contents of the file to the stdin of the preceding command02:33
vgambit`pictionary: thanks02:34
owen1YankDownUnder: any idea which of them i should instal?02:38
YankDownUnderowen1: Without knowing what you are doing, and why you require it, I have no idea.02:39
owen1YankDownUnder: https://notabug.org/rain1/clay#build-and-run-instructions02:39
owen1i am trying to run this project02:40
YankDownUnderowen1: My abilities to read minds and/or visually project to different parts of the planet are not quite working well today.02:40
owen1YankDownUnder: (:02:41
owen1"First you need to have installed the libgit2 library with your systems package manager."02:41
OerHeksowen, basicly, if you need to build stuff, look for  libgit2 + dev02:41
crafty1__I would think libgit2-dev02:41
crafty1__since you're attempting to compie this02:41
OerHeksso libgit2-dev or libgit2-glib-1.0-dev02:41
OerHeksor both maybe .. any error during building will show it02:42
Dice-Mani'm in a virtualbox environement can i ask my question here ?02:42
OerHeks Dice-Man  your first question didn't mention virtualbox ... any more details you forgot?02:45
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Dice-ManOerHeks: well i think a little figure will help02:45
TheManWithThePlaHello room02:45
Dice-Mani didn't mention virtualbox i forgot it02:46
Dice-Mani have a two nic on a virtual machine one nic ( for internal network and a secon bridged to my real nic with my question how to acess internet with the first nic (the one on ?02:48
love3\join Android02:48
Dice-Mani tried to bridge the first's nic with bridge-utils but i don't know how to configure it02:49
Dice-Manan hypothesis maybe it's not appropriate because it's a virtual machine02:49
kikko254Dice-Man: yes02:50
owen1OerHeks: thanks!02:52
Dice-Manany ideas ?02:57
Hydr0p0nXDice-Man - what's hosting the vm ?02:58
Dice-ManDice-Man: lubuntu 16.0402:58
Dice-ManHydr0p0nX: lubuntu 16.0402:59
RedPenguinhello all02:59
Hydr0p0nXbut, is it a virtual box install, kvm, something else ?02:59
Dice-ManHydr0p0nX: yes it's a virtualbox install nothing else02:59
Dice-Mani have a lubuntu guest02:59
Dice-Manwith two nic02:59
Hydr0p0nXbridge  the connection in virtualbox03:00
RedPenguinI'm just trying to find out, if I want to tell kernel module "tuner_xc2028" the argument "no_poweroff=1" does the /etc/modprobe.d file need to be called exactly tuner_xc2028.conf?03:00
RedPenguinI ask because for xc5000 I was told to name the conf xc5000.conf03:00
Hydr0p0nXin virtualox manager, select the vm -> settings -> click Network -> select Bridged and the interface to bridge, might have to poweroff and restart the vm03:03
ElmoOnLSDHi Ubuntu peeps :)03:04
minimecRedPenguin: No, but the module name needs to be in the file , like 'options xc2028 no_poweroff=1'03:05
ipatrolOk, I'm getting this weird problem with Dolphin on Kubuntu regarding file associations, and I can't pin down where the particular problem is03:10
owen1OerHeks: now i see "could not determine kind of name for C.GIT_CHECKOUT_DONT_WRITE_INDEX"03:11
crafty1__ipatrol: whats the issue with dolphin03:12
ipatrolcrafty1__: all files ending in ".pub" are being marked as MS Publisher files, regardless of content, and given how that's also the suffix for SSH pubkeys, it's quite annoying03:13
ipatrolcrafty1__: but neither `file` nor `xdg-mime` appear responsible03:13
crafty1__ipatrol: you have MS published running in WINE or something?03:13
ipatrolcrafty1__: no, that's just it03:14
ipatrolthe association shows up in KDE's file types editor, but every time I try to remove the "*.pub" pattern, it comes right back03:15
crafty1__ipatrol: I mean, I get the problem but why open a *.pub file from Dolphin anyway?03:16
ipatrolcrafty1__: generally with a text editor so I can copy-paste it03:16
ipatrollike my wireless router adds keys that way through its web interface03:17
crafty1__ipatrol: Oh OK.03:17
ipatrolcrafty1__: either way, it's not what I'd call "expected behavior"03:17
crafty1__ipatrol: Thats really almost funny in a sense that it assumes its a Microsoft file03:18
ipatrolcrafty1__: even if the file is totally empty, like `touch file.pub`03:18
medo_i cant hack outside armetage03:18
ipatrolmedo_: then I suggest you learn ;-)03:19
crafty1__Let me walk over to my Kubuntu box I want to see this03:19
medo_i try03:19
medo_but cant03:19
RedPenguinminimec: ok thought so but didn't find any definitive answer googling03:19
ipatrolcrafty1__: apparently it also does this with docx, xlsx, pptx, and so on and so forth03:19
ipatrolmedo_: do you actually know anything about network security? Or are you just a script kiddie trawling for a mentor?03:20
crafty1ipatrol: Oh my god I see03:20
crafty1Its probably because nothing else uses the extension other than RSA keys03:21
ipatrolcrafty1: it's like the MS Office associations are hardcoded in03:21
medo_yes i know03:21
crafty1ipatrol: Its funny because if I go touch foo.doc it doesnt show the association03:21
mrr411hello all03:21
crafty1touch foo.docx does03:21
mrr411upgrading programs on ubuntu should be no difrent then ubuntu studio correct03:22
cfhowlettmrr411, correct.  what is the issue you are having?03:22
ipatrolcrafty1: yeah, like it's only the 2nd-gen Office files that do that03:22
crafty1ipatrol: Under the KDE file association editor if you search .pub it comes up03:22
crafty1I've never messed with it but I asusme you would select it and hit remove then add a different applcation03:23
ipatrolcrafty1: and if you remove the .pub entry, save it, close it, and then open it again, it returns03:23
mrr411studio only comes with darktable 2.0.3 and its at 2.0.5 and its not in the store thing and im having truble understanding how to upgrade it03:23
cfhowlettmrr411, wait 103:23
crafty1ipatrol: OK so new guess - click on vnd.ms-publisher03:23
crafty1Where it says application preference order03:24
crafty1Add Kwrite above that03:24
mrr411cfhowlett I dont understand your question03:24
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.03:24
cfhowlettmrr411, see above03:24
crafty1ipatrol: I think that will resolve the issue.  If you put KWrite at a higher priority to open it should open that instead03:24
mrr4112.0.5 is the latest03:24
mrr411i have update and upgraded through terminal already03:25
cfhowlettmrr411, understood.  read the !latest link above03:25
mrr411did not fix it03:25
mrr411correct I know that however I dont understand how to upgrade it to there newest witch has things like spot remover and a few other tools that 2.0.5 has03:26
ipatrolcrafty1__: that's a quick fix, but it still doesn't fix the incorrect association03:26
crafty1__ipatrol: Let me know if that works03:26
cfhowlettmrr411, it is not in the repos so you cannot update it yet.  use either the ppa (unsupported here) or compile from source.03:26
mrr411so I was going to see if any one has done it before to explaine it to me in lamens turms lol I have tired fallowing there directions but some where i must be messing it up03:26
crafty1__ipatrol: Does it work?  I mean technically its not wrong.  It opens LibreOffice on my PC03:27
crafty1__Its a shared extension...everything on UNIX is a file :-)03:27
mrr411https://launchpad.net/~pmjdebruijn/+archive/ubuntu/darktable-release?field.series_filter=xenial is what I am trying to do ...i think03:27
ipatrolcrafty1__: then why does xdg-mime guess the type correctly? Doesn't KDE use that?03:28
cfhowlettmrr411, the "adding this pppa to your system" is prominently marked on that page.  read and heed.03:28
mrr411all i know is i need 2.0.5 lol03:28
ipatrolcrafty1__: also, there are like 4-5 different other filetypes that use .pub03:29
mrr411I tried to add... however it wont let me press the add button03:29
mrr411ill try it again and see though03:29
etzerdhello all03:30
medo_armitage need configration ? to first hack?03:30
ipatrolmedo_: this is not a hacking channel. Please leave03:31
medo_i know this is test for hacker03:31
ipatrolmedo_: No, it's a request for you to leave03:32
medo_thnx man03:32
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=== Vuur is now known as vuur
ipatrol!offtopic | medo_03:36
ubottumedo_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:36
medo_armitage need configration ? for first use03:36
ipatrol!cracking |medo_03:38
ubottumedo_: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o03:38
Keo-0w linux-server depends on linux-headers-server (=; however:03:40
Keo-0w  Version of linux-headers-server on system is
Keo-0wi keep having that error message whenever i try anything w/apt-get03:40
Keo-0wanyone know the fix for this?03:40
cfhowlett!server | Keo-0w03:41
ubottuKeo-0w: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server03:41
cfhowlettKeo-0w, also try sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade03:41
ipatrolKeo-0w: though I would generally prefer to use aptitude for upgrades03:42
Keo-0wcfhowlett you mean apt-get i take it. i tried that already03:42
patI have a few problems. First of all, I'm using Ubuntu 14.04. If I try to use my Bluetooth card, it starts to consume 100% CPU and then the OS crashes if I don't kill the process in time. What should I be looking into? Pretty sure I checked dmesg (it seems to use dbus) and didn't notice anything. Not sure what my next debugging steps are03:42
Keo-0wE: Invalid operation full-upgrade03:43
cfhowlettKeo-0w, apt is the replacement for apt-get but if you have already done so ...03:43
ipatrolKeo-0w: no, apt is a seperate program03:43
Keo-0wah, i don't have apt then03:43
patI had to install the drivers in Windows as well. It wouldn't work otherwise.03:43
cfhowlettKeo-0w, on 14.04??03:43
ipatrolcfhowlett: he may have a very minimal installation. apt is a frontend for apt-get, not a replacement AFAIK03:43
cfhowlettipatrol, sounds legit.  thanks.03:44
cfhowlettKeo-0w, 12.04.5 ??? perhaps an upgrade is in your immediate future?03:44
Keo-0wcfhowlett yes if i can get this working:)03:44
ipatrolcfhowlett: the equivalent command would be `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`03:45
Keo-0wit just keeps telling me to run apt-get install -f to correct whenever i try to do anything03:46
Keo-0wthen when i try that it basically says thanks for playing you have errors03:46
cfhowlettKeo-0w, OK.  I am minimally aware of servers running 12.04.5.  Prior suggestion; ask the server channel for more informed advice03:46
Keo-0wErrors were encountered while processing:03:46
Keo-0w linux-server E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:46
ipatrolKeo-0w: there's probably something broken underneath there. You may have to do a reinstall03:47
ipatrolKeo-0w: either that or try to install aptitude and see if it can fix the broken dependencies. aptitude is quite a bit sharper than apt or apt-get in that field03:48
tgm4883Keo-0w: have you tried downgrading linux-server?03:48
ipatroltgm4883: dpkg doesn't support downgrading03:48
ipatrolhe's more likely to break things even worse that way03:49
tgm4883ipatrol: I never said to use dpkg...03:49
ipatroltgm4883: the package system relies on dpkg, Debian-based distros in general don't support downgrading03:49
tgm4883ipatrol: well that's funny. apt supports downgrading just fine03:50
Keo-0wi think this will help me03:50
cfhowletttgm4883, whot!  got a link for that?  please03:50
Keo-0wjust ogtta figure out how to list the dpkgs that i need to remove his are obviously a little different03:50
ipatrol!downgrade | tgm488303:50
ubottutgm4883: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.03:50
Keo-0wi may or may not have just fixed it with that lol03:51
tgm4883ipatrol: yea downgrading to previous ubuntu isn't supported, and isn't at all what I said...03:51
Keo-0wmight be my lucky night03:51
Keo-0weither that or it wont reboot03:51
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Keo-0wand it will be my unlucky night03:51
=== i-r is now known as i-
ipatrolKeo-0w: again, I would strongly suggest at this point just doing an upgrade-by-install. It'll almost certainly be less painful than whatever it is you're doing now.03:52
Keo-0wipatrol remember that failed already03:52
cfhowlett!downgrade > cfhowlett03:53
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message03:53
tgm4883Keo-0w: have you tried downgrading linux-headers-server package to the version requested?03:53
Keo-0wthis is what i did03:54
Keo-0wit seems to have worked03:54
ipatrolKeo-0w: you tried burning a disk with the latest LTS server and installing it over your root partition?03:54
Keo-0wabout to find out03:54
Keo-0wyay it worked03:54
Keo-0wdpkg remove ftw guys03:55
tgm4883Keo-0w: yea that would work too03:55
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Mr_HalesI'm running a 16.04 dvd in a vm and when I hit "Ubuntu Software" I get startup notifications but then nothing happens.04:30
Mr_HalesOther items on the panel work correctly.04:32
WaggieMr_Hales, are you using an actual DVD or an ISO image?04:34
WaggieMr_Hales, everything works but the Software Centre?04:37
Mr_HalesSeems that way04:38
WaggieVery strange..  What VM software are you using?04:39
WaggieHave you tried redownloading the ISO?04:39
WaggieOr tried a different VM software?04:40
Mr_HalesNot yet. Didn't know if this was a known issue, so I thought I'd ask around. I take it this is unusual.04:42
WaggieI haven't experienced it, but I haven't played much with 16.04 yet.04:43
cfhowlettMr_Hales, md5sum the .iso04:44
esd_droid 15.1 better than 16 for managaing mem resources.. i only have 2g ram for my system on board04:44
geogtswhy am i getting an error for this?04:44
geogts(11:43:26 PM) geogts:  /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER geogts  XXXXXXXX04:44
geogts(11:43:26 PM) NickServ: (notice) Invalid command. Use /msg NickServ help for a command listing.04:44
Mr_HalesYeah I was just doing that, but had to dig 20 layers deep to find the md5 to compare it to.04:45
Waggiegeogts, I recommend that you ask over on #freenode04:45
geogtsokay thanks.  trying to register because i have an offtopic question and i can't join ubuntu-offtopic =/04:46
Mr_Halesmd5 checks out.04:46
Mr_HalesI saw an error when it was booting up, but it went by too fast... I think memory addressing.04:47
cfhowlettesd_droid, technically ubuntu will run on 2 gb.   just quite slowly.  try xubuntu/lubuntu instead04:47
cfhowlettesd_droid, and 15.10 will soon reach end of life04:47
cfhowlettgeogts, because you improperly registered04:47
geogtshmmm... followed this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration   step by step04:48
esd_droid  hmm04:48
esd_droidthansk for the comments cfhowlett04:49
cfhowlettgeogts, this is not the place for your problem.  ask #freeenode04:49
cfhowlettesd_droid, happy2help!04:49
geogtscfhowlett:  yes, i'm currently there asking for help.  i was only responding to your input04:50
Mr_HalesSomething about "force address use 0xaddr" or something04:50
esd_droidcfhowlett does it mean i have to lower down the version..ie. lubuntu   say 14 lts server?04:51
esd_droid or betetr manage manage my programs at 15.1 that kills my mem resource04:52
cfhowlettMr_Hales, I get that all the time and just ignore it.  system boots anyway04:54
cfhowlettesd_droid, no.  16.04.1 is the latest Long Term Support version and highly recommended.  14.04 and 12.04 are also available LTS versions04:54
cfhowlettesd_droid, are you looking at lubuntu or xubuntu?04:54
Mr_HalesHmm, adjusted some setting in VBox and now it's working. I had it running on 1 CPU at first.04:54
Mr_HalesWell, thanks for the help.  Have a good one.  :-)04:54
dale____where can I upload an image of my desktop, I am getting a weird looking "system problem" prompt04:58
cfhowlettdale____, imgur04:59
dale____I am getting a weird system problem dialog, got all updates on 16.04 LTS http://imgur.com/a/ZhlyX05:01
dale____if anyone figures out http://imgur.com/a/ZhlyX please email me at dale@dalekelly.org , bye for now05:08
frendaWhat's wrong with this command?05:16
frendawget -A * -m -p -E -k -K http://lpic2.unix.nl/05:16
frendaIt download then remove stuff!!!!05:17
frendadownloads* removes*05:17
frendaHow can I download this site contents to print it via wkhtmltopdf tool?05:24
Oxfordayy lmao05:31
Oxford!ops ayy lmao05:31
ubottuOxford: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:31
Oxford!op ayy lmao05:31
ubottuOxford: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:31
Oxford!ops | ayy lmao05:33
ubottuayy lmao: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu05:33
fireball```Frenda try 'wget --recursive -c http://lpic2.unix.nl/'05:41
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sidgupta234Guys, when am trying to dual install Ubuntu on Windows7 through USB, while installing it says using superuser.05:59
sidgupta234How to install normally05:59
YankDownUndersidgupta234: Just let the installation do what the installation is supposed to do.06:00
sidgupta234it doesnt matter, if it says "as superuser"?06:01
YankDownUndersidgupta234: No. "Superuser" is just a description of the "administrative" role of the user installing the software.06:01
sidgupta234YankDownUnder: Thanks !06:01
YankDownUndersidgupta234: You're welcome06:02
sidgupta234Another query, my BIOS menu doesnt load when I press f2, it says processing.. but jumps to the choose OS screen.06:03
YankDownUndersidgupta234: You're apparently not fast enough, hmm...06:03
sidgupta234But it says processing.. means the command was accepted'06:04
YankDownUndersidgupta234: THAT I'm not sure of - because what you're describing does not really make sense to me.06:05
=== ahrc333ff is now known as Guest79110
sidgupta234_sorry it says, please wait..06:08
sidgupta234_not processing06:09
YankDownUndersidgupta234_: Still doesn't make sense to me. I am blind. I can only visualise from data that you tell me. Therefore, what you're telling me is incomplete, and I cannot deduce what is going on.06:10
sidgupta234_YankDownUnder: will produce a video06:11
YankDownUndersidgupta234_: I'd prefer to not watch a video, mate. Seriously. It should be easy enough to fully describe - step by step - what is going on.06:12
sidgupta234_YankDownUnder: when I power on, there are 2 options f2 for BIOS, f12 for Boot Menu, f12 works and leads me to the boot menu. But when I press f2 , the screen becomes black with a text in the bottom left saying 'Please wait...', then the choose OS menu appears. PS :- I have dual OS, win7 and ubuntu14.0406:14
minitrue[03:15:25] [WARNING] no proper pivot column provided (with unique values). It won't be possible to retrieve all rows06:17
minitruesorry wrong channel06:17
YankDownUndersidgupta234_: Being that the OS installation has nothing to do with your BIOS, that is an issue that you have to research regarding your particular machine. In most instances, you can force the BIOS to allow you to get into it merely by repeatedly pressing the necessary key or key combo - repeatedly...which obviously confuses the system at POST and then gives you the option to get into BIOS or continue. Does that make sense?06:18
sidgupta234_YankDownUnder: I'll research, thanks for the head start.06:19
YankDownUndersidgupta234_: Coolbeans. Blessings.06:20
neitherHow is ubuntu? I've just downloaded Ubuntu 16.04, and I want to know more about it.06:21
YankDownUnderneither: It's obviously a horrible OS and no one likes it - hence the support channels, the vast amount of downloads for the past ten years, etc etc etc.06:22
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rexxhow can i do proxy chaining in ubuntu06:51
rexxi want to surf net anonymously06:52
=== jos is now known as Guest40920
cfhowlettrexx, tor browser then06:53
rexxcfhowlett how can i get source code of tor browser06:57
cfhowlettrexx, https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en06:57
rexx fhowlett thank you foe help really appreciated06:59
creeepwhat exactly is proxy?07:02
athanHello everyone, I'm trying to publish my first package to a personal PPA, and am a bit lost with `debuild`; does it create a .deb? If so... how? How would it know what language I'm using, what build tools and compiler my project needs etc for launchpad to know how to build the executable? Is there something like docker that can be leveraged here?07:16
hicoleriIs it possible to get back the original/unaltered user interface of common gnome applications (pre 16.04)?07:24
MrAnarchyuse linux mint07:25
negevhi, apparmor in complain mode throws this:07:32
negev[59408.199874] audit: type=1400 audit(1469259074.528:14340): apparmor="ALLOWED" operation="sendmsg" info="Failed name lookup - disconnected path" error=-13 profile="/usr/lib/dovecot/log" name="run/systemd/journal/dev-log" pid=6223 comm="log" requested_mask="w" denied_mask="w" fsuid=0 ouid=007:32
negevbut the profile has:  /run/systemd/journal/dev-log rw,07:32
negevwhat am i missing?07:32
roraclehey so what can i do about this error: Flash Player version 10.0.0 is required to view this video. Please upgrade to the latest verison of Flash, or use a browser that supports HTML5 MP4 video streaming.07:35
roracleI went to do the gstreamer0.10-ffmpg install as in the askUbuntu questions, but  there is no gstreamer0.10-ffmpg07:36
EriC^^!find gstreamer0.1007:37
ubottuFound: gstreamer0.10-alsa, gstreamer0.10-doc, gstreamer0.10-gconf, gstreamer0.10-gnomevfs, gstreamer0.10-nice, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-apps, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-dbg, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-doc, gstreamer0.10-plugins-good (and 36 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gstreamer0.10&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all07:37
EriC^^!info adobe-flashplugin07:38
ubottuPackage adobe-flashplugin does not exist in xenial07:38
EriC^^roracle: is adobe-flashplugin installed?07:39
=== ahrc333ff is now known as Guest99482
EriC^^roracle: try https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html07:41
EriC^^roracle: it should say which version of flash is installed, it should be 11.207:41
roracleokay hang on07:41
roracleyeah this is a fresh install, plus a few things like IntelliJ and official Java07:42
EriC^^you have to manually install flash sometimes07:44
EriC^^sudo add-apt-repository multiverse && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras07:45
roracleokay i got it at 11.2.  that site says "it's not the latest version" but it's installed07:47
EriC^^ok, it should work now07:47
ninguhow do I determine what dns server my ubuntu server is using? there is nothing in resolv.conf07:48
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dns.html07:50
TiloNot entirely sure what channel is right for this08:21
TiloI made a live usb, not of ubuntu but from ubuntu with dd08:22
TiloNow Im trying to partition it to add persistence08:22
cfhowlett!persistence | Tilo08:22
ubottuTilo: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence08:22
Tilobut everything cfdisk ect is showing 7.5G of this 8G usb being taken up08:23
Tiloand I cant figure out where to start the partition08:23
TiloAnd 7.5 cant be right because the iso was only about 3G08:25
=== nsamsdev_ is now known as nsamsdev
Rommewhere can i get packages for gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly?08:32
RommeCutegram needs them08:32
YankDownUnderRomme: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/ubuntu-help/addremove-sources.html08:36
Rommei am not a retard08:36
YankDownUnderRomme: I did not suggest that, did I?08:37
Rommethe link suggests that i don't know how to add an apt repository08:38
YankDownUnderRomme: You can edit the /etc/apt/sources.list => remove the "#" from in front of the "disabled" repositories. Then run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade" => then you have those repo's enabled and can get the gstreamer plugins you want.08:39
cfhowlettRomme, so ... you're angry at the link?08:39
Rommehere's my /etc/apt/sources.list08:40
uebera||Hi. Isn't "sudo do-release-upgrade" supposed to work on Trusty by now? (The Xenial machines already show "16.04.1" in /etc/os-release)08:40
Romme# deb cdrom:[Xubuntu 16.04 LTS _Xenial Xerus_ - Alpha amd64 (20160222.1)]/ xenial main multiverse restricted universe08:40
Romme# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to08:40
Romme# newer versions of the distribution.08:40
Rommedeb http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial main restricted08:40
Rommedeb-src http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial main restricted08:40
Romme## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the08:40
Romme## distribution.08:40
ducasse!info gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad08:40
ubottuPackage gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad does not exist in xenial08:40
cfhowlettuebera||, wrong command.  sudo apt full-upgrade08:40
YankDownUnderDoesn't matter. Must be time for dinner.08:41
cfhowlettdo-release-upgrade upgrades from major version to next version.  not incremental upgrade of the currently installed version08:41
ducasse!ltsupgrade | uebera||08:41
ubottuuebera||: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st but was postponed for one week due to last bug testing.08:41
uebera||Ah! Thanks a lot.08:42
cfhowlettuebera||, eeek. sorry.  I read your queston wrong08:42
cfhowlettyes, sudo do-release-upgrade will upgrade from trusty to xenail08:42
uebera||cfhowlett: I thought so ;) (was following the German instructions on https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Upgrade_Trusty_auf_Xenial/)08:42
cfhowlettuebera||, so what happened when you tried it?08:43
uebera||It told me that no new version was available.08:43
cfhowlettuebera||, your software sources must be set to LTS only otherwise it won't read08:43
uebera||"sudo do-release-upgrade -p" should work though, but I now consider waiting another week.08:43
cfhowlettuebera||, -p not needed as 16.04.1 has been released.  check your settings08:44
ducassecfhowlett: still need -d, or?08:46
uebera||"/etc/update-manager/release-upgrades" has "prompt=lts" and it did not work08:46
cfhowlettducasse, should not need any of that at this point asssuming that trusty is fully upgraded ... or so I understand08:46
ducasse!ltsupgrade | cfhowlett08:46
ubottucfhowlett: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st but was postponed for one week due to last bug testing.08:46
cfhowlettducasse, ahhh! it was delayed!?  unusual.  thanks for the update.  uebera|| yeah, wait!08:47
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Jackneilli installed win10 and want to restore grub ( i had linux before)08:52
Jackneilli have an ubuntu livecd. how can i do it?08:53
Jackneilli already disabled fastboot08:53
cfhowlett!grub2 | Jackneill08:53
ubottuJackneill: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:53
EriC^^Jackneill: type sudo -l | nc termbin.com 999908:53
EriC^^Jackneill: paste the link it gives you here08:53
EriC^^Jackneill: sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 (typo)08:54
JackneillEriC^^, im on windows now08:54
Jackneilli will boot to ubuntu in a sec08:54
EriC^^Jackneill: which laptop is this?08:54
Jackneillmy own08:54
EriC^^Jackneill: sometimes you can get a uefi menu while booting and choose ubuntu08:55
cfhowlettI think he meant which make/model Jackneill08:55
Jackneillan ASUS ROG08:55
EriC^^try esc and look for boot options08:55
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iresfhi everyone09:00
iresfi have installed elementary os on my laptop   it is the worst distro that i have used09:01
YankDownUnderI'll sleep so much better knowing that, now.09:01
iresfwhen i  config to switch between languages  but it does not work09:01
ducasseiresf: elementary is not supported here09:03
hpp6can someone tell me le model of this pc09:03
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=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
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=== debian is now known as Guest98377
ap916Guys, Anyone facing problem of unity crashing while changing window animations in Ubuntu 16.04 ?09:40
CtrlC"canberra-gtk-play -i 'message-new-instant'says "Failed to play sound: File or data not found" How can I fix this?09:46
sidgupta234show desktop shortcut on 16.04? Super Key + D not working.09:48
=== JanC is now known as Guest34809
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
sidgupta234query resolved.09:52
=== fred is now known as Guest96999
bwallumHello, I would like to send/receive WhatsApp messages from Ubuntu Desktop. How do I do that?09:58
Ben64bwallum: https://web.whatsapp.com/09:59
akikbwallum: whatsapp has a web service that enables you to do it: https://web.whatsapp.com/09:59
minimecbwallum: http://www.webupd8.org/2016/04/use-whatsapp-on-your-linux-desktop-with.html10:00
bwallumThanks akik and Ben64, looks like I need to connect a mobile to the computer first10:02
negevhi, enabling apparmor for dovecot throws this:10:03
akikbwallum: yes. that was actually the thing the made me not use it10:03
negevapparmor="ALLOWED" operation="sendmsg" info="Failed name lookup - disconnected path" error=-13 profile="/usr/lib/dovecot/log" name="run/systemd/journal/dev-log" pid=6223 comm="log" requested_mask="w" denied_mask="w" fsuid=0 ouid=010:03
negevbut the base abstraction contains:   /{,var/}run/systemd/journal/dev-log w,10:04
negevwhich is included by the usr.lib.dovecot.log profile10:04
negevso it should be allowed10:04
negeveven adding it explicitly in the dovecot.log profile doesn't fix it10:04
mistralbatman vs superman10:04
negevdoes "fsuid=0 ouid=0" mean it needs suid permissions?10:04
bwallumakik: Thanks akik, saved me a lot of time trying to get some sense from their website10:06
mistralsex on the10:08
ducassenegev: ask in #ubuntu-server, one of the appormor devs is frequently there (though maybe not on weekends)10:26
negevducasse: thanks10:30
jackneilli did a boot-repair10:34
jackneilland it says "Purge kernels and reinstall last kernel." this may take several mintes10:35
jackneillbut its been going on for almost an hour now10:35
jackneilland i had archlinux before10:35
jackneilli hope this doesnt install an ubuntu kernel10:35
jackneillall i wanted was to fix that grub after a windows fucking install10:35
jackneilland here i got happy that isa simple click with the app10:36
jackneillnow it fucks me over10:36
ducasse!language | jackneill10:36
ubottujackneill: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList10:36
jackneillim sorry..10:36
Hans-Martinjackneill: so you don't want to actually install anything from ubuntu, just use a live CD to fix your broken grub?10:41
=== m__ is now known as mjga
jackneillHans-Martin: yes10:44
jackneillbut sadly i was naive and already did the 1 click thing and its been going on for a long time10:45
jackneillcan i safely press x on it?10:45
Hans-Martinjackneill: you could at least try it - I know next to nothing about boot-repair.10:45
Hans-Martinjackneill: but that sounds a lot safer than pulling the power plug...10:46
Hans-Martinis it still active on the disk?10:46
jackneillhow can i check it?10:46
ducassehd led flashing?10:47
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
Hans-Martinthen it should be safe - try the X first, if that does not stop it, hittin reset should be ok when there is no HD activity10:48
erikweiI am new here. feel goood lol10:52
famaxhello all- lookking for some apps to build websites form scratch - something in the waters of AEM or WEM - :)10:55
peitii have a pb with openvas10:56
ducassepeiti: you should probably ask them, openvas is not in the ubuntu repos.10:59
peitiu r null or what10:59
konraddohello, i used to use ubuntu like 5 years ago, and i would like to start using it again... i'm also planning to buy new graphics card, i have opportunity to get some cheap radeon, do modern radeons have better linux support than they used to,or should i still stick with nvidia if i don't want to have problems on linux?11:00
bekkskonraddo: I'd stick with nvidia.11:01
konraddook thanks11:02
famaxto my epxerience radeon is not safe enough - a very recent crap one worked but a 4/5 years old big mamam got toally burnt11:04
bekks"safe enough"?11:04
famaxbekks, yes, it could go either way like a 50-50 where nvidia is 80 good 20 bad if that makes sense - you are les likely to get issues with nvidia basically - joining your answer actually11:06
bekkshow is all that related to "safe enough"?11:07
=== nic is now known as Guest78203
famaxbekks, ??? sorry i am not sure i you are being serious here....11:09
famaxsafe enough buy? choice? etc etc not burning or so...11:11
famaxbekks, is that clear enough for your overworking brain?11:15
bekksfamax: Is it clear to you what "you are being ignored from now on" means?11:16
=== nic is now known as Guest88661
famaxbekks, boohoo someone got butthurt because they didnt understand their own language nor a simple sentence!! you thnk too much of yourself dude go out some more!! get a life!11:19
=== Dice-Man is now known as Guest14172
bazhangfamax, please take the chit chat elsewhere, this is ubuntu support only11:22
famaxbazhang, yes and i just tried to help someone - can you please read above?11:24
famaxand also asked a question... would be great if you werent doing what you are complaining about... it would give you more credit11:26
subeshany one is there11:34
bazhang!ask | subesh11:35
ubottusubesh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:35
samtu92For some reason I'm only using 1,4gb out of the 4gb of RAM that I have. Why can this be?11:36
=== fadavi1 is now known as fadavi
famaxsamtu92, had the same issue - not sure is soft related - mine anyways was hardware issue - how old is you H/W?11:37
samtu92famax: Completely honest, not sure. I do think its software related though, it worked fine on w10 but was like this once I moved to ubuntu11:38
samtu92Or maybe not, dont want to scapegoat anything11:38
samtu92famax: But clearly something is broken, watching 60fps vlc videos is laggy, having more than three tabs in firefox and it will most likely stop responding11:40
samtu92famax: it could very well be hardware though...11:40
Dark_Blue_Birdhow do I tell wpa_supplicnat to use kernel drivers?11:41
Dark_Blue_Birdwireless connection11:41
Hans-MartinDark_Blue_Bird: what is your actual problem? (i.e. why do you think wpa_supplicant is not using kernel drivers, and you need to tell it to do so?)11:44
Dark_Blue_BirdI'm on archlinux actually but all in #archlinux are busy rn11:45
Dark_Blue_Birdjust need to know how to tell it to use kernel driver11:45
Dark_Blue_Birdhave wireless issues11:45
ikoniano they are not11:46
ikoniathis is nothing to do with ubuntu11:46
levtim_Dark_Blue_Bird: iirc you can use the blacklist to limit other drivers11:46
ikoniaplease do not ask here11:46
ioriaDark_Blue_Bird, i could be wrong , burt wpa is user-space ... not kernel-space11:46
ikoniathis is not an ubuntu issue11:46
Dark_Blue_Birdokay thx m811:48
Dark_Blue_Birdsee ya guys11:48
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest55610
Guest55610help im a noob11:55
ikoniaok - so instead of repeating someones cloak, why don't you ask a question11:55
Guest55610what can i do here?11:56
ikoniaask for help with ubuntu11:56
Guest55610help with android rooting11:56
ikoniajust ubuntu, sorry11:57
famaxguest55160 - no man at least try to stick to linux - even though... android is technically a linux11:57
Guest55610help with ubuntu?11:57
ikoniayes, this channel offers help with ubuntu only11:57
Guest55610what are some good software to use?11:58
ikoniadepends what you want11:58
ikoniathat will give you a good introduction to ubuntu11:58
famaxguest, is time for you to leave i thnk - piracy is not  accepted aroudn here11:59
Guest55610how about video down;loading11:59
Guest55610alright im out11:59
famaxlike pay yuor wifi like everyone11:59
famaxand stream - well you can always use trans for dl11:59
ubuntu_whats new?12:02
ubuntu_what do you guys talk about?\12:03
ikoniaubuntu support12:03
ikoniacheck the /topic of this channel12:03
famaxubuntu_, you - we talk about yuo...12:03
ikoniaubuntu_: you've just been told about this when you joined asking for how to crack networks a moment ago12:04
ikoniayou're the same person12:04
ikoniaso please don't mess around like this12:04
ubuntu_i apologize im new to this12:04
ikoniano you're not12:04
ikoniayou've just been told a few minutes ago, and you've come in trying to pretend to be someone different12:05
ikoniastop messing around12:05
ubuntu_how about fuck off12:05
famaxikonia, haha between these and the ones full of themselves - you have a lot of patience ^^12:06
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Guest77933Hey everyone12:14
rajiv_is there any worse effects after installing different desktop environments on my ubuntu 16.04 computer?12:16
Guest77933how to install skype on 16.04?12:17
EriC^^!skype | Guest7793312:18
ubottuGuest77933: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga12:18
famaxEriC^^, merci :)12:19
EriC^^famax: np12:19
famaxrajiv_, well to my epxerience yes - issues with the sleep mode for example - no matter how i set it up once i reboot the setup is gone and i have to go in the options and just accpet the error and is fime12:20
=== CyberDems is now known as fragtion
rajiv_famax: Well after installing a DE, are the applications changed when i logged in to that DE?12:21
Guest77933That worked12:22
Guest77933Thanks a lot :)12:22
EriC^^rajiv_: it usually becomes a little messy12:22
EriC^^Guest77933: np12:22
famaxrajiv_, i cant be certain about the apps - unless they are tied to env then it is possible12:22
EriC^^rajiv_: the greeter sometimes messes up, the notifications, they can be fixed12:23
ducasserajiv_: it depends on how you install them, some of the metapackages also drag in various applications, not just the desktop.12:23
famaxducasse, thats a name that smell good the south west terroir of france hahahahahah12:24
famaxnow i want magret frites Oo12:24
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BluesKajhowdy all12:24
ducasse\o BluesKaj12:25
Foxbox96Good morning12:25
BluesKajHi  ducasse12:25
EriC^^rajiv_: it's a little headachy but can be fixed, though it's just better to put a de and leave it i'd say, and experiment in a vm til you like one for certain12:25
EriC^^morning Foxbox9612:25
BluesKaj'Morning Foxbox9612:25
rajiv_EriC^^:I think you are wright. thank you:)12:28
EriC^^rajiv_: np12:28
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alphaI have some problems in hibernation. Anyone of you who has same or similar problem ?12:35
EriC^^alpha: what is the problem?12:36
famaxalpha, develop? i had issues on a laptop a while back12:36
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pruebahola a la comunidad13:11
ducasse!es | prueba13:12
ubottuprueba: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:12
MoziMi'm trying to close my raspbian os over to a flashdrive, i currently have it formatted as unallocated. do i have to format it in any particular way?13:20
MoziMright now i just ran sudo dd bs=4M if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/dev/sdb should i be ok?13:20
dancingd3mondoes canceling a rsync from one server to another lead to some lock on my HDDs?13:34
dancingd3monI've used that command and during copying, I canceled it and my HDDs Raid 0 array speed seems screwed up..It might has nothing to do wiht it13:34
dancingd3monbut Im seeing speed go up to 120 then down to 9 and keeps doing this..13:35
Oxforddancingd3mon: ayy lmao.13:35
dancingd3monhey :D13:35
dancingd3monI know it's not the exact right place to say such a thing but what can be the reason for such a thing?13:36
allagahey guys:)13:40
AnalogI'm looking for a speedy web browser for xubuntu. Ay suggestions?13:41
OerHeksAnalog, which ones have you tried sofar?13:42
Analogfirefox and chromium13:43
EriC^^iceweasel maybe?13:43
Analogis iceweasel built into the default repositories?13:44
OerHeksmidori, reconq, chrome ..13:44
* zykotick9 suggests uzbl, then runs away laughing13:45
Analogthanks for suggestions. I will look into them13:46
ccube #perl613:53
jinxi1any one here use 1password on LInux?13:55
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OerHeksjinxi1, as 1password is a windows app, highly unlikely as you need to run it in win13:57
=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
OerHeks* in wine13:58
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nibblynHi! On a laptop the HDMI secondary display output is not working (no signal) after fresh install of UbuntuMate 16.04. It is working properly with the live iso from the very beginning of the boot process. Unfortunately a standard system update was already performed but it should not be the issue. Nouveau driver in use in both cases. What may trigger this behavior? Thanks.14:36
he1kkinibblyn: I have some similar issues with mate, but hdmi connection will recover if you start Display application14:37
fuknoodlesCan I update Ubuntu from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 without having to download all the security updates that released in this period?14:37
he1kkinibblyn: full program name is mate-display-properties14:41
nibblynhe1kki, tried that without success. Neither disper (screen toggler) nor xrandr solved the issue. Diagnostic tools report fine except that there is still no signal.14:42
ducassefuknoodles: afaik it is recommended to fully update before upgrading.14:44
fuknoodlesducasse: there's no internet on this desktop14:44
fuknoodlesI can download iso elsewhere.14:44
ducassefuknoodles: are you planning to reinstall?14:45
fuknoodlesducasse: no. I plan to keep the programs. Will do fresh install only as a last resort14:46
ducassefuknoodles: iirc you can't upgrade from the iso, you need network access to do that.14:46
fuknoodlesare people getting the 16.04.1 update notification. I believe it was released on 22?14:50
ducasse!ltsupgrade | fuknoodles14:51
ubottufuknoodles: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st but was postponed for one week due to last bug testing.14:51
tonytcam anyone tell me the cli commmand to go from 14.04 to 16.04?14:51
ducassetonyt: 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d' for another week, but see what ubottu wrote before you.14:52
MonkeyDusttonyt  the lts-upgrade will be possible in a week from now, they're still working on it14:52
fuknoodlesI believe the liveUSBs used to have an upgrade option. Is this not the case anymore?14:53
tonytoh ok. thought it might of been possible already14:54
OerHeksnibblyn, check for the FN key to switch displays, intern/extern/both14:56
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nibblynOerHeks, yes, thought about that. Acpi_listen does not report a key event but neither it does on 12.04 nor in 16.04 live. Booted with acpi_osi= which fixed fn backlight problems btw. So, I can't confirm than the FN toggle screen is working but IMHO disper should do that anyway. Still thinking that there may be something with kernel boot parameters.15:04
mistralsperman vs batman15:13
Jakey3Hi, on a vm lubuntu 16.04 running on a host lubuntu 16.04, my vm crashes when I drag a hypertext link or similar has anyone heard of this or know a fix for it?15:13
WhiteNightJakey3, which software are you using for your VM?15:15
OerHeksJakey3, thatg is why VM is created, to not to infect a client by dragging stuff in it15:16
=== konrad is now known as Guest139
Jakey3i mean i drag a link within the vm from a browser15:17
Jakey3and the display crashes15:17
dancingd3moncan someone explain this to me ?15:19
dancingd3monWhat do i exactly have in my server? raid 0 or raid 115:20
gamoupdated to 16.04.1 ... NO MOUSE! What can I do?15:20
compdocsays raid0, which is crazy with 4 drives15:21
dancingd3moncrazy in what way compdoc ?15:21
hncrdancingd3mon: data loss15:22
dancingd3monthose are two servers, the one on the top which is mine says raid1 too15:22
compdocalso says raid1 in one instance15:22
dancingd3monyeah this confuses me15:22
dancingd3monI'm seeing super speed difference between mine and a friend of mine...15:22
compdocdancingd3mon, raid0 means if one drive fails or has a tiny glitch, you lose all your data. Normally ppl do raid0 with only 2 drives15:23
dancingd3monLike my 4 x 3TB HDDs are on raid0 array or ...? on the top of that photo15:23
dancingd3monYeah, compdoc :) I knew this...It's alright though, I'm looking for performance at this moment..15:23
dancingd3monbut I'm seeing super slower speed during copying...15:24
dancingd3monSo I'm worried is it like raid 0 and raid 1 ? or only raid 0 ?15:24
dancingd3moncompdoc> also says raid1 in one instance ?15:24
compdocdancingd3mon, I dont know much about mdadm. Except how to disable it. I use zfs15:26
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Hydr0p0nXeverytime I upgrade my kernel, i have to uninstall / remove / build /install the dkms enabled modules for my network and tv tuner cards, anyone point me to a way of fixing that so it's as automatic as it's supposed to be ?15:36
Hydr0p0nXdkms status shows they're installed, but the modules won't load until all of that is done15:37
OerHeksHydr0p0nX, write a script for that? like this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/111177/triggering-driver-module-rebuild-on-kernel-update15:40
Hydr0p0nXOerHeks, I have a DKMS module i built for it, which is one of the options in that link. the problem is it's not working as it should - the module  shows installed and doesn't load15:42
Hydr0p0nXOerHeks, going through the process of deleting and re-adding the module to dkms rebuilds it correctly15:44
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christian__HI community! Is it really time to upgrade to 16.04.1? Im considering upgrade of Xubuntu 14.04 to 16.04.1. bu I was reading the complaints about the bugs in the newwest release  like thunar crashing, mouse poiter not visible.. Is it still the case? Did they fixed it?15:57
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ducasse!ltsupgrade | christian__15:58
ubottuchristian__: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.15:58
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OerHekschristian__, delayed for a week15:58
christian__Oh ok.. so they will notify the 14.04 users right?15:59
christian__Im currently using a two-day old install of Xubuntu 14.04.3, with all updates installed.. Its quite stable...16:00
christian__ubottu_: The fixes that will be released, will it guarantee a stable usage of 16.04.1?16:02
ubottuchristian__: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:02
pauljw_vmchristian__, why fix what's not broken, if 14.04 is working for you there's no real need to upgrade.  it's supported till 2019.16:03
christian__pauljw_vm_: Yes I totally agree... Im using 14.04 and it says there in their page it will only be supported until april next year16:04
OerHekspoints release are, next 14.04.4 will be another year or so16:05
pauljw_vmi don't think that's correct, but i'm not using xubuntu.  someone else may chime in16:05
pauljw_vmah, thanks OerHeks16:05
ioriachristian__, 201916:05
christian__I just switched from Unity to Xfce because the former is a bit frustrating. tends to become bogged down16:06
ducasselts support for flavors is only 3 years, i think.16:06
christian__ioria_: I tought Ubuntu flavors only supported 3 years?16:06
ioriachristian__,  uname -r ?16:06
christian__ioria_: 3.19.0-6516:07
ioriachristian__,  when did you download the iso ?16:07
OerHeksxubuntu ... yeah, 3 years16:08
christian__ioria_: Thursday, July 21st just before they released 16.04.116:08
OerHeksi never got it why people want 5 years support16:08
ioriachristian__,  cat /etc/issue16:10
christian__ioria_: what do you mean byt hose terminal input?16:10
ioriachristian__,  you said  'two-day old install of Xubuntu 14.04.3' .... should be 14.0.416:11
Eremiellhi! I'd like to try Ubuntu today. I'm coming from Debian, but sadly testing has been too unstable for me for last few weeks, so I'd like to give a try to Ubuntu. can I just dd mini.iso over my usb drive as used to? is there anything special I should know beforehands?16:11
ioriachristian__,   i mean 14.01.416:11
ioriachristian__,   f ... i mean 14.04.416:11
OerHeksEremiell, dd will do.16:11
ankitubuntu 16.04 splash screen missing, only blank screen16:12
EremiellOerHeks: thanks!16:12
christian__ioria_: yes when I enter lsb_release_a it shows 14.04.4. I installed .3 because I wnt to use the kernel 3.19 from vivid16:12
ioriachristian__,   oh ... ok16:12
ankitubuntu 16.04 splash screen missing, only blank screen, anyone please help16:12
Eremiellwith Debian, I'm used to grab a tarball of non-free firmware to load from second usb drive during installation, is there anything similar for Ubuntu, or should those just work?16:13
christian__ioria_:However it says in ubuntu's kernel page they no longer support the kernel.. Will I still be able to receive security updates?16:13
ioriachristian__,   yes16:14
christian__ioria_: Like, right now Im using 3.19.0-65... will it become 3.19.0-66, 67, 68 etc.?16:15
ioriachristian__,   think so16:16
RustyShacklefordhas anyone noticed screen flicker on an external monitor in ubuntu 16.04?16:17
RustyShacklefordI was pretty bummed to see that in an lts16:17
ioriachristian__,   e.g utopic kernel stops at  but on trusty lts is 3.16.0-7716:17
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RustyShacklefordits unusable if I plug in my external monitor. The hardware is nothing fancy, intel integrated graphics16:18
christian__ioria_: should I downgrade to 14.04.2?16:19
RustyShacklefordI love using linux, except when I need to edit xorg16:19
ioriachristian__,   nope... why ?16:19
christian__ioria_: seems like .2 utopic kernel is still live?16:20
ioriachristian__,   if you need for a specific reason 3.19, you don't have much of a choice ... otherwise you can redownload the iso or install linux-generic-lts-xenial  (or wily)16:23
christian__ioria_: Im using 3.19 kernel because of what I experienced when I upgraded to 16.04 when it first came out.. I'm playing AOE3 and NFS MW in wine in 16.04 (kernel 4.4) and I had this graphics prblem in those games.. seems like its not rendering the games, I had artifacts in in-game menu in NFS MW and in AOE3 Its not rendering properly.. I play it on windowed mode.. I just diidnt have that problem when I used 14.04.2 and .316:25
OerHeksoh wine ...don't play windowed mode then, full screen will ease your gpu16:26
christian__ioria_: so thats why Im still using 14.04. also I had that problem in 15.10 (kernel 4.2)16:26
OerHeksyour problem is wine, not the kernel16:27
ioriachristian__,   you may ask in #wine ... have you tied ?16:27
christian__OerHeks_: When I play in full screen, some games just became un-playable.. I can hear sounds but screen gets stuck. probably because of The unity side laucher.. but when I tried Xubuntu and played on full screen mode, then games are hassle free, dont have to escape to desktop16:28
christian__ioria_: not yet.. I chose to come here because I have response instantly16:30
christian__My GPU Is intel GMA 300016:30
ioriachristian__,  i don't know why the wily kernel could give you issues .... i'd say  the problem is  elsewhere located16:31
ioriachristian__,  oh... intel ?16:32
OerHeksoke, so ubuntu is too heavy for that gma3000 and gaming. it is not a 3D racemonster, i know, but should play video full screen.16:32
christian__OerHeks_: I have tried the latest Stable and Developing versions, and installed required DLL's (DX9) still it persists.. so thats why Im keeping this Xubuntu w/ 3.19 kernel16:32
christian__ioria_: Yes16:32
OerHekschristian__, any difference when you use playonlinux scripts for your game?16:33
ioriachristian__,   experienced some issues with wily and xenial on intel (very old) machines16:33
christian__ioria_: MoBo is Intel EQ965RT I have 3GB RAm16:33
OerHeksthose are heavily tweaked16:33
christian__And Intel C2D E6600 2.4Ghz16:34
ankitubuntu 16.04 splash screen missing, only blank screen16:34
ioriachristian__,   if you are a gamer , i's suggest you an upgrade :þ16:34
OerHeksankit, my system boots fast, so fast that it does not show spash at all :-D16:35
christian__OerHeks_: Oh yeah... well, I will experiment, thanks it gave me an Idea.. I will experiment on 16.04.1 when they finished the fixes on the problems people are complaining about in htat 16.4.1 release16:35
ankitubuntu 16.04 missing splash screen, anyone please help16:36
OerHeksankit, don't ask and leave16:36
ankitactually my internet got disconnected16:36
ankitOerheks actually my internet connection got disconnected16:36
christian__ioria_: you mean HW upgrade? Im stuck with this Acer Veriton 1000. New computers are very expensive here in PH16:37
ankitanyone please help16:38
ioriachristian__,   so deal with what you got... try lubuntu maybe, less hungry16:38
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ankitubuntu 16.04 missing splash screen, showing blank screen only16:40
christian__ioria_: I have experienced lubuntu.. its quite good and lightweight... I'll check it out..16:40
moestevensXubuntu is pretty good too with a lower-end PC16:41
christian__Thanks for ioria and OerhEks for responding... This is why Linux is great16:41
moestevenss/I/I've got it running on 1GB of RAM16:41
ioriachristian__,   you're welcome16:42
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christian__ioria_: thanks again.. uhm  One more thing I had this thought of probably thet ignore the i965 drivers in 4.0 series.. then I saw the new Intel Graphics stack in 01.org it says there that they fixed some bugs for the i96516:44
ankitcan anyone help me???16:44
moestevensankit: What previous research have you done + We need more specifics16:45
ankitmoestevens when i start my laptop, blank screen appears16:45
ankitmoestevens splash screen with ubuntu logo does not appear16:46
moestevensWhat is the model of the laptop, what graphics chipset is in use, have you checked StackOverflow/Ask Ubuntu/others16:46
ankitmoestevens hp ppavilion dv416:47
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ankitmoestevens how to check graphic chipset??16:47
MonkeyDustankit  try this line, it shows a meenu you can choose from ... sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth16:48
moestevensThe HP Pavillion dv4 line is a huge range, unfortunately we still need more info. You can check the graphics chipset via the BIOS if you cannot boot into any environment.16:48
terriblehi i download some themes for lightdm display manager where i have to put those file what is the path?16:49
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Eremiellone more question, with the mini.iso, can I make a console only installation or pick my DE on the way?16:50
moestevensankit: Have you tried this thread? http://askubuntu.com/questions/362722/how-to-fix-plymouth-splash-screen-in-all-ubuntu-releases16:50
ankitmoestevens http://paste.ubuntu.com/20621156/16:50
moestevensI'm assuming the problem is an NVIDIA driver bug that occurs with old cards16:50
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terriblehi i download some themes for lightdm display manager where i have to put those file what is the path?16:51
Jakey3Hi, when i run gpg --output test.gpg --symmetric test.out16:52
Jakey3gpg: I get  "gpg-agent is not available in this session"16:52
Jakey3on ubuntu 14.0416:52
EriC^^Jakey3: try to logout and back in or try16:55
EriC^^gpg-agent --homedir /home/$USER/.gnupg --use-standard-socket --daemon16:56
Jakey3ok will do thanks16:56
vince_does anyone here use overgrive?16:58
terriblehi i download some themes for lightdm display manager where i have to put those file in what directory??16:59
vince_terrible, do a locate for this folder "lightdm-kde-greeter" in the command line17:01
terriblevince_, i did a locate but it doesnt show anything17:03
vince_terrible, I found this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM does that have the information you are looking for?17:03
OerHeks ~/.themes or /user/share/themes directory.17:03
vince_what type of files are the themes?17:03
terriblevince_, tar and tar.gz17:04
OerHeksor you might want to take a look at unity-tweak-tool for theme handling17:04
terriblevince_, they are for the display manager17:04
terriblewhat i want to do is change the default theme of the display manager17:05
vince_terrible, OerHeks answer is the right one. untar the files into the /usr/share/themes folder then use the application "lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings" from the command line to choose the theme for your lightdm greeter17:06
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vince_terrible, I guess that command is specific to Mate, which may not be helpful to you17:08
terriblevince_, i already did that but when i open the application lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings the themes that i put the this directory doesnt show up any help?17:08
vince_try logging out and back in or doing a ctrl-alt-backspace17:09
mifritscherhow can I let nautilus sort the directories before the files (like 99% of the othr file managers do) in Ubuntu 16.04?17:09
OerHeksmifritscher, install dconf editor, and change the value of sort-directories-first >> http://gexperts.com/wp/gnome-3-12-filesnautilus-sort-folders-before-files-issues/17:11
EriC^^mifritscher: that's the default behavior here17:11
OerHeks99% of filemanagers do not put files first, anyway17:11
mifritscherI want first directories, then files ;)17:12
mifritscherit worked, thanks :-)17:13
spider_hey guys17:13
citrixHi all17:24
citrixI am getting a weird error , all the sites are opening except github.com17:24
citrixPlease help me , neither it is opening on chrome nor in firefox17:25
citrixwhat could be the issue?17:25
DroTrying to convert a .img file to .iso with ccd2iso , I got this error "Unrecognized sector mode (0) at sector 0!17:26
Dro"  .. wondering why it does'nt work :/17:26
Mitchell92Hi. On Linux I'm getting a terrible 8mbps down on my wireless adapter in my laptop, while under windows I was getting 150mbps down, if not a good amount faster. Is there anything I can do to get this working speedier?17:26
madsacitrix, what do you get if you run `nslookup github.com` from a terminal?17:27
OerHekscitrix, clear browser cache, restart browser, if it does not help, remove the browser folder form ~/.config/ and/or ~/.mozilla and try again17:27
citrixOerHeks, I will try this17:28
citrixmadsa, I am getting its ip17:28
citrixOerHeks, I am getting same problem with chrome also17:30
citrixmadsa, The Ip i got is  is it the one for github?17:31
ipatrolI have a program that has an apparent dependency on a libg2c.so.0, but it was apparently removed from the repository some time ago?17:31
jattcitrix: what does curl -v www.github.com say?17:31
fusedIs there a way to make automated update checks hourly with indicator showing if new packages are available?17:31
jattfused: install unattended-upgrades17:32
citrixjatt, * Rebuilt URL to: www.github.com/* Hostname was NOT found in DNS cache*   Trying
madsacitrix, that IP doesn't connect for me, think maybe you're getting the wrong IP17:32
ipatrolWhy was lib libg2c0 and virtually all the g77 libraries removed?17:33
madsadon't suppose you've edited your /etc/hosts file?17:33
jatthmm.. strange looks like a dns issue17:33
moestevensYou could try using an alternative DNS server than what you're defaulted to17:33
fusedjatt: it's not manual install, I need only automated update checks17:34
Seveascitrix: that is not a github IP, your ISP is doing weird shenanigans with dns.17:34
Seveasdon't trust them, and sdo switch to a different ISP17:34
ojasuwI downloaded this installer pia-v61-installer.sh for PIA VPN. When I open it Mousepad gives a "this document not UTF-8 valid" error. I have tried to open it in terminal with this guide http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/run-execute-sh-shell-script/ but it keeps saying "no such file or directory" even when I have done ls and can see the file17:34
citrixmadsa, No i had to edited the file :(17:35
citrixSeveas, how to resolve it ?17:35
Seveascitrix: use as resolver17:35
citrixTill Day before yesterday , it was all working fine17:35
citrixSeveas, How to use it ? And where to use it ? I am pretty new to this :(17:36
Seveascitrix: pastebin the contents of /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf17:37
moestevensYou should note that is Google's Public DNS service and that if you have privacy concerns you could look into alternative services17:37
moestevensBut that's just my two cents17:37
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Jakey3how does Yubikey work?17:38
Seveasmoestevens: I trust google more than shady indian isp's :)17:38
moestevensHaha true17:38
Jakey3i mean how is the onetime password generated associated with your account17:39
moestevensLook at OpenNIC though, they're an alternative anti-censorship service17:39
SeveasJakey3: TOTP or HOTP17:39
moestevensPlus you can resolve a few more non-ICANN domains with them, which is pretty interesting on it's own17:39
citrixSeveas, ^17:40
Jakey3Seveas, ok17:40
Seveascitrix: sudo sed -e 's/' -i /etc/resolv.conf17:40
Jakey3but how is the one time password generated by yubi key linked to example your google account17:41
Seveascitrix: that should do as a quick fix to see how nasty your provider is (they may intercept this)17:41
citrixsed: -e expression #1, char 19: unterminated `s' command17:41
CopperBothello everyone17:41
Seveascitrix: sudo sed -e 's/' -i /etc/resolv.conf17:42
Seveas(missed the trailing /)17:42
Eremiellmoestevens: beware that some of their servers can have issues on times, I was using them a lot earlier, but the servers got broken into and serving shady addresses instead several times, and honestly there wasn't much in the OpenNIC somain space back then, may have changed since17:42
citrixSeveas, Do i need to restart some service after it ?17:42
moestevensDefinitely have changed since17:42
SeveasJakey3: apparently the protocol/standard is called U2F (universal 2factor auth)17:42
Seveascitrix: no17:42
moestevensI mean, in the region I'm in (North America)17:42
CopperBotI'm a web dev who has been working in a windows/mac world for years but am interested in getting a work laptop with a native Ubuntu install. Any recommendations for hardware that either comes prebundled with the OS or is guaranteed to work without a hitch? This is a big leap for me.17:43
citrixSeveas, Still same issue17:43
moestevensCopperBot: System76 makes laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed but your mileage may vary with them17:43
CopperBotmoestevens: I've heard good things about System7617:44
citrixSeveas, Do i ask to my service providet for this wierd issue ?17:44
moestevensASUS has the ZenBook UX305/306 which works okay with Linux17:44
Seveascitrix: what does this command return in the terminal (pastebin the output): dig github.com ; dig @ github.com17:44
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection17:44
akikCopperBot: another seller is entroware17:44
moestevensMacBooks generally work well17:44
javier_Buenas tardes17:44
moestevensThinkPads and Latitudes17:45
moestevensAlso Dell has the XPS 13 Developer Edition which comes pre-installed with Ubuntu17:45
SeveasCopperBot: I've been using Ubuntu on dell latitudes (currently e7250) for about 12 years, works like a charm.17:45
citrixSeveas, https://bpaste.net/show/66c95f7f34ee17:45
jancoowHi there. I want to run transmisison-deamon under another user. On ubuntu 14.04 i changed /etc/init/transmission-daemon.conf and add a paramter "setuid user". After i started transmission with service transmission-daemon start it started under that user. However, on ubuntu 16.04 this isn't working17:45
jancoowcould someone help me starting the transmission deamon under another user17:45
moestevensSeveas: Latitude D610 since 2007, sup brotha17:45
CopperBotakik: Thank you, I'll check them out.17:45
Seveascitrix: yeah, your ISP is messing with you and screwing around with dns. Get a better ISP.17:46
CopperBotmoestevens: I haven't owned a dell in years but was interested in the XPS 13 - looks solid, heard nothing but good things so far.17:46
moestevensakik: Check your router/modem/gateway settings, especially if you have a screwy ISP17:46
citrixSeveas, So ISP is culprit ..  :|17:46
Seveascitrix: There's no use in calling them, except for canceling the contracr. They can easily fix this, but this is a deliberate act of sabotage.17:46
CopperBotSeveas: Thank you. That is helpful to know.17:47
citrixSeveas, Sorry i didn't get you17:47
moestevenscitrix: Your ISP is fucking with you17:47
Seveascitrix: your isp is sabotaging your internet connection.17:47
moestevensSolution: Threaten them back17:47
Seveascancel your contract, get better ISP.17:47
citrixSeveas, Ok :D17:48
citrixGot it17:48
javier_Alguien que hable español?17:48
Seveasif only dnssec would work properly, then this kind of sabotage wouldn't be possible :)17:48
Seveas!es | javier_17:48
ubottujavier_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:48
javier_gracias thanks sorry but my english is not as god as i want17:49
Seveasjavier_: no problem, that's why the spanish channel exists :)17:50
UnknownfreqHi! I'm trying to install ubuntu on my macbook pro 2011 following the official instructions. After pressing 'e' and inserting the lines concerning the disabeling of the AMD graphic, I get error: invalid magic number /n unaligned pointer .... anyone know what I can do to proceed? ... Im using ReFind17:51
Unknownfreqthis is the guide I've been following.. https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2157775.html ... please help :)17:52
yellabs-r2might be strange question , but i would like to add a disclaimer to my bash scripts, tips are welcome17:55
citrixSeveas, Threatened :D , i guess by tommorow they will fix this ;)17:56
Bashing-om!dualboot | Unknownfreq . That ^^ guide is kinda old .Maybe better ?17:57
ubottuUnknownfreq . That ^^ guide is kinda old .Maybe better ?: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot17:57
Unknownfreqthanks.. I'll look into it...17:58
UnknownfreqDo i need to download a special mac iso or is the regular 14.04 ok?17:58
Unknownfreqthe guide is from the link you provided Bashing-om17:59
solartechI’m curious, did anyone else experience issues with booting Ubuntu 16.04 right after shutting down recently?  I did not update software myself, but two machines of different types stopped booting for me yesterday with the same OS (Ubuntu GNOME 16.04).18:00
Bashing-omUnknownfreq: Not completely sure As I do not run a Mac .. but I do think all the 64 not .iso images are th dame for all 3 architechures these days .18:00
UnknownfreqIf I just press 'Try Ubuntu' I just get a black screen, so I guess it is something with the graphic... wierd the instruction does not work18:01
Bashing-omUnknownfreq: Do you know the graphics maker ? and on the link .., I follow the bread crumbs to : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro11-1/Saucy18:04
ubuntu453I need help configure proftpd on Ubuntu 16.04 server to allow access to either /var/www or another folder for multiple apache vhosts. None of the articles I have found seem to get permissions correct or allow FTP access.18:08
UnknownfreqBashing-om: Graphic maker? What is that?18:08
UnknownfreqI have the macbook pro 8.1  btw18:10
ojasuwcan someone help me with an .sh issue?18:12
Bashing-omUnknownfreq: There are 3 commomn graphic sets .. Intel, Nvidia and AMD/ What is the Mac8.1 running for graphic's hardware ? "momodeset" might be of value ?18:13
Unknownfreqnomodeset is not present18:13
Unknownfreqi have to boot up my mac to check what graphic card :)18:14
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Unknownfreq18:14
ubottuUnknownfreq: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:14
UnknownfreqBashing-om: it's an intel graphics card ... do i need to type in 'nomodeset' ? and after what line?18:15
=== Guest79363 is now known as marahin
Bashing-omUnknownfreq: No, nomodeset is not something that the Intel graphic's will recognize .- why I did ask for the manufacturer . I do not know Untel not Macs, I can not be much help to ya . Others here will jump in to assist.18:19
UnknownfreqBashing-om: thanks anyways mate!18:19
marahinHello. I have to create an instance of Windows on my laptop, and it cannot be virtualized, so I have to make it dual boot. My current setup is ubuntu with encrypted LVM setup w/ additionally encrypted /home. How can I make a dual-boot Windows instance w/o breaking everything w/ my linux instanec?18:20
Bashing-omUnknownfreq: If I knew I would .. I do not know and can not help .18:21
fadavihow/where can i begin development of kernel?18:21
OerHeksfadavi, good start https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev18:23
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fadaviOerHeks: thanks :)18:24
CopperBotEntroware seems very tempting - their power for price is impressive. Does anyone here own an entroware laptop?18:26
jancoowHi there. I want to run transmisison-deamon under another user. On ubuntu 14.04 i changed /etc/init/transmission-daemon.conf and add a paramter "setuid user". After i started transmission with service transmission-daemon start it started under that user. However, on ubuntu 16.04 this isn't working. could someone help me starting the transmission deamon under another user18:29
=== ahrc333ff is now known as Guest76432
uasudfhI am getting "no such file or directory" when I try to work with a .sh file I KNOW is there as I can see if it I ls18:31
Guest76432uasudfh: how are you executing the command?18:31
uasudfhwell I might back up....it is a .sh installer for PIA vpn. I tried to install it by extracting and double clicking as normal but it opens mousepad which says "the document is not utf valid"18:32
uasudfhso I then tried various .sh commands from various tutorials and it always reslts in "no such file or directory" or sh: 0 errors18:33
Guest76432still, if it's saying there is "no such file or directory" but you can see the file, we need to know what you're attempting to execute18:33
Guest76432are you trying to execute the sh?18:33
uasudfhI am following the diretions to install the PIA client on 16.04 xubuntu...stand by for the commands18:33
Guest76432if so, you have to prepend ./ to identify that the script is in the current directory rather than those identified in path.18:34
uasudfhI tried these http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/run-execute-sh-shell-script/18:34
uasudfh./ was one of them18:34
uasudfhand I was in the parent directory for sure as I did ls to verify the file name18:35
Guest76432copy and paste your exact command into this channel please18:35
akikuasudfh: make sure that the first line of the sh script doesn't contain a windows line ending character18:36
uasudfhresults in "no such file or directory"18:36
uasudfhakik: I dont know what a windows line ending character is18:36
akikuasudfh: can you pastebin "head -1 script.sh | od -c" ?18:37
Guest76432from the current directly, do this: cat pia-v61-installer.sh | nc termbin.com 999918:37
Guest76432paste the output link here18:37
=== fadavi1 is now known as fadavi
uasudfhakik: head: cannot open 'pia-v61-installer.sh' for reading: No such file or directory http://paste.ubuntu.com/20634053/18:38
rypervencheuasudfh: Are you using tab auto-complete?18:39
akikuasudfh: ummm you're in the wrong directory?18:39
uasudfhakik: I am in the proper directory and did an ls to see18:39
rypervencheuasudfh: Try typing ./pi then hit tab.18:40
Guest76432ls | nc termbin.com 999918:40
Guest76432that will allow us to see the contents of your directory18:40
akikuasudfh: also "file pia-v61-installer.sh"18:40
uasudfhrypervenche: nothing happens18:40
rypervencheuasudfh: Then either the file name is wrong, or it's not in that directory. Give us that output of ls please.18:40
rypervencheuasudfh: You are in your home directory. Not where the file is.18:42
uasudfhpia-v61-installer.sh: cannot open `pia-v61-installer.sh' (No such file or directory)18:42
uasudfhryper I did cd Downloads18:42
uasudfhand then ls18:42
uasudfhthat means I am in the proper directory no?18:42
akikuasudfh: take it one step at a time :) don't hurry18:42
Guest76432sudo updatedb && locate pia-v61-installer.sh18:43
rypervencheuasudfh: You just ran ls and you are currectly in your home directory. Run "cd Downloads" again.18:43
Guest76432that will allow you to find the file18:43
OerHeksread their manual man >> https://helpdesk.privateinternetaccess.com/hc/en-us/articles/219438217-Installing-the-PIA-App-on-Linux18:44
uasudfhok I am in Downloads for sure18:44
uasudfhOerHeks: I did read that and it's not working as the man says. There are tons of posts in their forums with people ahving installer troubles but no one solution18:44
OerHeksuasudfh, then contact helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com18:45
akikuasudfh: use "ls", "cd" and "pwd" to browser your home dir to find the correct path18:45
rypervencheuasudfh: Run the command that Guest76432 showed you.18:45
uasudfhI am trying to solve it before I send off an email that might take days to be answered.18:45
OerHeksnot much we can do18:45
uasudfhrypervenche: which one? I am getting lost18:45
uasudfhI am in Downloads for sure...can see the installer18:46
akiksure we can help a person start a shell script18:46
Guest76432uasudfh: run the commands above that i showed you18:46
Guest76432sorry, lol ,read wrong line18:46
Guest76432thought you were repeating an old problem18:46
Guest76432uasudfh: a script not working is different from not finding a file18:46
Guest76432sudo updatedb && locate pia-v61-installer.sh18:46
uasudfhguest I know where the file is...have alerady done that18:46
Guest76432This will index files in your computer, then find the file that you're trying to run. It will tell us which directory it resides in.18:46
uasudfhits in Downloads18:46
Guest76432so, what's the new error?18:47
rypervencheuasudfh: How are you "seeing" it?18:47
Guest76432if you've physically found the file, then you should not be receiving that same error18:47
uasudfhI havent done anything yet to get some new errors18:47
uasudfhI am getting conflicting advice so am trying to sort it18:47
Guest76432attempt to: ./scriptname.sh again18:47
Guest76432it all actually similar advice :)18:47
uasudfhGuest76432: before I run that how do I undo it if I need to?18:48
uasudfhremove it18:48
Guest76432(a) ensure you know the location of the file (b) attempt to run the script (c) if b fails then ensure there are proper permissions to run, etc.18:48
Guest76432uasudfh: removing a file that is installed via a script is not necessarily straight forward.18:48
uasudfhGuest76432: this is a problem then because so much I try on advice messes something up and I don't want to mess it up more. I am getting frustrated than half of the time linux stuff doesn;t work as tutorials say or it breaks something else18:49
uasudfhpeople give you a command but dont tell you that it adds things you cant change or isn't easy to reverse18:50
LENNYMANFEEL THE LENNY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)18:50
rypervencheuasudfh: That is what happens with custom scripts that don't come from the package manager.18:50
uasudfhI just want to use a vpn but every tutorial doesn't go as planned and their support forums re full of people with problems18:50
Guest76432Ubuntu is simple as a desktop environment. Administering on a linux computer is a different story.18:50
moestevensUbuntu isn't a DE?18:51
Guest76432I didn't say that18:51
Guest76432Okay, sure, Unity18:51
Guest76432People here are so ridiculous sometimes.18:51
akikuasudfh: can you pastebin "head -1 pia-v61-installer.sh | od -c". that'll tell you the shell interpreter that is used18:51
Guest76432If I speak to someone at this level, he's not going to know about the various services. What's the point of complicating things for him?18:52
uasudfhakik what will knowing that do for me?18:52
uasudfhI know the difference between a DE and a distro....please dont fight guys18:52
uasudfhI just dont know the terminal and when things dont go just like a step by step tutorial says I get lost18:52
uasudfhI am using bash if that's what you mean akik18:53
Guest76432uasaudfh: these are investigation methods. there is a nothing going on here that is changing your computer. What he was trying to do is look at the first line of the script file and see if there are inappropriate line terminating characters which can cause unexpected program behavior. You do'nt normally see the "escaped" characters like \n \r etc18:54
uasudfhok I think one problem was as said long ago I was not actually in the proper directory even though I thought so18:54
Guest76432what's the new problem?18:55
uasudfhmy problem right now is I am trying to understand what running this shell will do18:55
uasudfhand how I can undo it if it messes up..18:55
uasudfhI dont want to fire a bullet I cannot call back if that makes sense18:55
Guest76432uasudfh: it shouldn't destroy anything in the OS. at most it'll probably install openvpn, and then put some config files on your HDD.18:56
akikuasudfh: if the sh script has been edited in windows, it'll have wrong line ending character18:56
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
akikuasudfh: windows uses \r\n and linux uses \n. that od -c command will show it18:57
uasudfhyeah the first problem was for sure me being in the wrong directory....I am reading more before I run it and break something else18:58
Dark_Blue_Birdhello how do I delete apps from Ubuntu software center?18:59
Dark_Blue_Birdif i press remove its just loading but not removing18:59
Dark_Blue_BirdI mean they disappear but after restarting software center they appear again18:59
=== rancour is now known as random985134
extinct_potatoDark_Blue_Bird have you tried removing packages with Synaptic or 'apt-get remove'?19:03
Dark_Blue_Birdidk the name of the package19:04
Dark_Blue_Birdit's mines19:04
Dark_Blue_Birdsolitaire and all that crap games19:04
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: 'sudo apt remove gnome-games'19:05
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/gnome-games19:05
Dark_Blue_Birdcan I do --purge remove?19:06
extinct_potatoDark_Blue_Bird yes, you can but it's not mandatory19:06
Dark_Blue_Birddamn this Ubuntu is weird19:07
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: You can but I don't think that these games have any system wide configuration files. 'sudo apt purge gnome-games'19:07
Dark_Blue_Birdwhat's the equivalent to pacman -Rns19:07
Dark_Blue_Birdapt-get remove?19:07
hellslinger_hi guys, I'm trying to install some stuff in a libertine container and I'm wondering how to attach to the container's bash console19:08
Dark_Blue_Birdgnome-games isn't installed19:08
ioriaDark_Blue_Bird, dpkg -l gnome-mines19:08
Dark_Blue_Birdgosh arch is easier19:11
Dark_Blue_Birdthis crap omg19:11
Dark_Blue_Birdbloatware adware idk xd lmfao19:11
ioriaDark_Blue_Bird, ubuntu or kubuntu ?19:12
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: So just stay with your beloved arch. I use both of them and both have some pros/cons19:12
Dark_Blue_BirdUbuntu need to set it up for someone19:12
Dark_Blue_Birdbut I'm on arch19:12
Dark_Blue_Birdpacman is hotter19:12
mefista_j #ubuntu-es19:14
Dark_Blue_Birdgoing to --purge remove this software center19:14
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: For once I agree with you, but that software-center is gnome3 default. You will find it in Fedora too ;)19:15
extinct_potatosoftware center is garbage in my opinion19:16
extinct_potatoI mean, it's an easy way to install apps, but in the long term you should just learn apt-get/synaptic to manage your packages.19:17
extinct_potatoit's not that hard or complicated anyway.19:17
michael_mbphi all19:19
michael_mbpwhat's a good strategy for naming primary partitions for trying different OSes?19:19
michael_mbpfor example I want to run arch, freebsd etc etc and boot to whatever as I need.19:19
extinct_potatoYou don't really *name* partitions michael_mbp19:20
extinct_potatoit's not Windows :P19:21
DrunkwizardIt is choosen, automatically by system, if I am not mistaken.19:21
extinct_potatoYou're right Drunkwizard.19:21
EriC^^you can give them labels19:21
extinct_potatowell yes, but later on.19:21
extinct_potatobut it doesn't matter anyway19:22
DrunkwizardEriC^^: That stuff, lies in after installing the OS itself.19:22
extinct_potatomy Ubuntu partition is for eg. called 'Hard russian drugs' so I guess it's up to everyone..19:22
EriC^^Drunkwizard: not really, it's part of the partition itself19:22
minimecmichael_mbp: Keep in ming that you only have 4 promary partitions, And one is maybe taken by efi/uefi. I recommend one (only) swap (primary) for all the OS's you want to use. If you install the whole OS on one partition, you might want to install that one on a primary partiton. Otherwise use extended...19:22
ioriaif uefi, is gtp19:23
DrunkwizardEither way, just install in some partition and the Bootloader will detect the OS.19:23
extinct_potatouefi is a devil spawn19:26
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michael_mbpgotcha yeah19:27
michael_mbpI just made 3x 20gig partitions ext419:28
michael_mbpthey've got a gerneric name in `lsblk`19:28
michael_mbpnvme0n1p4 to p5...19:28
EriC^^sudo lsblk -f19:29
michael_mbpha nice19:29
michael_mbpmy labels are appearing19:29
michael_mbpinstalling arch/debian/freebsd19:30
michael_mbpit's a System75 Lemur so boots to Ubuntu desktop by default19:30
bad_ipis Ubuntu 16 just that much easier to install than previous desktop verions?19:31
EriC^^bad_ip: same thing i'd say19:31
bad_ipSurely a window manager can't make all the difference, right?19:32
bad_ipI used Kubuntu this time and it was like, miles of a difference19:32
michael_mbpI've basically spent the past 20 years SSD'd into a linux box somewhere in the world - been a while since I've done this _in person_ hah.19:32
Drunkwizardmichael_mbp: 20 years? gee19:33
michael_mbpsweet, just killed the autoloading of the GUI on boot.19:36
shwarzeris it true when we install ubuntu alongside windows, our windows will be slow?19:39
EriC^^shwarzer: no19:39
AntiVirGearMy Problem: I'm using Zorin OS 9 (based by Ubuntu trusty) and I want to use a mobile broadband stick (huawei K4203) which doesn't show the ethernet connection as before anymore... I tried to switch the usb_mode but nothing happened19:39
Seveasshwarzer: if you install ubuntu as vm under windows, it'll take up some resources while windows is running. If you install them side by side as dual boot, neither has an effect on the performance of the other.19:40
SeveasAntiVirGear: we don't suppport zorin.19:40
shwarzertq bye Seveas EriC^^19:40
AntiVirGearI know but it is technicaly just ubuntu with a little bit more fancy, right?19:41
Seveasno, it's a separate distro, find help in the appropriate place.19:41
DrunkwizardAntiVirGear: See if the device is detected. $ dmesg19:41
=== dada is now known as Guest97254
AntiVirGearDrunkwizard: http://pastebin.com/Vr1wRFPc19:44
EriC^^AntiVirGear: seems to detect it19:45
sambagirli need to assign a domain to a local server with a static ip here and i was wondering if someone could point me to to the correct way to do it. i read a bunch of stuff but confused by the conflicts in approaches. it is 14.04lts server19:47
AntiVirGearEriC^^: detected but I have no access to the mass storage/CDROM AND no second ethernet connection to access ... :/19:48
=== kyle is now known as Guest68940
EriC^^AntiVirGear: does "ip a" show it?19:48
michael_mbpEriC^^: I did systemctl set-default multi-user.target, how can I revert it?19:48
EriC^^AntiVirGear: maybe some kind of block? try rfkill list19:49
EriC^^michael_mbp: no idea, but isn't that the default target anyways?19:49
michael_mbpsystemctl start lightdm did the trick19:50
michael_mbpEriC^^: preceded it with systemctl enable multi-user.target --force19:50
Seveasmichael_mbp: systemctl set-default graphical.target19:50
AntiVirGearEric^^: http://pastebin.com/gmVmGMMs rfkill19:50
michael_mbpah gotcha!19:50
michael_mbpepic, thanks Seveas19:50
michael_mbpwhat does the --force one do though?19:51
AntiVirGearEriC^^: http://pastebin.com/GWKQx46e19:51
sambagirlhey seveas19:51
michael_mbpjust enables that target?19:51
michael_mbpsuppose it's disabled by default19:51
Seveashey sambagirl :)19:51
Seveasmichael_mbp: no clue. I just did systemctl get-default on my non-modified system and gave you what it spat out :)19:52
michael_mbpha cheers :)19:52
Seveassystemd is something I really need to learn more about19:53
michael_mbpSeveas: I love it.  Use it on my production systems, really epic way for managing services.19:53
michael_mbpthings like nginx, or any process really19:53
michael_mbpand `journalctl -f` is equally epic.19:53
michael_mbp(basically your sys log in real-time)19:54
Seveasmichael_mbp: I really quite like it as well, but unfortunately work is still it centos 6 mostly, so old cruddy init and rsyslog19:54
michael_mbpok so I tried running `dpkg-reconfigure console-setup` to increase my TTYs font size to 18 but that's still tooooo small thoughts?19:54
sambagirli need to assign a domain to a local server with a static ip here and i was wondering if someone could point me to to the correct way to do it. i read a bunch of stuff but confused by the conflicts in approaches. it is 14.04lts server19:55
Seveassambagirl: that completely depends on your DNS setup19:55
sambagirlwhat do you mean by that seveas? currently the dns servers are from the isp for that ip/server.19:56
sambagirli installed bind9 btw19:56
michael_mbpugh I wish there was a way to get sudo to shutup19:57
michael_mbplike authenticate sudo for the next 30 mins or something?19:57
michael_mbpbeing in the sudoers file is no point.19:57
Seveasmichael_mbp: NOPASSWD:ALL :P19:57
michael_mbpyay I just restored my grub...19:57
michael_mbpAHH doh, forgot that19:57
michael_mbpsee, I normally do deploys with ansible or chef ha.19:58
Seveassambagirl: how/where is the domain registered and where's the dns for that domain?19:58
Seveasmichael_mbp: man sudo, see timestamp_timeout. Usually it's 15 minutes.20:00
busliqueyo, which DE >> http://gulivert.ch/content/images/2016/01/gentoo_awesome-wm.png20:01
michael_mbp15 mins? odd.20:01
Seveasmichael_mbp: it's per [tp]ty though20:01
michael_mbpah that's why :)20:01
Seveasyou can disable it, see tty_tickets20:02
akikbuslique: i think it's awesome20:02
michael_mbpcool got it setup how I like it.  SSH in and I'm greeted with boyubo20:02
akikbuslique: https://awesome.naquadah.org/20:02
OerHeksakik, did you open the url or just looked at the name, like me?20:03
michael_mbpByobu I mean20:03
Seveasisn't byobu still based on screen?20:03
akikOerHeks: i only read the url :)20:03
michael_mbpSeveas: it is20:03
Seveashmm, can't stand that piece of junk anymore. tmux all the way for me :)20:03
michael_mbpbut you get handy jumping between 'screens' and a nice status bar with stats20:03
OerHeks!find awesome20:04
ubottuFound: fonts-font-awesome, awesome, awesome-extra, drupal7-mod-fontawesome, python-xstatic-font-awesome, python3-xstatic-font-awesome, ruby-awesome-nested-set, ruby-awesome-print, ruby-font-awesome-rails, W: (and 26 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=awesome&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all20:04
michael_mbpI used to tmux a lot.  Just can't seem to get my TTY font large enough for that (yet)20:04
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michael_mbpSeveas: QQ how can I force my locale to US? there were some things I could do with LC_<Something)20:04
michael_mbpubuntu has picked up on my locale and is doing some funny thing with local language (text) that I can't read.20:05
michael_mbplocale-gen "en_US.UTF-8" ?20:05
michael_mbp4096 ජූලි   23 20:3120:05
michael_mbplol that's in 'Sinhala' (local language in Sri Lanka)20:06
Seveasmichael_mbp: vim /etc/default/locale20:06
michael_mbpdoing dpkg-reconfigure locales too20:07
michael_mbpah cheers20:07
Seveasyeah, apparently you're not supposed to edit that file anymore. There's an update-locale command20:07
michael_mbpyeah just tried that20:07
SeveasI have a weird locale set up. Want en_US for texts, but can't stand the stupid time/numbers formatting20:08
michael_mbpdo I need to restart or spawn a new tty?20:08
michael_mbpodd, stil getting that same crap20:08
michael_mbpmeh I'll give it a reboot20:08
Seveasneeds new session20:08
michael_mbpbyobu may be stuck on a session.20:09
sambagirlbattery ran out on that particular laptop20:09
SeveasI have LANG=en_US an LC_*=nl_NL (except for LC_MESSAGES)20:09
Seveasthat gives me sanity :)20:09
michael_mbpseems I may have to do this http://askubuntu.com/a/22951220:10
Seveasthat's definitely not necessary20:10
sambagirlseveas it's truely impresive how far ubuntu/linux has come isn't it? think about way back when :)20:10
michael_mbpsambagirl: indeed :D20:10
Seveassambagirl: continuous improvement is a good thing :) When did we first meet? I bet it was before I was married and got a kid :)20:11
sambagirli've been running it ever since whaory or 520:11
michael_mbpupdate-locale didn't change my file though BTW20:11
sambagirlwhen Fred2 was here seveas that long ago.20:11
Seveassambagirl: I don't remember Fred220:12
sambagirlback when they sent out boxes of different flavors of ubuntu for people to distribute. i got like 6 boxes of every type of architecture20:12
sambagirlahh ok20:12
michael_mbpSeveas: so update-locale isn't picking up changes20:12
Seveassambagirl: I threw my last few breezy badger boxes out last year :)20:12
Seveasmichael_mbp: meh, edit the file directly and slap update-locale20:13
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SeveasI must have given away hundreds of those cd's at the time. Did a lot of talks and release parties20:14
laurusI have two partitions, one Linux, one Windows. I want to make the Windows one smaller and the Linux one bigger. What is a safe way to do this?20:14
Apachezget a new drive20:14
sambagirli gave tons away too. btw i think i will give noip a shot on this domain thing on that server.20:15
laurusApachez, what?20:15
Apachezwell you wanted a safe way20:15
akiklaurus: gparted can probably do it20:15
Apachezthe none safe ways are to use a software that will resize your partitions and hopefully things will still work afterwards20:15
Apachezyou should still take backup20:15
laurusApachez, well, when I got the computer, it had Windows pre-installed. I somehow shrank that partition and made a new one.20:15
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laurusBut I forgot how... it was years ago :(20:16
Seveaslaurus: make a backup of all your data, then boot a live cd with gparted20:16
sambagirlseveas you know, you are one of the originals. so was Fred2.20:16
Apachezwhich gives getting a new drive and reinstall is the fastest and safest way :)20:16
laurusSeveas, okay.20:16
Apachezalso you get rid of old malwares who got onto your windows installation =)20:16
laurusI never use Windows except maybe once per year20:16
laurusSo resizing a Windows partition with gparted doesn't mess it up?20:16
Seveasshouldn't. Just don't move it, or shrink from the left (which is actually a move)20:17
Seveasbut, make a backup.20:17
OerHeksi would do the windows partition from within windows20:17
Seveasany advice received in here comes without warranty :)20:17
SeveasOerHeks: I'd nuke the windows partition :-)20:17
laurusI just looked at gparted and it shows /dev/sda1, sda2, and sda3 are ntfs.20:18
sambagirloh another question. can you use wubi with ubuntu 16.04 in windows 10?20:18
Seveasisn't wubi deprecated/dead these days?20:18
laurusThen sda4 is "extended", and seems to contain sda5 which is linux-swap, and sda6 which is ext4.20:18
michael_mbplol Seveas this is kicking my ass... doing a reboot.20:18
OerHeksSeveas, i wish you could do that, from within windows.20:18
akiklaurus: there's tips for shrinking ntfs at http://gparted.org/display-doc.php?name=help-manual&lang=C#gparted-advanced-partition-actions20:18
michael_mbptried new sessions20:18
OerHekswubi is dead20:18
ubottuWubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and Windows, and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.20:18
laurusakik, thanks. It's funny how they say "the commercial operating system."20:19
michael_mbpyay reboot fixed it20:19
laurusOerHeks, how do you resize a partition in Windows?20:20
Seveaslaurus: in the disk management snap-in in the administrative tools in the control panel20:20
laurusAh, okay.20:20
OerHeksdiskmanagment, click partition, right mouse, etc20:20
laurusBut, is it safe to resize a partition while that OS is running?20:20
Seveasif it's not safe, it won't let you do it20:21
OerHeksit will show the safe maximum too20:21
laurusSo I should do that within Windows. Then, use LiveCD for gparted and resize the Ubuntu partition.20:21
OerHeksonlu linux does not like to be altered when running, you need gparted or live iso for that20:21
laurusAnd backup first.20:21
michael_mbpthanks all, that was super helpful. Especially Seveas20:21
Seveasyou're welcome20:21
Seveaslaurus: always wear protection^W^Wbackup first.20:22
zcobhello, I am having trouble with my usb3 flash drive in a usb3 port. It work in the usb2 port.20:22
laurusGreat, thanks everyone!20:22
sambagirlzcob it doesnt work properly in windows either :D20:22
Seveaszcob: do other things work in the usb3 port?20:23
Seveasspecifically, other usb3 things20:23
GrnMessiahI missed the plot . . . what problems are you having with USB3?20:23
zcobno nothing works with the usb3 port,.lol. must be a driver problem20:23
GrnMessiahWhat model of computer>20:24
Seveaszcob: or a dead port :)20:24
GrnMessiahDrunk typing . . .20:24
busliqueakik, thanks a lot20:24
laurusAnother totally unrelated question: what is the recommended way to rip CDs losslessly while not inserting artificial breaks between tracks?20:24
sambagirlis this legit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOtMOws7GJg20:24
zcobMSI, it worked with windows20:25
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OerHekssambagirl, youtube is legit in some countries yes20:25
sambagirloekheks no it shows in 3 minutes how to dual boot with windows 10 and ubuntu.20:25
OerHeksoh, i am not going to watch that, we have excellent wiki pages !uefi !dualboot20:26
GrnMessiahInstall Ubuntu second--then it automatically figures it out20:26
sambagirldid you successfully do it grnmessiah?20:27
GrnMessiahSeveral times20:27
GrnMessiahThat's one advantage of being professional IT support20:27
sambagirlin windows 1020:27
sambagirlah ok20:28
sambagirlout of curiosity do you advocate green peace grnmessiah? :D20:29
GrnMessiahI'm truthfully an Anarchist, so I cannot technically advocate greenpeace20:31
laurusGreenlight, what?20:32
laurusHow is an organization like Greenpeace incompatible with anarchism?20:32
OerHekslets keep this channel clear for support, thanks ( there is also #ubuntu-offtopic )20:33
GrnMessiahNot sure--it's an organization?20:33
GrnMessiahI haven't really researched it recently, and I've burned a lot of braincells since then20:33
laurusHey, no problem20:33
laurusI'm going to stop procrastinating and do this backup20:34
laurusTake care all20:34
Dark_Blue_Birdhello I wanted to use alt as a shortcut not mod key in i3 window manager. alt+ f5 brightness down alt+f6 brightness up but how do I specify alt key in the i3 conf? any ideas? Alt_L doesn't work nor mod4 etc20:37
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: I don't know how this is done in i3, but I use xbindkeys for this kind of things. Allows me to have the sme shortcut leyout for different window managers.20:39
Dark_Blue_Birdhow to do thatm20:40
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: There are numerous tutorials. The 'arch' one is quit explicit...20:41
Dark_Blue_Birdcould u send a link?20:42
minimecDark_Blue_Bird: Sorry I forgot... https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xbindkeys20:42
illegalprimeHi all, I'm wondering if someone can help me find the new ubuntu phone? It is sold out in the provided link.20:43
OerHeksillegalprime, ask in #ubuntu-touch, dedicated channel for phone, but i am afraid bq 4.5 and 5 are sold out20:44
illegalprimeOerHeks: thank you!20:44
OerHeksmeizu 5 too, 6 is comming iirc20:44
akap_ Hello, can someone help me for programs xchar or hexchat? Is it possible when you click on a person nick copy it?20:44
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=== ubuntu is now known as Guest62459
Guest62459what is this used for?21:06
minimecGuest62459: Ubuntu community support channel.21:07
Guest62459I'm actually new to this and my ubuntu does not let me open files what could be causing this21:08
minimecGuest62459: What kind of files?21:08
Guest62459tor browser21:09
Guest62459i tried to extract them but it wont open21:09
rajivmarsIs it possible to install ubuntu 16.04 wallpapers in kubuntu 16.04?21:11
minimecGuest62459: If you are in the file manager 'right click' on the tor-browser file and go to 'properties'. There is a 'Tab' called permissions, check 'Allow executing file as program'21:11
Guest62459ill do that21:11
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minimecrajivmars: yes.21:12
rajivmarsminimec: how?21:13
minimecrajivmars: 'sudo apt install ubuntu-wallpapers'21:13
rajivmarsminimec: thankyou:)21:14
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=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
rajivmarsminimec: i have just installed those wallpapers.  where are these wallpapers stored?21:17
MonkeyDustrajivmars  type   locate wallpaper21:18
minimecrajivmars: /usr/share/backgrounds21:18
rajivmarsminimec: yes it is there, but how do i open these wallpapers.?21:21
Tex_Nickrajivmars: Right Click on desktop and choose Change Desktop Background21:22
minimecrajivmars: 'right click' and 'set as Wallpaper' (at least in unity/gnome), or open them with the according image viewer os kubuntu. There is probably an option too...21:23
OerHeksthey might be available after logout/login21:23
rajivmarsminimec: i have checked the wallpaper settings menu shows only one plasma wallpaper. it is not showing those wallpapers that i have just installed?21:29
eqw3rtyjoin #docker21:29
minimecrajivmars: Ok. I see. We link the background folder to the wallpaper folder. 'sudo ln -s /usr/share/backgounds/ /usr/share/wallpapers' KDE stores the wallpapers in /ur/share/wallpapers21:35
illegalprime#ubuntu-touch isn't responding, so I figured I could ask here: any word on the availability of the Meizu Pro 5 (Ubuntu version of course :) )?21:35
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minimecrajivmars: sudo ln -s /usr/share/backgrounds/ /usr/share/wallpapers/21:36
rajivmarsminimec: I have done this. but still it is not showing these wallpapers.21:38
illegalprimeminimec: why would you make this symlink? it will destroy all of the wallpapers that came with plasma?21:38
illegalprimeit might be better to do `sudo ln -s /usr/share/backgrounds/* /usr/share/wallpapers/`, I don't have KDE so I can't verify21:39
minimecillegalprime: It creates a background folder in /user/share/wallpapers...21:40
minimecrajivmars: Do you see the link in /usr/share/wallpapers ?21:40
rajivmarsminimec: No.21:41
illegalprimeminimec: it does not, what you want is `ln -s /usr/share/backgrounds /usr/share/wallpapers/`21:41
illegalprimebut who knows if KDE will look inside folders inside wallpapers?21:41
illegalprimerajivmars: nevermind you're totally right, sorry :)21:43
rajivmarsillepalprime: np;-)21:43
minimecillegalprime: Well I just looked into /usr/share/backgrounds and the wallpapers are sorted in folders. And I don't see a difference between my command and yours...21:44
illegalprimeminimec: you should be looking in /usr/share/wallpapers to see if there is a symlink there called `backgrounds`21:45
minimecillegalprime: Well... I don't have one, because I am using gnome3 ;)21:46
rajivmarsminimec: i don't understand how to get those wallpapers:)21:48
illegalprimeminimec: sorry I thought you were the one with this folder (on KDE). I feel awkward. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQM5fU7V-MM21:51
minimecillegalprime: ;) Actually I am running e17 with a gnome session, but you are right... Old habits never die. The 3rd episode is out by the way...21:53
illegalprimeno way!!! thank you! I will do that now21:53
ahrc333ffhow is season 2 so far?21:55
minimecrajivmars: I guess you misstyped the command. My command will create a backgrounds folder in the wallpapers foler. The command of illegalprime will link all files of /usr/share/backgrounds to /usr/share/wallpaper.21:55
minimecahrc333ff: Well. First episode was cool. 2nd was less animated. Did not watch the 3rd until now.21:56
guestuser1234How do I set FQDN?21:56
rajivmarsminimec: ok. then what should i do now. Have you any idea?21:57
ahrc333ffminimec: gotcha. thx. hoping they start getting back into hacking a bit. but, there was a lot of deviation toward the mid/end of last seasons.21:57
minimecrajivmars: I would try 'sudo ln -s /usr/share/backgrounds/ /usr/share/wallpapers/' That should do...21:58
OneM_IndustriesHey, how do I undelete files from a .trash-1000 folder on a USB drive?21:59
OneM_IndustriesI have some photos in a folder that are rather important.22:00
rajivmarsminimec: yes!yes1. you have done:) the command "sudo ln -s /usr/share/backgrounds/ /usr/share/wallpapers/" worked. thankyou:)22:01
minimecrajivmars: ;)22:04
rajivmarsminimec: if in the future i will install some wallpapers, then i have to do the same thing to get those.Because i have already created a background folder?22:06
minimecrajivmars: Whatever is placed in /usr/share/backgrounds will also show in /usr/share/wallpapers22:07
xn0rwhat's wrong if screen immediately terminates, and only works as root?22:10
xn0ron 16.0422:10
MonkeyDustdesha  anyone what?22:12
YankDownUnderxn0r: Graphics driver, display manager - most likely.22:13
Tex_Nickdesha: if you have a support question ask it22:13
MonkeyDustdesha  simply ask your question and wait22:13
xn0rYankDownUnder: no, screen is a terminal-only program, there is not even a screen on this server or any graphics card22:14
YankDownUnderxn0r: I mistook your statement, sorry...yes, I know what "screen" is, in that context.22:14
deshaIs there any alternative to MD5 ?22:15
MonkeyDustdesha  start from the beginning, what makes you ask that22:15
geirhaxn0r: what's the login shell set to? echo "$SHELL"22:16
geirhaHm. Do you have a ~/.screenrc ?22:17
geirhaand ''type screen'' doesn't reveal any alias or function?22:18
xn0rno, just /usr/bin/screen22:18
akikxn0r: check that you own the screen socket dir in /var/run/screen/22:20
geirhaHm. Try asking #screen. They might some way to get some useful error messages out of it22:20
xn0rdrwx------  2 myuser myuser  40 <date> S-myuser22:21
xn0rand the screen directory itself: drwxrwsr-x  4 root utmp  80 Jul 23 20:27 .22:22
akikxn0r: is the exit value something other than 0? echo $?22:23
xn0rakik: it's zero22:24
xn0rquite puzzling22:24
akikxn0r: and screen -ls doesn't list the session?22:25
ahrc333ffxn0r: seems like a permission issue22:25
geirhaYou'd think screen would output a permission denied issue if that was the case22:26
ahrc333ffgeirha: perhaps, but if it's working as root then the application itself is fine.22:27
ahrc333fffor kicks, i'd at least try ls -l /usr/bin/screen22:27
xn0rthere is no session22:27
xn0rNo Sockets found in /var/run/screen/S-myuser22:27
xn0rthe directory in /var/run/screen is empty22:28
xn0r-rwxr-sr-x 1 root utmp 434216 Feb  7 11:11 /usr/bin/screen22:28
akikxn0r: what happens if you run "screen top"22:28
geirhaxn0r: Does  screen /bin/sh  work?22:29
ahrc333ffxn0r: permissions look correct.22:29
xn0rsame, immediately terminates: cleared screen and "[screen is terminating]"22:29
xn0rthat's all I get22:29
akikxn0r: has it ever worked? :)22:29
ahrc333ffsounds like it's exiting cleanly. returns 0 and displays standard exit text....22:30
xn0ron this system? no, first time I've tried, but on many others .. yes22:30
ahrc333ffstill seems like a perms issue to me. but the permission just isn't on the binary itself22:32
ahrc333ffanything useful in strace?22:32
akikbeats me22:32
akikxn0r: "dpkg -V screen" ?22:33
xn0rcould there be something wrong with the pts?22:33
xn0rakik: no output, 0 exit22:34
xn0rdpkg -l: ii screen 4.3.1-2build1 amd6422:35
EriC^^xn0r: does it happen from a fresh terminal/22:35
xn0rI only have remote access over ssh, but relogging doesn't help, I've tried22:36
geirhadoes  screen -m -d   to start it detached, work?22:37
xn0rno, well nothing is running afterwards22:38
geirharight, so screen -ls is still empty22:38
geirhathen I don't think the problem is with the pty22:38
xn0ryes still no sockets22:39
akikxn0r: maybe something in the global screenrc which kills it?22:39
fiatjaf_I've installed ubuntu-server 16.04, then i3 and I'm using to run GUI applications in my desktop. most things are fine, but sometimes a gtk app will crash saying "Gtk-WARNING **: Could not find the icon 'drive-removable-media'. The 'hicolor' theme was not found either, perhaps you need to install it."22:39
akikit sounds like a permission issue because it works for the root user22:40
fiatjaf_I have this hicolor-icon-theme installed, there are a lot of other icon themes under /usr/share/icons22:40
ahrc333ffakik: agree, but could be a painful process looking at al the libs, files, etc. and their perms just to confirm o_022:41
xn0rcan someone do a ls -l /dev|grep pts; ls -l /dev/pts/ ?22:41
fiatjaf_the last one to fail was linthesia22:41
xn0rakik: no I've tried purging the package before and reinstalling22:42
EriC^^xn0r: try ls -ld /var/run/screen22:42
EriC^^drwxrwxr-x 3 root utmp22:43
xn0rI've done that before, posted a couple minutes ago22:43
EriC^^that was for screen22:43
akikxn0r: i meant a device file permission issue22:43
EriC^^xn0r: you posted it earlier?22:44
EriC^^drwxrwsr-x  4 root utmp ?22:44
EriC^^that's odd cause mine isn't guid22:45
EriC^^lower case s means it's not +x for group22:45
xn0rthe binary is22:45
EriC^^xn0r: try ls -ld /var/run/screen22:46
xn0rbut maybe setguid doesn't work on my system?22:46
geirhano, lowercase s is x + setgid.22:46
EriC^^geirha: ah22:46
geirhauppercase S means x is missing22:46
xn0rI have posted this before, matches what others have22:46
EriC^^maybe it still affects stuff though?22:46
EriC^^xn0r: i dont have +s22:46
EriC^^and i've never touched that dir iirc22:46
EriC^^somebody else try ls -ld /var/run/screen too to confirm22:47
geirha/usr/bin/screen has the s22:47
xn0rme neither, I've deleted and freshly installed the package, that's the stock permissions22:47
akikdrwxrwxr-x 3 root utmp 60 Jul 15 20:04 /var/run/screen/22:47
EriC^^xn0r: which ubuntu are you using?22:47
fiatjaf_oh, it runs with sudo22:47
EriC^^thanks akik22:48
EriC^^xn0r: same here, try sudo chmod 775 /var/run/screen22:48
xn0rit is 77522:48
xn0rI think setguid is broken on my system22:49
EriC^^xn0r: try sudo chmod 0775 /var/run/screen22:49
EriC^^also confirm what's inside with ls -l /var/run/screen22:49
EriC^^should be 700 for the user and his group22:50
xn0rit is, we've checked the file permissions22:50
EriC^^ah i see22:51
ahrc333ffi'm wondering ofthe perms issue is with one of the many libs or something that loads when execve calls screen22:51
ahrc333ffstrace screen might show some sort of error22:51
ahrc333ffwill take some digging through though22:51
xn0rthe last lines are: exit_group(1) = ?, +++ exited with 1 +++22:53
pezdispenserI'm trying to format my HDD, using ubuntu live usb using gparted,  it keeps saying " the driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes, but linux says it is 512 bytes,  "   how Can I fix this , I need to format it to fat 3222:53
ahrc333ffxn0r: the problems probably wouldn't be in the exit lines, unfortunately.22:53
xn0rwith strace the exit code changes to 1, without it's still 022:53
=== newguy is now known as Guest45894
ahrc333ffinteresting. it should exit 022:55
ahrc333ffperhaps there is a lib in there that has bad perms22:55
ahrc333ffscroll through and look at errors. access denied types22:55
EriC^^xn0r: try mkdir ~/.screen; SCREENDIR=$HOME/.screen22:55
EriC^^it's a workaround apparently22:56
pezdispenserI can install ubuntu on it fresh easy , just cannot seem to format it to prep for a windows install22:56
MonkeyDustpezdispenser  iirc, the windows installer asks to format it, too22:57
EriC^^xn0r: try mount | grep pts22:57
pezdispenserMonkeyDust:   yes i've seen that before but it keeps going to some grub recovery menu or something it seems, so I figured I'd just prep the HDD beforehand to get rid of this, but to no avail22:57
ahrc333ffif you want to post output from strace, you can strace screen > dump && cat dump | nc termbin.com 99922:58
GrnMessiahI don't remember disk partitioning in Ubuntu, does it use something similar to CFdisk?23:00
xn0rahrc333ff: can you try and see if in your strace output you also get getuid() = <your user id>, same for getgid(), geteuid(), getegid() ?23:00
ahrc333ffxn0r: im running kali as root in VM, so it's root by default23:00
ahrc333ffbut, i'll look23:00
GrnMessiahAre you suicidal, ahrc333ff?23:01
GrnMessiahKali has a weak defence, but a good offence.23:01
pezdispenserrunning the windows 10 disk just brings up " operating system not found ; /23:01
ahrc333ffGrnMessiah: lol. running inside osx with a host-only connection23:01
xn0rthen can someone else run this please?  strace screen -m -d 2>&1|grep get23:02
GrnMessiahAh . . .23:02
ahrc333ffgetrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILE, {rlim_cur=1024, rlim_max=4*1024}) = 023:02
ahrc333ffgetuid()                                = 023:02
ahrc333ffgetgid()                                = 023:02
ahrc333ffgeteuid()                               = 023:02
ahrc333ffgetegid()                               = 4323:02
ahrc333ffin caseit helps.23:03
MonkeyDustahrc333ff  next time, use a pastebin ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/20665622/23:03
turbo64whats the difference between using aptitude and apt-get23:06
minimecpezdispenser: It has to do with the harddrive. Newer harddrives have secot rsizes of 4k (4096 bytes) and emulates 8*512 bytes. So at my knowledge gparted per default aligns to 1MB (1.048.576 bytes == 32 sectors * 64 heads * 512 bytes) Newer windows system should do that too.23:06
akikxn0r: http://pastebin.com/raw/PXRaXGBA23:07
akik1000 is my user uid23:08
xn0rakik: ok, then I will have to post my strace23:08
akikalso gid23:08
Nooby_One_NoobyI know this is not the proper channel, but i'm having problems with xchat, i can't register and/or send messages in many rooms, #freenode included23:08
GrnMessiahGettest thou an error?23:10
Nooby_One_Nooby"cannot send to channel"23:10
GrnMessiahYou said that you can't register your nick, right?23:11
Nooby_One_Noobymy nick was registered, but it seems i lost it :s it was nooby_one23:12
Nooby_One_Noobyhow can one loose his nick?23:12
=== localhost_ is now known as Guest41000
OerHekswait in freenode 'till you get voice, Nooby_One_Nooby23:12
GrnMessiahNickserv won't let you join other rooms, because you have not completed registration--23:12
GrnMessiahThus saith nickserv23:13
GrnMessiahperhaps I should have said chanserv at the beginning23:13
ahrc333ffGo to email and copy/paste registration command from email.23:13
Nooby_One_Noobyoerheks: is it normal to be waiting over 30 minutes?23:13
OerHeksaccounts older than 6 months can disappear23:13
GrnMessiahYea, Verily behold ahrc333ff knows his shit.23:14
Nooby_One_Noobyit has not been 6 months since entering xchat23:14
OerHeksNooby_One_Nooby, we cannot help you with that anyway, so it is up to you to wait or not23:14
Nooby_One_Noobyok, i'll try new name then23:14
Nooby_One_Noobyanyway, sorry to bother the ubuntu channel with this23:15
xn0rstrace messes up screen, in strace it says in the end that Directory '/var/run/screen' must have mode 777.23:15
xn0rif I give it o+w it says, Directory ... must have mode 775.23:15
xn0rwhat a farce23:16
ahrc333ffwell, at least that still points toward perms issue somewhere. lol23:16
ahrc333ffif you exit screen strace should just finish23:16
akikxn0r: did you install that box yourself?23:17
ahrc333ffand since it exits automatically23:17
xn0rwith strace the exit code is also different, so strace messes something up23:17
ahrc333ffstrace shouldn't mess anything up o_0 when i run it i get teturn status of 023:18
ahrc333fffor me /var/run/screen is 755 and /var/run/screen/S-root is 70023:19
skinuxIs there a special way I need to "burn" latest 386 image to USB in order to get it to boot and install?23:19
akikskinux: just write it to your usb stick with dd23:20
xn0rit definitely messes with the setguid23:20
akikskinux: umount the stick first23:20
skinuxI don't know how to use dd23:21
akikskinux: "sudo dd if=isofile.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1024k" make sure /dev/sdX is your usb stick or bad things happen23:21
skinuxHow do I make sure it's my USB?23:22
akikskinux: sudo parted -l maybe23:22
ahrc333ffxn0r: time for tmux ^_^ lol23:22
minimecplug the stick and run 'dmesg' in a terminal.23:22
akikahrc333ff: i was waiting for that comment and yes there's something wrong with xn0r's installation23:23
ahrc333ffakik: haha. agree23:24
akikxn0r: did you try creating a new user and test with that?23:24
xn0rwell I've switched to the new user with su - testuser, now I get Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check.23:26
xn0rcan someone run mount|grep pts please?23:27
akikdevpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,nosuid,noexec,relatime,gid=5,mode=620,ptmxmode=000)23:29
akikxn0r: when you use su to change user, the tty stays the same23:31
xn0rthanks for your help so far, but I need some sleep, bbl23:35
Ubuntu_FailHello! Is anyone familiar with getting nvidia drivers to work? I've been struggling for months...23:51
wadI upgraded a machine from 14.04 to 16.04, but it seems to have deleted "/var/share". I'm very sad... I had a bunch of files in there. :( Was I dumb to put them there?23:54
=== knoxyy is now known as knoxy
YankDownUnderwad: Yeah...not really a great choice of location...but now you know...hmm...pick a better place next time...possibly something in your "home" directory instead?23:55
wadThat was where I had a bunch of files for people on the network to find over samba.23:56
wadNow a bunch of family photos are permanently lost. And I am sad.23:56
wadWhere should I put files that samba can share?23:57
wadThey don't go under my home directory.23:57
YankDownUnderwad: You could always create a "share" in the /home directory - either which, have you tried to look into some of the applications  and utilities for "undeleting" files on the linux file systems? That might be worth a go, eh...?23:57
wadWhen I did the in-place upgrade, it complained about some boot stuff. So at that point, I made a backup of the drive, then wiped the original and reinstalled fresh. But when I'm moving stuff from my backup, /var/share doesn't exist anymore. Obviously, I should have backed it up BEFORE doing the in-place upgrade.23:58
YankDownUnderwad: Something to read, my friend: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery23:59

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