jimtI would like to migrate a bzr branch to git. The internet suggests I use bzr fast-export --plain to do that, but when I try using Bazaar 2.7.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 it complains that fast-export is an unknown command. Is there a plugin I need to install?05:35
Pengjimt: apt-get install bzr-fastimport05:42
PengI can't say if it's particular the best tool for this job, but that is the package.05:42
jimtPeng: Thanks.  I had tried installing bzr-fastimport, but Ubuntu warned me that it had been replaced by python-fastimport. And I have the latest version of that installed, but no fast-export command.05:44
PengOh. D:05:45
jimtAnd unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a python-fastexport (or anything obvious with export in its name).05:46
PengI almost wonder if Ubuntu made a mistake... They added the package back in Yakkety.05:47
PengThe bzr-fastimport package, i mean.05:47
fullermd'm pretty sure they're not the same thing...05:48
PengThe python-fastimport package appears not to contain bzr-fastimport.05:48
fullermdI use git-bzr-ng to maintain a git mirror of some bzr branches.  You might look at that.05:49
Penghttp://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/all/python-fastimport/filelist vs. http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/all/bzr-fastimport/filelist05:49
PengSuper weird. bzr-fastimport exists in 14.04 and 16.10 but not 16.04. ???05:49
PengThere are ways to install things that aren't Ubuntu packages, of course. But i don't get this.05:50
jimtHmm... Since I only need to do this once, I'll just log in to a 14.04 machine. I should have tried that.05:51
jimtThanks peng and fullermd for the help/suggestions.05:51
jimtYes, it did indeed work on 14.04... so I've got the git repo I was after. I filed a bug on Launchpad about the missing package. Thanks again for the pointers.06:15
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