yofelnothing. the epoch is never part of the filenames.00:00
clivejoit seems to have been a few days ago :/00:01
yofelno, the accept messages print the package version, the reject messages tell the change filename00:01
yofelthose are 2 different things00:02
clivejothere was an email about the source code of ark being updated00:02
clivejomaybe thats why its rejected?00:02
yofelwell, the email content tells you why it's rejected00:03
clivejoHi Albert, any chance to have a respin for the Ark tarball? We need to00:03
clivejo> include this commit [1] in order to have a functioning Ark on Plasma00:03
clivejo> 5.700:03
clivejowhat should I version the respun orig tarball?00:04
* yofel fixed the docker deployment be reshuffling code whose oder shouldn't matter at all.........00:05
yofelI'll put the CI in production mode again00:06
yofelor maybe not......00:06
yofeloh conflicts, that's ok00:07
clivejowhy does it always blame me :(00:08
clivejoYippppe [~kubuntu-ppa/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/yakkety] ark 4:16.04.3a-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa1 (Accepted)00:08
clivejosee the epochs in that filename00:09
yofelthat is not a filename ^^00:10
clivejoand you uploaded ffmpegthumbs to yakkety, so dont need to worry about it being missing00:10
clivejoso its just kde4libs and kde-110n need looking at now00:11
clivejokde4libs you did manually last time00:14
yofelto get that as part of the auto run you have to set the correct version somewhere00:15
clivejoyou didnt backport it?  Is it ok to do that?00:21
clivejocreate the branch etc00:21
clivejoyofel: ^00:22
clivejoeakk kubuntu-ci left us!00:22
yofelhm, changing a global setting seems to reset the bot00:23
yofelclivejo: well, it should get backported. I didn't have it finished though00:23
clivejoIll leave it then00:24
tsimonq2how are you all?00:24
clivejobut Ill create the branch00:24
clivejohi Simon00:24
clivejowe are having fun, breaking stuff00:25
yofeltired :P00:25
clivejoyofel has killed and brought KCI back to live a few times now00:25
yofelwell, I *think* I have it down now. But we'll see when the build jobs start running00:25
tsimonq2hey clivejo, can you give me something more to do than fix build errors? :D00:26
clivejoIm afraid fixing build errors is the main job at the moment!00:26
yofelok, LVM survived the forkbomb of launching 40 builds at once00:28
tsimonq2clivejo: alright :)(00:28
* clivejo cheers and pours himself a drink in celebration00:28
tsimonq2anything specific I can do at the moment or should I just go nuts? :)00:28
clivejowell yofel and I wont be about for much longer I reckon00:29
clivejogetting very near bed time00:29
tsimonq2I understand00:29
clivejowhat does Rejected:'Description' mean00:30
clivejoon a LP email00:31
yofeluh, no idea o.O00:31
clivejo[~kubuntu-ppa/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications] cantor_16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa10_i386.changes (Rejected)00:31
clivejoweird emails00:31
clivejoyet the actual build looks fine to me - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274724546/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-i386.cantor_4%3A16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa10_BUILDING.txt.gz00:33
clivejooh thats much better :P00:33
yofel00:30:56 Host key verification failed.00:34
yofel00:30:56 00:34
yofel00:30:56 Unable to connect to SSH host ppa.launchpad.net; EOF during negotiation00:34
yofelactually, why are we using dput over sftp...00:38
clivejofor me regular ftp stalls out on large files :/00:39
yofelhm, there is that, true00:40
clivejolike breeze00:41
tsimonq2finally, I no longer have a red screen :P00:46
clivejotheres time yet00:46
yofelnow with more executors you can have even larger red screens than before!00:48
clivejo32 at once!00:49
clivejothats fun!00:49
clivejoput it full screen and it gives the illusion of falling into a pit of doom00:49
clivejoyofel: whats it trying to do?00:51
tsimonq2XD yofel 00:51
clivejodoes it dput the build to LP if it builds ok?00:51
yofelit dputs the source. And it tries that twice and fails then00:52
yofelI think we need a couple more tries with longer sleeps in between00:52
clivejoive noticed with mass uploads LP sometimes ignores some of them :/00:53
tsimonq2yofel: wth? bug queue and there's IDLE builders?00:53
clivejoyou increased linode executors to 40?00:54
yofeltsimonq2: the builds are ordered to prevent depwait / dep mismatch as possible. So e-c-m waits on the current jobs, and everything else waits on e-c-m as that's the frameworks root00:54
tsimonq2I see yofel 00:55
clivejothey gonna love us!00:55
tsimonq2yofel: just giving you a hard time ;)00:55
yofelclivejo: well, it survided launching most of those at once. So that'll stay like that00:55
clivejois it ok to max the resources out on it?00:56
yofelthat's not max resources, just high peak I/O. But it could probably handle even more00:56
yofelI think memory wise it used 3G at most, now using ~1G 00:57
yofelpeaks occasionally at 100% when it's building lots of sources. But as the builders spent most of the time waiting for launchpad, average cpu usage is like 10% or so00:58
clivejooh, its not actually building on the Linode machine?00:58
yofelit's building the sources, not the binaries00:59
yofelbinaries are built in the PPA00:59
clivejoI thought it was building binaries too00:59
yofelbuilding those would require a considerable amount of CPU power00:59
clivejohave you solved the LP not available messages?01:02
clivejoneed a retry/sleep 01:02
clivejodid kde4libs build for you?01:03
yofelfailed on symbols01:03
clivejosame here01:04
clivejowas there a problem with the symbols?01:05
clivejoor will a batchpatch fix it?01:05
yofelI think it's fine, but there was something fishy about it so I wanted to check it later01:06
clivejo#MISSING: 4:4.14.22# _ZTIN6Strigi14BufferedStreamIcEE@Base 4:4.14.1601:09
clivejolooks fishy to me01:09
yofelI think it's fine in practice because we haven't been using strigi in a long time, but that's a bit tricky to guarantee01:12
clivejoIve removed them and will upload again01:12
valorieso much work going on!01:24
tsimonq2o/ valorie :)01:25
valoriegosh if we get things fixed so quickly early, release will be a breeze01:28
valorieinstead of a nail-biter01:28
valorieknock on wood.....01:28
tsimonq2valorie: when's the next release?01:29
tsimonq2and what are we releasing? lol01:29
tsimonq2s/we/the Kubuntu team/01:30
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases01:30
valorieoh dear, the wiki.....01:30
tsimonq2oh you mean like Yakkety and Xenial01:30
tsimonq2I see01:30
yofelapplications beta 16.08 (16.07.80) was released yesterday I think. But for that 16.04.3 needs to be done, and we need a plan what we do with kdepim without qtwebengine01:31
valorieright, we just released 16.04.1 the other day01:31
valoriebut that was just bugfixes01:31
valorieyofel: we've given up on qtwebengine?01:32
valoriesgclark started it, but didn't get far enough that someone can finish it?01:32
yofelvalorie: from what I gathered on oftc, hefee might be taking another shot at that. But that might not be in time for us01:33
valoriedoes hefee have the work sgclark did?01:33
yofelyes, at least what's in git01:33
valoriewell, I guess we can decide at some point before feature freeze01:34
valorieaug. 1801:34
valoriecoming pretty soon01:34
valoriethere is another mail client01:35
valoriebut it's no PIM01:35
valorie!info trojita01:35
ubottuPackage trojita does not exist in yakkety01:36
valorieI wonder why that isn't in the archive01:36
clivejonoone has packaged it yet?01:37
valoriewe might consider packaging that if PIM can't be provided01:39
clivejotheres a nightly for xenial here - https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/lubuntu-daily/+packages?field.name_filter=trojita&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=01:40
valorielooks like the last build failed.....01:41
valorieno, all green check marks, right?01:42
valoriebut trojita-nightly - 0.7.0+201607230446~ubuntu16.04.1, none for 16.1001:42
clivejonope, but that shouldnt be a huge problem01:43
clivejohow does it render the emails01:43
clivejomight also use qtwebengine01:44
clivejooh dear01:45
clivejofailing to dput again01:46
clivejooh its a KDE project - git://anongit.kde.org/trojita01:48
yofelyes, but like, why?!?01:48
yofelhttp://kci.pangea.pub/view/yakkety%20FIX/job/xenial_unstable_kplotting/192/console -> works01:48
yofelhttp://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_ki18n/204/console -> fails01:48
clivejoEnd of File of course01:48
yofelboth linode01:48
yofeland now all the ones I look at work01:50
yofeland master is crapping out again01:51
clivejo01:49:29 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.01:51
valorieyes, trojita has been a KDE project for quite awhile01:54
clivejomy internet is sooooo slow02:00
clivejoand LP is soooooo slow02:01
yofelmeh, and my slave permissions are soooooo wrong02:03
clivejowell kde4libs finally build and Im poked rebuilds, so on that note Im going to zzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZ02:07
clivejoand Ive downloaded 16.04.1 to install on a Windows 10 laptop sometime in the next few days!02:08
clivejoonly took 2 hours!02:08
clivejoBTW do you mind if I create a LP git repo for trojita? I might look at that tomorrow if I get a chance02:10
yofelgo ahead02:10
yofelok, I think I worked around the permissions...02:10
clivejowould you mind putting that epoch email out?02:11
yofelopened up a new mail window with a subject. I'll write the rest in a bit02:12
* tsimonq2 fixes problems02:39
tsimonq2where do I go to report a bug in a package in that Plasma Staging PPA?03:00
tsimonq2sorry I couldn't work on more today, I was out of the house, but at least I got to a fix for xenial_unstable_discover03:52
tsimonq2PR here if anyone wants to take a look: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-plasma-discover/+merge/30098304:01
tsimonq2I'm off for the day04:02
tsimonq2hey hey hey I spot a acheronuk merging my MPs! :D07:08
* tsimonq2 couldn't sleep07:08
ahoneybunI just saw the email07:09
ahoneybundamn Verizon phone hacking07:09
tsimonq2hey it's night owl ahoneybun :D07:09
tsimonq2yeah :(07:09
ahoneybuntrying to break into a phone atm07:09
ahoneybunor was about to sleep07:09
tsimonq2oh jeez07:09
tsimonq2you were going to sleep?07:09
ahoneybunthe people made the phone go into FRP07:09
tsimonq2your phone got hacked?!?!?!?!?07:10
ahoneybunwell not mine07:10
ahoneybunmy dad bougt one off somepeople07:10
tsimonq2oh okay07:10
acheronukmorning :)07:14
tsimonq2acheronuk: how are you? :)07:14
acheronuktsimonq2: I would say that commit message was a bit long..07:15
acheronukbut that is my pref07:15
acheronuktsimonq2: good thanks. :)07:15
tsimonq2wow long07:19
tsimonq2acheronuk: I literally copied the message I put in debian/changelog lol07:19
acheronuktsimonq2: yes, for readability on that, a little less is more IYSWIM07:23
tsimonq2acheronuk: I see07:23
tsimonq2acheronuk: I'll make it more basic in the future07:24
tsimonq2so acheronuk, I see you're a ninja?07:24
acheronuktsimonq2: yes, I got ambushed with that07:25
acheronukor was a nice surprises a week or 2 ago I should say07:25
tsimonq2acheronuk: is it sort of like Ubuntu Membership where you have to show significant and sustained contribution, or is it like yellow belts, where I just had to convince ahoneybun I knew what I was talking about (I do, but all I had to do was talk to him)07:26
acheronuktsimonq2: I still owe in bribes for it though. 07:26
tsimonq2acheronuk: I mean, what experience did you have beforehand?07:27
acheronuktsimonq2: see https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Policies#.7Ekubuntu-ninjas07:27
tsimonq2acheronuk: I'm aware of that, I'm just wondering what *your* experience was :)07:28
acheronuktsimonq2: I had been helping on here testing things for a few months, then submitting packaging fixes as you are doing. just generally helping out07:28
tsimonq2acheronuk: how long did you submit packaging fixes?07:29
tsimonq2(before becoming a ninja)07:30
* acheronuk looks at irc logs07:30
acheronukummm... hard to find. lol07:32
tsimonq2acheronuk: do you have just a casual estimate, I don't need exact dates :)07:33
acheronuktsimonq2: weeks/month or so rather than many months anyway07:33
tsimonq2acheronuk: month being singular?07:33
acheronuktsimonq2: month and a bit? maybe?07:34
tsimonq2great thanks :)07:34
acheronuktsimonq2: point is there is going to be no set time. you could be quicker. depends when the powers that be think you are ready07:34
ahoneybunseeing as ninjas have access to the PPA's we should trust them enough07:34
ahoneybunalso we need 2 developers to vouch07:35
acheronuk^^^ exactly07:35
ahoneybunas that page that acheronuk links to kinda explains07:35
tsimonq2yep :)07:35
ahoneybunat least with the 2 developer part07:35
tsimonq2I think I can do that :)07:36
ahoneybunsince the PPAs also include the backports too07:36
tsimonq2I see07:36
ahoneybunnot sure we have 2 official devs right now07:36
acheronukI was a bit caught by surprise being added to that!07:36
ahoneybunthe dev list or PPA?07:37
tsimonq2if I'm reading this description right, my best bet would be to work on something other than just yakkety/xenial failures :P07:37
acheronukIf yofel asks "Are you evil?.... then"07:37
acheronukahoneybun: ninjas07:37
acheronukahoneybun: all of it07:37
ahoneybunwell the 2 devs left are yofel and scarlett07:38
ahoneybunand scarlett is on a break atm07:38
ahoneybunI would say that yofel would want a KC vote on it as a backup maybe07:39
ahoneybunwhich I think is fair as well07:39
acheronuktsimonq2: yep, broaden it. help test iso when needed, how new releases in ppas etc upgrade, report bugs we find in LP or upstream, and on and on07:39
ahoneybun*not putting words into yofel's mouth here07:39
ahoneybunI can upload to the PPA's as a KC member I believe07:40
ahoneybunor Documentation :)07:40
acheronukplenty to do07:40
tsimonq2alright acheronuk 07:40
tsimonq2acheronuk: fixing a merge right now07:40
ahoneybunsince he knows the deb packaging maybe once he get's a KDE Identity account he can help with: https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging07:41
* acheronuk goes looking for coffee07:43
acheronukthat's better :)07:47
ahoneybunvalorie: what;s up with this: https://trello.com/c/uvJp5i9t/126-add-content-to-the-blank-wiki-pages-for-upgrades-to-xenial07:51
ahoneybunsince you got me on trello07:51
ahoneybunmm I'll look at it tomorrow/today07:52
ahoneybunneed sleep07:52
tsimonq2o/ ahoneybun 07:52
ahoneybunnight tsimonq2 and acheronuk07:52
valoriewell, I made the pages and asked for feedback but never got any07:52
valoriemy fault for not adding you to the card I guess07:53
acheronukahoneybun: night :)07:53
ahoneybunsince I'm on the card 07:53
valorieniters ah07:53
ahoneybunmy bad07:53
acheronukI'm just waking up!07:53
tsimonq2weird, ark's merge seems to be clean yet it's reporting an error07:53
valoriesince my dad died I find a lot of details have sort of slipped through my fingers07:53
ahoneybunwell it's 4am here07:53
tsimonq2acheronuk: do ninjas have access to rebuild on Jenkins?07:54
tsimonq2valorie: :(07:54
acheronuktsimonq2: can retrigger a build, yes07:54
tsimonq2acheronuk: if so, could you rebuild the ark merger?07:54
valorietsimonq2: he was 89, so it was expected07:54
valoriebut it still changed things07:55
tsimonq2I see valorie 07:55
acheronuktsimonq2: let me look whats going on07:55
tsimonq2acheronuk: well the thing that's puzzling me is when I do it locally, I'm not getting the same errors as CI07:55
* tsimonq2 does it command-by-command07:55
acheronuktsimonq2: what is the difference07:56
valorieeyes are glazing over here too07:57
valorieniters all07:57
tsimonq2acheronuk: that's what I'm trying to find out, I can't see it07:57
tsimonq2o/ valorie 07:57
tsimonq2yofel: it was started by you, what's up?07:58
acheronuktsimonq2: I mean what error do you get that KCI doesn't, or vice vera?07:58
tsimonq2[I] merger: Merging kubuntu_stable into kubuntu_unstable.07:59
tsimonq2/var/lib/jenkins/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.0@merger/gems/git-1.3.0/lib/git/lib.rb:937:in `command': git '--git-dir=/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/merger_ark/.git' '--work-tree=/tmp/KCIMerger20160724-5086-1tmzfgr' merge '-m' 'Merging kubuntu_stable into kubuntu_unstable.' 'kubuntu_stable'  2>&1:Auto-merging debian/changelog (Git::GitExecuteError)07:59
tsimonq2CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in debian/changelog07:59
tsimonq2Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.07:59
tsimonq2I get a clean merge07:59
acheronukoh, an actual merge!08:00
tsimonq2that's my output ^08:00
tsimonq2yeah, http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_ark/lastFailedBuild/consoleFull08:01
acheronukI thought you meant a build triggered by a merge request you did08:01
tsimonq2no no no08:01
tsimonq2acheronuk: I'm expanding my skills ;)08:01
tsimonq2wait I think I'm doing it wrong locally, hold on here08:02
* tsimonq2 checks the commits in the logs08:02
acheronuktsimonq2: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/ark/+ref/kubuntu_unstable08:04
tsimonq2acheronuk: it did the merge, I know08:04
tsimonq2acheronuk: I just don't know why the merge failed because it was already successful08:06
tsimonq2acheronuk: from all the merges I'm seeing, it's global08:08
tsimonq2acheronuk: which really makes me wonder what's up08:08
acheronuktsimonq2: well, yofel's comment in this channel in response to the failure message last night was "oh conflicts, that's ok"08:11
tsimonq2alright, then I'll stop trying to fix it ;)08:11
acheronukKCI was being "adjusted/fixed" a lot again last night it seems08:14
tsimonq2acheronuk: can you do a rebuild of yakkety_unstable_modemmanager-qt please? there's no code changes and it's failing because of running out of memory08:16
tsimonq2yakkety_unstable_sddm-kcm needs a rebuild, Launchpad error08:17
tsimonq2yakkety_unstable_polkit-kde-agent-1 needs a rebuild, Launchpad error08:17
tsimonq2yakkety_unstable_libkeduvocdocument needs a rebuild, Launchpad error08:18
tsimonq2yakkety_unstable_libkexiv2 needs a rebuild, Launchpad error08:18
tsimonq2same with yakkety_unstable_bluez-qt08:19
tsimonq2o/ soee 08:19
tsimonq2same with yakkety_unstable_baloo08:19
tsimonq2memory error on yakkety_unstable_bovo , needs rebuild08:20
acheronuklast one was already queued08:21
tsimonq2alright thanks acheronuk 08:21
tsimonq2acheronuk: what08:27
tsimonq2*what's the deal with https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274322048/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.kdepimlibs_4%3A16.04.3+p16.04+git20160721.1704-0_BUILDING.txt.gz ?08:27
acheronukneeds the dev files for Qt5WebEngine08:27
acheronukwhich is not even packaged in debian yet, let alone in our KCI08:28
tsimonq2acheronuk: what work has been done so far to fix it?08:28
acheronukthat is an ongoing thorny problem08:28
tsimonq2what work is going on to package Qt5WebEngine then?08:29
acheronuktsimonq2: from last night http://paste.ubuntu.com/20719203/08:30
tsimonq2alright cool08:31
acheronukscarlett is packaging it here for debian https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtwebengine.git/08:31
acheronukbut she has a new job (or 2) and I don't think really has the time08:32
tsimonq2acheronuk: hmm, does this take the tarball from the PPA mentioned?08:34
tsimonq2seems like it08:35
tsimonq2wait no, nevermind08:36
* tsimonq2 rambles to himself now08:37
acheronukoh. lol08:38
yofelacheronuk, tsimonq2: My 'conflicts, ok' was related to me thinking I had broken the slave again09:13
yofeleverything on http://kci.pangea.pub/view/merge%20FIX/ should get fixed, except oxygen-fonts, that's obsolete I think09:13
yofeland for you not getting conflicts. The merger does a merge cascade, so you need to do the same to get the conflicts09:14
tsimonq2yofel: how does it do that?09:14
acheronukI must admit, I had not looked that closely at what it does with those 09:15
yofellets take http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_rocs/475/console for an example09:16
yofelthe green merges are the ones actually executed09:16
yofelxenial is not the problem so we can ignore that09:16
yofelbut it then merged kubuntu_yakkety_archive into kubuntu_stable, *and then* kubuntu_stable into kubuntu_unstable. So the actual conflict is probably from the indirect kubuntu_yakkety_archive -> kubuntu_unstable merge09:17
* tsimonq2 takes a look09:17
tsimonq2yofel: that should really be more verbose09:17
yofeltrue, I also tend to wonder what it really does. sitter_ made is a bit too short..09:18
acheronuklookign at it, that does make sense09:18
tsimonq2yofel: is the source code for the build process public?09:18
acheronuktooling is on github?09:19
yofelnot anymore09:19
yofeltsimonq2: https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci-admins/kubuntu-ci/+git/pangea-tooling/tree/kci/merger.rb09:19
tsimonq2oh I see the issue, at least with rocs09:20
tsimonq2yofel: do I make an MP for the conflict resolution on kubuntu_yakkety_archive or kubuntu_unstable?09:21
tsimonq2the former I'm assuming?09:21
tsimonq2oh okay09:22
yofelyou're getting a conflict because _unstable has changes that are not yet in _archive, and shouldn't yet be09:22
tsimonq2yofel: so I shouldn't fix it?09:23
tsimonq2or should I?09:23
yofelyou should09:24
yofelotherwise _unstable won't get any fixes from _archive09:24
acheronukconflict != undesired changes?09:25
tsimonq2yofel: should I make a dch entry as well>?09:25
acheronukjust conflicting ones..09:25
yofeltsimonq2: rather not09:26
tsimonq2alright yofel 09:26
yofeltry to edit the changelog in _unstable only for important changes09:26
* tsimonq2 does a test rebuild and remerge locally09:26
yofelthe changelog is *the* biggest source for merge conflicts09:26
* acheronuk git skills still need polish09:27
acheronukI am winging it a bit on git, but getting there.09:28
tsimonq2acheronuk: rtfm https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/ :D09:28
acheronuktsimonq2: most git guides seem only marginally better than the debian policy manual09:29
acheronukand ?????09:29
tsimonq2just deleted created PR because I forgot a few things, sorry for the mail09:33
tsimonq2yofel: so I just submitted the commit09:39
tsimonq2yofel: but it also includes the changes from the kubuntu_archive_yakkety branch09:40
tsimonq2yofel: is that bad?09:40
yofelno, that's fine, because that's what the merger was supposed to od09:40
tsimonq2alright then, PR submitted09:40
tsimonq2thanks for explaining09:40
acheronukhelpful for me as well :)09:42
acheronuktsimonq2: you are asking questions I hadn't thought to, or got around to, yet09:43
tsimonq2\o/ acheronuk :)09:44
* tsimonq2 does lame ninja dance that acheronuk will never see ;)09:44
tsimonq2yofel: I've never read Ruby before, where does the script do the Git stuff?09:48
yofeltsimonq2: see line 131ff09:50
tsimonq2thanks yofel 09:50
tsimonq2why am I having such a hard time reading this?09:53
tsimonq2yofel: basically I want to know if it does anything more in the kubuntu_stable -> kubuntu_unstable step than kubuntu_stable and kubuntu_yakkety_archive ?09:54
yofeltsimonq2: it doesn't09:59
tsimonq2yofel: weird, ok, thanks09:59
yofelthe merge cascade starts at run(), but I'm not exactly sure how some of those pieces work either09:59
tsimonq2yofel: maybe rebuild the ark merger? it runs right locally10:00
yofellets see10:01
tsimonq2really weird10:02
tsimonq2yofel: can you also confirm that it works fine?10:02
acheronukbbl. I read back in an hr of so if you work that out!!10:02
yofelI get a conflict10:03
tsimonq2yofel: what exact steps are you doing?10:03
tsimonq2because obviously I missed something10:03
yofel$ git checkout kubuntu_stable10:04
yofel$ git merge kubuntu_yakkety_archive10:04
yofel$ git checkout kubuntu_unstable10:04
yofel$ git merge kubuntu_stable10:04
yofelCONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in debian/changelog10:04
tsimonq2oh so it merges that FIRST?10:04
tsimonq2that would have been good to know lol10:04
tsimonq2yofel: thank you, PR coming soon10:04
yofelwell, it does say that:10:05
yofel[I] merger: Merging remotes/origin/kubuntu_yakkety_archive into kubuntu_stable.10:05
yofel[I] merger: Merging kubuntu_stable into kubuntu_unstable.10:05
yofel-> boom10:05
tsimonq2wth, it works fine...10:06
* tsimonq2 does it over10:06
tsimonq2yofel: can you try those exact steps with a fresh ark clone please?10:08
tsimonq2that's what I've been doing10:08
yofelI just did a fresh ark clone10:08
yofel10:16:34 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.10:21
yofelgreat, I already reduced the builder count on master to 4... it's not like I can turn it off10:22
acheronukThat ECM change for the default appdata path is a pain!10:30
tsimonq2yofel: can you pastebin your debian/changelog file that it wants you to resolve merge conflicts for please?10:51
clivejoyofel: I think that memory error is due to something else10:51
yofeltsimonq2: http://sprunge.us/RWAi10:52
tsimonq2thanks yofel 10:52
yofelclivejo: I think it's a docker bug, but I hoped that reducing the amount of concurrent containers would help10:52
clivejoits only started recently10:52
clivejotsimonq2: remember to resolve the merge conflict10:53
tsimonq2clivejo: well I'm actually not getting it locally10:53
clivejoark will be a trick one10:53
clivejotricky one10:53
tsimonq2how so?10:53
clivejoneeds a bit of thought ;)10:53
acheronukoooh. approved on wiki editors team10:54
clivejoyou have two UNRELEASED entries10:54
tsimonq2I'm this close >< to just merging with the pastebin he gave me 10:54
tsimonq2oh okay10:54
tsimonq2I see10:54
tsimonq2but it actually merges fine locally10:54
acheronukmorning clivejo :)10:55
clivejogood morning10:55
tsimonq2looks like it's supposed it10:55
clivejocant actually stay long :(10:55
acheronukI probably won't be long here either. Grand prix, Sunday meal, and a little wine, and I may not much use on IRC10:56
tsimonq2yofel: does this look right? https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-ark/+merge/30098810:58
tsimonq2lol did my local merge actually fix things? :F10:59
yofeltsimonq2: do you have any special changelog merge settings other than dpkg-mergechangelogs?11:00
tsimonq2yofel: how do I check that?11:00
yofelbut that does look right11:00
yofel~/.gitconfig probably?11:01
tsimonq2well lol my git is special XD11:01
tsimonq2yofel: my .gitconfig: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20731324/11:01
yofelhm, then you NOT using dpkg-mergechangelogs probably explains that11:02
tsimonq2huh? what's that?11:02
yofel[merge "dpkg-mergechangelogs"]11:03
yofel    name = debian/changelog merge driver11:03
yofel    driver = dpkg-mergechangelogs -m %O %A %B %A11:03
tsimonq2but I think my merge fixes it, right?11:03
acheronukgod. I forgot about that! duh11:03
yofelyeah, the merge looks good11:03
tsimonq2well then I'm hesitant to install that if my git is magical :P11:03
tsimonq2RTFM? :P11:04
acheronuknot really. clivejo had to point me to that11:06
clivejoacheronuk: some of my ramblings are trying to teach you stuff :P11:07
acheronukclivejo: they've served me well so far. just have to not forget!11:08
tsimonq2akonadi PR incoming!11:10
acheronukI really need to get my head around the automation tools, but so much of it looks a leap in the dark11:10
tsimonq2acheronuk: what kind of patches did you submit to become a ninja?11:10
tsimonq2s/to become/before you became/11:10
acheronukfixing files, fixing symbols, manpage changes, changes in /rules, etc etc11:11
acheronukbit of most things, but there are still holes in what I can do with confidence11:12
tsimonq2clivejo, yofel: it annoys me that these Standards-versions are outdated, can I update them? :P11:13
acheronuktsimonq2: for example https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274580284/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238-0_BUILDING.txt.gz11:13
yofeltsimonq2: well, we usually simply don't bother. But if you do, please check https://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/upgrading-checklist.txt11:14
tsimonq2thanks yofel :D11:14
tsimonq2yofel: well it bothers ME :P11:14
yofelyou're not around long enough yet :P11:14
* acheronuk thinks tsimonq2 will be writing the policy manual with that attitude, if it remains11:15
yofelI wonder if we have an example of symbol changes somewhere that's not fixed yet11:15
acheronukyofel: see link I just posted11:15
yofelbecause otherwise, I'm happy with what you did so far, and the evil question isn't necessary as it's covered by your ubuntu membership11:15
tsimonq2yofel: heheheheh11:16
tsimonq2you didn't ask me if I was evil but you mentioned it...11:17
yofelI'll leave that up to you imagination :P11:17
acheronuktsimonq2: I came from a cold start. You had 80-90% of it there already11:17
tsimonq2yofel: are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting? :)11:18
acheronuktsimonq2: which is why I ummmm'd on your questions of timing this morning11:18
yofelI'm only suggesting that ubuntu is evil, so who cares11:18
tsimonq2well as long as you don't think Lubuntu is evil, then I'm not evil :P11:19
yofelgood enough ;)11:19
acheronukeverything tends towards being evil in the end. It's like entropy increasing in any closed system11:19
tsimonq2yofel: Lubuntu people trust me with administrative things, I can be trusted with administrative things11:20
acheronukeek! there will be no stopping him!11:20
* tsimonq2 suggests :P11:20
* tsimonq2 backs off a hair and goes back to fixing things11:21
yofeldo you *want* me to have second thoughts about this? XD11:21
tsimonq2nuh uh11:21
acheronuk*** just do it ***11:22
acheronukis that a song or advert?11:22
tsimonq2I even know the rule of if I feel unsure about some code, I make a PR11:22
yofelso yeah, how about acheronuk tells you how to fix kwidgetaddons?11:22
yofel(good find)11:22
tsimonq2ooh tell me! :D11:22
acheronukconveniently I have to go now. :P11:23
acheronukbut I did do it in pbuilder yesterday11:23
tsimonq2\o/ ark fixed11:26
acheronuktsimonq2: on the symbols https://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html11:27
tsimonq2ok thanks a lot acheronuk 11:28
acheronukthere are MISSING in that build-log ;)11:28
tsimonq2before I do that11:28
tsimonq2working on a cantor fix11:28
tsimonq2then I'll jump right on it11:28
acheronukoh, and beware of marble. that needs a hell of a lot more fixing than you might think at first glance11:29
* tsimonq2 stays away from it11:30
tsimonq2thanks for warning me acheronuk 11:30
acheronuktsimonq2: not saying stay away, but you'll open a can of worms if you try!11:30
acheronukthink that may be why it's stayed unfixed for ages11:30
tsimonq2I'll be sure to clear my schedule :)11:31
tsimonq2...my already empty one :( :P11:31
acheronukright I HAVE to go!11:31
acheronukhave fun11:31
tsimonq2o/ acheronuk 11:31
tsimonq2cantor PR incoming!11:33
tsimonq2wow acheronuk you really stuck me with a complicated one11:56
tsimonq2this documentation doesn't work well for these packages11:57
tsimonq2yofel: what modifications do I have to make for the steps in https://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/symbolfiles.html to work?11:58
yofeltsimonq2: the recommended prodedure for updating files is to fetch all buildlogs, make sure they're all uncompressed, then run batchpatch over them11:59
yofeltsimonq2: do you know what symbol files are for?12:00
tsimonq2I hate to admit this, but no clue12:00
yofelare you familiar with how linux shared objects (libs) work?12:00
yofelok, so for a binary to know which code block in a library it needs to use for a function, the compiler translates the code function names into machine readable symbols (the one you see here), and puts them into a symbol table together with a binary address of the relevant code block of that function12:03
yofelif you run nm -C on some lib, you can see the table, nm -DC will tell you the original function names12:04
yofelfor c++ like here, c++filt <symbol> can tell you the function name of that symbol if you ever need to find that in code12:04
tsimonq2oh I see12:05
tsimonq2so when the code changes, so do the symbols12:05
yofelthe symbol files then assiociate symbol with the first package version they appeared in, so that dpkg-shlibdeps can generate appropriately versioned dependencies on symbols12:05
yofelif the function names or parameter (types) change, the symbols change12:05
yofelthe symbol files *also* tell us whether a symbol goes missing12:06
yofelwhich is then called a BIC - binary incompatible change12:06
tsimonq2I see12:07
yofelif an external user of the library was using a function that went missing in a new version of that lib, using the app with the new version will cause a "Symbol lookup error"12:07
acheronuktsimonq2: just popping for 30s. yes, I stuck you with that, but for good reason ;)12:08
tsimonq2alright, I hope that I'll see what it is acheronuk ;)12:08
tsimonq2yofel: so how do you update these tables?12:08
yofelto still allow people to remove deprected stuff, we have SONAMEs, that's the library name + its SO version. That's why libs are e.g. called libfoo2, libbar34 and so on12:08
acheronuktsimonq2: it 'IS' because there will be plenty more over time!12:09
yofelthat correspons to the versioned librar filename on the system, e.g. libKF5Something.7 -> libkf5something712:09
yofelwait, libKF5Something.so.712:09
* acheronuk shuts up and lets yofel teach12:09
yofelso, when symbols are MISSING, that's a warning from dpkg-gensymbols that something *might* be wrong12:10
yofelI say might, because you have private and public symbols12:10
yofelonly the public ones are covered by the so version, as those are the only ones that an external application could possibly use12:11
yofelin this case, we have MISSING private library symbols that are only used internally, so we can just update the symbol file, remove the MISSING markers, and go on with out life12:11
yofelif you ever find MISSING public symbols, without a so version (ABI version) change in a new lib release, please scream at the developer ;)12:12
yofelso, that's the short background story. The page acheronuk linked to how we and debian handle c++ symbols, https://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html is a great read on how library packaging works, but you can read that another time12:13
yofeltsimonq2: still with me? ^^12:14
yofelthe dpkg-gensymbols manpage explains the syntax of symbol files and what all the tags in it are for. Good read, but not something you need unless you get to a point where you have to hand-edit them12:17
yofeloh great, now kde is crapping out12:48
acheronukkde git?12:57
acheronukoh. yes13:06
tsimonq2yofel: sorry, I had to talk with dad13:24
tsimonq2yofel: back now13:24
tsimonq2alright, I understand :)13:26
tsimonq2yofel: so in that package, it adds symbols too13:28
tsimonq2yofel: do I just add the symbols in the symbols file and be done?13:28
tsimonq2yofel: or is it more complicated than that?13:29
yofelyes, please use pkgkde-symbolshelper to do that13:29
yofelthat does a bit of symbol mangling as c++ is a bit annoying with types accross architectures13:29
yofeland no, all you'll have to do later is remove the MISSING lines from the files by hand13:30
tsimonq2yofel: no to?13:31
yofelbeing more complicated ^^13:31
tsimonq2yofel: PR on it's way! \o/13:39
tsimonq2thanks! :)13:39
tsimonq2that was easy :P13:40
yofelok, now that went wrong13:45
yofelcome to think of it, i386 isn't being built, so that buildlog is useless13:45
clivejoalso a good idea to add a change-log entry for other people benefit 13:46
yofeltsimonq2: what *exactly* did you run?13:46
yofelclivejo: for CI I would recommend not to do that13:46
clivejooh sorry13:47
tsimonq2wget https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274580284/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238-0_BUILDING.txt.gz && gunzip buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238-0_BUILDING.txt.gz && pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 5.24.0 buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238-0_BUILDING.txt13:47
tsimonq2yofel: note the amd6413:47
yofelhm, I wonder why I kept those i386 symbols then13:48
yofelthe version is wrong13:48
yofelshould've been 5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238 in this case13:48
tsimonq2gosh darnit13:48
tsimonq2working on it now13:48
tsimonq2yofel: nice catch :P13:49
clivejoare we going to forget about i386 for unstable, pick any problems up at staging13:49
tsimonq2running this now: wget https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274580284/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238-0_BUILDING.txt.gz && gunzip buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238-0_BUILDING.txt.gz && pkgkde-symbolshelper batchpatch -v 5.24.0+p16.10+git20160723.0238 buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwidgetsaddons_5.24.0+p16.10+git2016072313:50
yofelthere should be very little of those i386 issues, and having i386 enabled for the CI like quadruples the build complexity13:50
yofelbut yeah, architecure mismatches we'll have to fix in staging13:51
tsimonq2yofel: fixed13:51
yofeltsimonq2: please remove the 3 lines saying #MISSING:13:51
tsimonq2yofel: done13:52
yofelyep, good now13:52
tsimonq2yofel: thanks for taking the time to explain this to me and work with me :)13:53
clivejogrrrrr libkgeomap maps to libkf5kgeomap13:53
yofelnp, it's a compex topic. But like a third of our packages are libs13:54
tsimonq2also, could I please get eyes on https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-akonadi/+merge/300989 ?13:55
tsimonq2and https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-cantor/+merge/300990 ?13:56
yofelclivejo: ^13:57
* yofel is off making dinner13:57
tsimonq2also, https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-artikulate/+merge/300933 never got merged?13:58
tsimonq2kalgebra PR incoming14:01
tsimonq2khelpcenter PR incoming14:05
clivejosomething strange going on with cantor14:06
* tsimonq2 looks into it14:07
clivejohummmm how did that get into the archive branch14:09
clivejothat would be why its failing in staging14:09
clivejothats is NOT good!14:09
tsimonq2clivejo: I'll fix in the archive branch then14:10
tsimonq2clivejo: alright?14:10
tsimonq2I was just about to say something14:10
tsimonq2sorry I didn't initially look closer for that sort of thing14:11
clivejono please dont touch archive branchs14:11
soeeclivejo: where are we with 5.7 + Qt 5.6 backports? What needs to be done with it ?14:11
* tsimonq2 puts hands off14:11
clivejonot your fault Simon14:11
tsimonq2clivejo: I mean, it looks like an easy thing to fix14:11
clivejoscript I run went haywire14:11
tsimonq2I have the diff right here, I could just restore it?14:12
tsimonq2ruh roh14:12
clivejoThe script is only supposed to bump the build dep's but its removed the package description14:12
clivejothats a MAJOR bug!14:12
tsimonq2clivejo: not saying you should want to do this, but if you accept my code, all you have to do then is update the stable branch and let it sync down14:13
tsimonq2(potentially stupid, but your choice :P)14:14
clivejoyofel: why on earth did bump-build-dep-versions do this - https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/cantor/commit/?h=kubuntu_yakkety_archive&id=7422c21fb75cfe3d3ea3e162e01cb099632b81a314:14
clivejotsimonq2: theres more to it14:14
clivejoyakkety branch is mirroring what we have in staging-apps14:14
clivejoand is the reason why it is red on the page14:15
ari-tczewI'm working on new konversation merge. hope that I'm not duplicating someone else's work...14:15
clivejoI need to fix it and upload to staging14:16
clivejosoee: with Plasma 5.7?14:16
tsimonq2clivejo: when it's ready, let me know what I need to do to fix my PR :)14:16
clivejotsimonq2: I need to do this myself from my end14:17
tsimonq2clivejo: I mean when it's all synced down, let me know so I can fix my PR14:17
clivejotsimonq2: it should do it itself14:17
tsimonq2oh okay14:18
tsimonq2aha that's right14:18
soeeclivejo: yes, what still needs to be done so we can put it into backports ppa.14:18
Sho_ari-tczew: thanks, appreciated (konvi maintainer)14:18
clivejoQt5.6.1 and Plasma 5.7.2 are in staging-plasma for XX and YY14:18
soeeclivejo: when moving to landing?14:19
clivejoI need a few test installs as some stuff needs no change rebuilds14:19
clivejowhen it installs without trying to remove packages we need!14:19
ari-tczew^ Repository '~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/launchpadgit/cantor/diff/debian/control' not found.14:24
clivejoari-tczew: sorry?14:25
tsimonq2\o/ kwidgetsaddons is fixed!14:25
yofelclivejo: looks like yet another bug in python-debian :(14:25
tsimonq2two more PRs hurling your way!14:25
ari-tczewclivejo: go to the mentioned above my last message14:25
tsimonq2(kldap and kturle)14:26
ari-tczewlink mentioned14:26
ari-tczewclivejo: there is:     Fixing a weird mess caused by the bump-build-dep-versions script (detail / cgit)14:26
ari-tczewclivejo: you can click on the link on details or chit14:26
tsimonq2https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-rocs/+merge/300987 still needs looking at14:27
clivejoI am soooo confused14:27
ari-tczewclivejo: both don't work outputting the error like was in my paste14:27
clivejoslow down!14:27
ari-tczewok, take deep breath and wait 10 sec.14:27
tsimonq2otherwise, besides merger_oxygen-fonts, that's all of 'em!14:27
tsimonq2(besides cantor :P)14:27
yofelhm, I see the error14:27
yofelI wonder where that's set..14:27
clivejotsimonq2: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-artikulate/+merge/300933 this was merged14:27
tsimonq2clivejo: then it didn't fix it :(14:29
tsimonq2wait no14:29
tsimonq2I'm dumb14:29
tsimonq2I'm mixing up my other fix PRs with the merge ones14:29
tsimonq2sorry clivejo 14:29
clivejotsimonq2: can you fix cantor now14:33
* clivejo giggles to himself14:34
mparilloRegarding the e-mail from yofel regarding kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications, is that for YY, XX, or both?14:34
tsimonq2sure I will clivejo, if you look at my new artikulate PR :D14:34
* tsimonq2 giggles to himself14:34
clivejomparillo: yes both14:34
clivejothere where epoch added which shouldnt have been14:35
clivejoIve actually purged the entire staging-apps PA and rebuilding all again14:35
clivejostill on YY14:36
clivejobut those packages will have to be forced to downgrade14:36
clivejootherwise you will stuck with them14:36
tsimonq2clivejo: LOL14:37
tsimonq2clivejo: thanks for merging my PR bud XD14:38
tsimonq2clivejo: all of my PRs literally resolve all but merger_oxygen-fonts! :D14:40
tsimonq2(in mergers)14:40
ari-tczewSho_: done, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/konversation/1.6.1-1ubuntu114:42
clivejotsimonq2: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-kldap/+merge/30099814:43
clivejoits removing some debuild deps14:44
clivejokdoctools-dev and kio-dev14:44
clivejoit might be right, just needs looked at14:46
tsimonq2clivejo: pushed14:47
* tsimonq2 looks it over14:47
clivejoits actually right14:48
tsimonq2alright, reverting adding them back :P14:48
clivejobut you need to be aware of what the merge is doing14:48
tsimonq2well kio-dev is 5.22 in Yakkety and we don't have anything in the CI PPA14:49
tsimonq2so removing it is justified for now, I think14:49
tsimonq2wait a minute14:50
tsimonq2we have Kio...14:50
clivejoyes, a lot of packages need kio14:50
clivejowhen it breaks its a nightmare on KCI14:50
tsimonq2clivejo: how it currently is is correct, we have both of those packages in the PPA14:50
clivejowe have the packages14:51
tsimonq2sorry for not looking more closely, I'll pay more attention in the future to that sort of thing14:51
clivejobut are they needed for the package to build14:51
tsimonq2clivejo: well I reverted removing those packages14:51
tsimonq2so it's fine14:51
tsimonq2all good I think ;)14:52
clivejoso basically I checked to see if the yakkety package built without those14:52
clivejoand it does14:52
clivejothen I double checked with Debian14:52
clivejoand they are missing there14:53
clivejoso we dont need them14:54
tsimonq2what's the story with kdoctools?14:54
clivejomust have been needed by that package in the past14:54
clivejo!info kdoctools-dev14:54
ubottukdoctools-dev (source: kdoctools): Development files for kdoctools5. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.22.0-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 19 kB, installed size 80 kB14:55
clivejoits a framework14:55
tsimonq2but it's 5.24 in the PPA14:55
clivejothats the lastest version14:55
tsimonq2so it's good to keep in?14:55
clivejobut its not needed for this package14:55
clivejoso we can remove it14:56
tsimonq2alright, fixing code14:56
clivejonot needed for the current release of this package14:56
clivejoit was probably needed in the past14:56
BluesKajHi all14:57
clivejobut when you look at the git dif and see something like that being removed you need to look into why14:57
tsimonq2clivejo: will do14:58
clivejocheck with debian and neon to see what they are doing14:58
tsimonq2good to go then14:58
tsimonq2clivejo: regarding https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274776586/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kate_4%3A16.04.3+p16.10+git20160724.1018-0_BUILDING.txt.gz , what do I do about usr/share/kxmlgui5/katexmltools/ui.rc ?15:04
tsimonq2clivejo: how do you find if the file still exists somewhere?15:04
tsimonq2or would it show up as uninstalled?15:04
clivejoThe buildlog shows you a list of all the files it installed15:07
clivejoheres the new path to -- Installing: /«BUILDDIR»/kate-16.04.3+p16.10+git20160724.1018/debian/tmp/usr/share/metainfo/org.kde.kate.appdata.xml15:07
clivejobut ui.rc doesnt seem to be being installed and should probably be removed from the kate5-data.install file15:08
tsimonq2that makes sense15:08
tsimonq2thanks for pointing that out15:08
tsimonq2fix will be coming soon15:08
tsimonq2clivejo: if the install files are different but there's a common directory that hosts both files, can I put the directory in one or the other or both?15:11
clivejousually we like to include the full path15:12
clivejoit just allows us to see changes that happen15:13
tsimonq2clivejo: I did it! \o/ http://kci.pangea.pub/view/merge%20FIX/15:16
clivejo!info qtquick1-5-dev15:17
ubottuqtquick1-5-dev (source: qtquick1-opensource-src): Qt Quick 1 development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.5.1-2build1 (yakkety), package size 18 kB, installed size 178 kB15:17
clivejotsimonq2: congrats15:17
tsimonq2clivejo: what's up with merger_oxygen-fonts ?15:17
clivejoI think its an old package15:18
clivejoI dont recognise it15:18
clivejolegacy maybe?15:18
tsimonq2I thought yofel said something about it earlier15:18
clivejoyofel: ^ could that be removed?15:18
tsimonq2clivejo: https://code.launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kubuntu-kate/+merge/30100315:19
clivejotsimonq2: did you run this through a chroot?15:20
* tsimonq2 does that quick15:20
tsimonq2wait you merged, I'll still do the test build though15:22
clivejoIm impatient15:22
tsimonq2me too15:22
tsimonq2I'm really tired anyways15:23
tsimonq2been up for 22 hours15:23
clivejojust got a feeling that there might be missing files15:23
tsimonq2so I think I'm gonna hit the hay15:23
clivejowe'll soon see!15:23
clivejodont burn yourself out15:23
tsimonq2I'll address the problems later if there are any, o/15:23
clivejoyofel: kde4libs isnt built by KCI?16:38
acheronukwow busy!17:02
clivejoyofel: I copied Debian repo for libdrumstick into LP.  However when I do a git-buildpackage-ppa on it, it correctly finds the source, but  downloads it as drumstick-1.0.2.tar.gz yet the script wants it as drumstick_1.0.2.orig.tar.xz17:02
clivejois there any way to use it as gz or convert it on the fly?17:02
acheronuksybols, I assumed i386 would have to be ironed out later. not wrong?17:03
clivejoacheronuk: yes, probably during staging when it builds i38617:04
acheronukwell, if not done that way with CI being just amd64, then we'd end up with stuff never building in CI17:05
clivejoacheronuk: any ideas why this is failing - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274800056/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kdepim-runtime_4%3A16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.10~ppa10_BUILDING.txt.gz17:05
acheronukDepends: qtquick1-5-dev (>= 5.4.0~) but it is not going to be installed17:06
clivejowhat is qtquick!17:07
acheronukI'd have to load that up in build and start doing so dep resovling17:07
ahoneybunfor making stuff17:07
clivejoIm assuming its a Qt5.6.1 issue17:07
acheronukQt qml api I thought?17:09
clivejo!info  qtquick1-5-dev17:10
ubottuqtquick1-5-dev (source: qtquick1-opensource-src): Qt Quick 1 development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.5.1-2build1 (yakkety), package size 18 kB, installed size 178 kB17:10
acheronukclivejo: could be. I did a rather naive backport and assumed there would be some problems17:10
clivejovery informative!17:10
acheronukclivejo: I slighly amazed there has not been more hassle than there has been17:11
acheronukclivejo: points to debian maintainers for that, as it's not my doing!17:11
acheronukI shall look into it when I'm not stuffed with Sunday lunch and wine.....17:12
clivejoI dont think its part of what you done17:12
acheronukye/no, but looks related17:13
clivejobut the old one probably needs rebuilt or upgraded to newest version to work with QT5.6.117:13
Mirvit looks like the Qt 5.6.1 would be stuck in proposed (if landed there) because of unfinished transitions. anyone planning to work on eg http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#extra-cmake-modules ?17:13
Mirvbut I guess I can't assume everything will be green pre-landing, so when the landing time comes I will ignore some of that and assume they will be handled in the proposed pocket17:14
Mirv(I'm test running autopkgtests currently on the Qt 5.6.1 PPA)17:14
clivejoMirv: ECM 5.24 has been built on acheronuk's version of Qt5.6.117:15
acheronukMirv: yofle said he would do a trasition tracker for our qt5.6.1 builds. Not sure what happened to that aim? 17:16
clivejowe been waiting for Qt5.6.1 to officially be uploaded 17:17
Mirvclivejo: I don't mean it wouldn't build, I mean it's stuck in proposed since May and therefore also Qt 5.6.1 would be stuck in proposed if it would be published to proposed17:17
acheronukMirv: has been busy here and short handed17:17
Mirvclivejo: right, so that's what I meant, I assume you'll like it better when Qt 5.6.1 is actually in proposed. ok!17:17
Mirvit's possible to happen next week, but I'll wait on these autopkgtests a bit to see if anything surprising (not these) is found there.17:18
clivejowe been working with acheronuk's build to keep up with the development cycle17:18
Mirvand I'll land the new Qt Creator and associated changes tomorrow first separately17:18
Mirvclivejo: yeah, it's probably going to be good, just needs following the transition when the time is here17:19
clivejoMirv: do you have an updated version of Qt Quick?17:19
Mirvclivejo: the PPA is now complete in terms of packages, yes https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-024/+packages17:19
acheronukMirv: sooner the better we can pull Qt from the YY archives (even proposed)17:19
Mirvacheronuk: ack.17:20
clivejoMirv: thanks :)17:21
clivejoIll copy that over to apps, hopefully get these last few to build!17:21
acheronukyep, I was always winging it slighly with those QT builds17:22
clivejoacheronuk: you done a really good job!17:22
acheronukwhen the first one worked and yofel said "do the rest" it was a bit ohhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm17:23
acheronukas said, probably more points to debian maintainer that me!17:24
clivejoIm running Yakkety, Qt5.6.1, Frameworks 5.24 and Plasma 5.7.2, all due to you :P17:24
clivejoapps are a bit unstable, but once I finish them and install the Qt5.6.1 based ones, things should be a lot better17:25
acheronuknope. you would have done it quite easiuly if I hadn't17:25
* clivejo shakes head17:25
acheronukbut thanks for the thanks17:25
acheronukoh well. it is what it is. hopefully it has got us moving when things were stalled a bit17:26
clivejoMirv: I guess you wont be doing an official backport to Xenial?17:26
clivejodo any of you guys know how to change the source tarball?  its looking for tar.xz but the upstream only provides tar.gz17:29
acheronukI thought it looked for .gz .bz2 or .xy17:30
acheronuki.e any would do?17:30
clivejoI think you can set it somehwere17:30
clivejoI have to convert is manually before17:32
Mirvclivejo: no, no official. an eventual copy (once all phone affecting bugs are fixed to enough extent) to the phone-overlay PPA, and probably another copy to some permanent home to upgrade Qt only for xenial users17:32
clivejobut there much be a way to just use tar.gz17:32
acheronukWhat is "it"? something that checks tarball sigs or not?17:32
clivejoacheronuk: fancy backporting qtquick ?17:32
Mirvclivejo: I think it should find regardless of gz/xz/bz2 suffix, but it'll need the package-name_5.6.7.orig.tar.xz naming instead of package-name-5.6.7.tar.xz from upstream17:33
clivejodoesnt want to play ball with the gz version17:34
Mirvhmm :(17:34
clivejoacheronuk: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-024/+packages?field.name_filter=qtquick&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=17:34
MirvI've noticed xz has been more and more the default, not sure if would be mandated already17:35
acheronukodd if the name is right. is there some weird depreciation towards .gz?17:35
acheronukthat would be nuts17:35
Mirvoh by the way Debian already removed qtquick1-opensource-src from their archives, we should do the same but I didn't want to bring that up to this Qt 5.6 transition since it was possible to keep it compiling still17:35
clivejoI think you can set the source format somewhere17:35
MirvUbuntu has some more qtquick1 dependencies if I remember correctly so maybe for yakkety+117:36
acheronukpull-debian-source qtquickcontrols-opensource-src17:36
acheronukgives a .xz17:36
* clivejo goes away for a while, need to get some tea17:38
acheronukoh. wrong package17:39
acheronukno debian on the other, so yes looks dropped as Mirv said and was beyond doubt right17:40
acheronukclivejo: is xenial apps staging going to be with Qt 5.6 from now on?17:56
acheronukis so then I'll drop back to the stock packages until I decide what to do with this machine17:57
acheronukneed to force downgrade yoflls list anyway17:58
clivejoacheronuk: probably19:12
acheronukthats fine. I'm just being a wuss on upgrading19:14
clivejoanyone know anything about the KDE Kiosk tool19:54
clivejoand is it something we need to package19:57
soeeinst it something mobile plasma related ?19:58
clivejono, its a tool for deploying Plasma in a multi seat environment19:59
clivejolike in a uni or workplace19:59
clivejoto lock Plasma down 20:00
clivejosoee: https://www.kde.org/applications/system/kioskadmintool/20:02
soeeclivejo: i'll start testing Plasma 5.7 for Xenial tomorrow 20:39
clivejowhy tomorrow? why not now?20:40
soeeneed some sleep, have to go to office tomorrow @ 6:0020:41
ahoneybunmm need to find a way to use these two monitors with one laptop20:41
soeewhat monitors ? :D20:42
soeei bought this and do not use laptop screen anymore http://www.ceneo.pl/3981512520:43
clivejowhat currency is that?20:44
soeeclivejo: polish Złoty20:45
clivejoyou dont use yoyos?20:45
soeehers $ https://www.amazon.com/LG-29UC97C-B-UltraWide-2560X1080-Display/dp/B010PLPARG20:45
ahoneybunthat so sounds made up20:45
soeei bought it for one year and than i will switch to 34'' when they get cheaper20:46
clivejoyofel: ^ kdewebdev seems to be dead?20:54
valoriewow so much work today!21:06
valorieyou guys have been having some serious fun21:06
jimarvanhi guys21:16
clivejohi jimbo !21:17
jimarvanhey clive21:18
jimarvanyou feel good? :)21:18
yofelclivejo: kde4libs, no, I thought we didn't need it, but now that I think about it we have versioned deps on it probably...21:19
yofeland right, kdewebdev is dead, why did I add that....21:19
clivejocan I delete it and its merger?21:20
yofelgo ahead21:20
clivejowhere did you get the package list that included that?21:20
yofel16.04 still ships it21:21
valorieit seems like I researched kdewebdev and found out that it is now included in Kdevelop as a plugin21:21
yofelbut I remember there being talk on release about killing it21:21
valoriekilling > morphing21:21
valoriesame with Quanta21:21
clivejocan I delete oxygen-fonts merger too?21:21
yofelhm, might as well, I disabled that21:22
clivejodo we need it?21:23
yofelprobably not21:23
yofelhm, apps 16.08 also ships kdewebdev21:23
clivejoits annoying Simon :P21:24
yofelwell, I don't get annoyed as fast21:24
clivejohas the git changed21:24
yofelno, it was a thing, but then kde switch to noto fonts or how they're called21:24
clivejosorry I meant kdewebdev21:25
clivejothe job on KCI couldnt find the KDE git repo21:25
yofelhm..... is that by chance still in svn?21:25
clivejoI didnt look that hard to be honest21:26
yofelit is...21:26
yofelok, lets forget about that21:26
clivejothought I heard the project was dead/unmaintained 21:26
clivejoyofel: did you see my question about xz and gz source tarballs?tarball21:27
yofelclivejo: uscan will download whatever is supported by the watch file21:27
clivejoit does21:28
clivejobut the git-buildpackage-ppa seems to look for a xz 21:28
clivejoand fails21:28
yofeltrue, it hardcodes xz21:29
yofeladding kde4libs to ci in the meantime21:29
clivejoI moved kde4libs YY to KCI unstable earlier today21:30
clivejoand restarted builds that needed them, hence the green above 21:30
yofeladding it anyway21:30
clivejooh you mean as a job21:30
clivejogood idea21:30
yofelnow all that's intentionally not on CI is kdewebdev and the strigi analyzers21:30
valorieyofel: you mean from plasma, frameworks and applications?21:33
valorieimo there are other things we don't package/check like apps from extragear21:34
yofelnothing out of the offical release set is on CI21:34
yofelnot that we couldn't add something21:34
valorie!info gcompris21:37
ubottugcompris (source: gcompris): Educational games for small children. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.02-1.1ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 513 kB, installed size 1850 kB21:37
valorie!info kstars21:37
ubottukstars (source: kstars): desktop planetarium for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu3 (yakkety), package size 1882 kB, installed size 7746 kB21:37
valorie!info konversation21:37
ubottukonversation (source: konversation): user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-1ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 993 kB, installed size 4112 kB21:37
clivejowhy does the tooling want an epoch on libexiv2-dev 21:37
yofelalthough, I would first like to make the CI builds meaningful again. Currently yakkety unstable are the only branch that have meaning21:37
valorie!info minuet21:38
ubottuPackage minuet does not exist in yakkety21:38
yofelminuet is in apps21:38
valorieI'm not pushing, just clarifying21:38
clivejoyofel: another epoch package which shouldnt be :(21:40
yofelhm, true, I missed that...21:42
clivejois that all the places it needs changed - https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/commit/?id=de6f8c01c716c55fbb49688e7f81799b407148d421:45
yofelshould be21:46
yofelright, kde4libs is that exception of exceptions in our workflow21:47
* clivejo nods21:47
clivejocan KCI deal with it?21:47
valoriemore and more stuff gets ported away from it, so eventually it will disappear.....21:48
clivejovalorie: unfortunately that doesn’t look like any time soon :(21:49
clivejostill a lot of packages wanting it21:49
valoriewell, we'll have to support it for LTS for a long time21:49
yofelfixed it by hand for now, but this needs manual reconfiguring every time I refresh the CI configs21:49
yofelso... I need a different solution for this21:49
yofelsomething for tomorrow..21:52
clivejois there a quick way to convert gz to xz?21:53
* valorie goes out in the sun while it still shines21:53
yofelgunzip && xz ?21:54
clivejoit downloads the gz22:00
clivejothe complaints gbp:error: Multiple orig tarballs found.22:01
* clivejo kicks stuff22:37
clivejowhy the *beeping* *beep* has libkf5kface still got an epoch22:37
clivejowho looks after konversation_1.6.1-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb, Im getting an error22:59
clivejotrying to overwrite '/usr/share/kservices5/konvirc.protocol', which is also in package konversation-data 1.6-0ubuntu122:59
clivejohow do you change the wallpaper in Plasma 5.7.2?23:44
DarinMillerclivejo: right click on desktop and select desktop settings.23:57
clivejoIve lost the wallpaper on one of my screens23:58
clivejothats weird23:58

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