tsimonq2agaida: bump the bug report with my patch then00:25
tsimonq2agaida: and talk to Julien!00:25
agaidawe have one problem - julien think he is right00:25
agaidaand this is more important for him than easy maintainance and possible bugs00:26
agaidaso what should i do? I'm only a outsider with a very strong opinion - and the plan was that we do the things upstream and they go into the repository unchanged00:27
agaidaand to be honest - every not really needed change is bullshit and error prone - and that for a reason00:28
tsimonq2but I see00:28
tsimonq2I'll bump it00:29
tsimonq2thank you for bringing this up to me, I'll get it handled00:29
agaidaif one without this special knowledge import upstream - without the changes - this will create havoc00:29
agaidaand this is happend in the past and ever will happen again00:30
agaidaso we had two bets - a) we will do everything to make julien happy or b) we will do what we think is the best00:31
agaida(we as debian upstream) - please guess what we will do00:32
tsimonq2I see00:32
agaidaand we are happy if bugs - or patches come from ubuntu - this is happend in the past from vorlon (architectural changes and symbol changes) and we merged them without any problems00:33
tsimonq2vorlon \o/00:34
agaidabecause the changes make sense for both parties00:34
tsimonq2I see00:34
agaidayeah - steve is a good one - and i will never forget that he was the cause that i'm fixed systemd on a silvester evening :D00:35
agaidaso we have no problems with good changes - but i think we have a problem with bikeshedding and such things00:36
agaidaand to be true - i have some problems with the two remainig changes - both on central points: the changes in lxqt-session is great to shoot on or both feets - in it will happen sooner or later00:39
agaidaand we talked about liblxqt - best bet would be to take debian unchanged - and if this cause problems, solve these problems in debian (like eventually needed breaks and replaces)00:42
agaidaand another word regarding the session thing - julien is right, it's not clever and his solution is better - in theory00:42
tsimonq2yeah I saw the solution00:43
tsimonq2it was something I didn't want to touch00:43
agaidabut it is not clever as it will break when we clean up this mess in LXQt - and that will be happen some weeks or month after the release00:43
agaidabut it will happen00:43
tsimonq2agaida: ping me when the breakage is about to happen and I'll talk with Julien00:45
tsimonq2ask him why00:45
agaidathe session/common mess is long standing - no one clean up this shit after the merger razorqt/lxde00:45
agaidaand this was introduced because in the beginning the whole razor was one big repository00:46
agaidaso after the merge the repos was splitted up and the rest that no one take care or becomes common - long story short00:47
agaidabut i think we will find a clean solution and a clean upgrade path - and we should not make things more complicated00:49
agaidain the meantime00:49
tsimonq2wxl: re: broken torrents, this is why it's good to read Reddit comments... https://www.reddit.com/r/Lubuntu/comments/4txypi/lubuntu_16041_lts_has_been_released/d5nrwhs00:52
tsimonq2agaida: a Reddit user reported that the Lubuntu torrents are broken and indeed they are, yay...00:53
agaidaand i destroyed today the gogs database for siduction - that was cool00:53
agaida100+ git repositories to migrate by hand00:54
agaidaa fucking typo in a script00:54
Unit193tsimonq2: Or, you could update the link to the torrent for the point release too...00:54
agaidabut its done00:54
tsimonq2Unit193: I don't have the permissions00:54
tsimonq2Unit193: but I pinged infinity00:54
Unit193And infinity can update lubuntu.net how?00:56
tsimonq2Unit193: lubuntu.net is NOT our website00:57
tsimonq2Unit193: lubuntu.me is00:58
Unit193Yeah yeah, same thing.  Used to real TLDs, same statement applies to .me.00:58
tsimonq2well that's actually a good idea, I should updated that00:59
tsimonq2Unit193: but regardless, that torrent doesn't work00:59
Unit193Try the correct torrent?00:59
* tsimonq2 tries01:00
Unit193It's pretty darn normal when a point release is out, the prior point (or pointless) release isn't on the tracker...01:01
tsimonq2works fine01:01
tsimonq2Unit193: but regardless...it's broken01:02
Unit193Define 'it'.01:02
tsimonq2the torrents for 16.0401:03
tsimonq2Unit193: it's also a pretty major thing because we didn't release PPC for 6.04.1 but we did for 16.0401:03
tsimonq2some people still might want PPC01:03
tsimonq2Unit193: there, updated01:10
kalxashi all, I am looking for the build scripts that are used to generate the Lubuntu iso images. Can someone please point me to the source code?10:14
tsimonq2kalxas: hey10:16
kalxashi tsimonq210:16
tsimonq2kalxas: infinity in #ubuntu-release linked it to me the other day10:16
tsimonq2now that I have time, I'll search my IRC logs :)10:16
kalxascool, thanks :)10:16
kalxasI did find some source code in launchpad yesterday, but that was until utopic10:17
kalxasso I am looking specifically for xenial sources10:18
kalxasthe reason is to find the difference10:19
kalxasit seems that the usb-creator util is now doing a plain dd copy of the iso to the usb key, so I need to figure out how boot loader is handled10:19
tsimonq2kalxas: ^10:21
kalxasthanks tsimonq2 !10:23
* kalxas looking10:23
kalxastsimonq2, still, there is no lubuntu branch in there10:31
kalxasactually there is one which is outdated10:31
tsimonq2kalxas: it's not a Lubuntu-specific branch you are looking for10:43
tsimonq2you need to know how the images are built10:43
tsimonq2daily and daily-live10:43
kalxasI am obviously not aware of the process :)10:46
kalxasthank you for your patience10:47
kalxasis this also being used? it seems up to date:10:50
tsimonq2well if I remember correctly, that calls the server that runs lp:~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu10:51
kalxasah, cool10:52
kalxastsimonq2, any idea how long has this code base being used?10:53
tsimonq2long time10:53
kalxasI will have to browse history then to figure out what happened with the boot loader10:54
kalxasok, thank you very much for your help10:54

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