sethjpleia2, re ubuntu IRC classroom being discussed on the mailing list: We did something similar on Ask Ubuntu a few years back (https://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/1568/what-is-the-ask-ubuntu-classroom-and-how-can-i-participate) and are considering doing another event similar to it sometime this fall/winter. I'm curious if you have used Stack Exchange chat (https://chat.stackexchange.com/?tab=site&host=askubuntu.com) and whether you think it00:46
sethjovercomes some of the issues you faced in IRC.00:46
tsimonq2popey: would it be okay with you if my LoCo was given access to ~ubuntu-wiki-editors ? It's a locked team and it will stay like that for the future. It would be great to give my LoCo access, and it's not a wide open group. ~ubuntu-us-wisconsin is the team.07:01
tsimonq2popey: let me know what you think :)07:01
tsimonq2popey: I officially applied on behalf of the team07:03
tsimonq2davidcalle|afk, mhall119 ^07:11
popeytsimonq2: davidcalle|afk mhall119 I'd rather we added individuals to the wiki editors team please. not teams10:40
tsimonq2alright popey, thanks for responding10:44
pleia2sethj: I have never used stack exchange (chat or otherwise), but don't really have any time or interest in reviving Classroom, I recommend replying to the thread with your thoughts so folks who are interested can see it (like A. Mani, who started the thread)16:08
sethjpleia2, oh I did not mean to imply anything about you starting it back up. I was just curious if you had used SE chat and if you thought it would be more effective.16:09
sethjWe were talking of running our own little classroom regardless.16:10
pleia2sethj: definitely worth sharing with the list, since it does seem like they're interest outside your community :)16:10
pleia2there is16:10
pleia2good grief I need coffee16:10
sethjindeed. I guess I will have to write out a reply for the list later. I might wait a bit though until we've hashed out more details on our end.16:11
sethjJust curious about your thoughts on the matter. Thanks :)16:11
pleia2heh, yeah, have none ;)16:11

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