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droid2I am wondering where in the configuration files is where you set the  default theme the desktop manager lightdm is supposed to uses when startx? I did a find and all i have for greeter files is /etc/pam.d/lightdm-greeter nothing in there looks to be a setting for a theme like ambiance which is set by default?22:41
TheMusodroid2: Do you mean the actual greeter used, or the actual UI theme?22:43
TheMusoThe UI theme depends on the greeter in use.22:43
droid2there is no greeter section in the lightdm.conf22:43
droid2by default22:43
droid2UI theme not the actual login page/session after you do that when your in the lightdm desktop manager22:44
droid2Without going thru the appearence gui22:44
droid2of the settings22:44
droid2there must be a configuration file for it some where that its held in?22:44
TheMusoDepends on the greeter.22:46
TheMusoUnity-greeter uses gsettings, and I think its theme is hard-coded. GTK greeter I think uses conf files similar to lightdm itself.22:46
droid2ok but in my cases i have lightdm so are they hardcoded or in a config file.... and if there hardcoded what is the program that sets this22:48
jbichadroid2: are you using lightdm-gtk-greeter or unity-greeter?22:51
droid2I mean i see all the themes under /usr/share/themes/ and an index.theme file for most of them but what sets the lightdm to uses one over the other i don't see anything in the config files under gnome or lightdm in /etc . And would it be under an /etc/X11 i would think it would be a configuarion file of the desktop or windows manager22:53
droid2How do i know that ?22:53
droid2I mean in the current theme index.theme file i have a line like this22:55
droid2so i am assuming maybe the ubuntu unity greeter confused22:55
droid2humm i did search the system and all the unity i have is under /usr no config files under /etc23:03
droid2then ps -A for unity gives me http://pastebin.com/J7qH5cqk23:04
droid2Though when i man for unity i  don't get any options i can see to set this as well as  see also unity-panel-service so kind of wondering how to set the theme ?23:07
droid2And how the appearence gui dropdown box is setting this23:07
jbichadroid2: it might be easier to use lightdm-gtk-greeter if you want customization23:22
droid2so searching i do have unity-greeter but i don't have any strings like  lightdm-gtk-greeter23:22
jbichasudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter23:24
droid2i just man the unity-greeter and it say's something about it is configured in the lightdm.conf file but all i see when i go to /etc/lightdm.conf file is lightdm-autologin  no greeting setting23:24
droid2I understand i can uses alternative my point is i want to beable to understand how this unity one is working ... i mean i can set it thru the appearance settings pretty easilly so kind of wonder?23:26
droid2I looked a little farther and i  did searches for lightdm only 2 programs but in the man page there was references to dm-tool so i looked there but that didn't have a setting really for the theme more for locking system , switching users,...etc23:29
droid2Also kind of confused is ligtdm part of gnome because i have /etc/gnome files as well as programs  http://pastebin.com/tXNtNkkP23:32
droid2Some of which are running like gnome-keyring ,gnome-session , gnome-termina ,...etc how can to desktop managers be running on the same computer or partially parts of each ... i don't have the gdm so its using the lightdm but still gnome-session won't it be using lightdm-session so CONFUSED23:34
droid2and yes i have unity-greeter.desktop which has the X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=unity-greater and i think this is where one set the greeter and restarts lightdm23:39
droid2But either way i think the greeters are only for login not for themes and  customization when your already logged in?23:41

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