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kilbithhey guys, I've seen your announce to switch to modesetting DDX by default... IMO it's a bad decision since that driver is highly unstable -- like screen tearing on web browsing, big slow down on webkit window (ex. gnome online account), etc.10:02
kilbithat least on Haswell10:02
b4r@topic "Path Pilots:"?14:56
udevbotError: "topic" is not a valid command.14:56
udevbotError: "k" is not a valid command.14:56
xnoxinfinity, for some weird reasons, my /usr/share/timezone/Zulu file on 16.04 had modification date Jul 18, and it clearly was not UTC, but GMT (UTC+1) and made my postgresql queries sad.23:22
xnoxnow fixed, by doing $ apt install --reinstall tzdata23:22
xnoxand restarting postgres.23:22
xnoxare you aware of any dodgy software that messes things up like that.23:23
xnoxor maybe pitti23:23

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