lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:06
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic02:08
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB02:08
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lotuspsychjeDescription:Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS05:23
lotuspsychjehey ducasse06:36
lotuspsychjehow are you?06:37
ducassegood thanks - and you? enjoying a quiet sunday morning?06:37
lotuspsychjeyep got to work at 1106:37
ducasseaha, i see. no rest for the wicked ;)06:38
lotuspsychjeupgraded to .106:41
ducasseme too, but i've still got one machine on wily. should try to fix that today...06:41
* daftykins carries in his cereal with his eyes still closed09:53
* ducasse hands daftykins a cup of espresso09:53
daftykinsooh ty09:53
ducassespeaking of, need more tea.09:54
daftykinsi was thinking that, need to do a milk run in a moment09:54
ducasseahh, there we go :) caffeine <309:57
daftykinshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh91IO9cV48 i found this neat10:00
ducasseinteresting :) just been reading through the world's longest log dump for a guy, and suddenly he doesn't want to investigate further and logs off :-/10:19
ducassedo you know much about web server daemons, by any chance? i need to set one up on my vps, just wondering which one has the best security track record...10:31
daftykinsmost of my experience has been basic setups for wordpress LAMP setups, where i stuck to apache2, i tried out nginx recently but was a bit disappointed when it didn't even have the apache tools for automating the symlinks to enable sites and modules10:34
daftykinshadn't tried to 'harden' nginx in any way, but i've gotten by with apache - just needs tweaking to reduce its' many worker count and default config to hide version # and so on10:35
ducassei'm mostly going to serve static pages and files, to use as a sort of personal dumping ground to share files. i was thinking of lighttpd, since this vps has a limited amount of memory and such.10:36
daftykinsah right10:36
daftykinsi run a little home one in 384MB RAM... LAMP with a basic wordpress + this irssi instance10:37
ducasseactually, the vps has 1gb of memory, but it's primarily doing other things so the web setup would still need to be very light...10:39
daftykinshow does the mem usage sit right now?10:50
ducassepretty good, a little under half available, but it was just rebooted.10:53
daftykinsah well, probably makes sense to avoid full blown apache - but i've not tried that one10:56
ducassei wasn't really thinking that much about memory usage, more about security. in my mind, apache might have a bigger attack surface than something like lighttpd, but i could be entirely wrong.10:58
daftykinsyeah, you don't wanna dip into swap though :D it could do, depending on default modules i suppose10:59
ducassethink i'll just try lighttpd first, as it should be more than adequate for my needs. i could probably whip up something that would do what i need in a few lines of python, even :)11:01
daftykinsugh i feel like i should get a clear plastic sheet to cover my keyboard, this house seems to be a dust machine11:03
ducassetry one of those sealed, industrial keyboards :)11:04
ducassewould probably not be very comfortable to type on, though.11:07
daftykinshave you ever seen those laser ones that cast a pattern onto the desk, then somehow it registers you touching the spots?11:08
ducasseyes, but i can't imagine i would like them. need the tactile feedback. looks cool, though :)11:09
daftykinsyeah, i imagine latency too11:10
daftykinsi got told about an industry situation where the staff kept damaging keyboards though, so they put in one of them instead11:10
ducassei'm _much_ too picky about mice and keyboards.11:12
ducassehard to find one i like :)11:12
\9i'm sort of trying to find one that i would like11:13
\9the usual keyboard layout doesn't have enough keys for my needs11:13
\9the finnish keyboard layout sucks for coding so i have to xmodmap the layout a tad11:14
\9i still need to use alt+gr t o get backspace11:14
ducasse\9: check out the ones i were talking to daftykins about yesterday - wasdkeyboards.com - they have a lot of variations. dunno about extra keys, though, i'll miss that from my current one.11:14
daftykinsi'm fine with the default UK layout, extra keys is something i detest11:16
\9i need the ä and ö keys though, it's slightly inconvenient to use the compose ke for them all the time11:18
\9thanks ducasse i will check that out11:18
ducasse\9: they have at least 88 104 and 105-key ones, in just about any layout you want, you can choose switches and colors for caps and print etc. basically fully custom :)11:19
\9so i see11:21
\9hmm neat, i can edit the layout as svg11:26
ducasseyep, thinking of ordering one myself to replace my razer. i like my current keyboard, but a couple of the keys send several characters when pressed...11:27
\9i still want my 106th key thouhg :(11:27
daftykinsseems to me like if you can't fit into the standard layouts everyone else does, something you're doing is wrong.11:31
ducassei do just fine with a 105-key layout. my razer has 5 'macro keys' on the left side, i have them mapped to various things but honestly don't use them that much...11:34
BluesKajHi all14:57
BluesKajhey daftykins15:02
ducasseafternoon, BluesKaj - everything well?15:06
ducassedaftykins: i (sort of) fixed my keyboard :)15:07
BluesKajhi ducasse, yeah I'm trying setup konverstaion to connect thru a socks5 proxy server provided ny my vpn service . but the settings aren't working15:08
daftykinsducasse: \o/15:10
ducasseBluesKaj: how/what is failing? it just won't connect?15:10
BluesKajscuse my KB mistakes ...it's suddenly very dark...storms approaching15:11
ducassedaftykins: it's not 100%, but much better :) i'll try prying off the keycaps and go over it with pressurized air later.15:11
daftykinsi'm still suffering with the membrane here ;_;15:12
BluesKajyeah the asimov, weber and kornbluth servers just fail with unknown error15:12
ducasseodd. freenode is sponsored by pia iirc, so they shouldn't be blocking vpn traffic either... has konversation got a network log or console?15:14
daftykinsis that SSL connection or non?15:15
BluesKajdaftykins,  I tried it with and without ssl sasl, different port numbers etc etc, but nothing , even the logs don't show anything15:19
daftykinswell SOCKS is typically a browser thing only i thought, so i'd be more inclined to go back to making the VPN work properly15:20
BluesKajvpn works fine , but I prefer not to use the vpn unless needed and I'd just like to have individual apps use the proxy rather than resorting to all internet connections going thru the vpn15:21
ducasseyou can always have the vpn tunnel open at all times and just route traffic from certain apps through it.15:22
BluesKajthe proxy5 setings for pia proxy server in amsterdam works fine on qbittorrent,  checking with netstat -tapen shows the IPs qbittorrent is routed thru15:23
BluesKajducasse,  that would be good if I knew how to set that up15:25
ducassei think i have a link somewhere, do you want me to dig for it?15:25
daftykinsyeah that makes sense, you don't have to have your tunnel replace the default gateway15:26
ducassehang on, it's on a machine in another room. brb.15:26
ducassethat's for torrent, but it demonstrates the general idea.15:29
ducasseyou start openvpn with --noroute, so you will keep your default route. then route what you want through the tunnel interface.15:30
ducassethere is also a git repo with scripts for deluge: https://github.com/bendikro/deluge-vpn.git15:33
daftykinsi imagine that for ease of use on a graphical desktop you'd make a bunch of scripts to run perhaps15:33
ducasseyes, the github link would be a starting point there.15:34
BluesKajthink it would be simpler to just configure konversation, since does offer the socks5 option15:36
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ducassewell, if that's the only program you want it for that is possibly true :)15:38
BluesKajqbittorrent is already configured and working15:39
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ducasseright. is there a verbose logging option?15:40
daftykinstail /var/log/$topic_above.log :15:46
daftykins"it dun work"15:46
daftykins"it dun work"15:46
ducassesomething wrong here too, my laptop is 2.6gb into swap with over a gig of memory free...15:54
daftykinssome kinda task that deems itself backgrounded, so swapped out? o015:58
ducassemaybe, but i don't know _what_ - not that much running, it only has 4gb. bah, need to reboot anyway, kernel update.16:02

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