risenso i have a question that has probably been asked a million times over.. but i;00:00
risenim running on a pi 2, nd just put the image on the sd card for ubuntuMATE00:01
risenis it just the pi being this slow or is it the stock config?00:02
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david132Hi' spanish?02:42
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namnajgood morning03:09
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marcosbuenas noches a todos06:04
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Guest59043resulta que cuando le doy a minimizar a cualquier ventana, esta desaparece y no aparece en la barra de estado/tareas, tengo que darle a ALT+TAB para buscarla nuevamente..no he podido solucionarlo06:06
Guest59043buenas noches...06:23
Guest59043necesito ayuda06:23
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turtle_does anyone else have sound issues on mate?09:18
bekksHow does that poll help you solving your sound issues?09:19
turtle_well if someone else had the same problem we might work something out09:19
turtle_only headphones work atm09:20
bekksThen you#'ll be two people with non-working sound.09:20
bekksInstead of wasting even more time and bandwidth, how about starting to state your actual problem?09:21
turtle_my sound doesent work, only my headphones output sound, on alsamixer speakers are on max09:21
alkisgturtle_: try right clicking on the sound applet, then settings, then the hardware tab, and select and test your speakers there09:22
turtle__my laptop randomly turned off, what did i miss09:24
alkisg(12:22:25 μμ) alkisg: turtle_: try right clicking on the sound applet, then settings, then the hardware tab, and select and test your speakers there09:24
turtle__still nothing09:26
alkisgWhich output devices do you see there?09:26
turtle__built in audio09:27
alkisgOnly one device?09:27
turtle__yes just 109:27
alkisgAnd which profiles do you see there?09:27
turtle__do u want me to list all of them09:28
alkisgIf you are using the correct one, it's ok09:28
turtle__analogue stereo output is the one im using now09:28
alkisgSo the audio works from the front output in your case, but not from the output in the back?09:29
turtle_laptop turned off again sorry09:30
* alkisg wonders if you have more severe issues than the audio :D09:30
alkisg(12:29:23 μμ) alkisg: So the audio works from the front output in your case, but not from the output in the back?09:31
turtle_no audio output except headphones work09:32
alkisgWhere do you put the headphones?09:32
alkisgWhat happens if you put speakers there?09:32
alkisgDoes it work in other distros/flavors/OSes?09:33
alkisgGive more info09:33
turtle_if i plug in headphones audio works, when i take out, speakers not working09:33
ali1234is it a laptop?09:34
turtle_thinkpad x6009:34
alkisgAh, sorry, then you mean the internal speakers09:34
alkisgWhich kernel do you have? uname -r09:35
ali1234install alsa-tools and then run "watch sudo hdajacksensetools"09:36
ali1234plug / unplug the headphones and observe what happens09:37
alkisgIn the sound settings dialog, in the "output" tab, does it list the internal speakers in the "connector" drop box?09:37
turtle__laptop turned off randomly again, i will try to fix that first :L09:38
alkisg(12:37:53 μμ) alkisg: In the sound settings dialog, in the "output" tab, does it list the internal speakers in the "connector" drop box?09:38
turtle__i see "Speakers"09:39
alkisgAre they selected when you're testing sound output?09:39
alkisg(12:33:15 μμ) alkisg: Does it work in other distros/flavors/OSes?09:40
alkisgE.g. did it work in previous versions that had older kernels?09:40
turtle__im not sure i have only run ubuntu mate on this laptop only on this kernel, just go it09:41
turtle__got it09:41
alkisgSo it might be a hardware issue?09:41
alkisgBtw, ali1234 said that, maybe you didn't see it:09:42
alkisg(12:36:25 μμ) ali1234: install alsa-tools and then run "watch sudo hdajacksensetools"09:42
alkisg(12:37:03 μμ) ali1234: plug / unplug the headphones and observe what happens09:42
alkisg...although I don't see a command named hdajacksensetools09:42
alkisgPersonally, before troubleshooting more, I'd try an older live cd or even a windows "live cd"09:43
alkisg...there's no point in troubleshooting software if it's a hardware issue09:43
turtle__i have a custom bios09:44
turtle__ill reflash and try again if sound works09:44
alkisgYeah that's one of the things you should mention in the beginning, when joining IRC :)09:48
turtle__rebooting now09:52
turtle_still no sound after reflash :c09:56
alkisgturtle_: try a different ubuntu version, or even a different OS, to make sure it's not a hardware issue10:00
turtle_ubuntu mate is the only os where my laptop doesent constantly beep10:01
turtle_what program uses alsaconf10:01
turtle_when i type alsaconf it says not found10:01
turtle_ill try to see if my external DAC works10:11
fnord_hi alkisg after install ubu-mate 16.04.1 no update && dist-upgrade requiered. is it right?10:46
fnord_alkisg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/20730273/10:48
bekksNo, thats not right.10:48
bekksAfter an installation, you should install updates as the first step.10:48
bekksBefore installing updates, you should configure package sources to your needs, and then you might get updates the installation process did not even take into account.10:49
fnord_bekks, sorry, it not works for me an I do not know why?10:53
bekksWhat does "not work" for you?10:54
fnord_I do that not for first time10:55
fnord_now it does not work10:55
bekksWHAT does not work?10:55
bekksWhat does not work in your paste? The output looks perfect.10:55
fnord_the process of updating10:56
fnord_after installing10:56
bekksIT works perfectly, no errors to be seen.10:56
bekksWhy do you suspect it isnt working?10:56
ouroumovThat's just because your system is already up to date fnord_10:57
ouroumovSo there's nothing to be done10:57
bekksWhich is totally different from "does not work".10:57
fnord_ouroumov, really, great..10:57
fnord_bekks, sorry10:57
bekksJust READ the actual output in your pastebin.10:57
ouroumovbekks, I suspect fnord_ is rather new at this10:58
fnord_bekks, :-)10:59
bekksI know he isnt, since he was around in the german ubuntu channels for quite a long time.10:59
bekksHe isnt updating for the first time :P10:59
fnord_ouroumov, from day to day I will be better10:59
fnord_ouroumov, I feel that10:59
fnord_bekks, ouroumov  First, what I do ever after istalling, is updating.. I did it twice: 1. willcome fenster 2. terminal. Every method leaded to the same result: system is updated.11:45
fnord_I was very surprised11:46
fnord_of that11:46
bekksAnd why does that lead to your assumption of "does not work" then when it clearly tells that it works fine and no updates had been found?11:52
fnord_bekks, because I see it for the first time ever after 1410 linux installations.12:07
fnord_nothing to updade was a surprising for me12:08
bekksI strongly doubt you did thta much linux installations.12:17
bekksAnd with a working internet connection during the install and NO modifications to the sources the outcome is "already updated". Always.12:18
bekksHpwever. Your system is up to date.12:19
fnord_bekks, I got it, thx13:21
hphey there13:24
hpmy name is FoxyTheBoy13:24
hpyou can call me Foxy13:24
hpgotta go!13:25
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ben_nabiyHow do I get Ubuntu-Mate USB installer to detect UEFI?15:40
ben_nabiyWhen I set up my linuxmint installer, it automatically detects that UEFI is available, and I can boot in UEFI mode, but not so with Ubuntu-Mate15:41
ouroumovafaik you don't have to do anything15:41
ben_nabiythat is what I thought, but it is not working15:41
ben_nabiyand my other installer is working15:41
ouroumovare you manually partitioning?15:42
ben_nabiyI used the USB Startup Disk15:42
ben_nabiyforget the name of it15:42
ben_nabiyI can install in legacy mode, but would rather use UEFI15:43
ben_nabiyis it possible I have too many UEFI devices, and it is not registering?15:43
ouroumov<ouroumov> are you manually partitioning?15:43
ouroumovCheck in your Boot menu if you have an UEFI option for your USB device (I mean your BIOS boot menu, not the GRUB boot menu)15:46
ben_nabiyI am not getting a UEFI option for my boot device (the USB stick) when I do get one for the same stick flashed with linuxmint installer15:50
ouroumovHow are you flashing it? Startup Disk Creator?15:51
ben_nabiyouroumov: yes15:51
ouroumovOkay, I'm not sure what that program's actually doing. Have you tried the more violent "dd" method?15:51
ben_nabiyouroumov: I have done this many times in the past and worked fine15:51
ben_nabiyI am going to check my UEFI again, make sure something didn't get switched around in it15:52
ouroumovSDC has been stripped of features in recent releases15:52
ben_nabiyAs long as I know it "should work" then I will look for other mistakes on my end15:52
ben_nabiythat could be15:52
ouroumovFor instance: it doesn't allow for persistence space setup anymore15:53
ben_nabiyI noticed that15:53
ouroumovWho knows what else went with that :/15:53
ben_nabiyperhaps I need to fire up an older version and create it that way15:53
ouroumovben_nabiy, can you try the "dd" flashing method before you do that?15:53
ouroumovIf you don't know the method, I can explain15:54
ben_nabiyouroumov: dd if=path/to/image of=/dev/blah oflag=direct ?15:59
ouroumovdd if=/image.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync15:59
ouroumovWhile being careful not to write the wrong sdX, because if you write sda you'll nuke your system16:00
ben_nabiyouroumov: you assume I am installed to /dev/sda :)16:00
ouroumovwhateveer before that identify your USB drive using lsblk or df -h16:00
ben_nabiyouroumov: be careful about asserting things like that because someone might not have a standard install.   But thank you for the caution16:01
ben_nabiywill try things out, back in a bit16:02
ubuntu-matehi there16:08
pavlushkaHi mate!16:09
ubuntu-matei trying to install ubuntu mate 16.04 but get error from grup install16:09
ubuntu-mateand cansel the insatallation16:09
ubuntu-matehow i can fix16:10
ouroumovWhat's the error?16:10
ubuntu-matewell say fatal error grub many canot insall16:11
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: can you boot from live CD/USB?16:13
ubuntu-mateim in live usb16:13
ben_nabiyamazing what a bios flash will do16:13
ben_nabiyall of a sudden I had UEFI again :)16:14
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: then run in terminal "sudo -i", and press enter, and then "fdisk -l" and paste it in paste.ubuntu.com and give us the paste link16:14
ben_nabiyouroumov: thank you for trying to help :) I don't want you to think I didn't appreciate your imput16:15
ubuntu-mateDevice          Start        End    Sectors   Size Type16:16
ubuntu-mateDisk /dev/sdb: 7.4 GiB, 7906263040 bytes, 15441920 sectors16:16
ubuntu-mateUnits: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes16:16
ubuntu-mateSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes16:16
ubuntu-mateI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes16:16
ubuntu-mateDisklabel type: gpt16:16
ubuntu-mateDisk identifier: 57A8AD39-34EF-414A-B0C0-B42E5404AB2D16:16
ubuntu-mateDevice     Start      End  Sectors  Size Type16:16
ubuntu-mate'/dev/sda1        2048     616447     614400   300M Windows recovery environment16:18
ubuntu-matedev/sda1        2048     616447     614400   300M Windows recovery environment16:19
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: do you have any other system installed on that machine?16:19
ubuntu-matei cant past the disk list some reason16:21
ubuntu-matedev/sda2      616448     821247     204800   100M EFI System16:21
ubuntu-matedev/sda3      821248    1083391     262144   128M Microsoft reserved16:21
ubuntu-mateDevice          Start        End    Sectors   Size Type16:21
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: do you want to keep the MS-windows system?16:21
ubuntu-matewell i like to have windows16:22
ubuntu-mateto play some game16:22
* pavlushka laughs16:22
ubuntu-mate\Device          Start        End    Sectors   Size Type16:23
ubuntu-matedev/sda1        2048     616447     614400   300M Windows recovery environment16:24
ubuntu-matedev/sda2      616448     821247     204800   100M EFI System16:24
ubuntu-matedev/sda3      821248    1083391     262144   128M Microsoft reserved16:24
ubuntu-matedev/sda4     1083392  203880447  202797056  96.7G Microsoft basic data16:24
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: and your Windows version is?16:24
ubuntu-matedev/sda5   203880448  204802047     921600   450M Windows recovery environment16:25
ubuntu-matedev/sda6   204802048 1740802047 1536000000 732.4G Microsoft basic data16:25
ubuntu-matedev/sda7  1740802048 1938987007  198184960  94.5G Linux filesystem16:25
ubuntu-matedev/sda8  1938987008 1953523711   14536704     7G Linux swap16:25
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: Go to system bios and disable secure boot first.16:26
ubuntu-mateis disable16:26
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: and....16:26
ubuntu-matewell i bin have mate for couple monts16:27
ubuntu-matebut for some reason last night when i put my laptop on mate no load16:28
pavlushkaubuntu-mate: side by side with windows?16:28
ubuntu-mateand i trying to reinstall and give me the error16:28
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PartyLinenow i trying again and i passt the error16:31
PartyLinethis time16:32
pavlushkaPartyLine: so, its good?16:32
PartyLinewell we see16:33
PartyLinehalf way done16:33
pavlushkaPartyLine: and like to know if you Ubuntu-MATE is 32 or 64 bit?16:33
PartyLinebut i16:34
pavlushkait should go well I suppose16:34
pavlushkaPartyLine: but ?16:34
PartyLinebut if i cant install the system now im scro i dont have system to donwold another system16:35
pavlushkaPartyLine: Lets see and you have windows! that should do, :p16:36
PartyLinewell with out grup i cant run windows16:37
pavlushkaPartyLine: without GRUB you can, but that's another story.16:38
PartyLinei anable internet this time to see if any diferent16:38
PartyLinea i have lenovo z50-7516:39
pavlushkaPartyLine: will depend on your internet speed, the time.16:39
ouroumovIt's usually not, it just takes longer16:39
PartyLinemate cant found wifi driver16:39
pavlushkaPartyLine: and though with super speed even, it will take a little longer than installing from USB, :)16:40
pavlushkaPartyLine: haven't you enable the option while installing,"install the third party drives" or something like this?16:41
pavlushkaPartyLine: no problem, we can work on that after install, :)16:42
PartyLineyes i do now i connect my phone with usb debugin for internet16:42
PartyLineif we intall16:44
PartyLinei bin have problem with this commant last time16:45
PartyLinesudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) git16:45
PartyLineand i cant insatll git clone16:45
PartyLinei have ath10k-firmware16:46
pavlushkaPartyLine: you just have to install git.16:49
pavlushkaPartyLine: and then you can use git to clone, see?16:50
pavlushkaPartyLine: and I guess you are talking about this thread https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=230329216:51
PartyLinewith internet i have install complete16:58
pavlushkaand PartyLine  you should take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:58
pavlushkafor installation issues.16:58
PartyLineno installation issuse i will restat now16:59
* pavlushka hoping for a successful boot, keeping his fingers crossed.17:00
pavlushkaHello ouroumov !17:01
pavlushkaouroumov: please correct me if I make some mistakes, :)17:01
ouroumov'bout what? ^^17:02
pavlushkaouroumov: just in case, you are the backup plan , :p17:02
ouroumovI'm sorry I gave up on understanding what PartyLine was writing a while ago17:03
pavlushkaouroumov: no problemo, still you are the backup plan, :p17:04
latitudeneed some help setting up a VPN17:34
bekksFirst, you need to ask a specific question.17:45
pavlushkalatitude: you can take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN17:50
ouroumovlatitude, also the OpenVPN documentation is pretty good.18:09
ouroumov(If by setting up you mean the server-side)18:09
latitudethanks for the info. I have lots to read before I ask more question about VPN setup.18:24
megazellHey all!21:14
megazellHi all. I have a quick issue I am trying to resolve on Ubuntu Mate 16.04.01 64 bit.22:19
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