bazhang<verdammte> Ich werde auf die Juden furzen03:50
bazhangis that what I think it is03:50
valorieaccording to google translate, not good03:55
valoriefurzen = fart it seems03:55
bazhangyep, he said some other awful stuff as well03:56
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (verdammte kicked once already today for trolling)07:02
ubottubekks called the ops in #ubuntu (androiduser8_)12:35
ubottuducasse called the ops in #ubuntu (YourMomIsBoring)12:56
ikoniawhat now14:07
fujisancan you unban me from ubuntu-offtopic please14:07
fujisani agree with the #ubuntu ban14:07
ikoniaI don't care14:07
ikoniayou're not welcome - please use other channels14:07
fujisanbecause im a righteous person doing what Richard Stallman told me to do14:08
fujisanit's not trolling it's a plight for freedom14:08
ikoniayou did so well not causing a problem for a while, now you're back with this silly behaviour14:08
ikoniahow dissapointing14:08
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Unit193#ubuntu is still +r18:43

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