theseeker_I want to be the part of ubuntu-pk team for urdu translation04:26
theseeker_is tehre anyone to whom can I talk04:28
Whytehi all10:57
Whytehi kilos10:58
Kiloshi Whyte10:58
zmeuResearcher-: died10:58
Kilosnope i hear he will be back10:59
=== lubmilk is now known as lubmilek
WhyteOla everyone! Hi Researcher, Kilos, Pavlushka,lubmil and zmue :-)19:49
lubmilhej Whyte19:50
pavlushkaOla Whyte :)19:50
* Whyte smiles :-)19:55
ChiefJusticehi Whyte19:55
* pavlushka winks20:02
Whytehi ChiefJustice :-)20:02
Whytei thought ur away20:02
ChiefJusticeactually I'm not20:02
ChiefJusticemy nickname should be gray when I'm away from keyboard20:03
pavlushkaa sleepy Good Night :)20:03
ChiefJusticeand there's nothing to do here, everybody is silent20:04
Whytelol yeah20:07

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