tsimonq2infinity: please look at this Reddit comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/Lubuntu/comments/4txypi/lubuntu_16041_lts_has_been_released/d5nrwhs00:48
tsimonq2infinity: that torrent seems to not work at all00:48
tsimonq2infinity: the reason why that's a critical bug for us is we didn't release PPC for 16.04.1 but we did for 16.0401:05
tsimonq2infinity: some people might want a 16.04 PPC ISO01:05
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infinitytsimonq2: The 16.04 amd64 (the one he's trying) isn't intended to work, we only keep the latest on the tracker but, indeed, there's a misfeature that removed ppc-16.04, I'll ressurrect that.04:20
infinitytsimonq2: ppc 16.04 torrents should work again.04:24
tsimonq2thank you infinity04:51
kalxashi infinity cjwatson10:21
kalxasI was here yesterday too, I am looking for the source code of the iso build process for Lubuntu10:22
kalxasI was talking to Marc Deslauriers and he pointed me to the ubuntu source10:23

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