guest1_I need some assitance accessing my server outside of my LAN00:59
guest1_I just installed the latest Ubuntu Server OS 16. I can SSH into it fine if Im on the network its running on, whats the best option for accessing out of network range?00:59
tempspaceHey all. I am migrating my infrastructure from Debian Wheezy to Xenial. In wheezy, if I run the command sudo -u user command, it would use the ssh key from that user's ssh dir. In Xenial, sudo doesn't do that any longer. Hints?01:23
tempspacenm, had to use -i now, combined with executing things through sh -c01:33
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krist64LAMP 16.04 it secure online?04:07
patdk-lapdefine secure?04:08
patdk-lapnothing will stop you from misconfiguring it and opening up any number of insecurities04:08
sambagirlcan someone send me a link for configuring a domain with bind9 for a static server? thanks04:48
sambagirla simple but effective procedure.04:49
b4rsambagirl: https://askubuntu.com/questions/330148/how-do-i-do-a-complete-bind9-dns-server-configuration-with-a-hostname?04:56
sambagirlok thanks b4r04:56
sambagirlyuck b4r04:58
b4rsambagirl: not what you wanted?04:58
sambagirlone would think that you could just simply apply a few values and run a script and fix it like that.04:58
b4ryou could do fix it that simply if you had a script/program to do it for you ;)04:59
sambagirlit's way to technical and convoluted. i've looked at a bunch of different procedures but they are so different in ways that it doesn't make sense.  I was wondering if i can do it witbh webman or one of the other management systems. what you just pointed to me is surely the correct procedure but jeez oh man.05:00
sambagirli can't find one b4r05:01
sambagirland if i did i dont know if i would trust it05:01
b4rafaik there aren't any nice tools for this sort of thing05:02
sambagirlseems to me that during the lamp install or the server install there should be an option for domain and static ip installation.  maybe there was and  i didnt see it?05:02
sambagirli dont think there is either05:03
b4ryou mean like when you install postfix and mysql dialogue boxes?05:03
sambagirlwell i was thinking around that time or when you do the initial server specific iso installation or if it is a netinstall05:03
sambagirlwell here is a question. which dns servers do you have to use? the ones you create yourself? or the ones that the isp provides or google dns servers?05:04
b4ryou mean for your own hosting?05:05
b4rdepends on the situation but I'm gonna go ahead and say to use your own05:05
b4rso you bought the domain, then point the domain to use your dns server05:06
sambagirlfor example i have 5 static ips and i have 4 servers and i use one ip for a wireless router. so for a couple of the servers i wanted to use a domian name05:06
sambagirlso the dns server can be on the same server? i dont have to have a separate box for the dns server? i keep seeing about virtual servers for dns servers. that is what is throwing me.05:07
sambagirland i see where that link you sent says dont use .com well why not?05:08
b4rI'm not gonna claim to know a bunch about all that but it's possible to use it all on the same server05:08
b4rit does?05:08
sambagirlthat is what i think too05:08
* b4r reads05:08
sambagirlyep look05:08
sambagirlit says use .net or hom05:09
b4rI'm gona say it's not an accepted answer to the post05:09
b4rbut it has otherwise decent information05:09
b4roh but it is a community wiki so idk05:10
sambagirli will see if i can first do this in a vm server so not to mess up that one server i have in mind to do this to05:11
sambagirlwhy are the always subdomains though?05:11
sambagirli have no interest in doing a subdomain05:11
b4rmaybe they wanted to be thorough and assumed the dns server would be used by inter- and intra-net users so the more specific names can be accessed05:12
sambagirlyeah i suppose so05:13
sambagirlbut i still think that there should be a aspect of the server iso installation for configuring a domain name.05:16
b4rI don't see why that wouldn't be an unreasonable request05:16
sambagirli suspect there is a reason why that isn't a part of the installation now.05:17
b4rprobably no one's gotten to that list item yet ;)05:17
sambagirlhey thanks b4r for the ideas and support! chat later! peace!05:52
theblindghoulie3Having issues with my server06:09
sambagirllike what06:20
tigefaheelo all, ask: best irc log for ubuntu server 14.04 ?13:44
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b4ranyone notice how `rm -rf *` deletes all files and ubuntu warnconfirms deletion of all files in the directory but leaves '.files' untouched and wont warnconfirm deletion `rm -rf.*`?14:59
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theblindghoulie3I need some assistance configuring my server16:31
ikoniajust ask then17:04
ccha5hello is there any altervative to reprepro ?17:58
bekksWhat is that?17:59
theblindghoulie3Server help!18:12
theblindghoulie3Cant access server outside of LAN18:12
bekksWhy not?18:12
theblindghoulie3Have port foward to 80, 21, and 22. For SSH and FTP18:12
bekksForget oprtforwardings, they arent necessary for accessing things outside your LAN.18:13
theblindghoulie3ok, whats the next issue to look at?18:13
bekksFirst you need to TELL us the actual issue.18:13
theblindghoulie3I have the latest Ubuntu Server OS installe on a Lenovo PC. I wanted to setup a server to store and transfer files. I installed and setup the router for FTP and SSH. However, I want to be able to access the server while at home or out and about. I cant do that because when I try to connect to the server outside the network it rejects the login18:16
bekksCan you name the version you are using pleasE?18:16
theblindghoulie3Ubuntu Server
bekksSo you are trying to access, from within your network, the public IP of your router?18:18
theblindghoulie3Access the server from outside the network18:19
bekksSo take a look at the logs of the service yuo are trying to access.18:20
theblindghoulie3Im thinking it has something to do with Apache18:36
bekksWhy would apache has anything to do with ssh or ftp?18:37
theblindghoulie3It doesnt I dont believe, this is my first attempt at setting up a server, so Im still learning.18:41
theblindghoulie3I'll keep researching.18:41
bekksTake a look at the logs.18:42
theblindghoulie3I went to the logs, but I dont see anything thats helping me figure out the right question to ask.18:43
bekksYou experienced the problem that you are denied to log in. Search for traces of that issue, at the timestamps when that issue occured.18:44
theblindghoulie3the log file for FTP (vsftpd.log) shows the successful attempts but not the failed18:59
theblindghoulie3ok the auth.log file for SSH has a bit more to look through, would you like me to screenshot the log file?19:04
_Crash_I've just followed the Perfect Server tutorial for Ubuntu 16.04 and I've come across an issue where my mail seems to direct to my System User instead of the email Mailbox20:01
_Crash_So if I SSH in, It'll show me my email if I type "mail", but it shouldn't since it should direct to the dovecot mailbox?20:01
_Crash_I can view the mail when I SSH in, but if I check my mail on my phone, my mailbox is empty20:02
_Crash_any ideas?20:13
ikonia_Crash_: talk to the people who wrote the guide20:31
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k2gremlinHello all, I have a small problem on my Media server. I have a secondary drive mounted in /Storage that I use for media. In that folder, I have movies, tv show folders and such21:37
k2gremlinNow the problem I have is I cannot ls the /Storage folder.. but if I cd /Storage/movies and run ls it works21:38
k2gremlinif I ls /Storage it just freezes up. Only way I can recover is to close my ssh session and log back in. One way I have found to temporarily fix the problem is a quick reboot. However, it keeps coming back21:39
k2gremlinAnyone seen this before21:39
bekksJust show us the permissions of /Storage21:39
k2gremlinbekks, It works fine for a few hours after a reboot. But randomly if I less a few hours later, it will just freeze the SSH session21:41
bekksSounds like the drive disconnects then.21:41
k2gremlinBut I can go to /Storage/movies21:41
k2gremlinand run ls there.. I can also play movies from it21:42
k2gremlinso really confused lol21:42
k2gremlinI am in the directory.. df . shows.. /dev/sdb       412718256 49517132 342213220  13% /Storage21:43
k2gremlinSo it's still mounted.21:43
bekksTak a lok at dmesg then.21:44
k2gremlinbekks,  INFO: task ls:7946 blocked for more than 120 seconds. wtf?21:47
bekksk2gremlin: thats a random line from dmesg with no further context. what do you expect me to answer now?21:47
k2gremlinbekks, sorry, I am grabbing the whole thing for pastebin21:48
k2gremlinbekks, http://pastebin.com/jr2y5mkQ same message when I try to sftp http://pastebin.com/jr2y5mkQ21:50
k2gremlinsftp to that directory21:50
k2gremlinbekks, Well, weird.. it is working now without reboot.21:50
bekksk2gremlin: as can be seen, you have severe issues with that cifs stuff, and you should reboot+21:55
k2gremlinbekks, Yea I had this problem last night and rebooted it. Only been up 22 hours lol21:56
k2gremlinI have 2 folders INSIDE of /Storage that are mounted cifs to other systems21:57
k2gremlinbut that shouldnt stop me from lsing /Storage?21:57

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