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QwertieHi o/07:49
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DosTuMaiStupid question time! Is the Meizu MX5 Ubuntu touch compatible?20:14
OerHeksDosTuMai, yes, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices20:26
GarettMIs it be or porting this is kinda a bitch20:32
OerHeksGarettMcCarty, ask mariogrip, it is not that easy indeed20:35
GarettMcCartyI should probably learn more about android before i attempt again loll i thought it'd be as simple as grabbing the CyanogenMod source code and running lunch but i was painfully mistaken20:36
GarettMIs anyone else porting? Or trying loll21:22
GarettMWhoot kernel build failure for LG H811 :D progress people!21:49
GarettMIs ubuntu touch 32-bit?!22:15
JanCon the phones it is22:15
GarettMThats lame22:16
JanCbut it runs on 64-bit desktops too22:16
JanCwell, the phones all have 32-bit SoCs, I think  :)22:17
JanCthe officially supported ones22:17
JanCIIRC the M10 tablet has 64-bit kernel + 32-bit userspace (but I would have to look up to be sure)22:18
GarettMI dont think its the SoC i believe its the android base there using bro it doesnt have the 64-bit config files seen in the newer android versions or maybe i am wrong but thats why building for LG G4 is being difficult xD22:18
GarettMThats what i am doing 64-bit kernel and 32-bit userspace22:18
JanCis the Android kernel for that LG 64-bit?22:19
GarettMYeah everything is 64bit for the LG G4 i believe22:21
JanCon weekdays (especially European business hours) there will probably be more people around with porting experience22:22
GarettMI wish i could be on durring those hours but i gotta work Monday-Saturday22:23
JanCor maybe earlier in the evening (it's around midnight now)  ;)22:24
GarettMIt is? Dang loll22:24
JanCnot sure where you live22:25
GarettMPortland, OR, USA :P22:28
JanCit's about 00h30 here (CEST = continental Europe) and 23h30 in London now22:28
GarettMWell Gresham, OR USA22:29
GarettMNiceeee do you got ubuntu touch?22:29
JanCI have a bq Aquaris E4.5 phone22:29
JanCso yeah22:29
GarettMNice is ubuntu touch okay for a daily driver yet? I understand i am giving up google maps, google music :'( hulu crunchyroll and netflix right?22:30
JanCwell, you get uNav (based on OSM) or HERE maps instead22:31
JanCand Cloud Music22:31
JanCno Netflix though22:32
willerdoes whatapp work?22:32
JanCwiller: not AFAIK22:32
JanCwiller: maybe their website22:32
JanC(never used Whatsapp)22:33
GarettMWhat is whatsapp?22:33
JanCit has Telegram22:33
JanCand about "daily driver", that really depends on your needs22:34
helpzonlinecan any one help me with linux touch installation22:34
GarettMI need to text and make phone calls occasionally open a private tab to watch porn bro22:34
JanCe.g. calendar app doesn't support iCal/CalDAV yet unfortunately, but I think that's being worked on22:35
helpzonlineLinux touch???22:35
JanCtexting & phone calls work fine  :)22:35
GarettMOkay awesome and helpzonline does your phone have a port?22:35
helpzonlineport means???22:36
helpzonlinexperia z122:36
JanChttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices says there is a non-official port22:38
GarettMHave you read the instructions on ubuntu touch devices?22:38
helpzonlineya tried tht...22:38
JanCnoit fully functional yet, it seems22:39
JanCnot *22:39
helpzonlinei hav ubuntu 16.0422:39
helpzonlineoohh ok...22:39
JanCbut someone is working on a port22:39
JanCmost likely in their free time though...22:40
helpzonlinei got a honami img suitable for experia z122:40
helpzonlineam not so familiar with ubuntu22:40
helpzonlinei got the boot.img and ubuntu.img22:41
helpzonlinefor the phone22:42
helpzonlinebit confused with the flashing process... from desktop ubuntu... 16.0422:42
GarettMI wouldn't advise you trying to put it on your phone if you dont know what your doing you could end up with a broken phone. But if you got the balls i believe you would just get the phablet-tools package and use phablet-flash community --device minato22:43
JanCprobably same advice I gave to GarettM: try asking during daytime in Europe on weekdays; more likely that somebody with more experience is around then  :)22:44
helpzonlinei am not tring it my using phone...its a spare phone22:44
GarettMThen try it bro is fastboot available and the bootloader unlocked? I believe those are the other requirements22:45
helpzonlinetried cynogenmod miui and want to try linux also please giv me some idea...22:45
GarettMYeah just flash it then bro22:46
helpzonlineya its unlocked22:47
helpzonlinefastboot i tied in windows22:47
helpzonlinei mean tried22:47
helpzonlinein linux is it different22:47
jobotLinux kernel is part of all of those isnt it?22:47
GarettMDude i have no clue what your saying22:48
helpzonlinei am new to linux22:48
helpzonlinei used command prompt to do the flashing in windows using sdk manager22:50
helpzonlinethe command was fastboot flash boot boot.img( the folder contained boot.img & fastboot.exe22:52
helpzonlinecan u help me with process in ubuntu22:53
GarettMThat seems sketchy why not use phablet-flash?22:53
helpzonlinephablet flash ok22:54
JanCsee the documentation on the Ubuntu wiki/site22:54
GarettMIn ubuntu fallow the porting guide all the way until mkdir phablet dont run that command stop there22:54
helpzonlineya read that...22:54
GarettMYou need those packages22:55
GarettMThen run phablet-flash community --device minato while your phone is in fastboot mode22:56
helpzonlinewill the porting wok if am using cynogenmod 12.1 on the phone22:59
helpzonlinei mean work22:59
GarettMThe whole phone should be formated by that command23:01
GarettMAny progress?23:09
helpzonlineam looking into phablet-flash23:10
helpzonlineam new to this terminal in ubuntu23:11
GarettMIt gives you the commands to enter in the porting guide xD23:11
helpzonlinesudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install phablet-tools23:11
helpzonlineis this the one23:12
helpzonlinethis is the first step23:12
GarettMYeah to get the phablet-flash package thats all you need to flash it23:13
helpzonlineok thanks23:14
helpzonlineAdding the Universe and Multiverse Repositories is it needed in 16.0423:14
GarettMAgain be careful i know nothing about this23:15
GarettMIt looks like the LG G4 T-Mobile will have ubuntu touch soon ;)23:16
helpzonlinecan i ask where ur from...23:17
GarettMGresham, Oregon, United States of America23:17
OerHeksohh, that is just 4,980 miles from Haarlem, netherlands23:19
GarettMOnly 4,980 that isnt much23:20
OerHeksthe other way 'round is al little more :-D23:20
* OerHeks now keeps quiet and watches the porting 23:20
helpzonlineam from Kerala, India... and i dont know how much miles...:)23:20
GarettMIdk either bro23:21
GarettMOerheks what you porting23:21
OerHeksthat would be closer, 4849 miles .. i am not porting, watching you guys23:22
GarettMOh i think i am the only one porting right know23:22
helpzonlinei got this one right : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/tools23:25
helpzonlineerror came when tried: sudo apt-get update23:25
helpzonlineE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)23:26
helpzonlineE: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/23:27
helpzonlineE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)23:28
helpzonlineE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?23:28
helpzonlinesome thing else needed to be done23:28
OerHeksrun: sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock && sudo apt-get update23:28
OerHeksor do you have softwarecenter open too ?23:29
helpzonlineys i think... update is running23:29
helpzonlinetht was the reason???23:29
OerHeksit happens sometimes, mostly for unknow reason.23:30
OerHekscould be softwarecenter open too, or updates pending..23:30
helpzonlinei tried sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock && sudo apt-get update23:31
helpzonlineE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)23:31
helpzonlinesame error23:31
OerHeksyou could try sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock23:32
GarettMWell rebooting would be his best bet without really screwing something up23:33
OerHeksthat would be the windows method :-(23:34
helpzonlinerm: remove write-protected regular empty file '/var/lib/apt/lists/lock'?23:34
helpzonlinei already entered the command23:35
helpzonlinewill it work now23:35
OerHeksif not, do this larger removal:  sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf23:36
helpzonlinerm: cannot remove '/var/lib/apt/lists/lock': Permission denied23:36
helpzonlineits worked...!!!23:37
GarettMNice loll23:38
helpzonlineam am getting an idea...thankx23:38
OerHeksthere are tons of possible commands here, but the ones i showed are my experience with apt. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PackageManagerTroubleshootingProcedure23:39
OerHeksit all depends on the exact error, you know23:39
helpzonlineits downloading i think...now23:40
helpzonlinesome error came at last23:42
helpzonlineif reboot,,, is it possible to chat with u guys again???23:43
GarettMYeah just join #ubuntu-touch on freenode again23:43
helpzonline_not rebooted yet ... I just tried it from my phone...23:48
helpzonline_so that I won't loose u guys23:49
GarettMOkay loll23:49
helpzonline_OK my bad23:49
helpzonline_for the time being can I ask you some thing about the Ubuntu.IMG and boot.IMG23:51
helpzonline_I downloaded for z123:51
helpzonline_I mean I downloaded it for xperia z123:52
GarettMI wouldn't use them id use the flash tool it will download and flash them for you23:52
helpzonline_should I copy it to SD card23:52
GarettMBoot into fastboot mode then run "phablet-flash community --device minato"23:54
helpzonline_and should I have to download a drive for z123:54
GarettMA drive?23:55
helpzonline_in windows... I have to get a drive file ...23:55
helpzonline_for fastboot23:55
GarettMDude your not using windows ... apt-get install android-tools-{fastboot,adb}23:56
GarettMLmfao xD i am retarded just stopped the build because i wanted to copy something and clicked ctl c xD23:58
helpzonline_I will try23:59

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