minasotacyberanger: I wasn't saying old is irrelevant or that it was made for ipv6. Just saying a lot has changed since it was last updated01:43
minasota"it was made to extend ipv4 long enough to develop and adopt ipv6" It's clear from reading it they were aware of conservation, just not convinced they had "ipv6" already on their minds01:45
minasotaback in 199601:46
|Ubik|Yeah, I've done the Tor trick. I have my laptop's Tor set up to only connect out to port 80 and 443 (somehow, I figure this is a bad idea, but it makes it work, or at least start working faster, behind overly-restrictive firewalls like ours at work.)04:25
|Ubik|Then a hidden service for SSH. So basically no matter where my laptop is (behind NAT, even), I can still SSH to it elsewhere if I get separated from it (i.e. from my phone.)04:25
|Ubik|Orbot's VPN functionality on my phone, and then JuiceSSH connects me up to the hidden service (I can't remember if it'd resolve .onion addresses or not, if not I had to use Orbot and add config directives to map IPs to the onion names...and use IPs in Juice... but in the end it does work.)04:26
cyberanger|Ubik|: I had to use mapaddress but that might have been andchat not juicessh06:10
cyberangerYou don't need to set that normally, it will try and then use those settings and try again06:11

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