pavlushkaMorning ZA!06:08
Kilosmorning everyboby06:08
paddatrapperMorning Kilos, pavlushka, everyone 06:57
Kiloshi paddatrapper 07:04
pavlushkapaddatrapper: Hello and how are you?07:53
paddatrapperpavlushka: I'm good thanks. You? 07:53
pavlushkapaddatrapper: wow, me too, :)07:54
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paddatrapperHey ra1v3n09:28
ra1v3nhello paddatrapper 09:28
paddatrapperHow are you doing? 09:29
ra1v3nIm good ... if somewhat cold09:37
Kiloshi ra1v3n 09:38
ra1v3nhow are you09:38
ra1v3nHi kilos09:38
Kiloswinter is made for penguins09:38
Kilosill be in and out today, trying to find sheep shears09:39
Kilosthen some work ahead09:39
ra1v3nyeah I have to log off in a bit ... have to work09:39
Kiloswell at least you didnt forget where we are09:41
ra1v3nnope Ive added you guys to autojoin09:41
Kilosgood man09:48
SquirmHas anyone here had much experience with AWS Lambda ?11:52
SquirmI'm trying to get ssh into a box using paramiko, but it's not working. It essentially boils down to12:24
Squirm["/var/task/cryptography/hazmat/primitives/constant_time.py", 9, "<module>", "from cryptography.hazmat.bindings._constant_time import lib"]], "errorType": "ImportError", "errorMessage": "/var/task/cryptography/hazmat/bindings/_constant_time.so: invalid ELF header"}12:24
SquirmSame issue this guy is having12:25
KilosMaaz forecast pretoria15:19
MaazKilos: Sunday: Rain. High: 19° C., Sunday Night: Partly Cloudy. Low: 7° C., Monday: Chance of a Thunderstorm. High: 18° C., Monday Night: Rain. Low: 8° C., Tuesday: Thunderstorm. High: 16° C., Tuesday Night: Chance of a Thunderstorm. Low: 5° C., Wednesday: Clear. High: 15° C., Wednesday Night: Clear. Low: 2° C., Thursday: Clear. High: 17° C., Thursday15:20
MaazNight: Clear. Low: 3° C., Friday: Clear. High: 18° C., Friday Night: Clear. Low: 4° C., Sa…15:20
Kilosai! winter came again back15:20
Kilosinetpro its too cold to be busy busy busy16:31
Kiloshi ra1v3n 16:47
ra1v3nhello Kilos 16:47
ra1v3nhow are you16:51
ra1v3nits ridiculous here16:51
ra1v3nIm sorry ... expecting a white Raven from the citadel16:52
Kilosravens dont fly at night16:53
ra1v3nit feels alot colder16:54
Kiloswind makes things worse16:54
SEptic9c here16:57
SEpticwind and rain16:58
Kilosand rain expected here and heavy snow on all the mountains16:58
KilosSEptic you in jozi?16:59
Kilostoo cold to think or even remember16:59
SEpticeast london16:59
Kilosoh ya17:00
SEpticthe unwashed armpit of south africa17:00
Kiloshi nsnzero 17:09
nsnzerohey Kilos17:10
nsnzerohow you doing ?17:11
inetproKilos: you still have power? 17:11
nsnzerofreezing here too17:12
inetprogood morning everyone 17:12
Kilosyes haha17:12
inetproyou are lucky 17:12
Kilosmorning inetpro 17:12
SEpticfull house tonight17:12
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SEpticKilos ... i hate you17:22
SEpticusing my other mint laptop17:22
SEpticits just not the same any more :/17:22
Kiloswhy SEptic 17:22
Kiloskde rules17:23
Ra1v3nhi what I miss17:23
SEptici'm a fan of that activities stuff17:23
Kilosmost people that hate me end up loving me once they realise how dom they were before17:23
Kilosi never use the activities thing17:25
SEptici have 2 work laptops, ripped out the cdroms and put in 2nd hdds, main hdd ssd, 2nd 1tb hdd, both rsync'ed to my home server17:25
SEpticforced to use the mint one tonight17:26
SEpticgosh, world of difference17:26
kulelu88anybody using centos6 here?17:26
Kilosso blame me17:26
Ra1v3nI swear there are days17:26
Ra1v3nI could quite cheerfully 131tch slap some people17:27
Ra1v3ndifferent channel ..... this dude is so needy17:28
Ra1v3nlike I look here for a second and his like: "You wana chat or not?"17:28
kulelu88programming channel?17:29
Kilosits your choice where you socialise17:30
Ra1v3ndifferent server17:30
SEpticwe cant help it that we're cooler17:30
kulelu88with l33t speak, you guys must be arch guys17:31
Ra1v3nI'm considered Neurologically atypical.17:31
nsnzeroSEptic: where did you get the hdd cage for the cd rom tray slot ?17:31
SEptic9.5mm i bummed of takealot17:32
Kilosthey are expensive those things17:32
SEptic13.7mm i bought for r50 from some ebay japan dude17:32
Ra1v3nlove that place17:32
nsnzerothanks - seen alot on ebay - but no delivery to SA17:33
Ra1v3nalot of places refuse to deliver to SA17:34
Ra1v3nthanx to our amazing postal service17:34
SEpticyea, like amazon17:34
kulelu88that's not the only reason17:34
SEpticwe still have a postal service?17:34
Ra1v3npoint taken17:34
SEpticlast time i went to the post office, queues out the door ... for banking17:35
SEpticwho the f banks at a post office?17:35
SEpticits like ordering a toasted ham & cheese from a hairdresser17:36
kulelu88the poor SEptic 17:36
nsnzeroalternative - buy a 2.5" external and prestik it into the cd rom slot - with a custom flat usb connector - that should work 17:39
nsnzerothanks - it will look much neater - than my ghetto installation 17:47
MaNIRa1v3n> alot of places refuse to deliver to SA17:48
MaNII recently stumbled upon the solution to that - shipito.com or myus.com - bonus it's cheaper than shipping directly from most websites anyway17:48
Ra1v3noooooh! ah!17:49
nsnzerogood night guys - i down with the flu  - need to take my medication and sleep 17:50
Kilossleep tight nsnzero 17:50
Kiloskeep warm17:50
SEpticMaNI ... just changed my life17:51
MaNIGot my first order via shipito coming in via aramex soon, on an item coming from amazon that they wouldn't sell to me on my za address - $18 shipping, if I bought it direct from the manufacturers website (only other options I had) they wanted to charge $150 shipping, crazy stuff 17:51
inetproyay! We have power again...17:52
kulelu88MaNI: is that a wholesale shipping company?17:52
Kilosyay inetpro 17:52
MaNInot really wholesale - I mean you can ship single items17:53
MaNI'freight forwarding' is what it's called17:53
kulelu88MaNI: so they make it cheaper by loading full containers of random items ?17:53
MaNIthey ship still via e.g. UPS or aramex or whatever17:54
kulelu88I'm trying to understand why it is 18 and 15017:54
* superfly just bought an s-video to vga converter from eBay. R23 including shipping 17:54
MaNImostly because they don't rip you off and are a bit more experienced at shipping17:54
MaNIa lot of manufacturers don't really like shipping to foreign countries, so they ship via the wrong option - which ends up being overpriced17:55
MaNIkulelu88, they do have an option though where you can e.g. order from 5 different places over a period of weeks, they will collect it all and then combine it and send all at once (which would give further savings)17:56
kulelu88MaNI: but you still have to pay duties on everything right?17:56
MaNIneed to pay a yearly subscription for that service though so would have to order quite a bit to make it worthwhile17:56
MaNIyeah duties etc. still apply of course17:57
kulelu88MaNI: why not share 1 account with lots of guys importing and split the subscription?17:57
kulelu88unless it's like 10 dollars a years17:57
Ra1v3nThank You Mani!17:57
inetprosuperfly: what do you do with a s-video to vga converter?17:57
MaNIbuying locally is still often better if you can - but I seem to relatively often run into stuff that I just can't get locally - and then to top it off amazon won't even ship it here - so for me this is an amazing find17:57
inetproR23 including shipping is ridiculously cheap17:58
kulelu88MaNI: I was once looking to replace my CD-drive on the laptop with a SSD-tray, couldn't find it in SA :D17:58
MaNIkulelu88, a good question indeed, I thought about it myself as well, and I couldn't really think of a good reason other than "I don't really know many other people who order things from overseas" heh17:58
kulelu88MaNI: the first type of person that comes to mind is the hardware-hackers17:59
Ra1v3nWell I ordered a peripheral from China some time ago and waited 3 months for it to arrive.17:59
Ra1v3nIve orderd nothing from the USA, because all the options seemed dodgy or too expensive, and ofcourse Amazon does not ship directly to SA18:00
kulelu88MaNI: I've also been interested in buying 5 of these: https://www.pine64.com/product 18:01
superflyinetpro: use it for a chip18:03
superflyinetpro: http://getchip.com18:03
MaNIthe item I'm bring in now is this - http://www.mini-box.com/M4-ATX-HV?sc=8&category=981 - it's my first 'test order' with shipito so I'll let you know how it goes18:04
MaNIbut given it's already with aramex and the tracking is going fine I can't imagine there will be issues18:04
inetprosuperfly: so has it arrived?18:04
MaNIthe pine64 thing looks interesting to play with18:05
kulelu88I know MaNI . A cheap computing cluster of sorts18:06
SEptic.................. https://getchip.com/pages/chip    literally BANANA FOR SCALE 18:06
SEpticomg ROFL18:07
SEpticsuper awesome though18:07
kulelu88looks like they're all dealing with small computing boards18:08
SEpticvery interesting18:14
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superflyinetpro: nope, just ordered it now. should arrive late August/early September18:17
superflySEptic: http://imgur.com/a/hnTDF18:20
SEptic:') its beautiful18:21
SEptici love seeing designers hide stuff on PCBs etc18:23
superflyIt has wifi, 512M ram, and I think a 4 or 8G nand flash. comes with debian pre-installed18:23
SEptici hide the chrome 'no internet' dinosaur on my PCBs18:23
SEpticdang, pre-installed18:24
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:28
Ra1v3ngnyt Kilos18:28
Ra1v3ngoodnight all18:50
theblazehenI am _not_ a fan of selinux :(18:53
inetprosuperfly: very interesting18:57
SEpticsheesh, the wiki on selinux19:04
SEpticwhat you using that for?19:04
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Sicelo19:48 < MaNI> I recently stumbled upon the solution to that - shipito.com or myus.com - bonus it's cheaper than shipping directly from most websites anyway <=== perfect timing .. thanks19:13
Siceloah, not going to help much for package from China :-/19:14
theblazehenSEptic: Well, I was trying not to use it19:15
theblazehenBut the bootloader on samsung phones doesn't respect your custom kernel command line19:16
theblazehenSo I would need to recompile to disable it19:16
theblazehenSo now I have to manually `adb shell` and run a command, rather than having it done with init script19:16
theblazehenAnd android has an _interesting_ init system... :(19:17
Sicelowhat is your final goal?19:19
SEpticsheesh thats hectic19:19
MaNISicelo, yeah I'm on the look out for a similar thing for china19:26
Sicelotheblazehen: what are you hoping to achieve on that phone/kernel?19:26
theblazehenThe display is broken19:26
theblazehenSo wanted to do something useful19:26
theblazehenAnd android userland sucks19:26
MaNIif you happen to find one let me know :p19:26
theblazehenThen I tried to build ubuntu touch, but with a newer kernel19:26
theblazehenEnded up getting gentoo in a chroot now19:26
SiceloMaNI: please keep me in the loop. am checking too19:26
theblazehenSicelo: Basically have it as a mini server kinda thing19:26
Sicelotheblazehen: awesome. which samsung is it?19:27
theblazehenMight build just the kernel later, then I can run lxd, but on gentoo19:27
theblazehenSicelo: note 219:27
Sicelonice specs, ample RAM :)19:30
theblazehenYeah :)19:31
kulelu88does anybody know how telkom call plans work?19:34
kulelu88wow, this is insane19:48
inetprokulelu88: what is insane?20:19
kulelu88my internet tonight20:19
Sicelowhich ISP kulelu88?20:20
inetprotime to call it a day... 20:20
inetprogood night20:20
Siceloone of my SIM cards is FNB Connect - terrible Internet experience on that ... have essentially given up on ever using the data in it20:21
kulelu88nah it's not the ISP. it's the speed. I need to bump it up cause it's too slow for our usage these days20:22
Sicelookay. 20:23

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