Ubuntu_FailIs there a forum that can help with graphics/nvidia issues?00:00
wadThanks. But I think the data is just lost. I've reformatted the partition, installed a new OS on it, and copied over a bunch of files. :(00:00
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: I do have just a bit of skill in that respect . 1st is to clean up and then see what is intalled . what now returns ' sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*" ' ?00:01
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: I have installed a variety of drivers - 362, 361, 26700:02
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: Its an ALienware 13 R2 with a GeForce GTX 965M00:03
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: I actually get a kernel oops if I boot with nvidia 367 - I have a bunch of logs saved if you want00:03
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied00:04
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: K. but I want to know that an install from Nvidia is not a factor in this . show me - sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*" - . Then we see what we have to work with .00:04
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: See above - I just get /run/user/1000/gvfs permission denied.  I have never installed the nvidia raw drivers - only regular ubuntu and graphics-ppa (both fail)00:06
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Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: Ouch .. did not sudo ? any way as you know you have not made an OEM install attempt . next is to see that the system ses the hardware . Pastebin ' lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' ' .00:10
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Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Sky Lake Integrated Graphics (rev 07) DeviceName:  Onboard IGD Subsystem: Dell Skylake Integrated Graphics -- 01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM206M [GeForce GTX 965M] (rev ff) Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau, nvidia_36100:12
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: K Hybrid graphics .. we will need a means to control the different graphics sets . .. That be nvidia-prime by recomendation .00:13
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: yes - I'm using the intel graphics right now off the standard nvidia package (looks like 361)00:15
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: ^^ Nvidia does recommend the 367 vrsion driver for that card : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/105343/en-us . Only available in release 16.04 .00:16
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: i get a kernel oops/panic when I boot with 36700:16
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: I have a syslog file of that - do you want me to post it somewhere?00:16
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Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: K .. lets see where you are getting the driver . Our trusted PPA : https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa. And also sky Lake may still require - i915.preliminary_hw_support=1 - as a boot option .00:20
psyguy2sup guys, anyone care to help me make a grub iso in 16.04?00:20
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: d oyou want me to reinstall 367 from graphics-ppa? Do I need to modify grub somewhere for that boot option?00:21
psyguy2the website says there should be a i386-pc dir but i have x86_64-efi instead00:22
EriC^^psyguy2: grub iso?00:23
psyguy2this is what im trying to do (on step 2): http://lifehacker.com/how-to-dual-boot-and-virtualize-the-same-partition-on-y-49322332900:23
EriC^^well that's interesting00:25
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: Seems there is support in 16.04 for sky lake with the "i965-va-driver". Bear in mind if Intell is not happy, because Nvidia passes through it - then Nvidia is not happy . see: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2328993 . And we work at cleaning things up and see what we can do to install the proper drivers . Now that is what I think.00:26
EriC^^psyguy2: are you using uefi?00:28
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: "i965-va-driver is already the newest version (1.7.0-1)."00:28
psyguy2its a brand new laptop so i assume i have uefi... but the bios looks very old school00:28
psyguy2so i am not sure really00:29
EriC^^psyguy2: so the install is going to be in uefi mode00:29
EriC^^are you in linux now?00:29
EriC^^type ls /sys/firmware/efi00:30
EriC^^so you're going to need to make the vm a uefi vm for linux to boot00:30
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: Now that is a great thing // so we mess with the Nvidia driver install . what PPA for the Nvidia driver are you using ?00:30
EriC^^honestly it's a headache imho00:30
psyguy2ok, well ive got nothing to lose00:31
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: I think I'm currently back on the mainstream - I've tried a multitude of graphics-ppa drivers, but I think currently I was troubleshootign with regular ones...00:32
psyguy2ls /sys/firmware/efi00:32
psyguy2config_table  efivars  esrt  fw_platform_size  fw_vendor  runtime  runtime-map  systab  vars00:32
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: This one : https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa ?00:33
EriC^^yeah it's uefi mode psyguy200:33
psyguy2ok, so how do i make this grub iso in uefi mode?00:34
EriC^^psyguy2: is your vm in uefi mode00:34
EriC^^psyguy2: i dont know if you even can00:34
psyguy2i dont really have a vm yet00:34
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: 367?00:34
EriC^^try replacing x86_6400:34
EriC^^i doubt it'll work though00:35
psyguy2replacing where?00:35
EriC^^in /usr/lib/...00:35
psyguy2hmm i can possibly ommit the grub iso and boot straight off the main grub00:36
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: Yeah directly we will .. 1st is to insure we are clean prior to the install . What returns ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?00:36
EriC^^psyguy2: well you'd need to point the vm's uefi to the grub efi file to boot it00:36
EriC^^using efibootmgr00:36
psyguy2ok, i dont understand much of this stuff, but i did a similar thing on my desktop pc with 14.0400:37
EriC^^also the efi partition would be mounted in the vm, it possibly might be mounted in windows if it's doing an update or something and could get corrupted, but i guess the vm would always shut off before windows ever mounts it i guess00:38
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: ii  bbswitch-dkms                               0.8-3ubuntu1                                                amd64        Interface for toggling the power on NVIDIA Optimus video cards ii  libcuda1-361                                361.42-0ubuntu200:38
psyguy2hmm maybe this is a project for another day00:39
YankDownUnderpsyguy2: The world is not ending on Wednesday at 10:14am, therefore, there is time... :)00:40
crafty1__psyguy2: Whats the issue here Ubuntu wont boot?00:40
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: nvidia 361, opencl-cid-361, prime, settings00:40
psyguy2im trying to make a VM in windows to boot off an ubuntu partition on the same hdd00:40
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: as well as bbswitch-dkms, libcuda1-36100:40
EriC^^psyguy2: if you dont mind the efi partition thing which is pretty unlikely, then just create a uefi vm and use a linux live iso in it to change the efibootmgr to point to /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi00:41
EriC^^you'd need this command sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\grubx64.efi -L "ubuntu" -p X -d /dev/sdY00:41
EriC^^where X is efi partition and Y is the disk00:41
EriC^^like -p 1 -d /dev/sda00:42
stephenmac7Hey, I'm having issues with my battery life. I'm on a window computer and on windows it can last about 6 hours but on linux, it's about 50 min00:42
psyguy2ok cool, ill give that a bash00:43
stephenmac7Powertop reports about 1100 wakups/second when I'm not using the touchpad and 1600 when I am.00:43
EriC^^psyguy2: no problem00:44
psyguy2btw any idea what performance will be like running it in a VM?00:44
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: K .. so long as BumbleBee is not in this equation . what PPA are you using now for the 367 version install ?00:44
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stephenmac7My reported discharge rate is 40 W00:45
EriC^^psyguy2: slower i guess, it's bareable if you're not doing anything that needs gpu or lots of cpu00:46
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: Right now the regular one - not graphics ppa (I've tried both)00:46
psyguy2hmm ok00:46
gamoUpdated to 16.04.1, NO MOUSE. What can I do?00:47
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: What I propose, is purge what is now for Nvidia, install the 367 driver from out PPA .. and then look at X's log file .00:48
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guest1_I need some assitance accessing my server outside of my LAN00:54
guest1_I just installed the latest Ubuntu Server OS 16. I can SSH into it fine if Im on the network its running on, whats the best option for accessing out of network range?00:55
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: I'm on a second computer so I can reboot the other one00:55
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Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: K .. we will work through this .. see what we can come up with .00:56
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: purged nvidia, installed graphics ppa, and now installing nvidia-367...01:00
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: (rebooted after purge)01:00
esd_droid https://www.dropbox.com/s/ryori8tymdrb32n/20160723_064459.jpg?dl=0   i have this01:01
esd_droidhow can i properly manage my used memory? im using ubuntu 15.101:01
esd_droidfirefox eats mem01:02
esd_droidand i have 2g ram odroid ux401:02
esd_droidsomething lite version?01:02
esd_droidor a higher version kernel?01:03
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: ok, I'm logged back in - and I get the usual issue: my desktop icons are way too big (usually logging out and back in fixes that), and videos/3d graphics are super choppy01:06
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit ' . Let's see what tale is told .01:08
Marco^can somebody help me get a broadcom bluetooth adapter to work? the adapter is detected but i can't activate bluetooth in the settings (it says bluetooth is deactivated); more info https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=233148801:09
YankDownUnderMarco^: Ya know, that "chip" is built-in on some laptops...a question I would have is have you powered off the machine and booted into Ubuntu with the device connected...?01:16
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0x85 in position 9870: invalid start byte01:16
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: looks like pastebinit has a bug... do you want me to post it somewhere else?01:16
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20680703/01:17
Marco^YankDownUnder, yes i tried that, didn't help01:17
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: Hummm suspicious .. but we can try ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999 ' .01:18
YankDownUnderMarco^: Because it's actually a "certified" device...01:18
YankDownUnderMarco^: In a terminal, have you tried "sudo modprobe bluetooth" ?01:19
Marco^YankDownUnder, just tried it, the system settings still say bluetooth is deactivated01:20
YankDownUnderMarco^: How about: sudo modprobe bluetooth && sudo service bluetoothd restart01:21
Marco^YankDownUnder, no change01:22
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: Soi far in the file not good " 4.727] (WW) NVIDIA(0): Unable to get display device for DPI computation.n " what display is this ? external ? and if external, what type of cable is this ?01:22
YankDownUnderMarco^: How about trying: sudo modprobe btusb && sudo service bluetoothd restart01:23
Marco^YankDownUnder, still no change01:25
YankDownUnderMarco^: Another to try: sudo modprobe btbcm && sudo service bluetoothd restart01:25
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: http://termbin.com/240l01:26
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: It's an external display (over USB-C) but I disconnect and use laptop screen t osimplify if you want01:27
Marco^YankDownUnder, no change but running the second command alone returns "Failed to restart bluetoothd.service: Unit bluetoothd.service not found."01:28
YankDownUnderMarco^: Sorry -> "sudo systemctl start bluetoothd01:30
jerichowasahoaxHow do I tell timedatectl to sync with the NTP server right this very instant?01:30
Marco^YankDownUnder, similar error http://paste.ubuntu.com/20682228/01:31
jerichowasahoaxI'm on a server installation of Ubuntu by the way, so no X11 panels to use01:32
YankDownUnderMarco^: Er...what about just using "bluetooth" as the service name?01:32
YankDownUnderMarco^: Like: sudo systemctl start bluetooth01:32
Marco^YankDownUnder, no error but also no change01:33
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: I do not understand all I see in the system attempting to come up with a valod disp;y . trys EDID vendor "SHP", prod id 5153 , and then EDID vendor "SPT", prod id 4961 ; I assume the external . and that the ;aptop screen is DFP-0: ?? .. just do not know what is going on here " DFP-0: disconnected " as the system probes over and over and over for a display - looks like .01:34
YankDownUnderMarco^: Right oh...I'm out of ideas...sorry, bro...however, it's worth continuiing the search for an answer...as stated, that chipset is part of the certified hardware for Ubuntu...and I'm fairly certain you're not the only person on the planet with this issue, hmm...01:35
wyseguyi just switched to android, is there a way i can text message on linux with the android phone like i use to with imessage on the iphone?01:35
crafty1__jerichowasahoax: sudo ntpdate time.nist.gov01:35
Marco^YankDownUnder, still, thank you for your help :)01:36
jerichowasahoaxcrafty1: I keep reading that ntpdate is old and timedatectl replaces it. Am I misunderstanding something?01:36
YankDownUnderMarco^: You're more than welcome, bro...hope your journey is well.01:36
crafty1__jerichowasahoax: If Im not mistaken that command is for Red Hat01:36
crafty1__I could be wrong01:36
Ubuntu_FailBashing-om: I use 'Talos Principle' (a game) to test frame rate: I get 10 fps at low res. When I first installed ubuntu and tried old nvidia drivers (I would isntall 361, then 352 on top of them) I was gettign 60fps at UHD resolution - but now that technique (and nvidia 367) are giving me 10 fps...01:36
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jerichowasahoaxcrafty1__: it keeps showing up on Ubuntu-labelled documentation. Maybe it's a general systemd command01:37
crafty1__Literally everything you need in there01:37
jerichowasahoaxcrafty1__: that article has a "needs updating" banner on it too01:37
jerichowasahoaxcrafty1__: Nobody's come and actually objected to ntpdate yet, so I'm assuming it's still safe for one-off syncs, I'm just discussing generalities here01:38
crafty1__If have no idea if the command is deprecated01:38
* YankDownUnder thinks that *all* time is deprecated...01:40
jerichowasahoaxcrafty1__: I'll keep an ear out for it01:40
Bashing-omUbuntu_Fail: The driver looks to have built. However, will not hurt to look at a couple other files and see if there are hints to any problems; ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' .01:41
crafty1__Whats interesting to me is that the article does not list if anyone plans to update it01:42
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: what was that terminal 9999 command?01:44
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: <command> | nc termbin.com 9999 .01:47
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: http://termbin.com/drib01:48
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Reading .01:48
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: I noticed I can get some unstable behavior when I log out and back in - it puts me on a high-res login screen, and seconds later it reboots X under low res (so I get a seg fault, but only on Xorg.0.log.old); see   http://termbin.com/fo7d01:51
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: It lets me log in, but under this low-res mode (the icons are big, but nvidia-config and the settings-> displays still think it is at the native 3200x1800 resolution01:53
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: All fat dumb and happy per that output " No need to modify xorg.conf. Path: /etc/X11/xorg.conf " Let's take a look at it amyway . ' cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | nc termbin.com 9999 ' . Just in case ! // reading the new one .01:53
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Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: http://termbin.com/w0kl  (note that there is an xorg.conf.MMDDYYYY for basically every day... don't know if that's a symptom)01:56
effectnethow do i change my password for an email account in thunderbird?02:01
YankDownUndereffectnet: Is it a local email account, or something like Gmail/Hotmail/etc etc etc?02:02
effectneti went into edit->preferences->security->passwords and deleted it.  i thought it would prompt me, but it won't.02:03
YankDownUndereffectnet: Firstly, change it on Gmail's web interface...then you do: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Setting_and_changing_email_passwords02:04
effectnetthe password has been changed in gmail, yes.  just trying to change it in thunderbird now.02:04
effectnetok i will look thanks.02:04
YankDownUndereffectnet: Coolbeans02:05
effectnetok did it.  hey thanks.  it was asking me for google permissions in another chromium window that i did not see. heh.02:06
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Yuk .. this may be well beyond my skill level " 2591.603] (EE) 5: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/xorg/extra-modules/nvidia_drv.so " amd NO you should not have that many old config files . 1 for Nvidia, and 1 for Intel !02:06
effectnetdoes thunderbird save any drafts that did NOT get saved to the email account?02:07
effectnetlike seperate...02:07
effectnetmeh doesn't matter.02:07
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Ouch ! reading and considering what Arch has to say : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/intel_graphics#Skylake_support . Make some edits to the config file ???02:13
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: what02:19
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: is weird is that when I first built the system it was working well - I tried a whole bunch of things and what did it was02:19
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: apt-get install (graphics ppa): nvidia-364; then reboot and without removing the old one install nvidia-352 nvidia-settings02:20
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: that used to work excellent, but it no longer works, for some reason. do you know if it's possible to go back and load the old versions? (this was in may 2016)02:22
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: I got to go tend to my dogs .. be back soonest .02:24
srulii think i might have forgotten my luks pass, haven’t rebooted the machine in 2.5 years (anyone on windows can say same?) to add a new key to luks is it just as simple as "cryptsetup luksAddKey --key-slot 1 /dev/sdXY" ?02:29
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Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: I pulled up the old apt-get logs for what used to work and what doesn't work. Not sure if that is helpful, but maybe it's a clue:   http://termbin.com/pa6t02:42
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: I an back ,, let me have a bit to catch uo .02:45
Ryan500can clam antivirus be setup to scan active files like traditional antivirus engines do?02:47
Ryan500in ubuntu02:47
srulii think i might have forgotten my luks pass, haven’t rebooted the machine in 2.5 years (anyone on windows can say same?) to add a new key to luks is it just as simple as "cryptsetup luksAddKey --key-slot 1 /dev/sdXY" ?02:47
Ryan500i see there is a #clamav room maybe i will ask there lol02:47
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Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Ouch Where it went south ? : Start-Date: 2016-07-11  21:29:19 >> all those libs additionally installed, and this " libc6-i386:amd64 " scares the waddeling pee out of me .02:54
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: yes, although  I was also doing the regular system updates in between - but those old nvdia-installs worked, and the new ones dont.02:55
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: No idea .. we can remove all the /etc/X11/Xorg.conf files .. and generate a new one .. see if that makes a difference, Might be a good idea to see what is installed at this time ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' See that the support packages are installed and that there is no conflict .02:59
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: http://termbin.com/mqpw03:01
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Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Looks kosher to me .. I see no fault . Generate a new config file and see how nvidia-prime performs ?03:06
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Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: ok....how?03:08
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: ' sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf* ; sudo nvidia-xconfig ' to generate a new config file . Reboot to see the effect  and we see if this new one differs.03:11
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: no better - but I do get a pop up "ubuntu experienced an internal error" apport thing03:17
srulii think i might have forgotten my luks pass, to add a new key to luks is it just as simple as "cryptsetup luksAddKey --key-slot 1 /dev/sdXY" ?03:18
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: xorg crashed with SIGABRT03:18
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Yuk .. what does the display log relate ' cat .xsession-errors ' ?03:19
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: http://termbin.com/745e03:22
rypervenchesruli: No. You have to know the old password in order to be able to do anything to it.03:23
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Bashing-om!info libc03:24
ubottuPackage libc does not exist in xenial03:24
sponix!info glibc03:28
ubottuPackage glibc does not exist in xenial03:28
sponixFail :(03:28
srulirypervenche: how do i test if i know the old password (obviously without trying to reboot!)03:28
rypervenchesruli: Is this your / device?03:29
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: !info libc : event not found03:29
rypervenchesruli: So just try to open in or open it as you have been and keep trying passwords.03:29
srulirypervenche: it is open now03:30
rypervenchesruli: If it is open, then you know your password.03:30
srulirypervenche: its been open for past 2.5 years!03:31
rypervenchesruli: Oh....then yes, you can just add a new key or replace the old one. Sorry.03:31
srulirypervenche: so to add new one is just simple case of "cryptsetup luksAddKey --key-slot 1 /dev/sdXY" ?03:31
rypervenchesruli: Should be something like that. Give it a shot.03:32
srulirypervenche: do i need to copy the key from luksDump or something?03:32
srulirypervenche: other question is what would be the command to change passphrase? i guess that should ask for current one, and i will know if i have the correct one or not...03:33
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Over my skill set . I to am in a learning mode .03:33
rypervenchesruli: luksChangeKey to change it.03:34
rypervenchesruli: Just: cryptsetup luksChangeKey /dev/sdXY03:35
srulirypervenche: i tried that all i got was "Enter passphrase to be changed:" i put in the old passphrase and it returned to user@user:~$03:36
sruli rypervenche: does that mean it changed it to that or it failed?03:36
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: is it posdible to us apt-get to spcifically isntall the old version (that worked!)?03:37
rypervenchesruli: Oh, reading through the man page, you do have to know the old pass phrase.03:38
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: You mean install the 352 version driver ? Sure !03:38
rypervenchesruli: I would recommend moving the data off of it then, then creating a new LUKS container on it and them moving it back, if you can.03:38
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: but the 352 with the version from May, not the current 352 (see that earlier apt-get install log)03:39
srulirypervenche: so if all i got was "Enter passphrase to be changed:" i put in the old passphrase and it returned to user@user:~$... what would that mean?03:39
srulidoes that mean old passphrase failed?03:40
rypervenchesruli: Let me try on mine.03:40
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Well .. that may not be possible ... what is in the repository is what we have to work with .,03:40
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: the other thing I had dug up was whether the DKMS/loading kernel headers is broken - I saw some stuff that said virtualbox can mess up 'DKMS' (I didn't quite get it, but maybe it can give you a clue?)03:41
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Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: I do know a bit about DKMS. but nothing about VM operations .03:42
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: ' dkms status ' might set your mind at ease in this respect .03:45
srulirypervenche: any luck?03:45
Guest59337What's the usual protocol for when a replacing the Nvidia drivers with Intel iGPU drivers? My gpu died and need to fallback.03:46
cfhowlettGuest59337, purge the nvidia and reinstall the intel drivers should do it03:46
Guest59337I've removed the card, purged Nvidia drivers and used the intel installer. But the graphics seem really slow for me. I think I may have forgot something.03:46
cfhowlettfollowed by a reboot perhaps03:46
rypervenchesruli: It should say: "Enter any existing passphrase:" and if it fails, "No key available with this passphrase."03:46
Guest59337I'll give it another go. I'll uninstall the intel drivers then.03:46
rypervenchesruli: If it works, it should ask you to type in the new passphrase after you type in the first.03:47
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: doesn't say anything about nvidia - should it?03:47
srulirypervenche: all it asked me was "Enter passphrase to be changed:"03:47
krist64hello my friends03:47
srulirypervenche: might that have been refering to the slot number?03:48
cfhowlettsruli, "passphrase to be changed" means the existing passphrase03:48
verdammteSprichst du Deutsch?03:48
krist64good morning03:48
verdammteIch werde auf die Juden furzen03:48
cfhowlett!de | verdammte03:48
ubottuverdammte: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!03:48
srulicfhowlett: i put in what i think is the existing passphrase and it just retuned to the command line... what does that mean?03:49
rypervenchesruli: Yeah, you can try to guess your existing passphrase, but without it you can't add or change keys.03:49
rypervenchesruli: What OS and version is it?03:49
verdammteIch werde auf die Juden furzen03:49
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srulirypervenche: ubuntu 14.04.1 server03:49
verdammteI speak english too03:49
cfhowlettsruli, I don't use the encrypt enough to guess but I suspect you entered the wrong phrase.  see if there's a verbose option to your command03:49
rypervenchesruli: /sbin/cryptsetup --version03:49
cfhowlettverdammte, please do so in this channel03:50
srulicryptsetup 1.6.103:50
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: http://termbin.com/f0mz03:50
verdammtecfhowlett: Are you discriminating me for being foreigner?03:50
verdammteor for being a nazi?03:50
cfhowlettverdammte, 1. don't be daft03:50
verdammteor for saying i would fart on the jew?03:50
rypervenchesruli: Yeah, it would have asked you for the passphrase you want to input. You will know if you get it right.03:50
verdammteI is not daft03:51
cfhowlettverdammte, enough.  follow the guidelines and take your racist bs elsewhere03:51
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: look'n .03:51
srulirypervenche: so if it did not return anything after entering the passphrase that would mean i entered the wrong passphrase, right?03:51
krist64good morning03:52
A124Why noone updates par2cmdline for 14.04? it's ages old.03:53
cfhowlettkrist64, you've greeted the channel 3 times.  suggest you move on to actually asking your support question03:53
Bashing-om!info virtualbox-guest03:53
ubottuPackage virtualbox-guest does not exist in xenial03:53
A124I wonder how that process even works. But ... fking sht have to compile stuff myself.03:53
cfhowlettA124, false.  14.04 is now at 14.04.4 - plenty of updates.03:53
A124How does one get the ubuntu version?03:54
rypervenchesruli: It should tell you it failed, but maybe that version of it doesn't. I can check on a 14.04 instance if you like. But I would say it is not right.03:54
A124DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS"03:54
A124cfhowlett well that plenty still means there are packages years and years old.03:54
Bashing-om!info virtualbox03:54
ubottuvirtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.0.24-dfsg-0ubuntu1.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 14198 kB, installed size 62487 kB03:54
cfhowlettA124, so upgrade to 16.0403:55
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om" event not found03:55
cfhowlett!latest | A12403:55
ubottuA124: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.03:55
=== marshmallowcooki is now known as Agent
alexwcat /etc/issues03:55
A124cfhowlett  unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit03:55
rypervenchesruli: Just checked it. It gives output regardless if you get it right or not.03:56
cfhowlettA124, sounds like you have a need to chat.  please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic03:56
A124cfhowlett Not much. How can one request package update?03:56
rypervenchesruli: "Enter passphrase to be changed:" then "Enter new passphrase:" if correct. Otherwise it says "No key available with this passphrase."03:56
srulirypervenche: i will try again03:57
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: ?03:57
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Take with a grain of salt .. but is not " virtualbox, 5.0.18, " incompatible with xenial install ??03:58
Ubuntu_fail2Bashing-om: no clue - is it possible to disable it (blacklist?) without unistalling? I don't want ot redo everything for virtualbox (use it for work)03:59
srulirypervenche: now i get "No key available with this pass-phrase." can i add a key using luksAddKey --slot 1 ?04:00
Bashing-omUbuntu_fail2: Got me .. I have yet to have any experience with VMs .. can you not update the virtualbox install to what is current ???04:01
rypervenchesruli: No. You still need to know one of the keys of the LUKS container. Keep guessing, or starting moving the data off of it.04:01
srulirypervenche: i have abackup of all the data, it will waste a week trying to setup the server again ... i want to avoid that04:02
cfhowlettkrist64, ask your ubuntu question04:02
rypervenchesruli: Then keep guessing. And you don't have to set up the server again, just resync the data over after you recreate a new LUKS encrypted container.04:03
krist64cfhowlett: LAMP 16.04 it secure online?04:04
cfhowlettkrist64, unclear what you're asking but #ubuntu-server would know more than I do04:04
srulirypervenche: what do u think of this http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/161915/change-password-on-a-luks-filesystem-without-knowing-the-password ?04:05
krist64cfhowlett: ok, thanks04:05
rypervenchesruli: Interesting. Let me try it on my VM.04:07
wengIRC is not active04:09
bazhangweng this is ubuntu support, try a chat channel04:09
cfhowlettweng, no magicians here to read your mind.  ask your ubuntu questions for answers.04:09
rypervenchesruli: Very cool. That worked.04:13
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=== VoteYukenDeath20 is now known as Agent
srulirypervenche: you entered the command exactly like the answer there?04:14
rypervenchesruli: Yes, but I changed the two variables to what I have.04:15
srulirypervenche: it adds it to slot 1?04:15
rypervenchesruli: Yep. (not slot 0, than you are currently using_04:15
srulirypervenche: sudo or root?04:16
srulirypervenche: fingers crossed, will try now04:17
rypervenchesruli: Yes. It has to be done as root or with sudo.04:17
rypervenchesruli: Let me know if you need help with the variables.04:18
srulirypervenche: did not work with sudo, worked with root04:19
sruli rypervenche: i guess to use with sudo need some more 'sudo's' in the command, couldnt figure out where so went with su04:19
rypervenchesruli: Well you taught me something new today :) And yeah, I personally don't use for running root commands.04:20
srulirypervenche: i dont remember the last time i used su on ubuntu.. on centos all the time ...04:21
srulirypervenche: how do i test if this new passphrase works?04:21
rypervenchesruli: Try to change the key slot 004:21
srulirypervenche: with new passphrase of slot 1? what command should i use?04:22
rypervenchesruli: cryptsetup luksChangeKey /dev/sdXY --key-slot 004:27
rypervenchesruli: Yep04:27
srulirypervenche: same as original result.. i enter old passphrase and it returns to command line04:28
rypervenchesruli: old passphrase or the one you just set?04:29
srulithe one i just set04:29
srulirypervenche: it doesnt ask for new passphrase04:30
rypervenchesruli: Maybe try adding a new one to slot 2 then?04:31
srulirypervenche: smar ;-)04:31
srulirypervenche: \\ smart  ;-)04:32
rypervenchesruli: After doing what that page said, I tested both keys and they both worked for me.04:34
srulirypervenche: that worked, many thanks for your help04:35
srulirypervenche: that link will go into my bookmarks!04:36
cfhowlettrypervenche, nicely done!04:36
rypervenchesruli: Congrats. I'll keep that little piece of info in my head^^04:37
=== Agent is now known as Agent_Detective
srulirypervenche: it also reinforces, decrypted = very little security... if i want to take ur latptop all i need is to distract you 20 seconds and add a key (given i will need to know the user pass for sudo)04:39
srulimoving on to my next issue of my disastrous weekend ...04:40
srulii am using phpvirtualbox and trying to start a VM from webadmin its gets stuck at "20% starting virtual machine" (tried with 4 VM's) i cant stop/halt it or anything, VBoxManage doesnt seem to see any registered VM's (i have 3 running which i can connect to) what can i do?04:40
cfhowlett!webadmin | sruli04:42
OerHekssruli, you mean webmin .. well, webmin is not recommended at all, warned against. so there is your answer04:42
OerHeksbut you know that already sruli04:42
sruliOerHeks: its a machine i setup years ago, does not have any access to the internet (i can only access it with vpn or ssh) so not very worried security wise but need to get it working nonetheless,04:44
rypervenchesruli: That... is a good point...I hadn't thought about that.04:44
sruliwhy would VBoxManage list vms not return anything with 12 machines i can see in webmin04:45
srulirypervenche: you are referring to the "decrypted=" point?04:45
spider_hello people04:47
rypervenchesruli: Yes04:51
srulirypervenche: i knew for a long time this was possible, just never need to use it.. on my laptop i set if idle for 120seconds it dismounts luks, this might be a big inconvenience to most but if my customer data gets stolen would be worse than an inconvenience for me04:53
=== nameless1 is now known as nameless
rypervenchesruli: Oooh, how do you have that set?04:56
srulirypervenche: custom script, checks idle time if it reaches 120 seconds it executes the dismount, i used to have it set to poweroff, but that was too much, so i moved all data to another luks container... 1 min will find link i used for idle command04:57
rypervenchesruli: Ahh ok. I was about to say. I'd never seen an option for that before.04:58
srulirypervenche: http://superuser.com/questions/638357/execute-a-command-if-linux-is-idle-for-5-minutes04:58
srulican anyone help with VBoxManage problem?04:59
a7i3nWhat is ubottu?05:05
Tex_Nick!ubottu | a7i3n05:10
ubottua7i3n: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone05:10
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theblindghoulie3I am having issues using SSH into my server when Im outside the range of the LAN06:03
sidgupta234 guys I think my CMOS battery is not working properly, issue with the time sync, should I replace it, or can continue working the way it is going, time syncs with internet so gets corrected automatically.06:04
BackwardsSidgupta234 have you tested the battery?06:04
BackwardsSid does your computer keep time?06:05
BackwardsDo you have to reset the time when you re-boot?06:05
sidgupta234I have a dual boot, on Windows the time loses sync, on ubuntu time is shown fine.06:06
BackwardsIf you re-boot and you have to re-set the time then the battery is bad.06:06
sidgupta234in the case of reboot the battery remembers the time.06:06
BackwardsChange the Lithium Battery.06:06
BackwardsThen in BIOS set the settings again.06:07
sidgupta234Am unable to get in the BIOS menu.06:07
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
BackwardsEven if the battery is bad it will keep a sloppy voltage to talk with the BIOS.06:08
sidgupta234Yes, thats what I read.06:08
sidgupta234Backwards: If am unable to get to the BIOS menu, has it anything to do with the battery?06:09
CoJaBosidgupta234: what version of Windows?06:09
BackwardsChange the battery and re-set the BIOS.06:09
sidgupta234CoJaBo: win7/ubuntu 16.0406:09
CoJaBoIt's not the battery, it's a Win XP known bug. which apperently they never fixed lol06:09
BackwardsWhen the computer boots up hit Ctrl whatever the screen tells you to do,.06:09
CoJaBoBackwards: The battery is only used to keep time when turned off06:10
CoJaBoIf it's drifting while on, it's the Windows bug06:10
sidgupta234Backwords: I tried everything, it says please wait.. and then boom the choose OS screen pops up.06:10
BackwardsThe battery sets the CPU clock speed and more.06:10
CoJaBoThere's a BIOS tweak to sync the time more frequently; I ended up setting mine to do it once an hour, since the drift was quite fast..06:11
sidgupta234Backwards: can one do without changing the battery?06:11
BackwardsCoJaBo batteries do drift in voltage and yes time difference.06:11
CoJaBoBackwards: ..?06:12
sidgupta234is the cmos necessary?06:12
CoJaBosidgupta234: Does it happen while turned on? If so, you can be 100% certain it's not the battery.06:12
sidgupta234CojaBo: it only happens overnight when I turn my laptop off.06:13
BackwardsOK this is the point. If the computer boots up and the time is always on default then the battery is dead.06:13
chull_my husband's ubuntu 16.04 is stuck in an upgrade for over a day06:13
chull_i hope somebody can help?06:13
CoJaBosidgupta234: heh, and those might not be replacable.. I'd just set it to sync on startup/resume then06:13
sidgupta234Backwards: it is not always on default, it changes just not enough. If I swtich it off at 10 pm and open it at 10 am, it says 5 am06:13
BackwardsStop crying and start buying. A battery is no more than what a few dollars?06:14
CoJaBoBackwards: I've actually never seen a laptop with replacable CMOS batt tho :/06:14
BackwardsAll laptops  have batteries.06:15
CoJaBoYeh, but it's not easily accessible, and some of them are even soldered on06:15
sidgupta234Backwards: the only problem is my BIOS setup screen doesnt show, if I change the battery, I feel I'll be screwed.06:15
BackwardsTo take those babies apart and fix them is murder. I refuse to do the job.06:15
chalcedonylook it up and see if you want to do the job06:16
BackwardsI will not fix a laptop.06:16
chalcedonyyoutube has lots of videos for most models of laptops06:16
CoJaBoI tried once06:16
CoJaBoDidn't turn on when put back together, not a damn clue why06:16
chalcedonyoh :(06:16
BackwardsI know how to do it but won't do it..06:16
chalcedonysend it to me?06:16
CoJaBoNot even worth the shipping cost lol06:17
chalcedonyi just need help with hubby's ubuntu 16.04 .. its stuck in an upgrade and wont even let us restart it06:17
CoJaBoIt's now missing RAM, HDD, screen, keyboard, and power brick :P06:17
chalcedonyalways good parts in them :)06:18
CoJaBoBasically, everything that worked lol06:18
BackwardsFixing a laptop in my professional opinion is stupid. It is not worth the time of day.06:18
chalcedonyso what do i do with ubuntu?06:18
CoJaBowhat do you mean, stuck?06:18
chalcedonyits been sitting there for almost two days without finishing06:19
CoJaBoCan you get to terminal?06:19
BackwardsThe only thing I do with a laptop is save DATA from the hard drive. That is all. It pays more money.06:19
chalcedony Distribution Upgrade06:19
chalcedony<chull_> Running Partial Upgrade06:19
chalcedony<chull_> Preparing to Upgrade06:19
chalcedonyCoJaBo, yes06:20
CoJaBoMy usual fix for a failed upgrade is to backup /home and reinstall; usually faster than trying to troubleshoot lol06:20
CoJaBoYou can also save the list of manually-installed packages, so you can reinstall them all easily06:21
ow3nkHey anyone here familiar with how clicklock works in Windows? I'm working making that for Linux and need some coding help06:21
ow3nkclick and drag06:22
chalcedonyCoJaBo, eew. pointers on how?06:22
BackwardsCoJaBo check this site out: https://www.scamguard.com/list-of-scams/?gclid=CNyyw5G7i84CFdVZhgodySkGLg06:24
CoJaBoBackwards: ..?06:25
BackwardsDo you homework.06:25
CoJaBoBackwards: ..on?06:26
CoJaBoBackwards: Sketchy site seems sketchy :P06:27
BackwardsI am waiting for my wine glass to reffill.06:28
BackwardsCoJaBo nice to meet you.06:30
CoJaBoBackwards: The crow caws at midnight.06:30
BackwardsI saw the Crow cawing.06:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:31
rypervenchetheblindghoulie3: Did you get your problem fixed?06:31
BackwardsRegistering your nick is a bunch of twittle.06:32
BackwardsAnother glass of Red Wine will be nice.06:33
=== newbie is now known as phlo
Seveasit's too early for red wine. Orange juice and a sandwich for me :)06:34
BackwardsI don't know what is early for you Seveas but a nice hearty glass of Red Wine is for the occasion. :)06:35
BackwardsSeveas nice to meet you.06:35
SeveasBackwards: 08:35. Lazy sunday morning breakfast time06:35
sambagirldon't you ever sleep Seveas?06:35
Seveassambagirl: I have an 11 month old baby. No, I don't sleep :)06:36
BackwardsGreets to Sambagirl.06:36
BackwardsI am lazy every morning.06:36
BackwardsProbably more stupid than lazy.06:37
Seveasthat's fixable. Get an alarm clock that you have to chase around to stop. And then go to school :P06:37
BackwardsI don't need an alarm clock. I rely on my circadian rythm.06:39
SeveasI have more of a cicadian rhythm :)06:40
BackwardsThat seems to be seen and proved.06:41
BackwardsOh! wow!  Another glass of wine? Who provided that?06:42
SeveasSomeone with more wine than common sense :)06:42
BackwardsIt was the co-conspiritor of IRC.06:45
BackwardsSeveas you remind me of my old Greek Friend.06:46
BackwardsHe died a few months ago but he was a good friend of mine.06:47
BackwardsHe was not an IRC tech but  he was very intelligent.06:48
SeveasWell, my real name is Dennis. Which has its root in the name of the greek god Διόνυσος, the god of booze and parties :)06:48
BackwardsSeveas I knew you were Greek. Just the way you talk.06:49
SeveasI'm not greek06:49
BackwardsYou have Greel blood in you.06:50
BackwardsGreek blood in you.06:50
SeveasWe probably all have06:51
BackwardsI have Greek blood in me by way of inheritance.06:51
elias_aSeveas: I seriously doubt that. :)06:51
elias_aAccording to genome based research greeks and the whole eastern part of mediterranean have not mixed much with west and north europeans for example.06:53
mike-zaljust upgraded to 16.04. I'm suprised. system is fast and snappy. more then my belowed plasma on manjaro.06:53
mike-zaltypo ;)06:54
elias_amike-zal: It said snap and froze? :P06:54
mike-zalhad to instal ubuntu software manually thou. didn't got it during upgrade06:55
YankDownUndermike-zal: Could the possible oncoming complaint be that it's just too nice, too stable, and nothing's broken?06:55
mike-zaleverything seems to be fine so far. nothing broken. customization stayed. system is more responsive.06:55
mike-zalwell, playmputh changed to lubuntu one (have also lxde installed) but I could easily switch it back to ubuntu one06:56
YankDownUndermike-zal: If your customisations stayed, well, that's quite a good thing...you're very lucky on that note...06:56
YankDownUndermike-zal: Plymouth boot screens are, well, a dime-a-dozen...pick one you hate the least...for me, it doesn't matter because boot time is less than 8 seconds...06:57
mike-zalreally? I set lot of transparency in compiz plus effects (wobbly windows) and changed my icons. all works well after upgrade06:57
verdammte COME HELP ME TROLL #freenode06:58
YankDownUndermike-zal: You're lucky, then...my compiz - for my "non-Gnome" based desktops, was hosed...but that's a good thing...just had to blow everything out and recreate it...good exercise, that.06:58
mike-zalI like ubuntu playmouth. clean, simple. also like color.06:58
Seveasverdammte: no thanks. Kindly behave or begone.06:58
verdammteSeveas: sorry, one second.  Checking info......06:59
YankDownUndermike-zal: My preference is one that looks nearly like the OSX boot...but hey, we're all different....06:59
verdammteSeveas Seveas :is logged in as06:59
mike-zalwell, I used some os x inspired icons. they look better then those that try to imitate os x06:59
verdammteHold on, checking ACL....06:59
mike-zalYankDownUnder, check out la-capitaine-icon-theme07:00
YankDownUndermike-zal: Hmm...something to dig into on a Sunday evening, yes...07:00
mike-zalas to plamouth, I don't know os x enough to know what or if playmouth is there07:00
verdammteSeveas: error, matching ACL not found.  Your authority level is now recognized as 0.0007:01
verdammteHA HA HA YOU'RE NOT AN OP07:01
mike-zalI'm very picky about icons. tried plenty of ox x icon clones and they never looked as good as on real ox x. however this icon pack looks great, is not identical to os x, it's flat and modern.07:01
YankDownUndermike-zal: In the basic Ubuntu repos, there's several Plymouth themes available...you can choose that which you desire...easy enough done...as well, if you're game to make your own, well, then all the more power to ya... :)07:01
cfhowlett!ops | verdammte kicked once already today for trolling07:02
ubottuverdammte kicked once already today for trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu07:02
YankDownUnderI like flat. I like "modern". I like "minimalistic" without too much minimal.07:02
mike-zalmate boutique works well, spotify installed. nothing to complain so far.07:02
verdammte!ops cfhowlett triggering !ops to troll me07:02
ubottuverdammte: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:02
elkyverdammte: go away.07:02
Tex_Nickverdammte: chill out man07:02
verdammteelky: hwllo07:02
verdammtei got banned earlier07:02
verdammtethat means.... i'm really l33t for being here07:02
mike-zalYankDownUnder, then there is a chance you will like icons I recommended07:02
elkyyes i know. i'll ban you again if you don't go away peacefully07:03
Seveasverdammte: that should have given you a clue to start behaving...07:03
verdammtehow about I shut up and idle here?07:03
YankDownUndermike-zal: I shall have a peruse...07:03
Seveasthat would be acceptable behaviour :)07:03
elkyif you shut up and don't annoy people i won't ban you07:03
Tex_Nickverdammte: how about you mature a bit ?07:03
verdammteelky, thx.     Tex_Nick, i am mature07:04
mike-zalthe usuall pain about icons is: they look good on dock, but horribly in panel, or look good in dock and panel but folder icons suck, etc. hard to find icons that suit for all places perfectly.07:04
YankDownUndermike-zal: On that token, oddly enough, the icon sets that work with WindowMaker and AfterStep haven't changed in, er, oh, more than 18 years...? ;)07:05
mike-zalI'm not familiar with those programs07:06
mike-zalalso been using linux since a bit over a year07:06
YankDownUndermike-zal: Ancient "Window Manglers" from the days before KDE and Gnome...07:06
mike-zalI'm mostly using manjaro, but also enjoy ubuntu so I installed it on another partition and currently gave it a little love and enjoy the system a lot.07:06
mike-zalalso wanted to try to install skyrim on windows steam on ubuntu in hope it will work better then in manjaro. steam in arch systems is problematic because of newer packages and libs07:08
YankDownUndermike-zal: Coolbeans...a long time ago, I was heavily involved in "Mandrake" - which ended up becoming "Mandriva" - which then died and split into Manjaro and Mageia...hehehe...they're all good...as long as you're not running M$ stuff, you're good to go...07:08
mike-zalmy polish friedns loved mageia but now they all switched to manjaro07:08
auronandaceYankDownUnder: manjaro is a fork of Arch07:09
YankDownUndermike-zal: the beauty of it all is that we have choice.07:09
mike-zalanyway, is there a way to mangae kernels in ubuntu? in manjaro it's easy. don't see anything obvious on ubuntu thou.07:09
mike-zalI'm not sure if upgrade switched to kernel 4.4 or is still using 4.207:09
cfhowlettmike-zal, sudo apt-get autoremove should do the job07:09
YankDownUndermike-zal: 4.4 should be the go...but yeah, remove the old kernel images unless you've got reason to keep them. I had a crap time with s07:11
mike-zalno issues with kernels. I like to keep two of them for a system in case of emergency.07:11
YankDownUndermike-zal: ...with Solaris and mixed up kernels...toasted a server installation...07:11
mike-zalI already had situation where second kernel was usful.07:11
YankDownUndermike-zal: I maintain a Fedora box where there are three kernels kept...for reasons of customised software...a bit of a PITA in some instances, but it's been a beauty of a lifesaver in the fact that if the devs make a monster mistake, all is not lost... :)07:12
mike-zalin manjaro kernels management is very easy. a pity I can't see anything like that on ubuntu. also drivers are pain in the ass on ubuntu, manjaro is better when it comes to it. but I manged. had to manually install bumblebee and manually edit conf files to make nvidia works in ubuntu and finally end fan and overheating problem.07:13
mike-zalbut once I set up everything in ubuntu, I enjoy it a lot07:13
raduwhat do u set up ?07:14
YankDownUndermike-zal: This box (pointing at the workstation I'm using) - merely required some "customisation attention" - otherwise, I shy far away from doing anything other than USING it for important things...like IRC...and torrents...and being a "file server"...very little overhead maintenance...and that, THAT - makes me very happy...07:15
mike-zaljust istalled TLP and nvidia bumblebee drivers. that ended overheating and batter drain craziness.07:15
mike-zalubuntu doesn't recognize hybrid gpu out of the box as manjaro does07:16
mike-zaland because of that all ubuntu and ubuntu derivatives make my fan go crazy by default07:16
raducan ubuntu run games like windows does ?07:17
raduhow ?07:17
mike-zaljust install steam on wine or playonlinux07:17
cfhowlett!steam | radu07:17
ubotturadu: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.07:17
YankDownUndermike-zal: Understandable..."Plan the work, work the plan" - preparation beforehand is a helpful thing...07:17
mike-zalI think running steam through wine is easier then unsing playonlinux in case of modding some games07:18
mike-zalYankDownUnder, yeah, after a year with linux and different distros I can handle some minor issues so in the end my installations works perfectly. no issues with manjaro for over a half a year. ubuntu also seems to work fine but I'm testing it shortly.07:19
verdammtemike-zal: does it eat dog feces?07:19
YankDownUndermike-zal: "To each, his own" as it were...inasmuch as I do not do gaming, I'm realtively safe from having to fight/argue with emulation and the likes.07:19
YankDownUnderMeanwhile, have a lovely evening...time for a nice Sunday evening movie and a coffee. Cheers!07:20
mike-zalyeah, gaming can be pain in ass but most windows games work if you know your way around linux07:20
verdammtemike-zal: just eat manure.07:20
verdammteit solves all your problems!07:21
mike-zalI don't game much, not enough time for it but if I do, most my beloved games is on windows exclusively so I have no choice as to face issues and solve them ;P07:21
ankitubuntu 16.04 splash screen missing07:31
ankitplease help07:31
sruliankit: which version of ubuntu?07:31
srulii mean which flvaour07:31
ankitsruli ubuntu 16.0407:32
ankitsruli flvaour??07:32
ankiti think ubuntu07:33
ankitsruli ubuntu 16.04 LTS07:33
ankiti checked under About My computer07:33
ankitsruli can you help?07:34
sruliankit: what splash screen are u refering too?07:35
al_nz1how do you get the dhcp client lease time from nmcli?07:35
ankitsruli when i start my laptop, there should be an screen with ubuntu logo, but currently it shows black screen07:36
ankitbefore login07:36
srulihankit: how do u enter password?07:37
ankitsruli after some time it shows login screen, then i use that login screen07:37
sruliankit: you can use arrow key (left) to see text entry07:38
ankitwhich text entry, you are talking about07:38
srulito enter password07:38
ankitsruli https://www.thefanclub.co.za/sites/default/files/styles/300-wide/public/images/howto/ubuntu-boot-splash.png?itok=9AT2L2e907:39
ankiti am talking about this screen, this screen is missing07:39
sruliso you see the screen to enter the password?07:40
ankitsruli yes07:40
NoctSergalHi im having issues with a fresh install of ubuntu server 16.04 on an old laptop of mine, i have installed openssh and after fighting with it to keep it running, my wireless card (enthernet is in the worst location ever for being able to get to) and i am unable to connect to it via PuTTY anyone have any ideas ?07:41
ducasseankit: so everything other than the splash screen works?07:41
ankitducasse yes07:42
sruliankit: pastebin the output of "ls /lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo"07:42
ducasseankit: then why worry about it? that splash screen is not important.07:42
thomasfustonAloha, i installed ubuntu 16.04 on an hp detachable, for some reason i dont have any battery life icon on the panel, any ideas?07:42
=== x230_ is now known as Queenslayer
srulithomasfuston: try installing battery-inidicator?07:43
ankitsruli http://paste.ubuntu.com/20715695/07:43
ankitsruli http://paste.ubuntu.com/20715695/07:44
ankitsruli http://paste.ubuntu.com/20715695/07:45
sruliankit: was it an upgrade to 16.04 or clean install?07:50
thomasfustonsruli: how would this package be called?07:50
radui`v instaled steam07:52
raduonly that not starting07:52
Drohow to make an iso file bootable, using mkisofs07:53
srulithomasfuston: see if this page helps http://askubuntu.com/questions/473784/battery-indicator-has-disappeared-from-gnome-panel07:56
rajivmarsI have just downloaded the xubuntu-wallpapers on my kubuntu 16.04. but i am not able to get those wallpapers. how do i get them?07:58
cfhowlettrajivmars, downloaded but not installed?07:58
silusi hit a restart and steam was instaled07:59
silusand now steam does not load07:59
ankitsruli any felp08:00
ankitubuntu 16.04 splash screen not showing up08:01
sruliankit: was it an upgrade to 16.04 or clean install?08:01
ankitsruli upgrade from 15.1008:01
rajivmarscfhowlett: i have downloaded and installed by using the command "sudo apt install xubuntu-wallpapers".08:01
cfhowlettrajivmars, should be in your desktop settings options08:02
ankitsruli what can be done??08:02
rajivmarscfhowlett: yes i have tried in desktop settings, but there it is not showing those wallpapers.08:03
sruliankit: i guess the plymouth image dir hasnt updated in the upgrade...  checking..08:03
ankitany help08:03
ankitsruli okay i am waiting08:04
ankitsruli just rebooting my machine, i will be back in 2 mins08:08
mnms_Hi. I installed tesseract-ocr, this package should contain also unicharset_extractor tool but it doesnt. I found that package for 14.10 has it but Im under 14.04. What can I do get this tool ?08:09
ankitsruli i am back08:11
ankitsruli did you find any solution??08:11
ankitanyone please help08:12
sruliankit: paste output of "ls /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/"08:12
ankitsruli http://paste.ubuntu.com/20717944/08:13
cfhowlettrajivmars, OK let's see where your files went.  first: ls /usr/share/backgrounds08:14
cfhowlettyour new file should be there titled "xfce"08:14
rajivmarscfhowlett: no it is not there.08:15
cfhowlettrajivmars, what IS there08:16
ankitsruli any luck??08:16
ankitsruli http://paste.ubuntu.com/20717944/08:17
rajivmarscfhowlett: see this link "http://paste.ubuntu.com/20718192/"08:17
rajivmarscfhowlett: those are the results after using your command.08:18
cfhowlettrajivmars, wait 108:18
cfhowlettrajivmars, those are the default xubuntu wallpapers - NOT the community wallpapers.  is that what you wanted?08:20
rajivmarsthose as well as community wallpapers.08:21
ankitsruli any luck??08:21
rajivmarscfhowlett: where are those wallpapers located and how do i get those?08:22
cfhowlettrajivmars, community wallpapers are in a different package.  I don't use kubuntu and xubuntu might not be installing where kubuntu expects to find things.  alternative plan: apt-get download xubuntu-wallpapers to, say, downloads.  extract the files then point your desktop wallpaper control to those files.08:22
baymanhow to disable a service from auto start on 16.04?08:23
ankitsruli i will be back after 10 mins08:24
rajivmarswhat is the command to download these wallpapers to the "download" folder?08:24
cfhowlettapt-get download packagenamehere08:24
ankitwaiting for your response08:24
sruliankit: paste output of "cat /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ ubuntu-logo.plymouth"08:24
cfhowlettrajivmars, replace with the proper package name08:25
sruliwhere can i find a guide on ubotta usage?08:25
cfhowletti.e. xubuntu-community-wallpapers08:25
ankitsruli http://paste.ubuntu.com/20718851/08:25
rajivmarscfhowlett: but in which folder the package is going to save?08:27
cfhowlettrajivmars, wherever you downloaded it to.  you decide.08:27
dellwendsanyone here first time like me tried to installed mate 16.008:27
rajivmarscfhowlett: if i want to download in the "download" folder, what command i use?08:28
cfhowlettrajivmars, open a terminal in the Download directory. then execute the download command08:28
dellwendsI got blinking screen upon start up08:28
dellwendsmy laptop is dell inspiron 1525 32 bit08:29
rajivmarscfhowlett: ok.08:29
dellwendsany newbie like me experienced thesame08:29
cfhowlettrajivmars, mate?  on that old tech?  you might find xubuntu or lubuntu a more workable optoin08:29
rajivmarscfhowlett: thank you:)08:30
cfhowlettrajivmars, happy2help!08:30
pamI'm trying to figure out why my wifi hasn't been working.08:33
sruliwhere can i find info for using ubottu in irc?08:34
bekksDepends on what you want to know.08:34
srulihow to use? what words i can use...08:35
ducasse!factoids | sruli08:36
ubottusruli: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone08:36
pamI'm having a weird issue with my HP G60 laptops wifi switch.  For some reason the wifi switch isn't working...as if its always off...sometimes the wifi will go on and sometimes it'll go off.08:37
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:37
sruliducasse: thanks, still dont know where to find a list af all comamnds08:38
ducassesruli: did you look at the link?08:38
sruliducasse: yes, not all there...08:39
rajivmarsI have just installed synaptic-package-manager, when i open it, i am not able to find the search box? how do i get it?08:39
bekkssruli: What do you need want to do with ubottu besides asking about the factoids?08:39
cfhowlettrajivmars, synaptic is seriously old and has been replaced.  why do you need it?08:39
srulii found the one i was looking for now, but i have see others used which i dont see on that link, just wondering if there is a full list08:40
bekkssruli: What do you need want to do with ubottu besides asking about the factoids?08:40
srulioh crap, just noticed ther eis 36 pages... i just looked on page 1... i guess its all there08:41
rajivmarscfhowlett: normally i use the terminal for installing anything. But i thing sometimes synaptic is useful to see clearly what packages are available as well as there details.08:41
bekksrajivmars: apt-get search is even more clear.08:42
bekksapt-cache search*08:42
cfhowlettrajivmars, all of which is easily done from the terminal. example: apt-get -s install hexchat              this will SIMULATE but not EXECUTE the command in verbose fashion08:42
rajivmarscfhowlett: yes. i think you are wright.08:43
pamThis seems like the issue I'm having with my WIFI not working on my HP G60 laptop...completely perplexed https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160466508:43
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vbotkapam, what's your current status of 'rfkill list all'08:50
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Fri3ndZhaloo :)09:15
Fri3ndZheloo :)09:15
mike-zalpam_, maybe you have broadcome wifi card? there are often issues with those on various linux distros (not with all models)09:17
mike-zalusually all it takes is to download driver deb elsewhere and install it09:17
sokowhat is the difference between apt and apt-get09:20
ducassesoko: apt is a frontend09:21
bekksapt-get is a frontend, too.09:21
\9soko: apt is more geared towards end-users09:23
Drone01837102190We are the Borg.09:26
Drone93019302791Resistance is futile.09:26
Drone10371948393You will surrender to us.09:26
shadowmancer1Hola all, weird issue I've been running into and been researching and kind of come up with zilch. So basically using a cheap netbook I got from Aldi i got a few years ago, I loaded Lubuntu 16.04, which needed a bit of poking to get the GUI to work but that isn't the issue (Didn't load the intel video drivers which wasn't so hard).09:35
shadowmancer1The issue is with my wifi, I have an Atheros Wifi card AR9285, and it seems to not want to connect to my wifi no matter what I do.09:35
shadowmancer1'lspci' shows I'm using ath9k, which appears to be right according to all the ubuntu forums.09:35
shadowmancer1'rfkill list all' shows no hard or soft blocks in place09:35
shadowmancer1I've attempted to connected via wpa_supplicant in the cli, though found that after it said everything was running when I tried dhclient it seemed stuck on discover.09:35
shadowmancer1Here's a dump of my syslog http://pastebin.com/53jdTpRi.09:35
sokocant help with the wifi but would recommend ubuntu's network install mini.iso if you have ethernet09:44
bekkssoko: He already installed Ubuntu. :)09:44
Ben64that would be much harder to get set up09:44
sokobekks: ah :)09:44
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ducasseshadowmancer1: seems to have problems authenticating to me, looks like it authenticates and gets kicked off a few seconds later. all the dhcp stuff i can see seems to be for a wired interface, wireless never gets to that point.09:49
shadowmancer1 ducasse: I have loaded up my question to http://askubuntu.com/questions/802315/atheros-ar9285-wont-connect-to-wpa2 but at the end of the log dump, it does cover the wlp7s010:00
ducasseshadowmancer1: at what timestamp? i must have missed it, long log.10:01
shadowmancer1ducasse: 3469.92081410:02
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ducasseshadowmancer1: yes, that's doing what i said - trying to auth. that message does not come from the dhcp client.10:08
ducasseshadowmancer1: first you see "authenticate with...", "authenticated", "associate with...", "associated" and 4 seconds later "disassociated".10:10
shadowmancer1ducasse: I can't figure out why it isn't authing though, it seems no matter what I do it doesn't want to accept the password, and I don't want to drop down to WEP, and it doesn't give me the option to change encryption types, so I'm assuming it is using AES, and as I said, I've tried the whole wpa_supplicant from the command line, and nmcli and it doesn't seem to pass mustard either. I can't seem to find the log for wpa_supplican10:11
ducasseshadowmancer1: the man page says it logs to stdout, and there is a switch to log to syslog.10:15
ducasseshadowmancer1: you can't select encryption type on the router?10:15
shadowmancer1ducasse: It only lets me use WPA2 Personal with AES (well it does give the option of WPA1 with TKIP), as for the syslog, didn't realize that, will have to fix that up. Late where I am so off to bed, thanks for the advice and I'll use it to further my investigation :)10:17
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hypestHey guys, hope this is the right channel to ask: has anyone had any success using the `fnmode` of hid_apple with the latest external BT Magic Keyboard on 16.04?10:33
Shadowbird123hey, my sounds worked yesterday, but today after startingup my computer there is no sounds. i checked cables and that speakers work with other devices and that wolume is up and no mute.10:39
Shadowbird123ok, i changed Digital Output (S/PDIF) | build-in Audio to Headphines | build-in Audio and now its working.. im not sure if i have accidentaly changed it yesterday or if it should work with Digital Output (S/PDIF) as default10:46
backboxIf i wanted to go into computer security where would the best place to start be?10:51
bazhang##security for that please backbox10:51
bekksbackbox: Start with using a sane OS. And dont ask backbox questions in here :P10:51
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mysticTotIs it possible to prevent fork bomb by using kernel configuration option CONFIG_CGROUP_PIDS=y i.e,  PIDs controller11:01
bekksmysticTot: http://askubuntu.com/questions/23533/how-to-protect-ubuntu-from-fork-bomb11:02
mysticTotThat I know, I'm a kernel guy and want to know about this kernel configuration11:03
mysticToteverything is controlled by .config file11:04
MonkeyDustmysticTot  there's also #ubuntu-kernel11:04
mike-zalbsf, bsq, I/O scheduler and some more stuff11:04
mike-zalyou can check manjaro PKGBUILD on github.11:04
mike-zalmysticTot, https://forum.manjaro.org/t/manjaro-kernel-patches/6156/611:07
mysticTotThanks everyone :)11:07
mike-zalmysticTot, ah, I mixed channels ;). though I'm on manjaro one :P11:11
mysticTotthanks /mike-zal11:18
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mike_papaHelp please! I'm trying to extend vm guest disk (Ubuntu Server 16.04.1). I've created new partition /dev/sda3 type 8e, and pvreate gives me " Device /dev/sda3 not found (or ignored by filtering).". I have no filters in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf (global_filters line is commented out).11:33
mike_papaWhat's going on? fdisk -l lists /dev/sda3 normally11:34
mike_papaPartprobe -s :  /dev/sda: msdos partitions 1 3 2 <5>11:34
mike_papaand no errors11:34
mike_papabut pvcreate doesn't work.11:35
dahlia_i am using ubuntu 14.04 so i am not able to run latest version of genymotion. i googled alot but i couldn't find older version. would you mind suggest me some links?11:40
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ducassemike_papa: so you've extended the vm guest disk, created a partition, and you're trying to create a new pv on that partition - is that correct?11:43
MonkeyDustfind genymotion trusty11:44
MonkeyDust!find genymotion trusty11:44
ubottuPackage/file genymotion does not exist in trusty11:44
mike_papaducasse: Yes.11:45
dahlia_how can i add it to my repository11:45
mike_papaducasse: I tried using vgexted without prior pvcreate, but it throws same error (I believe it's doing pvcreate behind the sceene).11:46
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ducassemike_papa: it probably does, but it's still odd. especially since other tools see it. did you try pvcreate -f?11:49
* dasdad 2311:50
minimecdahlia_: Looks that you have to sign for a free account to be able to download the genymotion software.11:50
mike_papaducasse: same effect with -f. I tried -d to see some more details, but nothing else appeared.11:50
dahlia_minimec, i have created and account, but the latest version of genymotion works in ubuntu 15.10 and above11:51
ducassemike_papa: anything in dmesg or kern.log when you run it?11:51
mike_papaducasse: nothing.11:52
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ducassemike_papa: the only other suggestion i have would be to create the pv on a new block device you add to the guest, but that might not be what you want...11:53
mike_papaI've never touched lvm.conf, so it should be ok.11:53
andrzejcan I make dd copy of USB drive even if my system is not able to read USB Drive file system? Is dd doing 1:1 copy?11:54
minimecdahlia_: Oh I see, so you get dependency problems. Well... you either try to solve them or contact the genymotion support and ask for a possible solution. I don't think that you will find older versions easily, and if you do so, I would not consider them trustworthy...11:54
ducassemike_papa: sorry, no idea. you could try #ubuntu-server?11:54
mike_papaducasse: I'll reinstall system then. Good it happend just after I set it up. I just didn't realize unifi controller needs so much space in /var11:54
QueenslayerIs Linux Mint based on Ubuntu?11:54
mike_papaducasse: thanks anyway.11:55
andrzejQueenslayer: yes, but they are changing a lot of stuff and forking default tools11:55
QueenslayerExcept for certain things, it seems to be Debian/Ubuntu11:55
Queenslayerandrzej: I like it nonetheless11:55
UnskippHello everyone. I have installed ubuntu 16.04 on my new laptop and suspend doesn't work. It goes in suspend but when it resumes, it restarts completly. I tried to edit /etc/default/grub with acpi_sleep=nonvs and update it after but it doesn't help. ANy suggestions guys ?11:55
andrzejQueenslayer: thats fine :) I just said that because I tough you want to know :)11:56
QueenslayerUnskipp: I think that's a bug11:56
Queenslayerandrzej: Thanks for clarification11:56
UnskippQueenslayer: I also tried different kernel versions (4.6.4 i believe it was) same problem. Should I try an older kernel / older ubuntu version ?11:56
QueenslayerUnskipp: I've had similar issues with my desktop, many suggested trying different kernels11:56
Queenslayerlol exactly11:56
QueenslayerI don't think it'll work11:57
andrzejUnskipp: you may want to check Ubuntu bugzilla (is it called lunchpad?) for solution11:57
QueenslayerIt's possibly a variety of issues, kernel downgrade/upgrade being one of them11:57
Unskippandrzej: I did try, many suggested editing the grub with acpi_sleep but it didn't fix it for me.11:57
QueenslayerUnskipp: Try older kernel then11:57
QueenslayerAnd after that, just leave it11:57
QueenslayerUnless you're a dev, it's not worth the hassle11:58
QueenslayerI've moved to Linux Mint because of it11:58
ducasseUnskipp: easiest thing would be to try 14.04 live usb for example.11:58
QueenslayerFor some setups, it just doesn't work11:58
UnskippQueenslayer: Alright, I`ll try some other kernels.11:58
Unskippducasse: can i suspend from live usb and then resume ? (never done that)11:59
dahlia_minimec, thanks now guys in 14.04 what can they do?11:59
ducasseUnskipp: i would think so.12:00
dahlia_guys, why ubuntu 16.04 in notmal situation uses memory about 1.4 gb but ubuntu 14.04 about 400 mb , really why?12:00
Unskippducasse: Alright. I will try. Would it make a difference if i try arch linux and test dev kernel ?12:00
minimecdahlia_: that version of genymotion, that you can download... Does it come as a .deb package?12:01
Queenslayerducasse: better to mess around with kernel installations first12:01
dahlia_minimec, it was .bin12:02
ducasseUnskipp: maybe. there are also lots of acpi tuning you can try, but someone else here might be more familiar than me with that.12:02
minimecdahlia_: Did you try to install it?12:02
dahlia_minimec, yeah i try alot, it was failed at all12:03
ducasseQueenslayer: a 14.04 live image is a very easy way to test an older kernel...12:04
dahlia_minimec, http://pastebin.com/nzBuLG1W , it is my error12:04
dahlia_guys, why ubuntu 16.04 in notmal situation uses memory about 1.4 gb but ubuntu 14.04 about 400 mb , really why?12:05
samgoodyHi all.12:06
samgoodyI have a text file, which I need to split on delimiter. (in this case "——")12:06
codex404allo :v12:07
RonWhoCaresHow do I make the changes @ http://askubuntu.com/a/189364/453336 permanent?12:08
samgoodyThe text of the file is Hebrew, and csplit seems to have garbled the output12:08
samgoodyI read somewhere since that csplit doesn't handle unicode12:08
samgoodyThe output should be saved in incremeted file names.12:09
ahrc333ffRonWhoCares: this is something I wasn't able to resolve cleanly. The solution I had for this was to create a startup script that ran with user login.12:09
MonkeyDustsamgoody  try in the channel #bash , if you don't get an answer here12:09
ducasseRonWhoCares: 'man xorg.conf' - you can create a snippet to add a mode and set it to default.12:10
samgoodyOh, good idea12:10
ahrc333ffahrc333ff: on my machine I couldn't get any output to my monitor, so for me that meant I had to ssh into my machine to run the script, then the monitor would turn on o_0 lol. Not pleasant.12:11
RonWhoCaresducasse: This is a good idea.  Which xord.conf should I edit?  There are several12:11
craptalkhow to access phpmyadmin on ubuntu after installation?12:11
ducasseRonWhoCares: you just create a snippet with what you need, and add it /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d12:12
minimecdahlia_: "sudo apt-get install libstdc++6"12:12
ducasseRonWhoCares: (unless one of the others deals with modes, then add it there)12:12
minimecdahlia_: Try to find some installation manual or readme file. There should be something like that...12:13
MonkeyDustcraptalk  old post (2010) ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/19127/how-to-access-phpmyadmin-after-installation12:14
RonWhoCaresducasse: I've created the file.  I am rebooting12:14
andrzejdahlia_: what if I tell you that my 16.04 technically uses 16GB of RAM and this is a good thing?12:15
dahlia_minimec, thanks mr , i will try and notify you the result12:17
dahlia_andrzej, you have perfect pc, really it uses 16 gb?????????12:18
minimecdahlia_: It is probably installed already... You could try to apt-pin a newer version to you 14.04 installation, but that is not the easiest thing, if you have never done it before...12:18
ducassedahlia_: mine has ~300mb free of 32gb. most of that is used on cache.12:19
RonWhoCaresducasse: That didn't work.  When I rebooted I got an error message 'Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors'12:20
andrzejdahlia_: roughly 16GB, at the moment it shows 4.5 GB of normal memory and 11GB of caches are kept in stam12:20
dahlia_ducasse, are you talking about hard usage?? :-012:20
dahlia_minimec, so what can i do? :-/12:20
ducassedahlia_: memory not in use by applications is used for cache, so it's normal that memory appears nearly full. it will be freed up when needed.12:21
minimecdahlia_: As I told you. Try to contact the genymotion support, consider an upgrade to 16.04 or try to debug dependencies. Third optoin is the hardest one ;)12:21
dahlia_andrzej, oh oh oh oh, oh my god :-/, i can sell you my ubuntu 16.04 , it is very cheap and uses just 1.4 gb12:22
andrzejdahlia_: it's not hard usage, I have 2 chrome instances with about 20 tabs, robule file explorer windows, spotify and couple small apps, that takes those 4.5GB rest of it is for caches12:22
RonWhoCaresducasse: The lines I added into /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d are:   http://pastebin.com/cCcvYbjS12:22
dahlia_ducasse, oh, but my system freezed after running light app like music player, but it has about 2gb free ram12:23
andrzejdahlia_: I don't consider it bad, from my perspective free RAM is wasted RAM, if I have 16GB in my machine I want this to work for me not lay around for that one occasion when I will run something memory intensive12:24
ducasseRonWhoCares: that won't work. you are trying to edit a directory and add shell commands. read the man page i pointed you to, that shows you how to add a mode.12:24
RonWhoCareswhat is the man command again12:25
ducasseRonWhoCares: 'man xorg.conf'12:25
dahlia_andrzej, it means that ubuntu 16.04 is better than ubuntu 14.04 in ram usage??? am i understood correcly?12:26
ducassedahlia_: they're probably about the same.12:26
androiduser8_dahila_: You should upgrade to ubuntu 16.0412:27
arunsHi. I am using XFCE on Ubuntu 14.04.12:27
arunsHow can I get a taskbar icon for wifi connections?12:27
androiduser8_aruns: You should use 16.0412:27
arunsCurrently, it displays as notification popups.12:27
arunsandroiduser8_: I've got an ancient laptop, so no.12:27
andrzejdahlia_: I don't know actually, last time when I used ubuntu it was 12.10 than I went OSX and I back on ubuntu since 15.10 but in comparision with 12.10 it is more efficient despite the fact it needs more ram to even get started12:28
ducassearuns: isn't nm-applet running?12:28
androiduser8_aruns: Then get a newer laptop12:28
bekksdahlia_: Unused RAM is wasted RAM. Unless you have a memory overcommitment, memory usage doesnt say much.12:28
dahlia_androiduser8_, i have 16.04 nearby 14.04 , but when i worked with android studio 16.04 it hangs and i should force reboot12:28
arunsandroiduser8_: I'm happy with 14.04.12:28
ducasseandroiduser8_: that's not very helpful.12:28
andrzejdahlia_: on what machine you have that ubuntu install? what cpu, how much ram?12:28
androiduser8_Then you should upgrade android studio12:28
arunsducasse: I will check.12:29
dahlia_andrzej, cpu core i 3 and ram about 4 gb12:29
arunsducasse: Do I check for nm-applet under Settings > Panel?12:30
dahlia_bekks, omg , but i thought that my system hanging is becuse of memory usage12:30
andrzejdahlia_: I consider 4GB as minimum for Ubuntu (Unity needs more RAM than it should). With that amount of RAM I would consider Ubuntu Mate or Xubuntu if you want to go to 16.0412:30
ducassearuns: 'pgrep nm-applet' for example12:30
minimecaruns: open a terminal and 'pidof nm-applet'12:30
bekksUbuntu runs fine with 2GB or RAM.12:31
minimecaruns: You should get a process number.12:31
bekksdahlia_: How about looking at "free -m" then :)12:31
arunsThe process ID for nm-applet is 2527.12:31
androiduser8_How about /dev/null?12:31
andrzejdahlia_: BTW it is the best time to go to 16.04 because 16.04.1 has been released which in short is kind of like Service Pack for ubuntu12:31
minimecaruns: So its running12:31
arunsminimec: It appears so.12:31
andrzejbekks: Ubuntu _RUNS_ on 2GB of RAM, would not consider it _fine_12:32
androiduser8_command > /dev/sda12:32
dahlia_andrzej, i went to ubuntu becuse i hated microsoft windows, windows wasn't bad but ubuntu was more fast than window, but now ubuntu 16.04 is hang all time12:32
androiduser8_dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda12:32
ducasseandroiduser8_: stop trolling.12:33
bekksandrzej: It runs FINE with 2GB RAM.12:33
androiduser8_Those commands don't even do anything in this chat window12:33
bekksdahlia_: So take a look at free -m for finding out wether you have a memory issue.12:33
dahlia_i went to ubuntu just because of my less memory and cpu12:33
tigefawhy 16.04 hang @dahlia_12:33
bekksandrzej: Because OS commands in a chat window are expected to do nothing.12:33
bekksandroiduser8_: ^^12:34
andrzejbekks: well I still prefer to have more RAM for cache that is speeding up system massively12:34
minimecbekks: andrzej: I agree. Fedora 24 with gnome3 on 2GB Ram Chromebook runs like charm too.12:34
dahlia_tigefa, just i ran android studio and geny motion on it, somtimes when i am listening to music also it hangs12:34
androiduser8_So therefore, is it troling because you are trying to get people to destroy their computers on purspoe or something??12:34
dahlia_bekks, half of memmory is used and swap is empty12:35
tigefaouh, that big one @dahlia_ :)12:35
bekks!ops | androiduser8_12:35
ubottuandroiduser8_: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu12:35
androiduser8_bekks is correct12:35
bekksdahlia_: very exact values, aka "the whole output" is important.12:35
dahlia_tigefa, and what about music player, it is just a light application :-(12:35
arunsducasse: Hi, I've gone into Session and Startup window on XFCE, and under Application Autostart, I've found Indicator Network which I presume is what I need.12:36
ducassearuns: most likely :)12:36
arunsducasse: I click the tickbox to select it, but it doesn't appear to be saving changes?12:37
dahlia_             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached12:37
dahlia_Mem:          3805       2482       1323        240        185       106012:37
dahlia_ and android studio is closed12:37
dahlia_i am sorry because of bad arrange12:37
bekks!pastebin | dahlia_12:37
ubottudahlia_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:37
dahlia_ubottu, ok my lovely12:38
ubottudahlia_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:38
ducassearuns: isn't there a button to save changes? haven't used xfce 4.10 in a looong time.12:38
bekksdahlia_: you have 4GB RAM, 1.3G free, aka unused, and 1G of the 2.5G used are caches. You dont have a memory issue. And with Ubuntustudio closed, those values are irrelevant.12:38
andrzej__raven_: hi12:39
arunsducasse: Doesn't seem to be :/12:40
dahlia_bekks, ohhhhh i am sorry , at now i am in ubuntu 14.04 , i will come back soon with my ubuntu 16.0412:40
__raven_how to force max fan speed on acer aspire e5-573 with ubuntu 16.04?12:40
ducassearuns: i think there is in 4.12, but i can't remember for 4.10. sorry. i would just try checking the box and log out and back in.12:41
thomas_25i've added another user and added him to sudo group but still he can't sudo. any idea?12:43
ducassethomas_25: has he logged out/in?12:43
thomas_25btw, i'm switching to the new user via 'sudo -e newuser'12:44
thomas_25'sudo - newuser'12:44
andrzejthomas_25: what command you used to add him to sudo?12:44
ducassethomas_25: is the sudo group listed by 'groups'?12:44
thomas_25not -e, would that make a different, i hardly think so12:44
thomas_25adduser newuser sudo12:45
thomas_25when i log into the new user and type `id` i can see that he is a member of sudo12:45
andrzejthomas_25: tu switch to other user do 'su newuser'12:45
andrzejafter you switch to newuser try something like 'sudo ls /'12:46
andrzejdoes it works?12:46
thomas_25it asks for password12:46
andrzejpassword of newuser12:46
thomas_25the default user works without password because it doesn't have one i suppose eh12:46
andrzejthomas_25: are you on live usb or on installed instance of ubuntu?12:47
thomas_25installed instance12:47
bekksFor using the environment of the new user, you should use su - newuser, not su newuser. And for testing out sudo abilities of newuser, just take a look at the group memberships.12:47
thomas_25but it's an amazon instance, i haven't installed it manually12:47
andrzejso you have to have pass on your user12:47
andrzejoh, I don't know about amazon, it should have pass on your username but I have no idea12:48
tigefa@thomas_25 try this http://askubuntu.com/q/192050/23955612:48
andrzejtigefa: I think he solved it12:48
andrzejadduser newuser sudo works perfect on ubuntu12:48
thomas_25sudo works fine, now, there was no problem to begin with12:48
__raven_how to force max fan speed on acer aspire e5-573 with ubuntu 16.04?12:48
thomas_25just my expectation was off, new user can sudo if he enters his password12:48
thomas_25default user doesn't need to enter his password to issue sudo12:48
tigefausermod -aG sudo newuser12:49
ducasse__raven_: install fancontrol, i think.12:50
__raven_ducasse: i tried but "no drivers"12:50
andrzejthomas_25: apparently yes, but remember it is wildly unsecure to not have pass on your account, there is also, how I called it, "sudo memory :)", basically ubuntu remembers that you authenticated sudo on your account and for 5 minutes or so don't ask you for putting password again if you are using sudo12:50
__raven_/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed12:50
andrzejthomas_25: thats may be the reason why system did not ask you for a pass when you used sudo on your account12:51
ducasse__raven_: you might need to run sensors-detect.12:51
SiavashHi guys12:52
andrzejSiavash: hi12:52
Siavash16.04.1 was released on July 21st but do-release-upgrade on 14.04.4 does not detect it.12:53
__raven_ducasse: sensors are fine but i cannot control the fans12:53
andrzejSiavash: wait couple more days, it will come to you12:53
ducasse!ltsupgrade | Siavash12:53
ubottuSiavash: The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.12:53
SiavashThanks for the info :)12:54
sabrehageni'm looking to make an installer for my binary using fpm (https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm). my application is a 'package' in that it is composed of a number of files; binaries, supporting libraries, localisation, etc. where should I install my application folder to comply with ubuntu common practices?12:55
ducassesabrehagen: ask in #ubuntu-packaging12:56
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ducasse!ops | YourMomIsBoring12:56
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sarvsavHello everyone, I need a little help related to cron jobs and pipes12:59
minimecsabrehagen: /usr/local/bin /usr/local/share / probably. If everything is in one folder, you could also go for /opt and do a link for the executanal binarys in /usr/bin.12:59
sarvsavI have created a simple shell script12:59
YourMomIsBoring[n0mad],  \9,  ^5,  ^peter^,  __raven_,  _barto_,  _ezhik,  _KaszpiR_,  _ruben,  _unreal_,  `z,  `Zephyr,  a1,  aau,  Aayush,  Abhishek_,  AbigailBuccaneer,  abra0,  AbyssOne,  acalewin,  AciD`,  Acn0w,  acrocity,  ac|work,  Ad1_RN,  Adam_FrVancouver,  adante,  addo,  adeschamps,  Adie,  admine_,  Adran,  adreno,  aegis,  Afforess,  Afrix,  Afrotoast,  Agent,  Agent_Smith_BR,  AgentClank:12:59
sarvsavcontaining command, echo "Hello World" > helloworld.txt12:59
sabrehagenminimec: i like the /opt idea, seems clean12:59
sarvsavwhenever, I am running this script using terminal, a new file is created12:59
MyLifeIsSoBoringSigyn: fuck you13:00
sarvsavbut with cron its failing. The cron job is 00 * * * * helloworld.sh13:00
bekkssarvsav: that will not work, since your script diesnt contain a header line and you arent using an absolute path for the textfile.13:00
MyLifeIsSoBoringno killing and absolutely no klining is allowed!13:00
Eduard_Munteanusarvsav, sure, '>' rewrites the entire file, use '>>' for appending13:00
MyLifeIsSoBoring!ops still waiting for u all to kiss my ass13:00
ubottuMyLifeIsSoBoring: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:00
MyLifeIsSoBoring!ops spam13:00
MyLifeIsSoBoring!ops ubottu13:00
sarvsavbekks: I tried adding #!/bin/bash as header.13:01
bekkssarvsav: thats required.13:01
sarvsavThe problem is echo commands set output to screen13:01
bekkssarvsav: and you need a full path to the textfile.13:01
sarvsavbut when executing via cron, there is no stdout13:01
sarvsavhence the file isnot creating13:01
bekkssarvsav: Because you need an absolute path...13:01
sarvsavDoes this works13:01
sarvsav~sarvsav/Destop ?13:02
sarvsav~sarvsav/Destop/helloworld.txt ?13:02
bekkssarvsav: No. Thats a relative path. You need a full path: /home/sarvsav/Desktop/helloworld.txt13:02
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sarvsavokay, let me try.13:02
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sarvsavthanks, bekks13:02
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DingDongDickC L I T O R I S13:03
Eduard_MunteanuMight be time to ask Freenode staff.13:06
ikoniafor what ?13:06
sarvsavbekks: it failed13:06
Eduard_Munteanuikonia, they can sometimes help with persistent spammers13:06
-MisterCock:#ubuntu- MY PENIS IS TEN FEET LONG!13:06
ikoniaEduard_Munteanu: nope13:06
-MisterCock:#ubuntu- MY PENIS IS TEN FEET LONG!13:06
_unreal_if you ban ".ip" the dipshit cant get in13:07
WheatThinsHello, my external NTFS 1TB HDD stopped reading in Windows, and chkdsk wasn't running, but it reads in an Ubuntu liveboot. Ran SMART quickscan on it, a bunch of fields say old age or pre-fail but it shows the general assessment at OK, what should I do?13:07
ToAruShiroiNekoWheatThins I would use the drive as little as possible13:08
_unreal_WheatThins, what partition format is the HD?13:08
minimecWheatThins: Backup... ;)13:08
Eduard_MunteanuWheatThins, it's fine.13:08
Eduard_MunteanuWheatThins, "old age" and "pre-fail" represent the type of wear/failure *in case* they fail.13:08
ToAruShiroiNekoget another drive and backup what you REALLY need, then what you need and then anything else you wish13:08
_unreal_WheatThins, what format is your partition? on this drive13:08
WheatThins_unreal_: NTFS13:08
ToAruShiroiNeko_unreal_ NTFS based on what he said13:09
ToAruShiroiNekoWheatThins dont panic13:09
WheatThinsminimec:  hard to back up when it's the largest harddrive with you and you're half the planet away from home13:09
_unreal_ya :) just get a strong drink13:09
Eduard_MunteanuPre-fail fields are those that may foretell a drive failure if they get out of range.13:09
WheatThinsAnything I can do that's proactive? It was showing as 0% usage in Windows13:09
WheatThins_unreal_: strong drink at the ready13:10
Eduard_MunteanuWheatThins, it's fine, unless the row registers as failed.13:10
WheatThinsWould it be good to defrag it or run fsck13:10
_unreal_do you only use the drive on windows or do you also use it on linux?13:10
Eduard_MunteanuNo need to.13:10
WheatThins_unreal_: I use it on both13:11
_unreal_WheatThins, !! ding ding ding ding13:11
WheatThinsEduard_Munteanu: going for peace of mind here, just want to make sure it won't harm it to use it, even if I don't need to13:11
WheatThins_unreal_: it's NTFS though not like ext413:11
Eduard_MunteanuWheatThins, like I said, all SMART parameters are either prefail or oldage, there's no "good" type.13:12
WheatThinsEduard_Munteanu: ty13:12
_unreal_WheatThins, NTFS is a format that is for windows. when writing to an NTFS drive using linux. there is th potential to mess up the format13:12
_unreal_I have delt with it before.... do what you can to pack up your files that you need13:12
WheatThins_unreal_: is there a better cross platform format that isn't fat32?13:12
_unreal_you can add support for ext2 in windows and other formats but fat32 is really your best choices13:13
Eduard_Munteanu  1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate     0x002f   200   200   051    Pre-fail  Always       -       013:13
_unreal_WheatThins, never write to an NTFS drive using linux it will Fark the partition13:13
Eduard_MunteanuYou can see the WHEN_FAILED field is -, so it did NOT fail.13:14
WheatThinsI don't much care for FAT32 as I have files larger than 4GB sometimes13:14
mike-zal2is it possible to expand system's partition without braking fstab and similar settings?13:14
ikoniaWheatThins: it's not going to work out well for you13:14
ikoniamike-zal2: fstab has nothing to do with the size13:14
mike-zal2I need more space and I have on disk, but not on the system partiton...13:14
ikoniamike-zal2: boot from a livecd, resize it, job done13:15
mike-zal2ikonia, sorry, I might have mistaken something in such case. anyway, I mean without breaking system13:15
Eduard_Munteanumike-zal2, depends on the disk layout and partitioning13:15
mike-zal2so just boot to another linux, resize partition and it will run?13:15
ikoniamike-zal2: if you have free space to either side of the partition you want to grow, you can grow it from a livecd13:15
ikoniamike-zal2: boot from a media that is not using that partition13:15
mike-zal2have another distro on another partion so I can use it for that13:15
ikoniamike-zal2: is it the same disk ?13:16
_unreal_ikonia, are you using LV or extX partitions? if your using LV you'll beak something changing sizes13:16
mike-zal2yes, but different partition13:16
mike-zal2no encryption13:16
ikonia_unreal_: no you won't13:16
ikoniamike-zal2: then no - boot from live media13:16
mike-zal2ok, then from live13:16
_unreal_mike-zal2, just make sure your not exceeding your partition size meaning dont expand one and shrink an other where it over laps your written data. gparted wont let you but non gui partitioning programs may let you13:18
* _unreal_ learned the hard way many moons ago13:19
mike-zal2I just have empty partition for windows but haven't used it since over a year so I just delete it and expand this one on it.13:19
_unreal_then your all set13:20
mike-zal2ok. thanks. will be back later, if I succeed ;P13:20
blackbird_Hello SchrodingersScat13:34
SchrodingersScatblackbird_: how'd that thing work out for you the other day?13:34
blackbird_What thing I forgot it ?13:35
SchrodingersScatAnd I'm on my first cup of coffee, so I don't recall either.  Can chat in #ubuntu-offtopic if you want.13:36
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=== linuxlove is now known as asgharpolo
=== blackbird_ is now known as blackbird1
bunjeecan anyone help me setup an "su" password?13:41
poopstrying to add a new nic to ubuntu 16 (vm)13:41
poopswhen running ip link I see the 2 intefaces )ens160 and ens33)13:42
poopswhen trying to do ifup on ens33 i get unknown interface error13:42
poopswhat am I doing wrong?13:42
poopsip link does hsow noop state down mode - dont know what that means13:43
bunjeepoops - I can't help - don't know much about Linux.....13:43
ducassebunjee: what do you mean by 'su password'?13:43
Xplictsuper user?13:44
bunjeeducasse - Xplicit - yes - I'm just trying to figure out how to setup a super user password13:45
SchrodingersScat!root | bunjee13:45
ubottubunjee: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:45
ducasse!root | bunjee13:45
SchrodingersScatbunjee: use sudo and it's the same as your user password if you've the right privileges13:46
bunjeeokay - so I don't need an su password?13:47
ducassebunjee: no13:47
bunjeealright - thanks all!13:48
mike-zalresizing partition went well, no issues, everything seems to be in order :)13:51
mike-zalthanks guys13:51
Droi have an apple disk image (dmg) i want to convert it to iso, any idea how can i do that in ubuntu?13:53
fujisandoes ubuntu snoop on users?13:54
fujisanis it truly free Richard Stallman told me to come here and ask the developers13:55
fujisanim here for freedom13:55
fujisanis ubuntu ethical?13:56
mike-zalfujisan, here are only normal users, no devs13:56
fujisanwe should unite13:56
ducasseDro: look at dmg2img and go from there. you would need to convert from hfsplus to is9660.13:56
pauljwand we're all snooping on you, fujisan13:56
fujisanRichard Stallman addressed that ubuntu13:56
fujisanisnt ethical13:56
fujisannot truly free snooping on the users13:57
mike-zalit's outdated discussion13:57
Droducasse, i converted it to img, but can't make an iso file :s13:57
blackbird1Dro, sudo dd if=/dev/sdaX of=/home/username/image.iso13:57
fujisanhas it been addressed and fixed?13:57
mike-zalfujisan, depends on what you mean by snooping but web and amazon searches are off by default now13:57
ducasseDro: no, because it's hfsplus. you need to convert to iso9660.13:57
Droducasse, how can i do that?13:58
fujisanand offering software that isnt truly free13:58
Droducasse, i tried to convert it with dmg2img, i got an img file, then i mounted it13:58
fujisanthanks mike-zal13:58
ducasseDro: easiest way is to just copy the files in the image and build an iso image from that.13:58
Drothen i created an iso file using mkisof (or something like that)..13:58
fujisanim banned from a lot of ubuntu channels13:59
fujisanbut i agree with Stallman13:59
Drowell at last the iso is not working13:59
blackbird1Dro, or GUI by using Brasero Disc Burner13:59
fujisanthat's probably why13:59
pauljwfujisan, you should use stallman's hurd, oh wait, after 30+ years he still doesn't have it right.  so much for his genius...13:59
fujisanthere is no freedom on irc13:59
ducasse!ot | fujisan13:59
ubottufujisan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:59
mike-zalfujisan, ubuntu is company based not community based. you can't expect from it to listen to community. it's not a democracy. they have a user target and try to adjust their distro to that target. if you want community based distro, use mint for example13:59
fujisanit's not free speech if i speak something that ubuntu doesnt like i end up banned quieted muted14:00
ducassefujisan: no, you're just off topic.14:00
fujisanhere comes the irony im banned from #ubuntu-offtopic14:00
fujisanbut not ubuntu -_-14:00
mike-zalfujisan, don't see any issue. there is plenty of choice out there. doesn't like canonical policy? use different distro. this is so simple. freedom of choice. stallman sees only one way and calls it freedom... no thanks. there is a room for paid and free software.14:01
ikonianothing ironic there14:01
Droblackbird1, ducasse , i already got an iso file that looks fine, using mkisofs.. its just not boutable :/14:02
Dronot bootable14:02
ikoniajoin #macosx14:04
blackbird1Dro, The ISO file contains only data file from your disk, there is no boot informations.14:04
fujisansory ikonia14:04
ducasseDro: it won't be unless you prepare it that way. read the genisoimage docs.14:04
fujisani wasnt trolling but topic dropped14:04
blackbird1data files*14:04
Droducasse, how can i make it bootable14:12
Droits a mac osx iso14:12
ducasseDro: i told you, 'man genisoimage'.14:12
ducasseDro: but osx might not boot at all from an iso9660 fs. ask in #macosx for further help.14:15
mifritscher /j #qemu14:22
dippnHey guys, anytime I use apt-get it tells me i need to run "dpkg --configure -a" - and when I do, it gets about 10 seconds into it then my computer restarts. Only Google result I could find was more related to a video driver needing to be reinstalled, I'm kinda new to linux and am not sure what to do14:28
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
Chris___Hello guys, got a quick question regarding Nameservers14:39
dippnWhat's up?14:39
Chris___So, I have setup LAMP on my ubuntu machine and installed typo3 and so on14:40
Chris___that worked. now i am trying to get my website14:40
javier_buenas tardes14:40
Chris___to reach my ubuntu machine14:40
ikoniastill waiting for the name server question.....14:41
Chris___So, how can I setup my Ubuntu machine that NS1.mydomain.com and NS2.mydomain.com are on my server IP14:41
ikoniathats nothing to do with ubuntu14:42
ikoniayou talk to who ever hosts your domains dns and ask them to update the name server record14:42
Chris___what are the correct nameservers then, so people connect to my ubuntu server?14:43
ikoniaChris___: they correct name servers ?14:43
ikoniathey are the ones that hosts your domain dns14:43
dippnChris___, you need two things, a DNS server with the NS records in the zone file for the mydomain.com. And you need the Registrar to create 'custom/child/whatever nameservers' for your domain that point the ns1 / ns2 sub domains to that DNS server14:44
Chris___So my registrar is the one with the DNS server?14:44
ikoniaChris___: I'd advise you not to try to host dns - you dont seem to know how it works, contact your ISP registrar and ask them if they have a dns service14:44
dippnwell, they probably have one, but not what you're looking for14:45
ikoniaChris___: what's the domain ?14:45
dippnDo you have a virtualized dedicated server or actual dedicated server? Or are you running this off your computer or something?14:45
dippnAre you paying your web host for a server basically?14:45
Chris___I have rented an ubuntu VPS.14:45
dippnAnd doy ou have the domain name registered through the same company?14:45
Chris___My hoster only has my domain, I have no server from them.14:45
Chris___Nope, two different companies14:45
ikoniaChris___: what is the domain14:45
dippnok, talk to who you rented the server from, they might help you set up nameservers14:46
dippnon your ubuntu server14:46
dippnYou also need to talk to the company you registered te domain through, they will need to create those 'custom nameservers' at the registrar, but that will only work after your DNS server is set up on the ubuntu server14:46
ikoniaChris___: 1ahosting.ch are who you need to contact14:46
Chris___I cannot set up a nameserver by my own using the terminal, in this case ?14:46
ikoniaChris___: contact them, for help14:47
dippnYou can, but what ikonia said14:47
ikoniathis isnt really an ubuntu problem14:47
dippnI'd personally recommend BIND if you don't already have a DNS service set up14:47
ikoniaI strongly recommend you not to look at that14:47
ikoniaand contact a1hosting, they hold your name server record and appear to have a dns service14:48
ikoniaask then14:48
Chris___I am sorry ikonia, I do not have 1ahosting anymore, back then I had server and domain from them. Now I transfered domain to another company and I am trying to use my website on a VPS from another company14:48
ikoniaChris___: they hold your dns record14:48
ikoniaso you HAVE to conact them14:48
ikoniaI suggest you ask them to use their dns service14:48
Chris___How is this possible? I transferred my domain from 1ahosting to another company [highly sorry for off-topic]14:50
ikoniabecause you don't understand how dns works14:50
ikoniathats how it's possible14:50
ikoniathe hosting is nothing to do with it14:50
ikoniathe quicker you conact A1hosting and ask them / pay them to use their dns service, the quicker you'll be working14:51
Chris___I think the problem is that it hasn't been 24 hours when i changed the DNS settings14:52
ikoniaI don't think thats the problem14:52
ikoniabut "ok"14:52
Chris___the reason why you see 1ahosting, is because the nameserver is still pointing to ns1.1ahosting.ch and ns2.1ahosting.ch, am I right ?14:53
ikoniathe SOA is 1ahosting14:54
ikoniaas I've said the quicker you contact them the quicker you'll be working14:54
ikoniathis isn't really an ubuntu problem14:54
Chris___What you don't understand is that I am not trying to use their DNS server, rather want to setup my own DNS server, which is the same machine as my website (sorry if I am very unclear)14:55
afidegnumi m trying to test an email functionality on my local pc where i can send email to n users  i.e   user1@hocalhost   up to n accounts. what is the best tool for that?14:55
ikoniaChris___: you should not setup your own dns server14:56
ikoniause theirs14:56
ikoniathe world does not need another lame server14:56
ikoniaand you can't set it up on 1 server14:56
ikoniahence why you should use their prebuilt and internet supported infrastructure14:56
Chris___okay, i get that14:56
ikoniaafidegnum: you need an MTA14:57
BluesKajHi all14:57
ikoniaif it's your local PC, setup an MTA that relays out via your isp14:57
marounhi guys14:57
Chris___ikonia, so basically i should use their webserver, and I should point only my webpage to my vps?14:59
Chris___i should use their nameserver*14:59
Chris___now I see where i screwed up14:59
Chris___until 12th of august i am at 1ahosting, and after that I am with the new company15:00
Chris___really sorry for being annoying15:00
=== jeff is now known as Guest92980
afidegnumikonia: MTA ?15:10
afidegnumi dont understand15:10
afidegnumI am not sending a mail out.15:10
afidegnumjust on my ubuntu PC,15:10
afidegnumto test a script i m developing15:10
=== alien_ is now known as Guest45291
SchrodingersScatafidegnum: you said, "on my local pc where i can send email to n users "15:12
ikoniaafidegnum: how do you expect to send any sort of mail without an mta15:12
=== Guest45291 is now known as aliens1111
rypervencheafidegnum: Are you looking to send something via the command line or with a GUI application?15:13
afidegnumvia python15:14
aliens1111how do I send email via command line?15:15
=== Guest41583 is now known as kurtcoke
rypervencheafidegnum: Well, that's a very different question.15:16
Viraxisaliens1111 : using a command-line mail client. IMO Alpine is one of the more user friendly ones15:16
ryffojeHey guys I have been having a problem lately installing ubuntu Desktop. I installed the OS onto a usb and boot from the USB then once the screen turn black it says The version that I am attempting to install and hangs there nothing else happens does anyone know how to fix this? It would be greatly appreaciated15:21
Viraxisryffoje: Just to clarify: your are trying to install from a USB to your HDD/SSD right?15:22
ryffojeYes I am15:22
Viraxisokay. the most common issues would be a wrong iso (architecture, driver versions) or using a wrong flashing-tool for the usb-drive15:23
Viraxiswhich flash tool did you use?15:23
ryffojeOh okay I have attempted with many flashing tools. They all are not able to flash the usb for some reason. The only one that seems to work is PowerISO. The one that Ubuntu reccomends to use has a problem extracting the ISO file15:24
bekksyou dont ned any other flashing tools rather tan cp or dd for current ubuntu iso images.15:27
O_GovindaWhen I connect my android phone (running Lollipop), I get "Error initializing camera: -53: Could not claim the USB device" and doesn't show my the files on the device, as it used to. Ubuntu 16.04. Same problem with 14.04. At one point this started happening, and now it happens all the time. How to get Uubuntu back to seeing the phone as a storage device, not a camera?15:27
ryffojeSo how do I flash it?15:27
Viraxisbekks : yeah true, but most people use graphical tools, and they often screw up your drive15:28
bekksViraxis: People kill their data with graphical tools, tools.15:28
ViraxisO_Govinda : could it be that your android device reverted to PTP instead of MTP for data transfer?15:29
ViraxisI know that it happens with my nexus sometimes: I set it to MTP, and it reverts to charging-only15:30
O_Govinda@Viraxis: Could be. But I don't see a setting on my phone to check this or change it.15:30
ViraxisO_Govinda : You can either set this from the developer options, or via the notification that should show up when you connect your phone to a computer15:30
ryffojeViraxis do you have any reccomended flashing tools?15:31
R13oseHow do I fix this error: http://pastebin.com/Tk3evg12 ?15:32
O_GovindaViraxis: I don't see "Developer options" (have looked hard). Under "Storage" there's "Unmount SD card" with the subtext "MTP or PHP function is active." But all of that is greyed out.15:32
Viraxisryffoje : either search for a tutorial on how to do it via the command line (google is your friend), or use UNetbootin if you're flashing from linux, or LiLi USB wheb flashing from windows15:33
ViraxisI've used both tools, and they worked fine for me15:33
ryffojeWhich ones?15:34
OerHeksR13ose, what were you doing when you got that?15:34
minimecR13ose: There is a bug on this subject. Answer 8 provides a workaround. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate/+bug/153172815:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1531728 in ubuntu-mate "PyGIWarning: Soup was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('Soup', '2.4') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded." [Undecided,Fix released]15:34
R13oseOerHeks: sudo apt-get update15:34
Viraxisryffoje : both graphical ones, and the commandline15:34
ryffojeOkay thanks! will try15:35
ViraxisO_Govinda : to open developer settings you need to go to "about this phone" (or something like that), scroll down, and click the version number several (5?) times.15:35
Viraxisabout three clicks in it will start counting down to activating the developer options15:36
OerHeksR13ose, on mate too? see the url from minimec15:36
=== phunyguy is now known as not_phunyguy
ApteryxHi! I just installed KeePassX from source, and the icon doesn't show up in the launcher. The files are under /usr/local/share/icons or /usr/local/share/keepassx. Any idea?15:39
ikoniathey launcher isn't aware of that location15:39
ikoniaI'm pretty sure there was a KeePassX package in ubuntu15:39
Apteryxikonia: It's awfully behind, at least for 14.04.04 (0.4.3 and they are now at 2.0.2).15:40
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
ViraxisApteryx : in that case you'll need to add the entry to the laucher yourself. What DE are you using?15:41
ApteryxViraxis: Unity. There is an entry in the launcher already, it's just that the icon is missing (I get a generic grey rectangle in its place).15:41
R13oseminimec OerHeks thanks that helped15:42
O_GovindaViraxis: Got the developer options. (5 clicks on "Build Number"). Awesome. But I don't see any setting for MTP/PTP.15:42
ApteryxViraxis: I could probably sort it out by copying any keepassx.png under /usr/share/pixmaps/, but I'd like to know if there is a better way to fix it (such as telling the desktop to look for icons under /usr/local/share/icons as well).15:43
ikoniaApteryx: do you really NEED the later version15:43
ikoniaor do you just want it because it's later15:43
ViraxisO_Govinda : it's called "USB Connection Mode" or something like that (my phone is in Swedish). On my device it's about halfway down the list15:43
Apteryxikonia: They fixed a critical security issue recently, in the 2.0 series. I'd rather use something up to date for something as sensitive as storing passwords.15:44
ikoniaApteryx: are you sure the fixes aren't backported15:44
skinuxSo, I noticed online they are distributing 16.04.115:44
ikoniaas compiling it youself doesn't really mean "secure"15:45
ikoniaskinux: they are indeed15:45
skinuxWhich must mean it has been released15:45
ikoniait has15:45
skinuxSomoene told me it wouldn't be released until next week15:45
ikoniano, the upgrade process has been held back for a week or so15:45
ubottuThe automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st, but has been postponed for one week due to final bug testing.15:45
Apteryxikonia: 0.4.3 was released in 2010... Not sure they even *can* backport anything to it.15:46
ViraxisApteryx : this is an official article on setting up application launchers with unity. Also covers icons. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles15:46
skinuxSo that means I cannot get the upgrade to work or just means they prefer I don't do it.15:46
ikoniaskinux: it means the upgrade process has not been released yet15:46
skinuxOkay, so it literally won't work yet15:46
O_GovindaViraxis: I clicked "Enable USB debugging. (Debug mode when USB is connected)." That seems to have done it. We'll see if it sticks. Many thanks!15:47
ducasseApteryx: the keepassx version in 16.04 is 2.0.2-115:47
javier_hola de nuevo15:47
ViraxisO_Govinda : Nice! Hope it won't fail on you again!15:47
javier_me he bajado la ubuntu-mate alpha 1 para instalarla en el odenador de sobremesa15:48
O_GovindaViraxis: Well. . . . I now do see both "internal storage" and "SD card." But the only contents are "DCIM" and "Pictures." So I'm still in problems.15:48
javier_voy bien encaminado o me tengo que bajar otra15:48
Apteryxducasse: I'm still on 14.04. I guess I'm due for an update.15:48
ApteryxBut the dorelease script has tried at least 3 times so far without success.15:48
OerHeksjavier_, english only please15:49
ViraxisO_Govinda : So it seems to be in PTP mode then... (FYI: PTP is the protocol used for camera's, MTP for general purpose media players)15:49
javier_sorry its nor for here15:49
ducasseApteryx: also, 2.0x is a complete rewrite. a security problem in 2.0x will not apply to 0.4.15:49
ViraxisO_Govinda : Let me switch to english on my phone so I can give you the name of the menu entry. just a sec15:49
Apteryxducasse: OK!15:50
O_GovindaJavier: #ubuntu-es15:50
O_GovindaJavier, "ubuntu-es" es el cuarto que usted quiere.15:50
ducasseApteryx: if you worry about software being too old, you should probably upgrade from 14.04, yes. the upgrade path opens next week, hopefully.15:50
Xplicthow do i log back into xchat if i have already registered?15:50
Xplicti mean into freenode15:51
Apteryxducasse: Good! I'll try the upgrade process again in a week or two then!15:51
ViraxisO_Govinda : The menu option is called "Select USB Configuration". It's about halfway down the menu; just a little bit lower15:52
nedstarkbetter make sure your hardware is fully compatible 1st15:52
kostkonXplict:    /ns identify nick15:52
ubuntu969hey everyone15:52
nedstarklike knowing you don't need the proprietary amd driver that was dropped in 16.0415:52
ubuntu969having some problems clearing a drive on gparted it says it cannot write changes because the drive is read only how do i make the drive rightable again so i can clear it with gparted15:53
O_GovindaViraxis: I'm looking under "Developer Options" but don't see that.15:54
ViraxisO_Govinda : That's weird. What device/ROM do you have?15:55
O_GovindaMoto G. Android 5.1. Not sure what ROM.15:56
=== Swift is now known as Guest38210
ViraxisO_Govinda : this is a guide by Virgin Canada on how to toggle the mode via the notification menu : http://goo.gl/6x9r6q15:57
Viraxisdon't know if it's persistent on your phone though15:58
ViraxisO_Govinda : according to the motorola support site the option should also be at: Settings > Storage > Menu Image > USB computer connection.15:59
O_GovindaViraxis: Got it! Yea!!!! Many, many thanks.16:02
ViraxisO_Govinda Awesome!16:02
O_GovindaViraxis: Indeed. And many thanks again!16:03
mach20xTried to reinstall Ubuntu, and it seems too be stuck16:11
mach20xubuntu CRON[10894]:  (root) CMD (    cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly )16:15
mach20xI've seen that on the hour for four hours16:16
Nilesh_which package gives kdialog.h ?16:17
mach20xThis all started because I had an issue with unity that had me stuck without the launcher and the menu bar at the top, nothing I did seemed to really fix that, so I tried doing a reinstall16:19
kostkon!find dialog.j16:19
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 17 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dialog.j&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all16:19
ioriaNilesh_, http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/libkf5kdelibs4support-dev/filelist16:20
mach20xUsing and installing 16.0416:20
ruisilvaHi! Need urgent help... formated a partition and installed Ubuntu. I want to recover data from that partition. Corrupted backup :(16:21
=== dahlia_ is now known as linuxlove
=== linuxlove is now known as asgharpolo
ducassemach20x: that's just a message that cron is running hourly jobs - that why it occurs on the hour every hour :)16:24
ducasseruisilva: if you've overwritten it then the data is gone. you can try to recover some of it with photorec/testdisk, but...16:25
mach20xThat makes sense, but the dialog box has said nothing else over the past 5 hours now, during the reinstall, it doesn't appear to be doing anything16:26
SchrodingersScat!recover | ruisilva, but like ducasse says, there's only so much you can do.16:26
ubotturuisilva, but like ducasse says, there's only so much you can do.: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery16:26
kikko842who is developer packet pv?16:27
OerHekskikko842, you can find that on launchpad https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pv16:28
ruisilvaIs not possible to recover a specific directory at a specific partition?16:28
ducasseruisilva: not if it has been overwritten.16:29
ducasseruisilva: data from a directory can be spread all over the disk, so you might be able to recover some that is not overwritten yet.16:30
ruisilvaI had a lot of data... and just installed Ubuntu. I believe that most of my lost data is somewhere in the partition.16:31
kikko842OerHeks: thnaks16:32
kikko842OerHeks: thanks16:32
ducasseruisilva: then try, but you will not recover the data you have now written over.16:32
ruisilvaducasse: yes i understand that16:33
mach20xwhy would a reinstall stall like this and how long should I wait?16:34
ruisilvaducasse: i've seen a lot of websites and forums about it and didn't understand how to make the recovery16:35
ducasse!recover | ruisilva16:35
ubotturuisilva: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery16:35
skinuxIs there any way to get the bottom-horizontal unity panel on 14.04.1 without having to upgrade to 16.04?16:35
OerHeksskinux, no. hardcoded.16:36
ducasseruisilva: if you don't understand how to proceed and the data is important, take it to a professional recovery service.16:37
rypervencheruisilva: You can probably get the partition back with testdisk, but you need to know how to use it.16:40
rypervencheruisilva: Oh, but you installed Ubuntu on it. Yeah, you will have lost some data. testdisk and photorec will be your saviors here.16:40
=== lauri__ is now known as lauri
OerHeksfor photorec you would need a spare hdd/partition to save the found files on16:43
OerHeksand then sort and rename, ugh16:43
=== CHVNX is now known as Guest37721
ducassemach20x: i would simply restart the machine and try again.16:45
=== Guest37721 is now known as CHVNX
danielmatosCan i contact to IRC Council?16:47
OerHeksdanilonc, sure, via email https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil16:48
ruisilvarypervenche, But, there is a way of recover files with the same directory structure and names? Just as if we were listing an ordinary directory...16:49
ducasseruisilva: no.16:50
OerHeksruisilva, never happened to me, ext3/4 writes files everywhere, not logical, and names can be wiped too, part from extention16:50
danielmatosHi lads ;). Can somebody give me an hand please?16:51
ducasseruisilva: you will most likely get only some of the files, random names without organization.16:51
OerHeksphotorec makes folders with 500 found files, which you need to sort and rename yourself.16:52
ruisilvaso, this is an almost hopeless situation, right?16:52
ducasseruisilva: as i said, send it to professionals if the data is important.16:52
ruisilvaducasse, yes, i'm browsing and looking for professionals16:53
=== alien_ is now known as Guest13327
Guest13327how do you send mail annyomously and encrypted in ubuntu?16:54
danielmatos@Guest13327 you can use protonmail16:55
=== Guest13327 is now known as alien2112
danielmatos@alien2112 you can use protonmail16:55
ducasseruisilva: probably your best option at this point. find someone with a good reputation.16:55
danielmatosalien2112: protonmail xd16:56
ikoniawhy would you send anonymous encytped mail16:56
ikoniaas if they don't know who it's from, how can they get the key16:56
danielmatosalien2112:no prob16:57
ruisilvathank you guys!16:59
ducasseruisilva: good luck - hope you get some of the data :)17:00
hesiodoswhat's up with ruisilva17:01
ikonianothing is up with him17:01
hesiodosi missed it!17:01
hesiodosi mean the subjext17:02
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ruisilvahesiodos, i lost some data and was looking for help17:03
ikoniait will pass in a few minutes, just hold on and ignore the noise please.17:03
hesiodosi thought it might be of interest.17:04
hesiodosthat's all there is.17:04
hesiodosit sound like it anyway17:05
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ikoniashould be done soon, just hang on in there17:08
hesiodoswhat's the matter?17:09
ikoniajust a few spammers17:09
ikoniashould stop in a minute17:09
-tonya:#ubuntu- ikonia fuck you it will never be over and done. #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:09
-hor:#ubuntu- ikonia fuck you it will never be over and done. #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:09
-seregely:#ubuntu- ikonia fuck you it will never be over and done. #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:09
-dasch:#ubuntu- ikonia fuck you it will never be over and done. #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:09
ikoniasoon be done17:09
ikoniafew idiots17:10
ertz_Hy All, I want to re-install win7 as dualboot with Xubuntu but I don't have the key product will win7 launcher recognize my computer ?17:10
-gaylord:#ubuntu- ikonia fuck you it will never be over and done. #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:10
ducasseertz_: that's a windows question, try ##windows.17:10
-mathews:#ubuntu- ikonia fuck you it will never be over and done. #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:11
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ikoniashould stop now17:11
rypervencheruisilva: If you use photorec, no. It is a last resort.17:13
ikoniasorry about the noise to the channel, just some idiot kids messing around17:17
ducassedamn skiddies.17:18
ikonianot even that17:18
CookieMhttp://safebooru.org/images/435/70405583d9cfab5e56a4a251cf7134d7897f48a1.png attention seekers. probably17:19
ikoniaCookieM: don't need you adding to it with random stuff like that17:20
ikonialets just return to ubuntu discussion please17:20
vzmctuyFuck you and #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:21
vzmctuyFuck you and #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:21
vzmctuyFuck you and #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet #wrongplanet17:21
ikoniaoh dear, they are not very good17:22
ducassenot that inventive, either...17:23
danielboston26does anyone know if ubuntu/debian will work on the new hp spectre17:29
OerHeksdanielboston26, with such minimal info, nobody can tell for sure. what hp spectre?17:31
danielboston26its the brand new one it doesn't have a model number as i can tell17:31
danielboston26"worlds thinnest laptop"17:32
=== Guest48931 is now known as irinix
danielboston26its the macbook compeditor17:32
OerHekscome back when you have more details then.17:32
danielboston26i can't seem to find a model number for it was just wondering if anyone else here is using one17:32
danielboston26i think its just called the spectre17:34
danielboston2613-v011d is the model number17:36
danielboston26at least thats the model number bestbuy has listed17:38
OerHeksskylake, with Intel® HD Graphics 530. i think it will work.17:39
pnwiseHP made terrible consumer products, most laptops I have see overheat very easily17:40
pnwiseubuntu should work fine17:40
danielboston26this laptop is nice i like it17:40
pnwisebest way to test is to make bootatble usb and go test it on the  store17:40
danielboston26battery life is horrible but just keep it plugged in and its fine17:40
OerHekspersonally i think Hp is fine, but experience may vary17:40
danielboston26i would never buy a hp computer or reccomend one till now17:41
danielboston26this is very nice17:41
danielboston26i think breaking up the company worked for them17:41
pnwiseI have aonly terrible experience with HP. There was that series laptops that technicians didn't want to even open for cleaning because they are so crappy they stop working after that17:41
pnwisecan't remember the name17:42
danielboston26pnwise i know what your talking about17:42
danielboston26this pc is very different17:42
danielboston26its my main machine besides my gaming pc17:43
danielboston26i havn't had one issue with it other then battery life17:43
danielboston269 hours my ass more then 217:43
pnwiseIf you want quality go buy XPS, thinpad, asus. Heck even macs are better17:43
pnwiseThat's my opinion17:43
nedstarki avoid all consumer-grade laptops and desktops17:43
danielboston26i agree but i have had zero problems17:44
danielboston26so in my experince it works for me17:44
danielboston26nedstark i usually do as well but this computer got really good reviews so decided to give it a try17:45
BenderRodrigueznedstark: and what constitutes a "non-customer grade" laptop?17:45
nedstarkDell XPS is business grade17:45
pnwisewell I didn't have usually the first year, then some mb problem will happen like video chip will unsolder17:45
danielboston26and its not priced at consumer level17:45
nedstarkBenderRodriguez, you can tell by whether they sell it on their business sales website17:45
nedstarkthe real difference is its usually higher quality, no crapware17:46
danielboston26pnwise ive had it since i want to say april17:46
danielboston26now if it will break in a year i don't know17:46
nedstarkbetter in terms of durability and lifespan17:46
BenderRodrigueznedstark: you do realize the internal components are the same and you're simply paying extra because of the supposed "business" use case, right?17:46
BenderRodriguezYou're much better off with gaming laptop17:46
danielboston26i speant $1200 on this i consider it "prosumer"17:46
BenderRodriguezSimply because the price to performance ration is much better17:46
pnwiseBenderRodriguez, that is not true, I have seen the internal of quite few laptops17:47
pnwiseand while chips are the same, there is a lot more that makes the difference17:47
OerHekslot of FUD rolling by ..17:47
danielboston26as i say so far zero issues other then battery life not even close to what they say17:47
nedstarkBenderRodriguez, not usually, there are many different specs, and some have higher failure rates than others.  oem's make business laptops so they can take the abuse of corporate travel17:47
BenderRodriguezI bought $1300 gaming laptop two years ago and it STILL has better specs compared to top of the line Macbooks or Dell/Lenovo business notebooks17:47
danielboston26if thats a bios or power management issue idk17:47
danielboston26it doesn't really bother me17:47
BenderRodrigueznedstark: OEMs make business laptops in order to sell you bulk order discounts and package in some support with it17:48
danielboston26nedstark i came from macs i would never buy a lenovo because of superfish but i was considering a dell17:48
BenderRodriguezand essentially charge whatever they want as they know businesses can afford it17:48
nedstarkBenderRodriguez, thats only part of what they do17:48
danielboston26nedstark i probably spent about the same amount of money on this that i would of a dell17:48
danielboston26i didn't have $2500 for another mac17:49
danielboston26plus the new macbook pro's aren't out yet17:49
nedstarkmac laptops are built to business-grade too, and they charge more, you get what you pay for17:49
danielboston26nedstark excatly17:49
nedstarkapple doesn't have separate lines for consumers, its all expensive17:49
danielboston26nedstark ive been a mac user for 20+ years17:50
SchrodingersScatnever too late to get on the right track17:50
ducasseok, are you finished arguing about laptops so we can get back to ubuntu support?17:50
danielboston26nedstark with no new macbook pro and the fact i couldn't afford it anyway i chose this17:50
danielboston26ducasse haha i started a flame war!17:50
danielboston26worse then vi or emacs17:50
OerHekslot of FUD.17:50
pnwiseOerHeks, what FUD ?17:51
danielboston26fucked up ducks17:51
SchrodingersScat!ohmy | danielboston2617:51
ubottudanielboston26: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:51
nedstarkluckily lenovo's spyware didn't affect linux, and dell's bad security certs didn't either, just install linux to fix all the problems17:51
danielboston26nedstark the fact that lenovo did that shows me they are not a company i want to support17:52
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt17:52
ikoniaspyware........what are you talking about17:52
ikoniaso tired of people making up stuff17:52
Seveasikonia: that's actually not made up17:52
pnwiseThat is your point of view17:53
ikoniait's not really spyware though is it....17:53
danielboston26ikonia lenovo packaed spyware on their consumer laptops17:53
Seveasboth dell and lenovo did some really shady things in their oem installs17:53
nedstarktheir "accidental" firmware PUA-like malware persistent across format and reinstalls on windows17:53
ikoniait's call home stuff17:53
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:53
danielboston26ikonia not only that but it opened up your system to get hacked and broke ssl17:53
Seveasikonia: no, it was quite worse than that. But yes, !ot17:53
Seveasis there any ubuntu support question?17:53
danielboston26Seveas nope flame war17:54
Seveasdanielboston26: boring. Can we have an interesting support question please? :)17:54
kostkonToo much ot today. I'm out.17:54
danielboston26this all started cuz i asked if my hp laptop could run ubuntu or debian Seveas17:54
kostkonJk brb17:54
danielboston26a friend of mine tried it on his but was having some issue17:55
danielboston26im not sure what or if he got it fixed in the end17:55
Seveasdanielboston26: ah, so you caused this. 15 minutes in the penalty box for you :) And the answer is: try it and see. Live usb disk is easily created and if it works you can decide to install.17:55
danielboston26Seveas just wanted to see if anyone had this laptop and got it working17:55
ducassedanielboston26: if your friend has it, why not ask him/her?17:56
danielboston26ducasse not really a "friend" friend more of an internet acquantance17:56
k1l_danielboston26: best is to search online for this. because to meet one in here who got the exact same model is very difficult17:56
bozonius2suddenly no sound in my ubuntu 12.04 VM.  Worked OK for as long as I've had it, just stopped yesterday.  I've tried a lot of solutions from around web, but still no sound.  Rebooting about 2 dozen times now with different fixes.17:58
Seveasthe hp website doesn't say what the hardware in it is17:58
Seveaslooks sexy though17:58
bozonius2Virtualbox 5.0 with guest additions (though I don't think that matters).17:58
OerHeksskylake, with Intel® HD Graphics 530. Seveas17:59
bekksWhich 5.0?17:59
bekksThere have been - about 20 releases :)17:59
bozonius2Is there a way to reset the sound system in my VM back to baseline?17:59
bozonius2hold on bekks17:59
bozonius2I updated to 26 about 3 or 4 days ago when it came out.  Sound worked until yesterday.18:00
bozonius2I should add18:00
bozonius2the sound was stuttering for a while before it finally died.18:01
bozonius2stuttering on and off again18:01
bozonius2also, just FYI, sound works in my other VMs and host18:01
bozonius2it seems to be peculiar to this VM only18:01
bozonius2(thanks for the help, btw, again...)18:02
bozonius2should I back out the GAs to 5.0.16 again?  Things worked OK back then IIRC18:02
frerrahow the pdf has been generated?18:04
frerraI mean this pdf: http://s.ntnu.no/bashguide.pdf from this source: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide18:04
frerraIs there any pdf version of http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide (suitable for pirnting?!18:04
frerraany other*18:04
bekksfrerra: that has nothing to do with Ubuntu.18:05
frerraWoopse I was sending it to #bash!18:05
=== pingwindyktator is now known as kq_raciborz
bozonius2bekks:  Do you need more info?  Let me know.  I am here.18:07
bozonius2(this sound nonsense drivesme crazy)18:07
bozonius2not sure if this matters, but while trying to fix the sound problem, I installed pavucontrol.  Could that be making things worse somehow?18:11
bozonius2It's the only package I've installed recently.18:12
WulfGood Morning!18:12
bekksbozonius2: So you are using 5.026 and guest additions 5.016? Why do you suspect things to be working? :P18:12
WulfThe ubuntu 16.04.1 desktop ISO is only 1.4 GiB. Is there any bigger version with more software?18:13
bozonius2no, I am working 5.0.26.   I was asking if I should fallback to 5.0.16 GA; there was a problem for a while where the system did not operate correctly using 5.0.18 and 5.0.20.  There was an advisory about this for Ubuntu ?18:13
bozonius2That set of problems seems to be gone now, but I thought, perhaps...18:14
ducasseWulf: not really, you install what you want over the network.18:14
kostkon!dvdiso | Wulf18:14
ubottuWulf: DVD ISOs are available via http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/18:14
Wulfducasse: well, there is no network18:14
ducasse!offline | Wulf18:14
ubottuWulf: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD18:14
circlewhen splitting a file into multiple tracks (because it is accompanied by a .cue file), does the fact that the original file is a .flac mean I should use the shnplit option that lets the final files be encoded in FLAC format?18:15
ducassecircle: if you want them to be lossless, yes.18:18
bozonius2bekks:  short of totally re-installing the entire system, any idea why my sound suddenly died?18:20
bozonius2I have not intentioally changed anything18:20
Mitchell92Hey... I have ubuntu running on my notebook and wanted to know if there was anything to do to clean up unused cache data and the sort? I just notice slowly more disk space is being utilized.18:21
bekksMitchell92: Define "slightly more" please.18:23
ducasseMitchell92: 'apt-get autoclean' or 'apt-get clean' - see the man page for details.18:23
Mitchell92Thanks ducasse , and a few hundred megabytes18:23
bekksMitchell92: A few hundered MB is nothing to be concerned about.18:25
circleducasse: kk18:25
Mitchell92ok, thanks18:25
Mitchell92hmm, closer to a little over a gig now that I think of it, but yes, I understand.18:26
circleducasse: how can i get cuetag to also name the files themselves for me?18:27
ducassecircle: no idea, read the man page?18:27
circleit has none18:27
ducassecircle: any other docs?18:28
circleducasse: nah18:29
ducassecircle: there is a gui tool that does all this called flacon, but it's not in the repos. i think there's a ppa somewhere, though.18:30
OerHekscuetag is part of cuetools, sparse manual indeed http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/cuetag.1.html18:30
OerHeksso it has one man.18:31
circlei thi9nk i need to name them18:31
circlebefore i use cuetools18:31
circlewith shnsplit18:31
circleyep, perfect18:32
circleyou do it when you use shnsplit18:32
circleit has an option for naming them properly18:32
mndarhow do I Install openh264 and openh264enc/openh264dec in Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit?18:32
ducassemndar: not in the repos, so read the install instructions from wherever you got them?18:34
mndarducasse: ok. why is it not in the repos? licensing issues?18:35
ducassemndar: no idea. could be a licencing thing.18:36
ducassemndar: x264 is in the repos, though.18:37
mndarducasse: yeah. that will do for now18:37
mndarducasse: thanks18:37
ducassemndar: np.18:37
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
SchrodingersScat!info bleachbit | Mitchell9218:39
ubottuMitchell92: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10-1 (xenial), package size 284 kB, installed size 1813 kB18:39
SchrodingersScat!info ncdu | Mitchell92, ncdu can also help you find where you've been squirreling things away that you may have forgotten about, which could be recoverable space.18:40
ubottuMitchell92, ncdu can also help you find where you've been squirreling things away that you may have forgotten about, which could be recoverable space.: ncdu (source: ncdu): ncurses disk usage viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11-1build1 (xenial), package size 38 kB, installed size 94 kB18:40
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
_Crash_Has anyone any idea how to disable emails being setn directly to linux system users? My system username is the same name as my email mailbox, and any email I send to my email gets delivered to the linux system user, instead of into the users mailbox18:46
SchrodingersScat_Crash_: afaik you need a way of sending mail then18:49
_Crash_or maybe link them18:49
_Crash_SchrodingersScat, sending mail is fine, e.g. if I send mail tro my gmail account, but if I reply to it, it goes into my system mailbox.. "You have new mail!" and not actually into the dovecot mailbox18:50
_Crash_however, if disabling it is an issue, is there a way to link them?18:50
ubuntu_failHello!  Can anyone help me with a wireless issue? I think it's ACPI-related: sometimes I boot and my wifi card is not detected, and sometimes it is18:53
ducasse_Crash_: so, you have an mta running locally set up to receive mail for some domain?18:55
_Crash_ducasse, yes, I followed the perfect server tutorial18:56
ubuntu_failwifi issue: I have syslog files when it boots right and when it fails18:56
ubuntu_fail.... not sure if there it highlights the issue. Anyone willing to help?18:56
ducasse_Crash_: and your mua uses this mta for outgoing mail?18:56
ducasse_Crash_: then set up your mta to use the dovecot lda for delivery.18:57
ducasse_Crash_: should solve it.18:58
_Crash_ducasse, not sure what you mean or how to do that18:58
ducasse_Crash_: google ''dovecot lda' (local delivery agent). there are tutorials on the dovecot site for setting up with the most common mta's, google should find them.18:59
ducasse_Crash_: it will deliver mail into your dovecot mailbox.19:01
paranoidabhiI am using dual-boot with ubuntu and windows. How can I find which partition is ubuntu on ?19:02
ducasseparanoidabhi: 'df' will tell you which partitions are mounted.19:03
k1l_paranoidabhi: "sudo parted -l" will show the partitiontable19:03
_Crash_ducasse, It seems I already have a /var/vmail/domain.com/user1/19:04
ubuntu_failis anyone good at fixing nvidia dirvers? been having issues19:04
ducasse_Crash_: is that the dovecot mailbox tree?19:05
OerHeksubuntu_fail, ask your real question and find out?19:07
OerHeksnot much to fix on those binairy blobs ..19:07
ioriait's the virtual setting of dovecot19:07
baprathafter upgrade google chrome not starting on ubuntu 14.0419:07
reisioubuntu_fail: try nouveau19:08
ubuntu_failNvidia problem - horrible framerates, poor video playback. can't get it to work right (logs in and manages the desktop, but not much more). Weird thing is - it used to work well, and now it doesnt19:08
ubuntu_failreisio: nouveau works but is SUPER slow on 3d acceleration19:09
ducasse_Crash_: the lda will use whatever mailbox tree dovecot already uses, that's what you asked for.19:09
reisioubuntu_fail: which you use for what, exactly?19:10
reisioubuntu_fail: dolphins in your desktop?19:10
ubuntu_failNvidia problem: I reinstalled graphics-ppa 367 drivers - no luck (still 4-5fps). I then uninstalled virtualbox (unrelated update) - and I was getting 60fps. I rebooted, now it's back to 4-5fps19:10
ubuntu_failreisio: video encoding, games, etc. It's not just 3D issue: video playback is really choppy19:11
reisioubuntu_fail: what model gpu is it?19:12
ubuntu_failreisio: 965M19:12
ubuntu_failreisio: on an alienware 13 R219:12
ubuntu_failreisio: (dual GPU - has built in intel skylake GPU)19:13
reisioubuntu_fail: 367.?19:14
HappySomethingSohi! I wante to install ubuntu as a dual boot to windows 10, now on boot, I can't boot into windows. When I select "Windows boot manager (on dev/sda2) I get "/endEmtire file path /ACPI)a034... ... /EndEntire  error: cannot load image19:14
HappySomethingSohow do I fix this19:14
ubuntu_failreisio: 367.3519:15
reisioHappySomethingSo: probably just need to mod your grub.cfg19:15
HappySomethingSoreisio: how?19:15
reisioHappySomethingSo: pastebin this stuff to somewhere: /etc/fstab, sudo lsblk -f, /boot/grub/grub.cfg19:15
ubuntu_failreisio: using graphics-ppa19:16
baprathafter upgrade google chrome not starting on ubuntu 14.0419:16
k1l_baprath: how did you upgrade it?19:17
reisioubuntu_fail: http://altshiftkill.com/install-ubuntu-on-alienware-13.html covers the process pretty decently19:17
baprathvia terminal apt-get upgrade19:17
OerHeksbaprath, have you tried to remove the chrome config? ~/.config/google-chrome19:18
Bent0Did something change with permissions to /home in 16.04.1? After dist-upgrading MySQL wont start using service mysql start. My datadir is in /home/mysql. Starting it manually works and moving the datadir to ANYTHING other than /home works too19:18
reisioubuntu_fail: maybe you shouldn't19:18
OerHeksbaprath, else reinstall chrome?19:18
k1l_baprath: what happens when you open a terminal and start chrome from there. does it list errors?19:18
baprathI reinstall it but nothing seems to work19:18
HappySomethingSoreisio:  /etc/fstab no such file or directory19:19
reisioHappySomethingSo: very unlikely19:20
baprathit says Aborted (core dumped)19:20
reisioHappySomethingSo: you're booted into ubuntu now?19:20
reisioHappySomethingSo: sudo apt-get install pastebinit19:21
Bent0Did something change with permissions to /home in 16.04.1? After dist-upgrading MySQL wont start using service mysql start. My datadir is in /home/mysql. Starting it manually works and moving the datadir to ANYTHING other than /home works too19:21
k1l_baprath: can you show the whole output on paste.ubuntu.com ?19:21
reisioHappySomethingSo: sudo cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit19:21
reisioHappySomethingSo: etc.19:21
HappySomethingSooh ok, now it does show something19:22
ducasseBent0: check if mysql runs under apparmor, maybe it blocks access to /home. there should be log messages if that is the case.19:22
Bashing-omBent0: Yeah, things changed in respect to mysql .. see the release notes for 16.04 .19:22
HappySomethingSoreisio:  I'll have to connect to the internet though,just a minute19:22
Bent0ducasse No apparmor is disabled I apt purged it19:23
Bent0Bashing-om I was looking for them but did not see anything related to mysql19:24
SchrodingersScatbaprath: uname -m ?19:24
OerHeksgoogle-chrome-stable ?? that is not the original one from the standard repo19:25
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: when was that ever in the standard repo?19:25
ducasseBent0: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes/#MySQL_5.719:25
OerHeksc. in the standard chrome repo*19:25
Bashing-omBent0: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes >> Users with customised MySQL server configurations may hit a maintainer script error on upgrade due to changed configuration directives in MySQL 5.7. This will need to be fixed up manually. See the general MySQL update notes for details and instructions on fixing one common case of this.19:25
Bent0Bashing-om ducasse: I´m running MariaDB wit their repo by the way. Worked fine on 16.04 before the .1 release.19:27
ioriabaprath, be sure to have the 64 bit version19:31
TendiesHi i'm trying to setup a vpn server on ubuntu server 14.04 with a usb ethernet adapter and i'm really lost for that to do. i got it working on the builtin ethernet eth0 but cant get it for eth1.19:32
bekksSo plugin the adapter and take a look at dmesg and ifconfig -a19:33
ducasseBent0: their repo? try the mariadb channel.19:33
Tendiesbekks: ifconfig -a shows the eth1 device19:33
reisioTendies: you want it as a secondary?19:33
HappySomethingSoreisio: I can' connect to the internet19:33
Bent0ducasse: No anwer. Also this happened after upgrading to .0119:33
Tendiesi want all traffic to go through eth1, reisio19:33
bekksTendies: So it is detected and justneeds to be configured.19:33
HappySomethingSoreisio:  Can I fix this without pastebin?19:34
HappySomethingSoreisio: Or can I delete ubuntu and go back to windows?19:34
Tendiesi tried adding it in /etc/network/interfaces but it didnt do anything19:34
bekksTendies: How did you add it there?19:34
Tendiesi just did what it had for eth0 already and replaced eth0 with eth119:35
Tendiesauto eth1, iface eth1 inet dhcp19:35
Bent0ducasse: Funny thing is. When I symlink /home to the new location I moved mysql (/ssd) and edit my.cnf to look for /ssd it still wont start. Remove the symlink and it works19:35
helghareeb@HappySomethingSo Going back to windows is useless19:35
bekksTendies: And what "did not work" then?19:35
SchrodingersScatbaprath: google dropped support for 32-bit, so there's really only the one option :)19:35
ducassebekks: it's just more likely others there also use that repo, only the official repos are supported here. ofc you could also try #ubuntu-server, but i imagine they'll say the same thing...19:35
bekksTendies: Did you check with ifconfig -a and netstat -rn after changing that and restarting networking?19:35
HappySomethingSohelghareeb: how so?19:36
Tendieshow can i restart networking?19:36
ioriabaprath,  if you run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?19:36
helghareebHappySOmethingSo Ubuntu is doing really great. They enhanced the user experience a lot. Though they still struggle in the mobile world, Microsoft has gone through tough times on the mobile side also19:37
helghareebHappySomethingSo: Everything can be managed here, with some help and search19:38
HappySomethingSohelghareeb: I wouldn't say it's doing great when if you install it to dual boot it prevents the other OS from booting at all19:38
helghareebHappySOmethingSo: Ubuntu prevented another OS from booting?19:38
HappySomethingSohelghareeb: windows works without help search nor work, I just wanted to install ubuntu to use a program that won't run without it and now >I can't boot into windows at all19:39
HappySomethingSoI would say that's quite the failing on ubuntus side19:39
ducasseHappySomethingSo: have you any idea how often windows installs have prevented linux from booting for people over the years? :)19:39
baprathioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20781502/19:40
Tendiesall i see from netstat -rn is stuff on tun0 thats for openvpn19:40
helghareebHappySomethingSo: Let's review the installation process you went through, to make sure that you did not remove the Windows installation. If it is still there, I am sure you can reach it, may be with some tweaks19:40
reisioHappySomethingSo: it's just a simple configuration issue19:40
reisioHappySomethingSo: did you pastebin those three things?19:40
HappySomethingSoreisio: I don't have internet19:41
helghareebHappySomethingSo: ducasse: +119:41
reisioHappySomethingSo: you're on IRC, so you clearly have19:41
HappySomethingSocan I reslolve this without pastebin?19:41
HappySomethingSoreisio: I'm on another pc19:41
reisioHappySomethingSo: dump those three things to text files, copy them over to this box, put them online19:41
HappySomethingSoit'll take a while though19:42
reisioHappySomethingSo: probably your best option19:42
reisioHappySomethingSo: why don't you have networking on the box?19:42
ioriabaprath,  uname -r19:42
ioriabaprath,  and have you tried to redownload the .deb file ?19:43
belovedpsensor works with GNOME Panel in Ubutnu. What other packages are designed for it?19:44
baprathioria, I have tried three times but something missing19:46
baprathioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/20782044/19:46
_Crash_ducasse, completely out of ideas.. I even tried setting mail_home = /var/vmail/%d/%n AND mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir inside the dovecot conf19:46
ioriabaprath,  have you tried the Guest Account ?19:47
_Crash_ducasse, but I can receive emails fine, it just goes to my user on the linux system instead inside /var/mail/user19:47
ducasse_Crash_: you wanted your mta to deliver mail to dovecot, right? dovecot mailboxes were already existing?19:47
baprathioria, I have remove it earliar.19:48
_Crash_ducasse, not sure what you mean by "mta" but the /var/vmail/domain/user exits, yes19:48
_Crash_just no mail going in there19:48
ducasse_Crash_: mta = mail transfer agent = whatever handles outgoing mail.19:48
ioriabaprath, meaning ?19:49
ubuntu_failBashing-om: hello! when I uninstalled virtualbox and rebooted, the nvidia side worked great for 1 boot - I rebooted and it went slow again (haven't reinstalled anything). Sounds like nvidia is having some configuration/boot up issue... want to take another stab at it?19:49
HappySomethingSoreisio: I don't know, I input the password but it ignores the connection19:49
baprathdisable the guest login19:49
ioriabaprath, oh, ok19:49
ioriabaprath,  maybe a new user ...19:49
baprathioria, yes I am.19:50
ap916Guys, Is anyone facing the problem of unity crashing in Ubuntu 16.04 when windows animations are changed ?19:50
ioriabaprath,  no, i mean create a new user :)19:50
_Crash_ducasse, any ideas?19:51
nicomachusis there a way to easily convert the main body text of a bunch of webpages to PDF or some type of word doc?19:51
ducasse_Crash_: assuming that dovecot already has mailboxes, you should not be touching the dovecot config now at all. you should be configuring your mta (postfix or whatever) to use the dovecot lda for local delivery, that will put mail in the dovecot mailboxes.19:52
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: I do not mind .. but we are seriously hampered in that I know nothing of how the VM interfaces . not a clue .19:52
_Crash_ducasse, so dovecot uses the /var/vmail dir right?19:53
iorianicomachus, html ?19:53
reisioHappySomethingSo: does networking work from the install media? You could use that temporarily ('Try Ubuntu')19:53
HappySomethingSoreisio: helghareeb ducasse http://pastebin.com/ZsiVB8uY19:54
ducasse_Crash_: i don't know your particular setup, but you should not need to care about where dovecot stores mail right now. just tell the mta to deliver mail to dovecot, and it will take care of the rest.19:54
nicomachusioria: yes. the pages are downloading right now via wget, but I need to get them into a readable format.19:54
ubuntu_fail dkms,19:54
ioria!info wkhtmltopdf | nicomachus19:54
ubottunicomachus: wkhtmltopdf (source: wkhtmltopdf): Command line utilities to convert html to pdf or image using WebKit. In component universe, is extra. Version (xenial), package size 191 kB, installed size 974 kB19:54
HappySomethingSoreisio: it doesn't19:54
ducasse_Crash_: what handles outgoing mail - postfix?19:55
_Crash_I presume so19:55
nicomachusioria: ok. seems to be the consensus.19:55
iorianicomachus,  good luck19:55
ubuntu_failBashing-om: I don't think it's VM. I think when I removed it it redid something with dkms/boot options/ureadahead that let it owrk, and after that first boot it reconfigured it wrong again.19:55
_Crash_ducasse, I presume so19:56
ducasse_Crash_: you don't know what handles outgoing mail, but you know your server does?19:56
ubuntu_failBashing-om: I think there is some module/option/configuration option that is screwing things up19:56
_Crash_ducasse, it's whatever is the standard setup for postfix and dovecot, like I said, I just followed the Perfect Server Tutorial for Ubuntu 16.0419:56
ducasse_Crash_: ok, then this is what you want: http://wiki2.dovecot.org/LDA/Postfix19:57
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: We are back to " sudo dkms status " ? see if all is compatible now .19:57
Tendieshow can i verify a usb ethernet device in ubuntu is working? it shows as being connected to my network but i can't ping it19:57
bekksTendies: Check dmesg, ifconfig -a and netstat -rn19:57
Tendiesits on ifconfig -a but so is eth0 which isnt even connected19:58
bekksTendies: Which is expected and ok.19:59
ducasse_Crash_: that should tell you all you need to know. i need to go, but if you need more help just ask in the channel, or try #ubuntu-server if nobody knows.19:59
_Crash_ducasse, alright, ty!19:59
Tendiesthen on netstat, it shows dest gateway for eth0 and eth1, which doesn19:59
Tendiest seem right19:59
bekksTendies: Why not?19:59
ubuntu_failBashing-om http://termbin.com/uq7619:59
bekksTendies: Pastebin the entire output please.20:00
ducasse_Crash_: np. i use this setup myself, and it works like a charm. good luck :)20:00
HappySomethingSoreisio: can it be fixed? if not, can I restore windows or will I have to start from scratch?20:00
_Crash_ducasse, I've used this tuts inb the past and they've worked fine lol, just this time it doesn't want to work20:00
Tendiesbekks: i can't exactly paste it20:01
bekksTendies: you need to.20:01
bozonius2bekk:  Restarted the pulseaudio server on host, rebooted Ubuntu VM, works again!20:01
bekksTendies: Otherwise the exact state isnt clear.20:01
bekksbozonius2: Nice :)20:01
reisioHappySomethingSo: I think I've already told you a number of times, you almost certainly have a simple misconfiguration alone20:02
reisioHappySomethingSo: if you want help, you need to show someone those three items I mentioend20:02
bozonius2I had noticed error messages in /var/log/messages saying pulse could not connect...I am assuming to the VM.20:02
HappySomethingSoI sent you a pastebin20:02
reisioHappySomethingSo: if networking works from the Ubuntu live OS, booting that up will be the simplest20:02
bozonius2I will try to remember this solution next time.20:02
reisioHappySomethingSo: where?20:02
HappySomethingSoreisio:  http://pastebin.com/ZsiVB8uY20:02
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Humm .. now that is completely different than previous //. what returns now " dpkg -l grep -i nvidia ; lsmod | grep nvidia ' ?20:03
bozonius2sorry for the bother.20:03
Glockxhi guys, dumb question, if I install 16.04, and check for updates while installing, will I get all of 16.04.1 updates?20:04
Tendiesbekks: http://pastebin.com/XuUs0DAY20:04
k1l_Glockx: yes20:05
bekksTendies: thats not the full, exact output of netstat -rn.20:05
Glockxk1l_, thanks20:05
bekksGlockx: you will get all updates as of now, not even 16.04.120:06
bekks*not only20:06
ubuntu_failBashing-om: http://termbin.com/kwb720:06
Glockxbekks, great , thats what i want. thank you20:06
ubuntu_failBashing-om: http://termbin.com/1ww920:07
Tendiesbekks: http://pastebin.com/uXM8fnj020:07
baprathioria, I created new user,chrome opening in that account but not in root account?20:08
bekksTendies: where is that tun0 coming from?20:08
ubuntu_failBashing-om: and here is the syslog file from when I rebooted after removing virtualbox - and Nvidia worked great:  http://termbin.com/7ckk20:08
Tendiesbekks: that's from openvpn20:08
bekksTendies: why is eth0 still configured after you told us you disabled it?20:09
Tendiesi didnt say i disabled it, i just unplugged the ethernet from it20:09
bekksTendies: Why didnt you disable it?20:10
Tendieshow do i disable it20:10
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: I see no faults in those either . Does the log file relate any issues ?20:10
HappySomethingSoreisio: did you manage to read it?20:11
bekksTendies: you said you replaced eth0 with eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces - did you restart networking or your box?20:11
mircx1Hello i want please ask something this possible run avocode in ubuntu?20:11
bekksmircx1: whats "avocode"?20:12
ubuntu_failBashing-om: the only thing I can think of is that removing VM made it remove/update the linux-headers. is there a way to manually force a rebuild of the linux-headers? apparently the nvidia process can fail to fix them appropriately20:12
mircx1someone try run file and i want to know is this possible run that20:12
bekksmircx1: we have too less information to answer that question.20:13
mircx1i ask if this possible run that?20:13
mircx1beacuse i try write in apt-search and i no see nothing20:14
bekksHow can we answer that if you didnt even tell us what "avocode" is?20:14
mircx1ok on sec i told to you20:14
bekksmircx1: you didnt :)20:14
reisioHappySomethingSo: yeah20:15
mircx1looking for a 32 bit version of avocode20:15
bekksmircx1: What is "avocode"?20:15
HappySomethingSoreisio: what should I do?20:15
k1l_mircx1: its propriate software. ask them20:15
reisioHappySomethingSo: U/EFI is kind of a nightmare; you might want to ask #windows for instructions on recovering your boot setup for Windows, and then once you have Windows booting, you can fix Ubuntu again (you can even have Windows boot Ubuntu instead of vice versa, which is not ideal, but a non-horrible stopgap)20:16
reisioHappySomethingSo: it's quite simpler to dual boot with two separate disks, and quite simpler to get on with life with only ONE operating system rather than two or more, FYI20:16
HappySomethingSoreisio: that's not very promisiong at all20:16
OerHeksmircx1, as avocode is Commercial, sure it is not in our repos. they seems to have .deb packages.20:16
HappySomethingSoreisio: Can I get rid of ubuntu and return to windows?20:16
OerHeksmircx1, and if you look carefull, 64 bit deb only20:17
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Still reading the syslog .. as to kernels, ' dpkg -l |grep linux- ' . We see what is .20:18
de-factoHappySomethingSo havent read all about your problem with EFI, but have you tried to use efibootmgr to look into it?20:18
mircx1someone is need 32 bit but in pack i no see20:18
ikoniathen it doesn't exist20:18
ikoniacontact the vendor and ask them about it20:18
ikoniait's a comercial product - ask them20:18
k1l_mircx1: we cant help you. ask the avocode guys20:18
HappySomethingSode-facto:  I wante to install ubuntu as a dual boot to windows 10, now on boot, I can't boot into windows. When I select "Windows boot manager (on dev/sda2) I get "/endEmtire file path /ACPI)a034... ... /EndEntire  error: cannot load image20:18
mircx1ok thanks20:20
mircx1this no me this someone else20:20
HappySomethingSode-facto: http://pastebin.com/ZsiVB8uY20:20
de-factoHappySomethingSo have you tried turning off secure boot in bios?20:20
HappySomethingSoI'll try taht now20:21
de-factoHappySomethingSo coudl be something like this here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/109146420:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1091464 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Unable to chainload Windows 8 and 10 with Secure Boot enabled" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:21
de-factoat least that was hinted to by http://askubuntu.com/questions/377979/windows-8-uefi-does-not-boot20:23
HappySomethingSode-facto: ok I did that20:23
HappySomethingSode-facto: now it seems like it's loading but it's got the windows circles in ablack box with the ubuntu purple background20:24
Tendiesok bekks i've replaced the eth0 in interfaces and restarted20:25
HappySomethingSoit's taken ages to load20:26
bekksTendies: You said you already did that?20:26
HappySomethingSobut it works20:26
HappySomethingSothat's a relief20:26
Tendiesi hadnt previously replaced it, i added new lines20:26
HappySomethingSonow I don't want to have to wait so long every time I boot for ubuntu when it can't even connect to the internet so I'd like to uninstall it, how would I do that?20:26
bekksTendies: "adding new lines" is not "replacing".20:27
bekksTendies: What are you doing there?20:27
Tendiesthat's what i just said20:27
Tendiesnow i have removed the eth0 lines20:27
Tendiesso they have been replaced20:27
ikoniaTendies: what version of ubuntu is this ?20:27
Tendies14.04 server20:27
ikoniaput a desktop on it, and use network manager20:28
EriC^^HappySomethingSo: put windows as the main efi file using efibootmgr then remove ubuntu's partition20:28
jinxi1does linux have a adobe premiere pro alternative?20:28
EriC^^jinxi1: there's openshot and kdenlive, not as powerful as adobe premiere pro i'd think though20:28
EriC^^they're free though20:28
EriC^^jinxi1: there are others that are paid too, the guys in #ubuntu-studio might know more about them20:29
bekksTendies: Can you please pastebin the /etc/network/interfaces file and the outcome of ifconfig -a and netstat -rn after a reboot please?20:30
ubuntu_failBashing-om: http://termbin.com/qfvf20:31
crafty1Is Freenode getting DDOSed or something I keep getting kicked over to ubuntu-unregged even though Im auto identified with NickServ. I do see we had issues with spammers.20:32
ikoniacrafty1: ask in #freenode20:32
k1l_crafty1: make sure you are logged in when trying to enter #ubuntu20:33
crafty1Im definitely logged in.  All of my clients auto identify with NickServ20:33
crafty1Its only happens when Im afk for a while20:33
crafty1Oh well20:33
de-factocrafty1 you could also try to use SASL auth (which is done before join any channels). E.g. Hexchat already has that build in20:35
Guy1524Hey guys, why is battery life awful on Ubuntu20:37
ikoniathats a pretty wide statement20:38
ikoniait really depends on the hardware and how well the power management is supported in linux in general20:38
Guy1524Generally what components take more power in Ubuntu20:39
ikoniacomponents ?20:39
Guy1524CPU, memory, GPU, etc.20:40
deitarionI have a Lubuntu 15.04 VM in VirtualBox and, after rebooting to apply updates, it ignores left-clicking at the X11 level (cat /dev/input/event5 recognizes both buttons but xev sees only right clicks). Has anyone seen and solved this? Google is only giving me very old results.20:41
deitarion(Given that this is common infrastructure, I thought I'd ask in the much more populated channel)20:41
deitarions/it ignores/it has started to ignore/20:42
bekks!15.04 | deitarion20:42
ubottudeitarion: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid20:42
deitarionAhh. Then I'll just roll the VM back to a version before the security updates broke my mouse. I don't have time to play around with this.20:43
de-factodeitarion what was updated? have you installed the latest guest additions with the correct version?20:43
deitarionde-facto: I just let the update manager do its thing and then rebooted once I'd finished the day's tasks.20:43
k1l_15.04 doesnt get any updates anymore20:44
Guy1524I know next to nothing about this, but I would reinstall X1120:44
bekksI'd install a supported release instead..20:45
de-factodeitarion i guess you can see at "cat /var/log/apt/history.log", but yeah thats pretty much end of life i guess20:45
deitarionHuh. I just tried rebooting the thing and this time the mouse worked. Must've been something that needed two clean reboots to stabilize.20:45
neldogzHello everyone I created a tutorial on how to configure a simple mirrored array using mdadm in hopes that it could help others. The information on mdadm is a bit scattered on the web but I gathered from various sources and tested with success within a lab. Would love some feedback to ensure that it is as technically as accurate as possible: https://www.revelify.com/linux-raid-using-mdadm/20:46
ikonianeldogz: it's a two minute job to create an array20:46
ikoniait's hardly scrattered all over the web20:46
neldogzikonia, there were a couple of things that I had a difficult time understanding such as if it is necessary to create partitions and prepping disks20:52
neldogzhopefully i captured everything20:53
ikoniaI don't think it's a great guide20:53
ikoniaI think it has some bad practices in it20:53
ikoniaand I don't think it's something that needs a guide - it's 2 minutes work and well documented20:53
ikoniaI don't think it's useful to just blindly post it into an IRC channel, thats not really going to help anyone20:54
Hanumaanis 16.04.1 arrived? can one update commandline in ubuntu?20:54
neldogzikonia, thanks for the feedback. I will work to make it better.20:54
ubuntu_failhaving trouble getting Nvidia drivers to work - I get a low res desktop, and a segfault when I try to log out and back in20:54
ikoniaHanumaan: it is release, however the upgrade process is delayed by a week20:54
neldogzikonia, can you share with me what you consider bad practices?20:54
ikoniaubuntu_fail: did you get the drivers from nvidia.com or ubuntu software center20:55
ubuntu_failikonia: graphics ppa, nvidia-36720:55
ubuntu_failikonia: geforce 965M on an intel skylake20:55
ikonianeldogz: all your prep work with things like wipe bs, you go over the top with your dd blanking stuff, there are pros/cons to partitioning a meta device over a physical disk and raiding the partition, you don't reference any of that,20:56
ikoniaubuntu_fail: is the nvidia module getting loaded20:56
neldogzikonia, ah got it, thanks! I appreciate it.20:56
ubuntu_failikonia: see lsmod:    http://termbin.com/kb6e20:57
ikoniaubuntu_fail: just answer the question20:57
ikoniaubuntu_fail: is the nvidia module loaded20:57
ubuntu_failikonia: i think so - not sure how to confirm20:57
ikoniayou should see it in lsmod20:57
Tendiesbekks: http://pastebin.com/Eg0FXMKU20:57
ikoniaTendies: your eth0 and eth1 have the same ip20:58
ikoniaTendies: that will never work20:58
Tendieseth0 is disabled20:58
ikoniadoesn't look disabled20:58
Tendiesor i removed it from interfaces file20:58
bekksTendies: It will not work.20:58
ikonialooks like the interface is up20:59
ubuntu_failikonia: then yes - but under "used by", it says 8220:59
ikoniaubuntu_fail: so in the xorg logs, does it show as using the nvidia module ?20:59
Tendiesso how do i disable it, once again20:59
ikoniaTendies: did you reboot as bekks told you20:59
ikoniaso it's not in  the interfaes file, you rebooted and it's come up configured exactly the same as eth121:00
ikoniathat seems unlikley21:00
Tendiesoops i typed it wrong21:00
ikoniayou type what wrong21:00
Tendiesjust ignore the inet line on eth021:00
Tendiesits just not there21:00
ikoniaerr no21:00
ikoniait is there21:00
Tendiesi typed that21:00
ikoniawhat ?21:01
Tendiesim troubleshooting the server which is not online, so i can't exactly pastebin it21:01
ikoniabut eth0 is stil there21:01
ikoniaif you typed it or pastebin'd it21:02
ikoniait's still there21:02
Tendiesi thought you meant the inet addr line was the problem21:02
ikoniait is21:02
ikoniait's the same ip21:02
Tendiesthat line, in the actual output, is not there. i mistyped that.21:02
ikoniathis all sounds very dubious21:02
ikoniaTendies: why not install ubuntu (desktop) and just use sane desktop tools21:03
ikoniait'e clear you're not a confident linux user, why not make it easy on yourself21:03
ikonianetwork manager would make this 3 clicks21:03
ubuntu_failikonia: yes, xorg loads nvidia21:03
ikoniaubuntu_fail: ok, so are there any "EE" lines21:03
ikoniaubuntu_fail: and then secondary any "WW" warning lines21:04
Tendiesthere i fixed it http://pastebin.com/zYv2Gis021:04
ikoniaTendies: got to be honest, - I'm not %100 sure I believe what you are typing21:05
ikoniaas you've also changed the BROADCAST line21:05
Tendiesi realized that was different in the actual one just now, so i changed it21:05
ikoniaTendies: my advice to you, stop messing around with something you dont understand, get ubuntu desktop on there and start using your machine with ease and confidence21:05
Tendieshow about you stop giving me completely useless input like OH INSTALL A DIFFERENT OS21:06
ikoniaI didn't say a different OS21:06
ikoniaI said a desktop on the same OS21:06
ikoniathere is nothing useless about that advice21:06
Tendiesit's no different, its a full reinstall21:06
ikoniaand typing in caps doesn't help you21:06
ikoniaTendies: no, it's not21:06
ikoniayou could just install the ubuntu-desktop package21:06
ikoniaor xubuntu-desktop or lubuntu-desktop package for something lighter21:06
Tendiesyeah let me get comfortable with it by not using it21:07
ikoniawell, you seem to be sprinting before walking21:07
ikoniaand the tools help you - they don't stop you learning21:07
Tendiesi use them a lot okay? now i'm using server21:09
Tendiesand it seems to be all in order now21:09
ikoniadoesn't look in order21:10
ikoniayou can stil use "a server" with the tools21:10
Tendieseth0 is not UP nor RUNNING, and the vpn connects21:10
ikoniaso what's hte problem then ?21:10
ikoniaif it's working as you expect, what's the isue21:10
Tendiesit previously wasn't, now it does. i assume removing the eth0 lines did the trick.21:10
ikoniaso what's the problem you need help with ?21:11
ikoniayou've basically moved the interface from eth0 to eth1 so it's not running dual homed, if thats what you wanted to do "great"21:11
Tendiesit's been solved by what you guys told me earlier21:12
ikonia"great" ?? so there is no need to show us pastebins if it's working21:13
ubuntu_failikonia: "unable to get display device for DPI computiation"21:13
ikoniaubuntu_fail: never seen that, I'd have to look up that error code21:13
Lokieanyone got a link for a good tutorial for either increasing the space in a live usb and / or for creating a persistant live usb?21:29
bekksLokie: Just install Ubuntu, and use your USB as install target.21:29
Lokiethat works?21:30
Lokieinstall it from where? live usb to itself? another usb?21:31
bekksLokie: you could use an install iso, another usb, or even debootstrap.21:33
Lokiebekks bear with me. Installing it to another usb I get it. The install iso not.21:34
OerHeksthe usbcreator can do that, Lokie , else https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb/persistent21:34
akikLokie: all you need is two usb sticks if you go with that method21:35
bekksOr an installation cd (thus the iso) and just one USB.21:36
Lokiecopy over the data and fix the persistance21:36
bekksLokie: those are two different methods.21:37
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Sorry .. thunder storms and loss of power for a spell . What now is the graphic's status ?21:37
Lokiebekks I partially see it. So far the "easiest" one seems using the usb-creator-gtk21:38
bekksThats the method leaving you wit a persistent live usb, not with a full installation.21:38
Lokieso this one? Method 1: Installing Ubuntu directly to USB drive from installer CD21:40
bekksLokie: I'd go that way, yes.21:40
Lokiecare to elaborate why it's better than a simple persistant live usb21:41
bekksIt will give you a full install.21:41
akikLokie: you can partition your usb stick as you wish21:42
TheCynosureDoes any one know of a tool to convert an old .smi.bin into a .iso21:45
LokieI know I can in theory but I never did play with partitions21:45
Lokieso even this: "use a tmpfs in RAM for /tmp," looks tricky :p21:46
Lokiebut will have to try and see21:46
extinct_potatoHello, I cannot install qtdeclarative5-dev.21:53
m4xxafternoon all. i've set up a samba share on my ubuntu 16.04 box. when i connect to it from my  macbook i can browse all configured folders/files just fine yet on my windows box i can browse the folders but i don't see any files in any of them21:53
m4xxgoogle has yielded me nothing that has helped21:53
Bashing-om!info qtdeclarative5-dev21:54
ubottuqtdeclarative5-dev (source: qtdeclarative-opensource-src): Qt 5 declarative development files. In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.1-2ubuntu6 (xenial), package size 315 kB, installed size 2307 kB21:54
m4xxany help would be much appreciated21:55
extinct_potatoqtdeclarative5-dev requires qt5-dev but it will not be installed21:57
extinct_potatobtw, I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.21:57
extinct_potatoIt's an extremely important issue, for it impacts the ability of compiling QT5 apps.21:58
extinct_potatoIt's actually impossible to compile QT5 app on Ubuntu 14.04.21:58
extinct_potatoI need to compile one app that relies upon qt5, and I can't, so I have to use WINDOWS version of that app on Wine. It's pathetic..21:59
trismextinct_potato: what is the error when you try to install qt5base-dev?21:59
trismextinct_potato: in a pastebin22:00
Bashing-om!info qt5base-dev trusty22:00
ubottuPackage qt5base-dev does not exist in trusty22:00
trismextinct_potato: sorry qtbase5-dev22:00
extinct_potatosorry, it was qtbase5-dev22:00
extinct_potatorequires libgles2-mesa-dev or libgles2-dev but it will not be installed22:01
trismextinct_potato: follow the chain, try either one22:01
extinct_potatolibgles2-dev has no installation candidate22:01
trismextinct_potato: hmm, what is, apt-cache policy qtbase5-dev22:02
trismextinct_potato: extinct_potato I only see libgles1-mesa-dev in trusty not 222:02
extinct_potatocould it be some shitty ppa?22:03
trismextinct_potato: wait not I see it nm22:03
trismextinct_potato: try libgles2-mesa-dev22:03
OerHekslibgles2-dev https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+package/libgles2-mesa-dev22:03
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extinct_potatoit returns very big output22:03
OerHekssomething is wrong, did you run apt-get update before installing?22:03
extinct_potatogimmie a sec22:03
extinct_potatono, not really22:03
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trismextinct_potato: pastebin the output please22:04
extinct_potatotrism : it's in Polish..22:04
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trismextinct_potato: doesn't matter22:04
extinct_potatookay, gimmie a sec22:04
extinct_potatohere it goes22:05
extinct_potatoI can provide help with translation if needed.22:05
trismextinct_potato: what is: apt-cache policy libgles2-mesa;22:07
HappySomethingSoI'm trying to repair windows after trying to dual boot ubuntu. I have a windows repair cd which the computer should be booting from, but grubs appears, what can I do to boot from the repair cd?22:08
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: Change the boot order in your BIOS.22:09
trismextinct_potato: ahh there we go, you look like you have an old version from the xedgers ppa22:09
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: it's set to odd first22:09
extinct_potatotrism : ooh yeah, i remember installing something from them.22:09
trismextinct_potato: try: apt-get install libgles2-mesa/trusty; don't do it if it looks like it wants to remove alot of stuff22:09
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: it's correct, that's how I first installed ubuntu22:10
extinct_potatotrism : okay, will try to do it tomorrow as I have to go. Thank you sincerely!22:10
trismextinct_potato: it might be easier to add the edgers ppa again and then run ppa-purge on it22:10
trismextinct_potato: np good luck22:10
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: Ubuntu is not going to affect the BIOS in the machine. Therefore, either check/change the BIOS again, or, if the BIOS actually has a "boot menu", use that, and lastly, check that the CD/DVD drive and disk are clean. Sometimes even a fingerprint on the edge of the CD/DVD can cause issues...and lastly - something to think about - when was the last time that you actually booted that Windows CD?22:11
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: I just created it. I'm booting into grubs for some reason22:12
crafty1Boot priority is what you want in the bios22:12
ubuntu_failBashing-om: I have  fresh install of nvidia-367 from graphics ppa, the graphics on the desktop are still off, framerate on 3d graphics is slow. lsmod shows nvidia-367 (although it's used by 76??)22:12
crafty1You're not listening to what he's telling you22:12
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: Test it on another machine.22:12
HappySomethingSocrafty1: yeah, I've set that correctly to boot from the cd22:13
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: Test it on another machine.22:13
ubuntu_failBashing-om: http://termbin.com/cgnh22:13
crafty1If you have bootable media in CD drive and that is set to a higher priority then it will boot from the CD over Hard Disk22:13
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: it's not the "choose OS" grubs screen though, it's some sort of command prompt22:13
crafty1If for some reason that fails to work most BIOS have like F12 or something set to do a boot menu22:14
HappySomethingSocrafty1: I know, that's why I don't know why grubs is loading at all22:14
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Reading ,, even under the 361 driver .. many many erorrs in that syslog file !22:14
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: "Some sort of command prompt" - doesn't tell me much, mate.22:14
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: Minimal bash-like line editing is suppoted22:15
HappySomethingSoeach line starts with grub>22:15
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: " http://termbin.com/cgnh " >> 404 error .. try again .22:15
crafty1HappySomethingSo: Do you have Secure Boot disabled22:15
HappySomethingSocrafty1: yes22:15
crafty1CSM or Legacy Boot Enabled22:15
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: So that tells me that the "boot cd" may not actually be functioning properly.22:15
ubuntu_failBashing-om: maybe the acpi errors are causing nvidia failure?22:15
ubuntu_failBashing-om: termbin.com/cgnh22:16
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: it's a repair cd22:16
HappySomethingSobrand new22:16
ubuntu_failBashing-om: http://termbin.com/cqnh22:16
crafty1But prior to getting to that grub> prompt can you mash F12 to get a manual boot menu22:16
skinuxWill the latest Ubuntu install and run on 500MB of RAM?22:16
crafty1Thats GRUB rescue22:16
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: Since you booted and installed Ubuntu with a CD/DVD, and now you're trying to boot with a "Windows" repair CD, logic dictates that there is something wrong with the "Windows" boot CD...does it not?22:16
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: not really22:17
crafty1skinux: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements22:17
HappySomethingSocrafty: Ok so what do I do in grubs rescue to boot the CD?22:17
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: Test the boot CD in another machine. Check the CD itself for scratches/dust/fingerprints...22:17
crafty1If the media did not come from Microshaft its possible it was not burned properly.22:18
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Troubleshooting22:18
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: Ok I'll test it on another machine but I'm certain it's a grubs problem22:19
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: ' sudo lshw -C display ' Let's see that both drivers are loaded .22:19
crafty1HappySomethingSo: I recommend when you get to your BIOS splash mash F11 or F12 to get a boot menu.  Sometimes it will say what to mash22:19
crafty1Depends on the board manufacturer.  I have an MSI and its F1122:19
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: If you believe it's a problem with grub, then by all means, we'll go and kill the grub team, eh?22:19
HappySomethingSocrafty1: what for?22:19
crafty1This will present you with a screen where you can select HDD, CDROM etc.22:19
crafty1Its separate from the Boot Priority22:19
HappySomethingSocrafty1: oh I see ok I'll try that22:20
ubuntu_failBashing-om: http://termbin.com/292y22:20
crafty1HappySomethingSo: Let us know if you get there and select CDROM and it will not boot still22:20
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: you're getting a bit too defensive there22:20
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: I'm being sarcastic.22:20
HappySomethingSocrafty1: ok22:20
crafty1Hes just being goofy22:20
boozewoozHello... I tried to delete a file from my harddrive, and suddenly I got logged out. Now I cannot enter my account anymore, I created a new one, but I cannot unencrypt my original home folder, and the space used by that folder is marked as 'unused' on my harddrive :/ can someone please help?22:21
YankDownUnderLaws of Monday Mornings: Sarcasm is prevalent along with vast quantities of coffee and cigarettes.22:21
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: it's sunday here22:22
YankDownUnderboozewooz: What file? And have you don't a complete power-down and power-up on that machine?22:22
YankDownUnderHappySomethingSo: Well, I live in the future. I can tell you that the world has not ended yet.22:23
boozewoozYankDownUnder: yes, I did reboot the computer. The file was a chroot folder if I remember correctly..22:23
crafty1YankDownUnder: he needs to download more RAM I think22:23
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: thank goodness22:23
YankDownUndercrafty1: Yersh.22:24
HappySomethingSoYankDownUnder: I had a bad feeling about it ending tomorrow22:24
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Well .. that do affirm that the drivers are loaded for the respective cards . .. hummm ... What difference in performance do you see from the guest acount ??22:24
YankDownUnderboozewooz: And is it safe to assume that you've attempted a "rescue" from the grub boot menu, or have you not gotten that far yet...?22:24
ubuntu_failBashing-om: havent tried guest... lets see22:24
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: I do not really expect a user config issue .. but .. wont take but a bit to check !22:25
boozewoozYankDownUnder : i create a new account with "adduser", and I can login to that one fine... but all my data was inside the other (old) account, which i cannot login to anymore22:25
YankDownUnderboozewooz: What was the file you deleted?22:26
boozewoozYankDownUnder a folder with debootstrap, where I installed debian jessie inside.22:27
boozewoozYankDownUnder, But i think, somehow it got linked to my homefolder, and deleted with it, that also..22:27
YankDownUnderboozewooz: Something does not sound "right" in that description - because, as you stated, you deleted the "one folder/file" and your account no longer exists...hmm...22:27
boozewoozaccount exists, but, 1. cannot login to it, 2. contents inside /home/account used +- 90% of the harddisk, and now this space is empty...22:28
YankDownUnderboozewooz: What would be a smart thing to do, then, is to get a hold of some of the "undelete" tools that are in the repos - and see if you can recover your stuff - OR, download one of the forensic recovery "bootable USB"'s...22:29
YankDownUnderboozewooz: If it was encrypted, you're not going to be able to see it/view it - therefore it would appear as "empty space", true?22:29
boozewoozYankDownUnder, I don't know, the harddisk is 110GB, and it says now "90GB unused"...22:30
YankDownUnderboozewooz: http://www.howtogeek.com/116297/how-to-recover-an-encrypted-home-directory-on-ubuntu/22:31
YankDownUnderboozewooz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/605538/recover-encrypted-home-folder-after-reinstallation22:31
YankDownUnderboozewooz: http://askubuntu.com/questions/562046/how-do-i-regain-access-to-my-encrypted-home-directory-after-changing-my-password22:31
delizinHey all. I have a VPS webserver running Ubuntu 12.04 that I setup years ago and I am trying to throw up a game server on it. For some reason I can't open the port 21025. Ufw is inactive and I don't see anything in my iptables that should be dropping the connections, but nmap only shows port 22 and 80 open. I'd really appreciate if someone with more experience could take a look at my pastebin and point me in the right direction. htt22:32
YankDownUnderboozewooz: Just a few...you're going to need to do some reading...and some work...hmm...22:32
boozewoozError: Unwrapping passphrase failed [-21]22:32
boozewoozInfo: Check the system log for more information from libecryptfs22:32
ubuntu_failBashing-om: the resolution is actually correct on the guest account - I have nothing I can run on there and no permissions to do so, but I'm copying a UHD video to test22:32
boozewooz[ 1432.830473] ecryptfs_parse_options: eCryptfs: unrecognized option [ecryptfs_sig] [ 1432.830482] ecryptfs_parse_options: You must supply at least one valid auth tok signature as a mount parameter; see the eCryptfs README22:32
boozewoozi tried, searchign those things before, but theres not much on the net :/22:33
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Hey .. we have a target to work too ! Maybe then it is a user config issue ... hummm ....22:33
YankDownUnderboozewooz: You're going to have to do some reading/re-reading, and you're going to have to dig through stuff...as well, as I had advised, get yourself some undelete tools, too...unless you wish to do a "re-install" over the top of all of this...either which, you've just learned an extremely painful lesson in dealing with encrypted folders and "deleting things" without thinking very deeply, hmm...22:34
ubuntu_failBashing-om: trying to log back in to my user account froze X - I had to do a hard reboot22:35
crafty1HappySomethingSo: Were you able to boot off of the repair CD with the boot menu?22:36
HappySomethingSocrafty1: yes, thanks. I don't know why it didsn't work with boot priority but it worked with that22:37
* crafty1 jumps for joy22:37
HappySomethingSocrafty1: however it didn't work, grubs still appears even though I followed the instructions here http://www.howtogeek.com/141818/how-to-uninstall-a-linux-dual-boot-system-from-your-computer/22:37
* YankDownUnder thinks that HappySomethingSo is buying donuts today22:37
HappySomethingSocrafty1: so now I'm restoring the system22:38
crafty1HappySomethingSo: OK - In the past I know that with dual boots its preferrable to install WinSpyware first then Ubuntu22:38
crafty1HappySomethingSo: Somehow it makes a difference to GRUB.  Or it used to at least.22:38
HappySomethingSocrafty1: yeah, I only needed ubuntu for 1 program so I kinda did something unnecessary and this is my punishment I suppose22:39
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Well .. gets deeper alla the time .. How bout we boot to terminal, start the GUI from terminal and see what the system screams and hollers about in the terminal outputs ?22:39
crafty1HappySomethingSo: Perhaps run it in a VM?  I hear WinSpy10 is going to allow users to run Ubuntu natively; they've bastardized the NT kernal so it can now interpret Linux syscalls so that could be worth looking into22:39
crafty1But for one program a VM is probably best22:40
HappySomethingSocrafty1: I already did that but it was slow and since when I use that I only use that I thought it would be a good idea to dual boot22:40
crafty1HappySomethingSo: Years ago I had so many issues dual booting I was like never again.  And this is why22:40
HappySomethingSocrafty1: yeah I'm happy I learned this now and not in the middle of the semester22:41
leehambleyI'm looking for participants who work in software development/operations to ask about their habits and what software they use, if anyone has 15 minutes to spare in the next couple of days to help me with a study. Please check https://calendly.com/customer-interviews/15min (sorry if this is considered spam, I'm casting the net outside my usual social circles, this will be my last message)22:43
ubuntu_failBashing-om: so should I boot in recovery mode or upstart?22:43
ubuntu_failBashing-om : not sure how you do that22:43
ubuntu_failBashing-om: i booted in recovery mode, selected the root option, and mounted all22:45
ubuntu_failBashing-om: not sure what I do next22:45
delizinSolved my issue. I was trying to edit my firewall settings in iptables and should have been using ufw allow22:46
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: systemd (16.040 is different ... bppt to grub, 'e' key for edit mode -> boot options screen; arrow down to the lkind stating with linuz and containing "quiet splash". Delete quiet splash and all after, insert systemd.unit=multi-user.target . Key combo ctl+x to continue to TTY1 . log in here .. If all is good at this point we start the GUI and see what the system says .22:47
Bashing-omboot* .. arrow down to the line starting with**22:48
rdeggesHey all! I just got a brand new box here, and installed 16.04 LTS. I'm having some issues with VLC having really choppy video playback. What's odd is that it plays fine (and not choppy) using the default media player that ships with ubuntu.22:48
rdeggesAny ideas what might be going on?22:48
rdeggesGoogleing isn't really helping me w/ this one.22:48
rdeggesThere are a lot of threads saying to enable hardware acceleration, but they're all super old and it seems like I've already got that.22:49
rdeggesThis box has a nice video card as well: nvidia gtx 1070 with drivers, and all that22:49
ubuntu_failBashing-om: logged in22:50
ubuntu_failBashing-om: (at terminal)22:51
crafty1rdegges: You dont need to enable hardware acceleration if it works in a different media player. Thats not the source of the problem then.22:52
rdeggescrafty1: that's what I figured.22:52
crafty1You might have better luck in #videolan22:52
rdeggesgotcha, thank you22:53
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Start the GUI ( many other serveces are NOT started ) ' systemctl isolate graphical.target ' .. any errors reported back in terminal ?22:53
ubuntu_failBashing-om: it just asked to log in, it fired up X, and back at the terminal it just said a couple of lines about polickit not being authenticated and then being authenticated22:56
crafty1rdegges: That is a weird issue though Im sitting here thinking about it.  Personally I use Kubuntu and I use Dragon Player.  I never setup VLC on here because it plays the formats I need.  Let me know if you make any headway Id be curious to see what was wrong with it22:56
rdeggesThanks crafty1. I'm asking in the videolan chan as suggetsed =)22:57
rdeggesIt's sorta weird because I've been using vlc for like, as far back as I can remember on many systems.22:57
rdeggesThis is the first time I've ever had an issue with it in my entire life, heh.22:57
rdeggeson a brand new box ^^22:57
crafty1rdegges: Yeah.  Have you tried this : https://wiki.videolan.org/VSG:Video:Choppy/22:58
crafty1rdegges: Also what is the other player you tried that worked fine?22:58
ubuntu_failBashing-om: hey! the icons are still off resolution-wise, but when I run a game I'm getting 150 fps instead of 10fps!22:59
rdeggesHmm, I don't think that's it. My htop usage shows basically 0% cpu usage. This is a realyl nice intel chip in here. 8 cores, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz22:59
ubuntu_failBashing-om: and my bluetooth and wifi are not working...23:00
hypesthey guys, I have trouble having the fnmode work with my 2015 (bluetooth) Apple Magic keyboard on 16.04. Has anyone made that work so far? Thanks!23:01
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Well !! .. back to a user config issue ,, no ? Be aware ,, I do not run 16.04 - yet - nor do I run a GUI .. We are going to be fumbling in the dark .23:02
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: As to WIFI and bluetooth .. expected not to be enabled in this environment .. many services are not started .23:03
ubuntu_failBashing-om: can we start services then until something breaks it?23:03
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Yeah ,, when one knows how .. many I do not know as I am not conversant all that much with systemd .23:07
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Try: ' systemctl enable NetworkManager.service ; systemctl start NetworkManager.service ' to get networking up .23:08
ubuntu_failBashing-om: I have not clue what we are doing... as for the wrong scaling on the screen - Xorg.0.log has a line: "Unable to get display device for DPI computation; DPI set to (75,75); computed from built in default". The dispaly settings show resolution is 3200x1800, but the icons are HUGE23:10
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Yeah, seen that before .. How many connectors are on the graphics card ? .. 2 as "DPI" and 2 others ? then try swiching the connector to differnt outputs . Maybe best if that external monitor is not a part of the equation ???23:13
ubuntu_failBashing-om: not using external monitor - just the laptop screen (computer has HDMI out and USB-C out /w HDMI converter not plugged in). As for getting the networking started, it didn't fail, but no networking is showing up23:14
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: I am at a loss .. acess to a wired connection .. maybe that "systemctl start NetworkManager.service " only refers to a wired connection ??23:16
ubuntu_failBashing-om: don't care about networking at this point too much either... unless the networking would break the graphics card?23:16
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: Networking and graphics, separate processes, can not see that either would affect the other .23:18
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: What Desk Top are we working with ? unity ?23:18
ubuntu_failBashing-om: yes - other than nvidia an a quick fix for the wifi card/touchpad (blacklisted a module) - it's a fresh 16.04 system23:19
ubuntu_failBashing-om: (blacklist i2c_hid)  http://askubuntu.com/questions/647505/alienware-13-touchpad-not-working-under-any-distro-dll068b00-06cb76e9-hid-r23:21
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: I can not imagine what could have broke the user configs on a fresh install when all you did was update the system .. Something not right starting the GUI "normally" as now things look pretty good .23:22
ubuntu_failBashing-omn: right - and it was working earlier (in May) - so something broke it...23:23
ubuntu_failBashing-om: I just reviewed my apt history since may, and it was all 'unattended upgrade'23:26
xebrahi, is a write speed of 4.5 MB/s normal for a USB 2 pen, when writing a single huge file? Or is there something wrong with my Ubuntu or pen? It seems too slow to me. I'd expect 10-15 MB/s23:31
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: I do not see that i2c_hid could be a factor . I do not know what to do .. we can poke at it and see what happens if we revert the DE to defaults ??23:35
ubuntu_failBashing-om: what is DE and how to we start those?23:39
ubuntu_failBashing-om: maybe creating a 2nd (dummy) user may help? I don't know23:41
ubuntu_failBashing-om: the other source of problems was "ureadahead" - but I deleted the 'pack' file and that didn't fix it23:42
ubuntu_failBashing-om: sorry - meant 'potential source - as it loads a bunch of config files early (as per my understanding)23:44
Bashing-omubuntu_fail: I am torn which way to proceed, as we have the DPI issues reported in the log files . That generally points to hardware issues ( bad cable ? .. but this is with onboard monitor so cable is not a factor ) .23:48

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