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pflanzeHi. Where can I get image signatures (PGP)?12:35
pflanzewhy can I not find this sha256 sum? 805ed3580ce1ee5e09611d414fac4ec6925badc3cb301a00947b6aad40d08de612:36
bekksUbuntu does not shiPGP image signatures, afauik, and where did you look for the SHA256 checksums?12:36
bekksAnd where is that checksum from?12:37
pflanzethat's from the file I got from bittorrent12:38
pflanzeafter showing up as 100% downloaded. Oddly now I'm getting 7e0fdb66dbc9a21ec3f710dcd686f09447cf8f3fdd4c868bad2a8107abc8fdeb instead12:38
pflanzewhich still can't be found in DDG12:39
bekksForget bittorrent and use an official download mirror instead.12:39
bekksWhatever "DDG" might be.12:39
pflanzeGah, xubuntu's hoem page recomments bittorrent12:39
pflanzenotzhing in google either12:39
bekksPutting in checksums in a search engine is futile.12:40
bekksBecause it is nonsense.12:40
pflanzejust because?12:40
bekksWhyich Ubuntu file exactly did you download?12:40
pflanzeAssuming the search engine isn't corrupted I don't see why seaching in one doesn't give a good confidence.12:41
pflanzeI need a live image.12:42
bekkshttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/16.04.1/release/ ...12:42
pflanzeThanks, that contains gpg signatures.12:45
pflanzeAbove hash is correct. ODd that Google doesnt have it12:45
bekksBecause hashes are changing often, search engines dont store them. Searching for them is futile.12:51
bekksAnd a search engine delivering a hash could still be delivering a faked one.12:52
pflanzeusually them are fast enough really, 2 weeks or so12:55
pflanzeyes level of paranoia is a parameter12:55
pflanzebetter than http as xubuntu website gives.12:55
bekkstwo weeks and fst in one sentence? You must be kidding.12:55
bekksLevel of paranoia is a parameter for medication, not for IT. :)12:56
xubuntu82whi all!14:41
xubuntu82wanyone online?14:41
xubuntu82wcan someone tell me how can i kick windows 10 out of my machine?14:42
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Gotoleihow do i even begin to troubleshoot this? https://i.imgur.com/A2ytkWm.png19:55
Gotoleisomehow dbus has broken so that notifications don't know to replace each other19:55
Gotoleicuriously, the brightness notifications work fine19:55
Gotoleibut if i scroll over the sound indicator it just fills up the screen19:56
gnfrHi all! I have a simple question, why does Chromium remain running in the background after closed?21:10

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