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kina_Hi, I have a question about accessing into mongodb shell when using Juju2.008:51
kina_is it appropriate to ask it here?08:52
magicaltroutsure kina_08:54
magicaltroutits just a bit quiet this time of the day08:54
magicaltroutwhats up?08:54
kina_I have been trying to access by following this https://github.com/juju/juju/wiki/Login-into-MongoDB08:55
kina_but I get "auth failed"08:56
magicaltroutyou're trying to login to the controller mongo instance?08:56
kina_magicaltrout: yes that's right08:56
magicaltroutnever tried it08:56
magicaltroutlet me find a running juju instance somewhere and test08:56
kina_magicaltrout: thanks!08:57
kina_BTW, with v1.25, I could successfully access into mongodb08:58
magicaltroutjuju 1.25 wasn't controlled by mongodb was it?08:59
kina_it was. but different version i think09:00
kina_it was like mongodb v2.xx, and juju 2.0 uses mongodb 3.209:01
magicaltroutfair enough09:04
magicaltroutshows what i know09:04
magicaltroutyeah i get the same kina_09:08
magicaltroutthat page is certainly stale09:08
magicaltroutif babbageclunk or someone is around they might know09:09
kina_thanks for checking it out!09:09
magicaltroutor it was edited a few days ago09:09
magicaltroutmaybe i'm on an older beta09:09
magicaltroutand thats trunk or something09:09
kina_hmm, not sure about that.09:09
kina_I'm now using the latest juju 2.0beta1309:10
kina_with just installing the mongodb-clients from ubuntu, it will install v2.6, but the mongodb server is v3.2.09:11
kina_so I also have tried by installing mongodb-shell v3.2, and the output is now a little different but still no access...09:12
babbageclunkhi kina_ - can you put up a pastebin of what you tried? (Obscure the password first though!)09:16
babbageclunkI'm just bootstrapping so I can try following the instructions there and see if I can get in to the db.09:19
kina_babbageclunk: hi09:23
kina_babbageclunk: thanks, but i just got afk. so will paste it later. maybe two hours later or so...09:23
babbageclunkkina_: ok cool, I'll be around.09:23
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jcastroevilnickveitch: heya, I'm doing a bunch of AU fixes now for the questions12:29
jcastrobut I'm going to do /stable/ instead of /2.0/ for the URLs12:29
evilnickveitchjcastro, yeah, i was thinking about that12:29
evilnickveitchI guess it will be good enough until 3.0 comes out :)12:30
jcastroevilnickveitch: if one is really old and doesn't have a lot of views, just downvote it to bury it, editing them will just cause them to get a bump in google12:32
evilnickveitchjcastro, good plan12:33
jcastroif it's lxc related I'12:33
jcastrom just going to vote to close and delete12:33
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jcastrohmm, the current docs don't mention how to ask for a charm to get reviewed and promulagated12:47
evilnickveitchjcastro that policy page got rewritten not so long ago didn't it?12:50
jcastroI can't find it at all12:54
evilnickveitchjcastro, no, I think you are right. this is the page it *used* to be part of: https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/authors-charm-store12:56
jcastroyeah so basically, we don't have instructions or a review queue right now lol12:57
mpavone1hi, I'm using juju2-beta7 (unchanged xenial repo) and a local lxd controller. It was working for some weeks, now suddenly a "juju status" returns "ERROR refreshing models: connecting with bootstrap config: unable to connect to API" - any hints how to debug are appreciated13:15
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lazypowermagicaltrout - can you link me @ your maven build plugin?14:18
magicaltroutmy what?14:18
lazypoweryour maven build that you gave a presentation on last week14:20
magicaltroutread the readme for the many holes ;)14:20
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kina_babbageclunk: hi, sorry for the late response, but here is the pastebin15:32
babbageclunkkina_: Hi - it looks like those instructions are old, so we need to pass the CA cert in as well. I'm just trying to work out how to do that.15:41
babbageclunkkina_: The cert is in the /var/lib/juju/agents/machine-0/agent.conf beside the password.15:42
kina_babbageclunk: i see. thanks! i will try too15:55
babbageclunkkina_: Actually, you can just pass --sslAllowInvalidCertificates to avoid having to check the cert.16:00
kina_ah, now i got in16:01
babbageclunkkina_: That's obviously bad if you're using it in prod, but probably ok for debugging/exploration.16:01
kina_babbageclunk: yeah, for api usage it is bad indeed. but i just wanted to know the method, just in case16:02
petevg@cory_fu, @kwmonroe: Here is the upstream PR for the kafka changes: https://github.com/apache/bigtop/pull/13416:08
endomorphosisanyone home17:48
endomorphosisI've been trying for 2 weeks to get juju 2.0 and maas 2.0 working at intel labs17:48
endomorphosisim about ready to throw up my hands17:49
bdxendomorphosis: there are a few caveats you must know considering the pre-release beta status to get everything working ... good job making it here!17:50
endomorphosiswe're in a proxied environment and its a pain in the butt17:50
endomorphosisim not usually the type to ask for help, and I know that its a pre-release beta17:50
bdxendomorphosis: asking for help is a good thing!17:51
endomorphosisin any case, I work at the big data solutions at intel, and I wanted to convert our racks to juju / maas / openstack17:52
bdxendomorphosis: thats great!17:52
endomorphosisInternally we're working on some packages called "snap" a telemetry package, and "tap" an analyitics platform written in go17:53
bdxendomorphosis: do you know exactly what is being blocked by your proxy?17:54
endomorphosisand I wanted to try to integrate snap into juju at some point in the future17:55
bdxendomorphosis: that will be the easy part17:55
bdxendomorphosis: how much experience do you have with openstack?17:56
endomorphosisI have some experience in openstack, we've been using fuel.17:56
endomorphosisdial tcp getsockopt: connection timed out17:56
endomorphosisthat and MAAS similarly has problems provisioning servers over a proxy (but thats another team)17:57
endomorphosisI get this error when trying to deploy charms or bootstrap nodes17:57
bdxendomorphosis: are you setting the proxy params when bootstrapping juju?17:58
endomorphosiseven when it appears like the proxy settings are correct on the host17:58
endomorphosisset in /etc/environment and /etc/profile17:58
bdxendomorphosis: have you looked into setting the juju bootstrap specific proxy config params?17:59
endomorphosisin environments.yaml right?17:59
bdxendomorphosis: what version of juju are you using?18:00
endomorphosis2.0 beta 1318:00
bdxok, thats the issue18:00
bdxin juju-2.0, there is no more environments.yaml18:00
bdxendomorphosis: what cloud provider are you bootstrapping to?18:01
endomorphosisI've tried both LXD and MAAS18:01
stubjuju bootstrap local lxd --upload-tools --config apt-mirror=http://th.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu --config apt-http-proxy=
bdxendomorphosis: ok, great18:01
bdxendomorphosis: can you add `--debug`18:02
bdxto that command18:02
bdxand report back with the output18:02
bdxendomorphosis: you may also need to set http-proxy depending on your setup18:03
endomorphosiscorrect me if I'm wrong but the process is add cloud -> add controller -> add machines -> add model -> deploy service18:07
bdxendomorphosis: for lxd you don't need to add it, its configuration are included by default18:10
bdxso, you can just run the command ^^ from stub, and it should stand right up18:10
bdxendomorphosis: assuming you have lxd configured18:10
bdxendomorphosis: can you `lxc launch ubuntu:16.04` ?18:11
endomorphosisright now its at installing cloud-utils18:11
bdxendomorphosis: then the "bootstrap" process is almost complete18:12
endomorphosiswhen I add machines using the proxy, do I also use the same flags as well I'm assuming18:12
bdxendomorphosis: the flags you provided at bootstrap should be inherited by your models you create on that controller18:13
bdxendomorphosis: so, once the bootstrap is complete, you should be able to `juju deploy ubuntu`18:14
petevgcory_fu, kwmonroe: did either of you do anything to the kafka branch in our bigtop repo? It looks like cory_fu merged my bind address changes to it three days ago, but they don't show up in the branch.18:14
petevg... I also got some conflicts when doing a pull, which suggests that somebody may have edited the history :-/18:14
cory_fupetevg: I squashed the kafka branch, as our upstream PRs are supposed to be.18:15
cory_fuThe PR you created this morning needs to be squashed as well18:15
petevgcory_fu: Ah. You squashed it into the already squashed stuff.18:15
petevgcory_fu: I know that we squash things, I was just expecting to see my changes, squashed, rather than my changes, squashed together with kjackal's.18:16
petevgIt makes sense now.18:16
endomorphosisinternally there are some people working on this SNAP system and TAP system, to assign VMs / containers to systems based on load and performance of those workloads.18:16
endomorphosisit is the software defined infrastructure team at intel.18:17
endomorphosisI was keen to try to glue juju and those together.18:18
bdxendomorphosis: great idea, I think a few of us have taken stabs at integrating other auto scaling frameworks into juju as well18:20
bdxendomorphosis: so this is a great place to ask if you have questions regarding that18:21
josequick question, is it possible to check when an specific review of a charm was pushed?18:22
josefor instance, cs:trusty/nova-compute-2618:22
bdxendomorphosis: I proposed "juju scale" to the team .... I'm not sure if it got much traction though ... possibly you could write the mailing list with your scaling integration project/idea ... this could really help with bringing that "auto scaling" functionality to Juju itself18:23
bdxendomorphosis: plus, it entirely backs up my idea/proposal :-)18:23
endomorphosisthe project is also written in go, if that helps any18:24
endomorphosisI'll write the mailing list18:24
bdxendomorphosis: thats great, thanks!18:24
endomorphosisI think the bootstrap hung18:24
bdxendomorphosis: depending on the speed/capacity of your machine, the last few steps can sometimes take a moment18:25
cory_fukwmonroe: Was there anything else before promulgating the bigtop Kafka charm?  petevg: What series does it support?18:27
petevgcory_fu: it doesn't specify a series ... which might be something that we want to fix.18:27
cory_fuWait, it's already promulgated for trusty: https://jujucharms.com/kafka/18:28
cory_fuThis would just be to update with the new config option18:29
cory_fuHas this been tested on xenial?18:29
petevgcory_fu: yes. It's just the update of the config.18:29
petevgAnd no, I haven't tested on xenial.18:29
petevgI'm kind of tempted to make "series" an environment variable that the amulet tests respect. So instead of doing amulet.Deployment(series='trusty'), we do something like amulet.Deployment(series=os.envrion.get('charm_test_series', 'trusty'))18:32
cory_fupetevg: Not unreasonable.  Some charms / bundles include a separate test for each series, just to confirm that, e.g., a change for xenial doesn't break something on trusty18:33
cory_fuBut that does double the test load18:33
petevgBleh. We don't have a zookeeper for xenial, so testing xenial isn't as simple as editing and re-running the tests.18:34
cory_fupetevg: The Bigtop ZK should be xenial (and only xenial)18:35
petevgcory_fu: Right. My checkout of bigtop zookeeper is undergoing surgery right now. Fixing it up and deploying and running tests now ...18:37
cory_fupetevg: I don't think xenial is a blocker for the kafka update18:37
petevgcory_fu: Cool. I will back off on worrying about it, then :-)18:38
petevgIn any case, kafka is as done as I have permissions to make done for now.18:38
cory_fupetevg, kwmonroe: Ok, https://jujucharms.com/kafka/trusty/4 is pushed and published18:52
cory_fulazypower: Since both Kevin and I are going to be out this week, can you work with petevg to review and publish the Bigtop Zookeeper charm to resolve https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/zookeeper/+bug/160300718:56
mupBug #1603007: split network environment <zookeeper (Juju Charms Collection):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603007>18:56
lazypowercory_fu - sure18:57
lazypowerpetevg ping me when you're ready sir18:57
lazypowercory_fu - just for clarity, this is like the extra endpoint bindings support that has landed in the openstack charms yes?18:57
petevglazyPower: will do. I won't be right away -- Zookeeper and I are currently arguing about writing things to a config file.18:58
* lazypower is stepping out to run a quick errand, will brb shortly18:58
cory_fupetevg, lazypower: Keep in mind that the new ZK charm should be xenial only.  Also, promulgating it from bigdata-charmers will drop https://jujucharms.com/zookeeper/trusty/ and that will need to be re-pushed to cs:~bigdata-charmers/trusty/zookeeper18:58
lazypowerpetevg - that sounds like typical devops fun :)18:58
lazypowercory_fu - right, same issue we've had with other charms coming into the promoted namespace. ack18:58
petevglazypower: yep. That it is.18:58
lazypowerok. sure i'll lend a hand. just lmk18:59
* lazypower poofs for a bit18:59
cory_fupetevg: Did we end up making the java relation optional somehow for the Bigtop ZK?18:59
petevgcory_fu: nope.18:59
petevgI think that we discussed it, and you thought that it would set a bad precedent. It was a while ago, though.19:00
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kwmonroepetevg: what's the best zk charm to use for testing some spark-ha stuff?  ~bd-dev or ~bd-charmers zookeeper?19:33
kwmonroeor build something more recent?19:34
petevg@kwmonroe: probably just ~bd-charmers for now.19:34
kwmonroecool, thx petevg19:34
endomorphosis2016-07-25 19:43:50 ERROR cmd supercommand.go:458 storing charm for URL "cs:juju-gui-130": cannot retrieve charm "cs:juju-gui-130": cannot get archive: Get https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/juju-gui-130/archive?channel=stable: dial tcp getsockopt: connection timed out19:45
endomorphosisdoes anyone know how to fix this19:50
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endomorphosis_does anyone know how to deal with this error message?20:05
endomorphosis_cmd supercommand.go:458 storing charm for URL "cs:juju-gui-130": cannot retrieve charm "cs:juju-gui-130": cannot get archive: Get https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/juju-gui-130/archive?channel=stable: dial tcp getsockopt: connection timed out20:05
endomorphosis_does anyone know how to deal with this error message?20:06
endomorphosis_cmd supercommand.go:458 storing charm for URL "cs:juju-gui-130": cannot retrieve charm "cs:juju-gui-130": cannot get archive: Get https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/juju-gui-130/archive?channel=stable: dial tcp getsockopt: connection timed out20:06
magicaltrouti don't, but you have some  routing issue from controller to  the www20:07
magicaltrouti don't, but you have some  routing issue from controller to  the www endomorphosis_20:08
endomorphosis_i have proxy setup in the controller, so I dont understand why20:09
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