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[Relic]that took a long time, but I think I have 16.04 somewhat running; still can't get dual monitors working properly02:05
[Relic]Is there any possibility at all two get 2 monitors to have different X screens and be active at the same time in 16.04?03:14
[Relic]complete lock up there03:21
ugurHi I am using Kubuntu 16.04 with Nvidia graphics card. Sometimes after I disconnect my second display I cannot use a second display again.07:11
ugurI can see the second display under hardware->Displlay but when I connect it it does not receive a a signal from the laptop07:13
ugurIt should be related to KDE settings because when I delete the kde settings folder it is fixed but it is repeated from time to time07:14
ugurOne more information I can see the secondary display under Display Configuration but it is not enabled and I cannot enable it07:19
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maysaraHow can I export my podcasts to opml file from Amarok?07:49
alexj178like to join as newby endUser I am down loading or trying to down load any help I might need?09:07
soeealexj178: with what ?09:18
alexj178asus intel laptop09:19
alexj178I ll be good and only expect good from others just like i want to give give help to others when I can09:23
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marahinHello. Is there a way to set / scale DPI of ONLY external screen?10:02
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soeemarahin: i don't think so10:12
soeebut maybe as on #plasma10:12
soeeto see if it they can help you somehow10:12
marahinsoee, aight10:15
user|80181Hello, can someone tell me, if there is a driver for the Graphiccard GV-N710D3-2GL by Gigabyte includet?10:19
user|80181the User get Kubuntu 14.0410:20
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BilincaltiHow can i install KDE on my Kubuntu?10:46
Bilincaltianybody help möe?10:47
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BluesKajHiyas all12:08
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anabainwhy am I getting nothing when I open a .txt with kwrite/kate?14:19
mparilloif you can filename.txt do you see normal characters?14:49
mparillocat filename.txt14:49
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mgolden_mparillo - What do you mean?15:27
mparilloOpen a konsole, and type cat filename.txt15:49
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viewer|29781i need to know ..when i can get 16.04 update for kubuntu installed on my system 14.04.0416:47
viewer|29781i heard 23Jul its available world wide but there is no sign of updated push on my system16:48
viewer|29781any idea abt kubuntu 16.04 update for 14.04.04 LTS16:51
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BluesKajviewer|29781, check your update manager and make sure it's set to upgrade LTS only  then run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, once that is finished , run sudo do-release-upgrade17:06
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mgolden_mparillo - Depends on what charset you have the terminal set to17:22
mgolden_viewer|29781 - It's not an update, it's a new LTS version17:25
viewer|29781@BluesKaj i performed the cmds you told ...no update17:27
viewer|29781@mgolden_ charset?17:32
viewer|29781how to check that17:32
BluesKajviewer|29781, did you check the kmenu>system>update manager>configure software sources>updates>show new distribution releases, choose 'Long Term Releases Only'17:33
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I think Discover handles that17:34
SmurphyHmmm... Looks like plasma (latest) s*cks with Laptops and Docks + 2 Screens ...17:45
SmurphyIn Dock - no Wifi + 2 screens.17:45
SmurphyYou take it off the Dock, Wifi won't start working, and the screen - well, you loose the panel.17:46
SmurphyAny hints ?17:46
jimarvanSmurphy: it is fixed n the latest plasma upgrade i think17:59
jimarvanwhen that was happening i was just creating a new default panel temporarily17:59
SmurphyYes. Had to do that too.18:40
SmurphyBut - also on my Latitude E7440, I have just upgraded the BIOS which was also making some issues.18:41
user|24341what difrent between 16 and 16.4 lts19:40
user|24341can any helps19:40
user|243412 os sytems19:41
mgolden_user|24341 - There is no such thing as 16.  There is 16.04, which is a Long Term Support (LTS) release and there will be 16.10 which will not be.20:10
[Relic]Is there any way to get 2 xscreens in 16.04?  If I create a xorg.conf through nvidia-settings (v367/or any other) I get stuck with 1 screen, but the mouse over on the second screen shows even though it is completely black and can't be accessed by anything else.  I have tried nearly everything I can think of or found so far (even backports for the next plasma) but not really having any luck getting 2 seperate xscreens to work.  If20:28
[Relic]I have no xorg.conf both monitors work but as one screen20:28
[Relic]If I have no xorg.conf both monitors work but as one screen20:30
viewer|70566hey guys, where can I find kde telepathy?20:47
viewer|70566I run Kubuntu 160420:47
viewer|70566in software source there is no telepathy.20:48
BluesKajviewer|70566, look for IM in the kmenu20:51
user|30488hello everybody i'm a new user of kubuntu (used ubuntu for a while) can you give me a tipical source.list with backports, official kubuntu repositories, i also woluld like to have last kde updates (only kde, no testing or other unstable things fo other applications) and proprietary drivers (soly for my bloody english).. oh, i would like a frensh mi20:54
user|30488rror. Thanks alot20:54
geniiuser|30488: The sources.list file would be the same as for regular Ubuntu. The Kubuntu specific stuff is now done in PPAs20:56
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories20:57
user|22487up :)20:58
geniiuser|22487: So you'd want to add Kubuntu updates PPA and backports PPA, they are in the second link the bot provides21:00
viewer|70566BluesKaj: thanks, but there is only im contacts21:01
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