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MaxFramescan you tell me how to upgrade now from 14.04 to 16.04?14:56
MaxFramesI know that by default lts releases are not made available right away through software update14:57
tsimonq2MaxFrames: sudo do-release-upgrade in the terminal14:57
MaxFramesthat command will install 16.06 lts?15:00
MaxFramesit didn't ask for any confirmation...15:01
MaxFramesa lot of entries with "err"15:01
MaxFramesit says press enter to continue15:02
MaxFramesif I ctrl+c will it abort nicely?15:02
tsimonq2I think so15:02
MaxFramesand now even the gui updates wont work15:11
MaxFrames"unable to install all the updates" because of "a previous incomplete update"15:12
MaxFramesI shouldn't have tried that command.....15:12
MaxFramesnow I need help to restore normal functionality15:13
MaxFramesI think it has updated the repositories to point at the new version15:13
MaxFrameslesson learned... don't ask for advice here :(15:27
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tsimonq2hi n-iCe18:24
tsimonq2n-iCe: just so you know, this is a support channel, hop over to #lubuntu-offtopic to chat :D18:38
ShravanI install lubuntu on my Pentium 4 (3.4 GHz) 1 GB RAM but video performance in bad. How Can I install Graphics drivers to enhance video performence21:46
extinct_potatodepends what graphics you have.21:47
extinct_potatoif you have built-in graphics then their performance is usually crappy.21:47
Shravanyes I have built in graphics. but it perform relatively well with windows XP21:48
Shravancurrently my system feels like fresh windows XP without graphics drivers.21:49
geniiWhat says the result of sudo lspci -nn| grep VGA21:49
ShravanIs there any way to find out what hardware I have and whether driver is installed or not21:49
Shravanglxinfo shows unknown21:50
Shravanunknown render21:50
geniiTo find out driver, you need lshw installed, then: sudo lshw -C video21:51
geniiIn the "capabilities" line if a driver is being used, it will have the name there21:52
Shravanthanks <gennii> I will check it and get back with more info21:54

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