mupBug #1606100 opened: "snap revert" command  cannot be found <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606100>02:18
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ali1234okay i figured it out. my qmake .pro has target.path=build because i copied it from the Qt examples04:14
ali1234so fixed it... now let's see what the next problem is04:14
ali1234This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "eglfs" in "".04:23
ali1234getting closer...04:23
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zygagood morning05:58
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didrockshey zyga06:12
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liuxgelopio, ping07:15
mupPR snapd#1581 opened: asserts: remove/disable comma separated lists and their uses <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1581>07:38
liuxgdoes anyone know how to use a license file in the snap?08:53
mardyI'm try build snapd, and I'm getting this error (I'm new to golang): http://paste.ubuntu.com/20849102/08:56
stevebiscuitmardy: try `cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/snapcore/snapd; go build -o /tmp/snap ./cmd/snap`09:37
mardystevebiscuit: thanks! I missed the fact that I have to build it from within $GOPATH09:39
stevebiscuitmardy: np!09:40
mwhudsonhi, i have a firstboot question09:41
mwhudsonthe console-conf stuff i'm working on prompts for username and password09:41
mwhudsonshould it just call /sbin/useradd with this info or is there/will there be a snapd api to call?09:42
mupPR snapd#1554 closed: store: Find now takes a Search instead of a query and channel <Created by chipaca> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1554>09:44
mupPR snapd#1554 closed: store: Find now takes a Search instead of a query and channel <Created by chipaca> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1554>09:44
hikikohello :)09:56
netphreakHi, guys!09:57
netphreakHas there been any new releases of snappy for RPI3?09:57
hikikoquestion: I was about to change hexchat on snappy-playpen to use the git repo that doesn't have compile errors and noticed that we use the  https://dl.hexchat.net/hexchat/hexchat-2.12.1.tar.xz, and I was wondering if I should change it or leave it like it is now +what about the readme? should I remove the todo?10:01
hikikothe official hexchat repo is this: https://github.com/hexchat/hexchat10:02
mupPR snapd#1582 opened: debian: move snapd.refresh.timer into timers.target <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1582>10:11
hikiko+another question :) I want to make a snap for blender, and in their page they have a 32bit tarball, an 64 bit tarball and a link to the git repo which one should I use in source?10:24
hikikowhat's preferable tarball or repo?10:25
tsimonq2hikiko: well it depends10:25
qenghohikiko: tarball.10:25
tsimonq2hm qengho :P10:25
tsimonq2hikiko: if using the repo fixes all the issues, mark it somehow as a daily snap and keep it like that until the next release10:26
hikikoI was thinking that if the user clones the repo he will then build the appropriate version for his architecture10:26
hikikotsimonq2, how can I mark it as a daily snap?10:27
tsimonq2hikiko: s/hexchat/hexchat-daily/g10:27
hikiko+how are you? :)10:27
tsimonq2great, you? :)10:27
hikikoalright :) I'll do this to blender then because someone changed hexchat to use this:10:28
hikiko    source: https://dl.hexchat.net/hexchat/hexchat-2.12.1.tar.xz10:28
hikikoso I guess it's not a daily-build10:28
qenghohikiko: Assuming your dependencies are all in Ubuntu OR are in public and compilable, and assuming your builder is already a plugin, then use tarball.10:30
hikikoqengho, but which tarball?10:31
hikikothe 32 or the 64?10:31
hikikocan I support both?10:31
qenghohikiko: source tarball.10:31
hikikooh :)10:32
hikikook :)10:32
qenghohikiko: sorry, I confused you. I'm advocating sourceonly.10:32
hikikothanks qengho tsimonq2 :)10:33
qenghohikiko: The builderson launchpad can make a blender-i386.snap and a blender-amd64.snap and (maybe) blender-armhf.snap and blender-arm64.snap10:33
ogra_mwhudson, you need adduser ... not useradd, since we default to libnss-extrausers, not to shadow for password management ... also i though that we are forced to use cloud-init for this10:34
mwhudsonogra_: uh yes, i should have said "useradd or something like that"10:34
ogra_netphreak, there havent been any image releases for any arch yet ... (so not, not even the pi3 .. but flexiondotorg and kgunn made some awesome progress to get graphics up and running during the snappy sprint)10:35
ali1234okay now i'm really getting somewhere: * failed to open vchiq instance10:35
ogra_ali1234, is that a 15.04 image ?10:35
ali1234ogra_: no10:35
ogra_(16.04 ones should have vchiq)10:35
ali1234ogra_: i am using the server classic image10:36
ogra_(on the device side that is though  ... )10:36
ogra_ah, might be that doesnt have such fancy things :)10:36
ali1234yeah i need my snap to be able to access it10:36
ogra_do you see a device in /dev ?10:36
ali1234the server image has vchiq... app works when run normally10:36
ogra_ah, k10:36
ogra_bug 153326510:37
mupBug #1533265: /dev/vchiq is inaccessible for unprivileged user <snapd-interface> <Snappy:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1533265>10:37
ali1234wow, other people actually tried this?10:37
ali1234i thought i was the only one10:37
ogra_but i fear that wont happen before we have actual new images ... which is still a few weeks10:37
ogra_kernel and gadget snaps have just seen their final definition during last weeks sprint10:38
ali1234well, can i work around it?10:38
ogra_you can indeed install your snap with --devmode10:38
ali1234the snap itself is marked as confinement: devmode10:38
ogra_thats only for the store10:38
ogra_you need to specify --devmode at install time10:39
ogra_and probably poke zyga to get the needed interface in place faster10:39
ali1234what does the store do with it btw?10:39
ogra_not sure that is high on his prio list10:39
ogra_it prevents the snap from going into the stable channel10:39
ali1234i see10:39
ali1234so now i got "qrc:///main.qml:1:1: module "QtQuick" is not installed"10:39
ogra_did you include it in your snap ?10:40
ogra_and is the searchpath pointing to the right place ?10:40
ali1234i included the desktop/qt5 thingy10:40
ogra_not sure if that has qtquick ... didrocks would know i guess10:40
ali1234maybe only the older one includes qml10:41
ogra_i think the new one is just the onld one included in the generic tree10:41
ogra_not sure if thre are actual differences10:41
ali1234it's quite a bit different10:41
ali1234installs a lot more stuff10:42
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ogra_might be a bug with the new one then10:42
ogra_(if the old one actually works)10:42
ali1234well ti never saw the old one work due to bugs10:42
ali1234but i thought it said it set up Qt "and QML" according to the readme10:43
ali1234so regarding snapcraft cleanbuild10:43
ali1234how can i notify it that it must use some PPAs?10:44
ogra_that still doesnt work with external parts i think10:44
ali1234okay but i can just include all my parts, that's not a problem10:44
ogra_i think it is possible to set up a pre-created container where you can do such config stuff in advance ... but dont ask me how :)10:44
ali1234i will probably need a custom launcher anyway10:44
ali1234i do definitely need to include a ppa with the raspberry pi libraries, and another ppa with a patched Qt that uses it10:45
ogra_using PPAs for a non cleanbuild build is trivial though ... it just uses the hosts sources.list10:45
ali1234yes i know, that's what i am doing currently10:46
ali1234(that's why i am using the server image)10:46
ogra_well, i dont know how exactly you can use pre-created lxc containers for cleanbuild, but i knwo it is possible10:46
ali1234hmm i staged qml-module-qtquick2 and qml-module-qtquick-xmllistmodel and libqt5declarative5 but it still says module QtQuick is not installed10:48
ali1234hmm wait i think i need to clean10:48
ali1234it works :)10:56
ali1234it would be really nice if someone who knew what they were doing packaged up Qt for EGLFS... then snappy would be a competitor for boot2qt (which is commercial only)10:58
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sborovkovzyga: Hello. So can I get snap-confine 1.0.38 or whatever version  I need to get getwpuid working11:11
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ogra_sborovkov, i think there is one in xenial-proposed (i.e. not released and fully tested yet)11:30
sborovkovogra_: hmm, so is that possible to install it?11:30
sborovkovAh, found the repo11:31
ogra_yes, (temporary) enable proposed, apt update ... apt install snap-confine ... disable -proposed again11:31
ogra_(and apt update for making it clean)11:31
didrocksali1234: are you sure you have the right version? If it's qtquick 1, you need qt411:38
didrocksand so the qt4 launcher11:38
ali1234didrocks: yes i am sure11:38
sborovkovogra_: do you by chance have any idea when snapd 2.0.11 will be released/appear in proposed11:39
didrocksotherwise, yeah, I only stage some declarative lib, but not the whole stack11:39
mupPR snapcraft#683 opened: Release changelog for 2.13.1 <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/683>11:39
didrocks(to keep the launcher lighter for non qml projects)11:39
ogra_sborovkov, nope ...11:39
ali1234didrocks: why the gtk pixmap stuff?11:39
didrocksif you are using a qt5 project on a GNOME-based desktop, you need gtk pixmaps for the icon themes11:40
ogra_sborovkov, you can watch bug 1605303 though11:40
mupBug #1605303: [SRU] 2.0.11 <snapd (Ubuntu):New> <snapd (Ubuntu Xenial):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605303>11:40
didrocks(as it's using the gtk engine)11:40
ali1234i'm not running any desktop at all... what should i do?11:40
ali1234make my own launcher?11:40
sborovkovogra_: Oh, nice, thanks11:40
didrocksali1234: you can reuse the same launcher, and override stage-packages11:40
ali1234i literally don't need any of the things you stage11:40
didrocksthat way, you only pick what you want11:41
ali1234oh, that's cool11:41
didrocksstill keeping the same "executable"11:41
ali1234so i don't need to fork it11:41
didrocksif the script doesn't work because of some missing deps which should be optional, we could fix it11:41
ali1234it complains when i remove gdk pixbuf11:42
didrocks(I didn't try, so I may required some executables without testing for their existence first, I'm happy to fix if you poke me ;))11:42
didrockslet me look11:42
ali1234although actually i'm not sure *how* i removed it11:42
ali1234it still works11:42
ali1234it just prints an error "file not found"11:42
ali1234hang on let me try thing11:42
ali1234oh i see11:42
ali1234what i did was add a new part that references the github one11:42
ali1234let me pastebin my yaml11:43
didrocksthat works as well :)11:43
ali1234the git repo is an identical fork of yours11:43
ali1234but i suppose it is unnecessary11:43
ogra_whee, version 011:44
didrocksali1234: right!11:44
didrocksali1234: the error was on gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders?11:44
ali1234i can't find the error now, seems to have stopped happening... i dunno whats going on11:45
didrockswe only compile first time you install11:45
didrocksand after each update of the snap11:45
ali1234ah that would be why it went away11:45
didrocks(some steps can be long)11:45
ali1234i wondered why it took so long to start actually11:45
didrocksok, it seems to be on this run, I didn't protect it, doing now11:45
ali1234/snap/infodump/x19/bin/desktop-launch: line 113: /snap/infodump/x19/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders: No such file or directory11:45
ogra_you could just put libglib2.0 into your stage packages (if that doesnt pull in too many debs)11:46
didrocksfixing this11:47
didrocksyou need to ensure that you then have all working on various env11:47
ogra_the script should probably get a check though and give you a nice hint ;)11:47
didrockslike icons and such11:47
ogra_in case someone runs your snap on a desktop install11:48
ali1234if they run my snap on a desktop install it absolutely definitely will not work11:48
ogra_dont forget that your package is installable everywhere on different distros, desktops or core installs11:48
ali1234it bundles a Qt built for eglfs11:48
ali1234if your computer doesn't support eglfs it won't work11:49
ogra_well, you should probably add a wrapper script that spits out a proper warning then11:49
ali1234the binary already does that11:49
ogra_ah, k11:49
ali1234it will say that error i pasted early11:49
ali1234* can't open vchiq probably11:49
ogra_i'd also add that info to the long description of the package11:50
ogra_so people dont accidentially install it because they dont know what it is11:50
ali1234i'm not going to upload it to the store anyway11:50
ali1234it uses reverse engineered APIs, not just rss11:51
ogra_then this doesnt matter indeed11:51
ali1234i could make a "clean" version i suppose11:51
ali1234actually it should be possible to make a snap that works in eglfs or xcb11:52
didrocksali1234: pushed on master11:52
ogra_it surely is ... the question is what overhead you need to ship then11:53
ali1234didrocks: okay, so i should adjust my yaml to point back to the original repo? or is there a way to override the stage packages via the wikipart syntax?11:53
ogra_(unused dependencies etc)11:53
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didrocksali1234: I think there is, wait a sec11:53
ali1234i'm really impressed with snapcraft btw11:53
ali1234it's so easy11:54
didrocksali1234: http://blog.sergiusens.org/posts/The-Snapcraft-Parts-Ecosystem/, "composition"11:54
ogra_ali1234, send your flowers to sergiusens and kyrofa ;)11:54
didrocksso, you just redifine the part11:54
ogra_(yes, it is the best thing since sliced bread)11:54
didrocksand restart stage-packages (and build-packages)11:54
ali1234so how do i say stage-packages: none?11:55
didrocksstage-packages: []11:55
didrocksempty list ;)11:56
ogra_crazy stuff :)11:56
ali1234so you *can* put all the packages into one line?11:56
ali1234stage-packages: [foo, bar]11:56
ali1234like that?11:56
didrocksyeah, that's pure yaml11:56
ogra_yeah, yaml is very flexible with that11:56
didrockscan be quite unreadable easily though :p11:56
didrocksbut for few ones, it's better to have one line IMHO11:56
ogra_for long lists it surely is11:57
ali1234hmm can't get this to work11:57
didrockscan be a bug in snapcraft, I don't know who apart from Sergio really tested/used this override11:58
ali1234i say after: [desktop/qt5]11:58
ali1234but then i don't know what to put for the override part name11:59
didrocksafter that, you set another part:11:59
didrocks   destkop/qt5:11:59
didrocks      stage-packages: []11:59
didrocksthat should be enough11:59
e^1after coming across snappy i very much liked it, if i liked to contribute from where i can start ?11:59
ali1234that doesn't work11:59
ali1234Issues while validating snapcraft.yaml: The 'parts' property does not match the required schema: Additional properties are not allowed ('desktop/qt5' was unexpected)11:59
didrockswhat do you get?12:00
didrockssergiusens: do you kow about that? ^12:00
didrocksali1234: so, meanwhile, redefine your part, refering to upstream source git12:00
ogra_e^1, to what would you like to contribute ? to snappy itself, to the build tool (snapcraft) or do you want to snap packages ?12:00
iceydoes the snap store support private snaps?12:00
e^1ogra_: to snappy as well as snapcraft12:00
ogra_icey, it is surely planned, not sure it does for single snaps yet (you could always have a private sub-store though)12:01
e^1wow it's in pythong :) :)12:01
ogra_e^1, https://github.com/snapcore/ should be a good start then12:01
e^1yeah just stumbled there..12:01
e^1ogra_: what about learning more snappy ?12:02
iceyThanks ogra_12:02
ali1234actually, does anyone have a raspberry pi running ubuntu/snapd/x11?12:02
ali1234i could make a simple QML hello world, and see if it runs on x1112:02
ogra_e^1, for building snaps come to http://gitter.im/ubuntu/snappy-playpen ... there is where regular package sessions happen and people can answer questions regading snaps12:03
sborovkovogra_: unfortunately, getpwuid still fails for me with newer snap-confine :(12:03
e^1ogra_: arrived there :)12:04
ogra_sborovkov, you had a bug for that, right ? make sure to note it there12:04
e^1ogra_: how to know how exacly snappy works and how it is diff from regular linux distro ?12:04
sborovkovogra_: No, I did not. I will create one though now.12:05
ogra_e^1, https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/ shows some basics ... i guess beyond this, mainly by asking people :)12:06
e^1ogra_: cool :)12:07
e^1ogra_: also is it possible to build snappy from scratch so we can understand what's going on ?12:08
e^1ogra_: can you shed some light about  it ?12:08
ogra_talk to zyga about that if you dont want to build deb packages for snapd and friends12:08
ogra_(he is at a sprint this week though ... might only be rarely around)12:09
e^1ok will ask zyga more regarding this12:09
ogra_cjwatson, is bug 1606203 a bzr or LP bug ? (the log doesnt look like it is snapcraft)12:09
mupBug #1606203: Failed to build of snappy package on Launchpad: Invalid header value 'Basic U05BUEJVSUxELTE4NzAtMTQ2OTQyNjE0ODpjOTJkYzVjOWQ0OTg0ZGE5OWZlNGY1ZjI3ODRhMWJk\nOA==' <launchpad> <snappy> <Snapcraft:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606203>12:09
e^1it's just that i discovered a cool open source project i can work on..12:09
ogra_shiny title :)12:09
e^1title ?12:10
ogra_the bug that mup (the bot) posted12:10
e^1ooh ok :)12:11
sergiusensdidrocks it is fixed in master12:13
sergiusensdidrocks and in snapcraft in -proposed12:13
mupPR snapd#1583 opened: snap: remove meta/kernel.yaml again <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1583>12:14
sborovkovogra_: created the bug, do you know if I can bug anyone specific to take a look at that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/160621212:14
e^1ogra_: can i installed updated versio of apps which are not available in snappy ?12:14
mupBug #1606212: getpwuid is failing on classic image <snapd (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606212>12:14
ogra_sborovkov, add the snapd-interfaces tag to the bug, then jdstrand or tyhicks should see it on their lists12:15
e^1ogra_: okay everything is similar only change is there is apps dir and almost nothing installed12:16
didrocksali1234: ok, so wait for next-coming snapcraft release to do proper override ^ :)12:16
didrocksthanks sergiusens!12:16
sborovkovogra_: thanks12:16
cjwatsonogra_: Looks like bzr has trouble talking to the Launchpad directory service through an authenticated proxy (it's getting a bit confused and using the proxy credentials in the wrong place), which is at least arguably a bzr bug.12:19
cjwatsonogra_: That will probably be no fun to fix, and bzr is largely unstaffed at the moment, so it may be most economical to hack snapcraft to unset https_proxy when calling bzr, with a comment explaining that this is due to this bug.12:19
cjwatsonogra_: It's definitely not an LP bug, I can say that much.12:20
* cjwatson copies and pastes this into the bug report12:20
ogra_i was about to12:21
timothycjwatson: and if you need https_proxy to go to internet? :P12:21
sergiusenscjwatson I guess disabling the proxy if it would fail anyways is fine, more so that if you are using bzr you will most likely be using launchpad too12:21
cjwatsontimothy: Right, hence the comment.12:21
sergiusenscan we get this comment in the bug or can I paste this conversation?12:22
cjwatsontimothy: But any non-LP-hosted bzr branch can be mirrored to LP, so there's a workaround.12:22
cjwatsonsergiusens: Just did.12:22
sergiusensthanks cjwatson12:22
timothyI hope anything will be migrated to git (github) soon ;)12:22
cjwatsonOr git (Launchpad)12:22
timothyit's the same12:22
cjwatsonSure, so just leave out the parenthetical :P12:22
loolysionneau: Yop12:24
e^1ogra_: were my questions too silly :P12:28
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ogra_e^1, sorry, i got distracted by actual work :)12:44
ogra_can you re-phrase the questions a bit, i dont really understand them12:44
sborovkovogra_: hmm, is snap-interfaces right though? I run unconfined12:44
ogra_i think12:45
ogra_and yes, even when running unconfined (thats then actually a bug in the unconfined mode :) )12:46
zygasborovkov: let me check and get back t oyou12:48
zygasborovkov: so looking at snapd, this system call is not allowed12:48
zygasborovkov: you can use devmode for now12:50
zygasborovkov: is there a bug on this?12:50
sborovkovzyga: Well there is no way to run without full screen apps on rpi without devmode anyway :) Created a bug just today https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/160621212:52
mupBug #1606212: getpwuid is failing on classic image <snapd-interfaces> <snapd (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606212>12:52
sborovkovzyga: the issue is it's not working in devmode as well :(12:53
zygasborovkov: thank you, I will work on my backlog as time permits12:53
zygasborovkov: that's unexpected, could be a kernel isuse12:53
zygasborovkov: does it work outside of snaps?12:53
sborovkovzyga: Did not test that. I will create a simple app to test. Give me few minutes. Note that on snappy only system everything was working perfectly (though image I used was from few weeks ago). going to retest on snappy only system as well.12:54
e^1ogra_: is it possible to update any app to latest version for example docker ?12:55
e^1right now docker is quite older version12:55
sborovkovzyga: yup, just ran python, it works perfectly outside of snaps12:56
zygasborovkov: ok, maybe you can share that demo12:56
zygasborovkov: I can dig more12:56
e^1zyga: np mate :)12:56
zygasborovkov: but maybe just next week :)12:56
ogra_e^1, sure, if you have a snapcraft.yaml or if upstream releases a new versuin12:56
sborovkovzyga: demo? I just ran python3. import pwd; pwd.getpwuid(0);12:57
ogra_i think a docker snap update is being worked on (i think someone said that here recently)12:57
zygasborovkov: ok12:57
zygasborovkov: thanks12:57
zygasborovkov: does it work on x86?12:57
sborovkovzyga: I am not sure if it's architecture specific. We have screenly only working under arm at the moment. So I don't have snap for x86. is there easy way to just call python interpreter at the moment so I can check that?12:59
sborovkovfrom the snap I mean12:59
zygasborovkov: I mean the tiny python one liner13:00
zygasborovkov: no worries, I'll check it out13:00
sborovkovzyga: it works outside of snaps at least13:00
e^1ogra_: cool13:00
ogra_zyga, is mvo at the sprint ? there is an old snap-cconfine package in the image PPA that gets pulled into my os snap builds, can i remove that from the PPA ?13:03
ogra_(still including the copmare-versions bug... i see it in my logs)13:03
zygaogra_: yes he is13:04
zygaogra_: old as in older than current?13:05
zygaogra_: I think so, as long as it gets replaced by the new one in the archive13:05
zygaogra_: though I'll let mvo answer with authority13:05
sborovkovzyga: Anyway I will test it on snappy only as well. It seems like I was using quite old image before. Have not updated for pretty long time since everything was working. May be it's not classic only issue.13:06
ogra_zyga, older than whats in proposed ... but my builds dont use proposed atm, so the PPA version gets pulled in13:07
sborovkovzyga: yup, just build image with latest kernel/gadget snap. INstalled the same snap and it's working. So classic only issue13:21
zygasborovkov: interesting, that is unexpected then13:23
mupPR snapcraft#683 closed: Release changelog for 2.13.1 <Created by sergiusens> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/683>13:27
ogra_sergiusens, any chance you can put the prime/stage fixes for type: os on a high prio ? i dont really want to go back to cdimage builds if possible13:32
ogra_(and i dont count on kyrofa this week given he will have to de-jetlag)13:33
ogra_(i'd try to come up with a PR myself, but looking at the prime code i fear that would cause more work than helping)13:35
ali1234i snapped the QML rssnews demo https://github.com/ali1234/rpi-qml-eglfs-snap13:37
josephtogra_: is there a bug (or bugs) for the prime/stage fixes for type: os?13:38
ogra_ali1234, oh, careful with silo ppas ... their content changes frequently ...13:38
ali1234yes i know13:38
ali1234but i could not find Qt 5.6 anywhere else13:38
ogra_josepht, bug 160590313:38
mupBug #1605903: "type: os" should prevent stage and prime stages from mangling content <snapcraft (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605903>13:38
ogra_ali1234, Mirv (in #ubuntu-devel or -touch) should have a pre-release PPA for the stuff before he pushes it to release13:39
ali1234yeah, i'm going to ask him about that next13:39
ali1234afaik silo 11 *is* the prerelase repo13:39
ali1234(for xenial)13:39
ogra_josepht, the best would be if they would just be skipped for anything but moving the content and creatings the files in meta/13:40
ogra_ali1234, ah ... then it might actually stay around for some weeks13:40
ali1234is there a working all-snap image for rpi3 yet?13:43
ogra_there isnt a working all-snaps image for anything yet13:44
ali1234hmm what was i using before on rpi2 then?13:44
ogra_we're  waiting for the new ubuntu-image and teeh finalization of the new gadget and kernel snap specification13:44
ogra_whatever is out there is obsolete13:45
ogra_or lets rather say "experimental"13:45
Pharaoh_AtemHello everyone!13:47
liuxgsergiusens, I have a snapcraft.yaml at http://paste.ubuntu.com/20872098/, which uses the license.txt file. however, when I compile it, I get a warining like http://paste.ubuntu.com/20872098/. when I install the snap file, it does not prompt me the license file. is there any problem with my snapcraft.yaml file? thanks14:07
sergiusensliuxg I guess that maybe these might be questions for Chipaca14:10
liuxgsergiusens, thanks! Chipaca, would you please have a check with my question? thanks14:16
Croephayou guys ever have snapd just die on you? and refuse to come back up with: could not unmarshal state entry "snaps": json: cannot unmarshal...14:48
ogra_Chipaca, ^^^^14:49
ogra_bug 160460614:49
mupBug #1604606: snapd fails to start due to: could not unmarshal state entry "snaps": json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type int <snapd (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1604606>14:49
ogra_smells like that one14:50
liuxgelopio, ping15:03
elopioliuxg: 'sup?15:04
liuxgelopio, I found that you once tested the license implementation at https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/201 however, I am now having a problem in using the license http://paste.ubuntu.com/20872098/15:05
mupPR snapcraft#201: Add licensing support <Created by sergiusens> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/201>15:05
liuxgelopio, do you know how to implement a license in the snapcraft? I once reported a bug againt it long time ago. thanks15:06
elopioliuxg: this is what you need from the snapcraft side: https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/tree/master/integration_tests/snaps/license15:07
elopioI'm not sure if that's working on the snapd side. If it is not, and there is no bug reported, you can open one for them.15:08
liuxgelopio, this is what I built for the project http://paste.ubuntu.com/20877984/. when I install it, it does not prompt the license.15:11
elopioliuxg: you can file a bug in launchpad.net/snappy15:12
liuxgelopio, is this a bug in the snapcraft or snappy?15:13
elopioliuxg: snappy, afaik.15:13
liuxgelopio, ok. I will do that.15:13
liuxgelopio, however, there is a warning like DEPRECATED: 'license' defined in snapcraft.yaml15:14
liuxgelopio, I think this could be related to the snapcraft, right?15:14
elopioliuxg: snapcraft puts the license in meta.15:15
liuxgelopio, however, it says that it is a deprecated "license" defined in the snapcraft.yaml. what should be correct way to do it?15:16
elopiothe new style is to put it there yourself. We might be putting it in the wrong directory, or snappy could be ignoring it.15:16
liuxgelopio, when I build the project for the second time, it says http://paste.ubuntu.com/20878500/15:16
mupPR snapd#1584 opened: asserts: introduce new parseHeaders <Critical> <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1584>15:17
elopioliuxg: that is a bug in snapcraft. Please report it in launchpad.net/snapcraft15:17
liuxgelopio, I have reported the bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/160628315:19
mupBug #1606283: license does not work in the snap installation. <Snapcraft:New> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606283>15:19
elopiothank you.15:19
liuxgelopio, you are welcome!15:20
jdstrandzyga: hi! hope you had a nice weekend and week last week :)15:20
jdstrandzyga: fyi, bug #160627715:20
mupBug #1606277: log-observe interface is broken in latest snap-confine <snapd-interface> <snap-confine (Ubuntu):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606277>15:20
mupBug #1606283 opened: license does not work in the snap installation. <Snapcraft:New> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1606283>15:20
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
zygajdstrand: I just noticed, thank you for reporting this, I will fix and release it today15:23
cwaynezyga: hey, do you know when the next planned release of ubuntu-core snap is?15:29
cwayneand do you think there's a chance https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1563 lands before that15:29
mupPR snapd#1563: Interfaces: hardware-observe <Created by cwayne18> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1563>15:29
timothycwayne: snapd and snap-core are different projects15:30
timothyerr snapd-confine15:31
jdstrandtyhicks: hey, fyi latest comments in bug #158445615:39
mupBug #1584456: apparmor denial using ptmx char device <apparmor> <Snappy:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1584456>15:39
zygacwayne: nope, I don't know15:39
zygacwayne: maybe mvo knows15:39
jdstrandzyga: thanks15:39
tyhicksjdstrand: thanks - I hope that I can work on fixing that bug this week15:42
renatujdstrand, do you know who wrote the "calendar" policygroup for calendar?15:51
renatuapparmor used by the phone15:51
renatuzyga, what is the difference btw the permanent rule and connected rule, on a snap interface?15:52
jdstrandrenatu: I did15:55
renatujdstrand, could you take a look on that: https://github.com/renatofilho/snapd/commit/198974dddac4e30a971f893b7fb402d662acf63715:56
renatujdstrand, I did some small changes, to adapt it to a snap interface. Still not clear for me why do we need permanent and PermanentSlotDBus15:57
jdstrandrenatu: I can explain permanent vs connected. a permanent rule is something that is always there regardless of whether snaps are connected. slot side permanent policy is typically used for whatever is needed to allow a server that connecting snaps talk to to run. permanent plugs policy isn't used much15:57
jdstrandrenatu: where is this interface supposed to be used? are you implementing an eds-calendar snap for other snaps to connect to or are you having snaps connect to the session eds on classic?15:59
renatujdstrand, ubuntu-calendar-app15:59
jdstrandsure, that is an app15:59
renatujdstrand, https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/+junk/ubuntu-calendar-app-snappy15:59
jdstrandbut what is it connecting to?15:59
renatujdstrand, eds.16:00
renatuwe do not have eds snappy yet16:00
jdstrandyes, but an eds provided by a snap or by the system?16:00
renatujdstrand, by the system now16:00
jdstrandso if provided by the system, then you don't worry about slot side policy16:00
jdstrandslot side policy is for snaps that provide a service that other snaps plug into16:01
jdstrandso, if/when you implement eds as a snap, then you'd need to create slot policy16:01
jdstrandbased on what you've said here, you just need connected plug policy16:01
jdstrandand return nil for everything else16:02
jdstrand(permanent slot, connected slot and permanent plugs)16:02
renatujdstrand, should I create a new interface for the server? or I can mix both?16:02
jdstrandyou can mix16:02
renatujdstrand, in EDS case, we have contacts and calendar16:02
jdstrandbut if you are planning on doing that, it would be good to name it so that it fits16:02
renatuprobably we will want a contact interface16:02
jdstrandthat's fine but they can still be split into eds-calendar and eds-contacts16:03
jdstrandsince those are different dbus APIs16:04
renatujdstrand, they share the same source registry16:04
jdstrandI see what you mean-- the slot would be the same but the plugs could be different16:05
jdstrandok, so, probably should be named 'eds', not 'eds-calendar'16:05
jdstrandthen we can use interface attributes to specify calendar, contacts or both16:05
renatujdstrand, any example of that?16:06
jdstrandin this manner, an eds snap can 'slots; [ eds ]' and a consuming snap could pick which it needs16:06
jdstrandrenatu: bool_file and seriral_port both use attributes16:07
jdstrandrenatu: there are some other PRs in flight that do too16:08
renatujdstrand, nice, I will take a look. Thanks16:08
jdstrandrenatu: but the basic idea would be, you set up cariables for common policy for talking to eds at all, then calendar policy and contacts policy. you look at the interface attributes and always add common, and then calendar and/or contacts depending on the attributes16:09
renatujdstrand, ok, I think I got the idea. Let me se if I can implement that ;)16:09
renatujdstrand, if I have a permanent rule means that any app that make use of this rule can use that? Could a app take ownership of the service by mistake?  Or there is a specific rule/property for that?16:26
jdstrandrenatu: a permanent rule simple means that it is given unconditionally to the snap regardless of auto-connect16:28
jdstrandrenatu: they are typically only used on the slot side since a server implementing the slot side (ie, eds itself) may need certain things to run at all16:29
jdstrandrenatu: so, a slot permanent rule might be an apparmor rule for binding to a dbus well-known name16:29
jdstrandrenatu: a connected rule on the slot side might be an apparmor rule allowing a specific security label (ie, snap) to connect to the server16:30
jdstrandrenatu: a connected rule on the plug side might be an apparmor rule allowing connecting to the slot side security label (ie, the eds snap or the unconfined eds system-supplied snap)16:31
jdstrandrenatu: does that make sense?16:32
jdstrandrenatu: if you haven't already, you might want to read zyga's blog series: http://www.zygoon.pl/2016/04/snappy-snapcraft-and-interfaces.html16:32
elopiodidrocks: can you please add me to the ubuntu team in github?16:36
elopioI want to make a docker image with autobuild for snapcraft:master. And we can move yours to a team too.16:36
elopiowe can put both dockerfiles in snappy-playpen.16:36
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: just saw your review request and I'm taking the review for goconfigparser16:40
zygaPharaoh_Atem: thank you16:41
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I have a few important emergency things I need to do upstream but I will request snap-confine review next16:41
zygaPharaoh_Atem: and snapd, without the preset bits16:41
Pharaoh_Atemdoes snap-confine have selinux integration at this point, or is it essentially a stub still?16:42
elopiomarcoceppi: arosales: or maybe you can add me to the ubuntu org in github.16:42
mupPR snapcraft#684 opened: Run tests from /tmp <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/684>16:42
didrockselopio: added!16:42
didrockselopio: this is the repo having the docker recipe: https://github.com/ubuntu/docker-snapcraft16:43
zygaPharaoh_Atem: no, it's not even in master yet,16:44
zygaPharaoh_Atem: it's not a stub, it does other things but doesn't do anything selinux yet16:44
Pharaoh_Atemah okay16:44
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I need to stop sprinting at some point and actually sit down and do stuff ;-)16:45
elopiodidrocks: awesome! thanks.16:46
didrocksyw :)16:47
e^1zyga: hey :) i would like to know how to create ubuntu core from scratch ?16:55
ogra_e^1, that happens in the image build machinery of ubuntu ... the same place where the CD image isos are built16:55
ogra_it uses ubuntu-cdimage and live-build currently ... the config lives in the livecd-rootfs package16:56
e^1ogra_: ok let me google more about it..17:00
e^1ogra_: what is the basic difference between ubuntu core and normal ubuntu desktop ?17:02
e^1only snappy makes the difference ?17:02
ogra_ubuntu core is about 70MB big17:02
e^1it seems that snappy is added on ubuntu core if i am not mistaken..17:02
ogra_it is just enough OS to boot and run snapd17:03
jrwreni can't figure out the difference between ubuntu-base and ubuntu-core17:04
ogra_e^1, http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseTeam/CDImageSetup17:04
ogra_that has some info about the ubuntu build system and where to get the source17:05
ogra_jrwren, one is a tarball to be used for build chroots, the other is an embedded OS17:05
jrwrenogra_: interesting. thanks!17:06
ogra_(well, for build chroots, or as base for creating some other installs etc etc)17:06
ogra_ubuntu-base -> non booting rootfs, just enough to run apt17:06
ogra_ubuntu-core -> embedded bootable OS based on snaps, just enough OS to boot and run snapd17:07
e^1ogra_: nice info17:07
e^1ogra_: so following CDImageSetup we can create 70MB ubuntu core image ?17:08
e^1but that's CD so it must be quite big17:08
ogra_well, yes, but the cdimage setup is very complex17:09
ogra_that page is just about how to contribute code17:09
ogra_i dont think the setup is well documented beyond the source code itself17:09
e^1ogra_: where i can find more info regarding ubuntu core image ?17:09
* ogra_ has seen others gove up after spending ages on trying it locally17:10
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: golang(github.com/mvo5/goconfigparser) review approved: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=135980417:10
ogra_the image is built from a kernel snap, a gadget snap and the ubuntu-core snap ...17:10
e^1ogra_: doubt cleared :)17:11
SamYapleyo yo jdstrand . RE our conversation the other day about named sockets and what have you, all is good i believe. if we implement the /etc/* bindmount/overlay like you were suggesting I can tie all of this together and have it work well17:11
ogra_the ubuntu-core snap and the kernels snap are currently created by the cdimage build system17:11
e^1ogra_: now say if i want to install any specific app i need to first package it in snappy format is that correct ?17:11
SamYaplejdstrand: i gave it a good once over and it should be solid17:11
ogra_atm we use a tool called ubuntu-device-flash to assemble these snaps ... it downlods them from the snap store and assembles an img17:12
ogra_but that tool is rather abandoned, a new tool called ubuntu-image is in the works. that will directly hook into the cdimage build system17:12
ogra_e^1, right ... if you wanted ... say a raspberry PI kodi image you would have to package kodi as snap and push it to the store ... then create a gadget snap with the rpi uboot setup inside that says you want a rpi kernel and that you want the kodi snap from the store pre-installed17:14
ogra_currently ubuntu-device-flash would then take your gadget snap from disk, pull the pi kkernel from the store, the ubuntu-core snap and the kodi snap ... and roll all of them into a bootable SD card image17:15
jdstrandSamYaple: nice! if you haven't already, you might mention the bind mount stuff in bug #157751417:16
mupBug #1577514: Support preloading to make snaps feel at home <snapd-interface> <Snapcraft:Triaged by sergiusens> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1577514>17:16
SamYaplejdstrand: alrighty ill do it now17:16
* ogra_ has the feeling that "tiny preloading library" might become rather big ... 17:17
ogra_seeing it mentioned in so many bugs17:17
SamYapleogra_: LD_PRELOAD solves all the things and isnt full of security problems dont ya know?17:17
jdstrandI think niemeyer has a creative way to keep it small and generic (as I outlined my understanding in the aforementioned bug)17:18
e^1ogra_: it's quite difficutl to digest but getting a rough idea..17:18
jdstrandwell, LD_PRELOAD in this context is ok cause the process is running under confinement and can still only access its own stuff17:18
ogra_SamYaple, haha17:19
ogra_the prob is to get all the APIs right and not miss anything an app expects from the function you replace17:19
ogra_and by the looks of it there will be a lot of functions piling up over time17:21
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: you have a problem in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=135980217:23
e^1ogra_: can i use ubuntu base and chroot into ubuntu core and customize it ?17:31
e^1or how can i customize ubuntu core ?17:32
ogra_for local experiments you caan re-pack the snap ...17:32
e^1ogra_: i am not getting you mate..17:32
ogra_you can re-pack the snap and sideload it17:32
e^1ogra_: you have any wiki or something on this /17:33
ogra_it isnt even done yet ...17:33
e^1ogra_: say for example i want to install apt-get than how can i do that ?17:33
ogra_docs will come once we actually provide images :)17:33
ogra_you cant ...17:34
ogra_there is a classic mode shipped though17:34
e^1ogra_: okay..17:34
ogra_that can give you a container to run apt in17:34
e^1ogra_: than what about adding a custom binary ? that too no ?17:34
e^1this means ubuntu core is locked, you can change anything straight away..17:34
ogra_i think mvo wrote a longish mail to the mailing lists a few weeks ago ... check the archives17:34
e^1will dig mailing list..17:35
ogra_for experimenting around you can unpack the ubuntu-core snap, make your changes and snap it again17:35
ogra_(and then sideload it into your image)17:37
e^1ogra_: in simple terms unpack this image  ubuntu-15.04-snappy-amd64+generic.img.xz ?17:41
ogra_ah, no, that is old cruft17:42
e^1than which image ?17:42
ogra_the 15.04 model is obsolete17:42
e^116.04 ?17:42
ogra_people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps/ has some very old (and possibly completely broken today) images17:43
e^1the image is not available http://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/17:43
ogra_and an ubuntu-device-flash-experimental that you can use to roll something more recent17:43
ogra_there have been no proper or official 16.04 images yet ...17:44
ogra_all resources that could work on this have been focused on cross-distro stuff and integration into classic installs, so the images are a bit behind17:45
e^1ogra_: haha lots of new stuff :)17:45
ogra_we just had a sprint last week where we met to finalize the specs for the images17:45
e^1ogra_: if i want to contribute in all this stuff than where should i start from ?17:46
ogra_depends what you want (i think i said that in th beginning already ;) )17:46
e^1hmm yeah :)17:46
mupPR snapd#1585 opened: store, daemon, client, cmd/snap, docs/rest.md: adieu search grammar <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1585>17:47
e^1ogra_: so i have to unpack this ubuntu-device-flash image and make changes and pack it ?17:47
e^1than which image i should work on ?17:48
ogra_you would grab the ubuntu-core snap from inside it (easiest would be from a booted image)17:48
ogra_and unpack that ...17:48
ogra_then change it17:48
ogra_and ssnap it again17:48
ogra_then sideload it into the running image17:48
e^1ogra_: i am already booted into ubuntu snappy17:49
ogra_it isnt really clear to me what you want to do there though17:49
ogra_it is more likely that we remove (a lot) more stuff than that we add anything to it ...17:49
e^1ogra_: i want to add custom binaries to it17:50
e^1or custom apps17:50
ogra_then do it like i explained in the kodi example above17:50
e^1that's the main thing..17:50
ogra_you dont modify the ubuntu-core snap17:51
ogra_but add another snap package17:51
ogra_through a definition in your gadget snap ... at image build time17:51
e^1ogra_: as you said 'grab the ubuntu-core snap from inside it from the booted image' so just curious how to do that ?17:53
ogra_using scp17:53
e^1and i am sorry i am annoying you much..17:53
* Chipaca hugs ogra_ 17:53
* ogra_ hugs Chipaca 17:54
ogra_no worries, i'm fine :)17:54
e^1ogra_: yeah but what should i scp ? which exact location ?17:54
ogra_check the output of the mount command ;)17:54
ogra_you will see i guess17:54
ogra_(piping to a "grep ubuntu-core" might be helpful to filter a bit17:55
ogra_iirs it is somewhere in /var/snap17:56
ogra_or /var/lib/snap or so17:57
ogra_still though ... adding stuff ... if it is more complex than a standalone binary in /usr/bin will mean a lot of other changes17:58
ogra_i.e. apt will definitely not work if you just add it17:58
ogra_such a change needs extra integration work in other places17:58
Chipacaogra_, I'm assuming it's for educational purposes17:58
ogra_me too :)17:58
* Chipaca goes back to watching spread like a hawk17:59
e^1yeah got that :)18:01
e^1this means this is not like other ordinary linux distro..18:02
e^1in this lots of stuff have been changed18:02
ogra_not really18:03
ogra_but if you change stuff at the readonly core you need to do other stuff18:03
ogra_this system is designed for and around snaps18:04
ogra_so if you want to add things, create a snap for it18:04
e^1first of all i need to understand the structure of ubuntu core and than how snaps work18:07
e^1this will make things more clear in my brain.18:07
ogra_the image boots into the readonly snap ... then bind mounts writable bits for it into the writabble partition during the boot process ... then it starts snapd18:09
ogra_thats all18:09
ogra_(well, there is a normal ubunt boot process around it using systemd )18:11
e^1ogra_: okay, there are 2 new dir apps and writable under / dir18:24
e^1ogra_: according to me only certain dir or portion of the system might be getting version control thus it can be roll back to previous state18:32
e^1thus keeping the config files intact is that correct ?18:32
ogra_well, the rollback mchanism relies on the fact that the snaps are readonly blobs that do not change18:33
ogra_config files are kept for the specific version of a snap18:33
ogra_so when you roll back you actually go back to both, the old snap and the old config18:33
e^1cool :)18:34
ogra_a snap allwayskeeps two versions around18:34
e^1old and new18:34
e^1the same concept as git18:34
e^1Directed Acyclic graphs :)18:35
ogra_and since everything is a snap (kernel, rootfs, bootloader) this concept applies to everything in the system18:36
ogra_(well, and app snaps too indeed)18:36
e^1super cool18:37
e^1ogra_: now i reallly very much interested to learn the complete process of packing ubuntu core, this  would unravel lot's of important info..18:43
ogra_not really ... the magicis in snapd and in snapcraft really18:44
e^1how each piece stick to each other and work, the version control thing..18:44
ogra_it works exactly the same on any ubuntu 16.04 desktop or server ...18:44
e^1ogra_: okay, let me first investigate snapd and snapcraft18:44
ogra_just that ubuntu-core actually boots from the ubuntu-core snap instead of a classic riootfs18:45
e^1ogra_: so this provides the advantage or rollback of even the older kernel  right ?18:45
e^1or booting older kernel18:46
ogra_there is some logic in our bootloader scripts that will do that automatically18:46
ogra_if the system gets a kernel panic on boot, it willl automatically roll back18:46
e^1ogra_: are those opensource i.e. available on github ?18:46
ogra_they are in llaunchpad18:47
ogra_public, yes18:47
e^1can you link me if possible ?18:47
ogra_not easily ... i'm running an eyperimental unity8 here ... copy paste beween browser and irc client doesnt work atm :P18:48
ogra_one sec18:48
ogra_(yes, it is as painful as it sounds)18:48
e^1hehe np, what the name of the repo ?18:48
ogra_google for "launchpad snappy-hub snappy-systems"18:49
ogra_the first hit should be the right one18:49
e^1ogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems :)18:51
ogra_these are the sources for the currennt gadget snaps18:52
ogra_if you look at the snappy_boot variablein the uboot.env.in files you see the boot logic ...18:53
ogra_that works hand in hand with snapd which takes over once the system is booted and sets the right variables in the bootloader to notify a successful boot18:53
e^1yeah saw that file18:56
e^1but right now that's only for dragonboard ?18:56
zygaPharaoh_Atem: replied18:57
zygaPharaoh_Atem: I think it is actually okay18:57
e^1looks like ogra_ you are a core developer18:58
ogra_e^1, nope18:58
e^1contributor ?18:58
ogra_(nope, not only for dragonboard)18:58
e^1ohh ok :)18:59
ogra_(yes, i'm responsible for the image builds ... )18:59
e^1ogra_: than you can become my mentor :P in image build stuff :) ( i know it's not possible but still in my wildest dreams :) )19:00
ogra_why wouldnt it :)19:00
ogra_we appreciate all contributions ...19:01
e^1super awesome :)19:01
e^1give me HW to start with, like an assignment hehe19:02
ogra_well, get a raspberry pi219:02
e^1will pi3 do, it's available right now on amazon19:03
ogra_pi3 will do as well19:03
e^1ordered pi319:06
e^1now ?19:07
ogra_well, you wait i guess :)19:07
e^1ogra_: once i get it let me know what i am suppose to do and will start with that..19:09
e^1cool :)19:10
e^1thanks for todays useful info :)19:13
e^1ordered a beautiful  case too19:14
e^1ogra_: do i need to order any other stuff which will be useful ?19:14
ogra_a serial cable for it19:14
e^1ogra_: like this one ? http://www.amazon.in/Honey-House-USB-Serial-Cable/dp/B00PQMUBQK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469474224&sr=8-1&keywords=serial+cable+raspberry+pi2~19:17
e^1what will be this useful  for ?19:18
ogra_if you want to tinker with the bootloader or initrd you need console access19:19
e^1ogra_: are those cable specific for pi2  pi3 or pi1 ?19:21
ogra_they are pretty unniversal19:21
e^1okay, because i found some product listing written pi2 on it.. so i thought it's better to clear the confusion19:22
zygaPharaoh_Atem: are you and Son_Goku one person?19:36
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: yes19:50
Pharaoh_Atemzyga: Son_Goku is my laptop, while Pharaoh_Atem is my workplace workstation19:51
ogra_thats confusing :)19:51
ogra_(as someone talking to you)19:51
Pharaoh_Atemthe server I used to have for doing IRC stuff normally used Conan_Kudo19:51
Pharaoh_Atemand my home desktop computer used King_InuYasha19:52
ogra_oh m19:52
ogra_and you expect people to memorize all these names to remember whom they talk to ?19:52
Pharaoh_Atemmost of my other selves aren't really around anymore19:53
ogra_well, it makes sustained conversations over multiple days quite hard19:53
Pharaoh_Atemjust Pharaoh_Atem and Son_Goku most of the time19:53
ogra_k, 2 are handleable :)19:54
Pharaoh_AtemI don't often talk much as Pharaoh_Atem, since it's just my workstation19:54
Pharaoh_Atemusually I'm at work doing work things :)19:54
ogra_i heard of that "work" thing before19:54
Pharaoh_Atembut when people need to reach me, I'm always available (or at least able to respond later19:54
* ogra_ kind of got used to having a well paid hobby instead ... :D19:56
Pharaoh_Atemunfortunately, most of us don't have one of those19:56
Pharaoh_Atemand some of us have to work hard to keep work and things we like doing separate19:56
ogra_well, doing your hobby as your job isnt that easy ... since it is really really hard to stop working then19:57
ogra_look at zyga ... he is at a sprint, it is 10pm and he should sit in a bar with his colleagues ... instead he chats on IRC ;)19:57
e^1ogra_: while ordering sd card should i get NOOBS preinstalled or anyway i need to format it to install snappy on it..19:58
Pharaoh_Atemfor me, it just means that I have to push out the time I get to do the stuff I want to do to even later at night19:58
ogra_e^1, just any SD card will do19:58
Pharaoh_Atemit's not uncommon for me to be working from when I leave work at around 7pm to about 1am19:58
e^1ogra_: cool :)19:58
stokachui've got a snap built but hitting a problem with the binary, my setup.py uses the console-scripts entrypoint https://github.com/ubuntu/conjure-up/blob/master/setup.py#L2120:09
stokachuhow do i make that work with snaps?20:09
stokachuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/20912532/ thats my snapcraft.yaml20:09
ogra_stokachu, does entry point refer to a service being up ?20:11
stokachuogra_: its just the resulting cli tool20:12
ogra_but you refer to console-setup in the host system your snap runs on ?20:13
e^1ogra_: done :) so we are going to install snappy on pi and learn building images ?20:13
e^1just thinking where was i this many days, not ordering a pi :P20:14
stokachuogra_: yea20:14
stokachuogra_: i just want to translate python3 setup.py install that creates the bin/conjure-up in the snapcraft file20:15
ogra_e^1, well, i need to write a porting documentation ... so we can exercise that you build all bits from scratch and i can take notes for the doc from a new-users perspective ;) ... note though that it will still be some days/weeks til the new image setup is ready20:15
Pharaoh_Atemogra_: zyga and I are going to wind up being close buddies for a long time :)20:15
ogra_stokachu, well, thats tricky, you can ship console-setup in build-packages but thats only living inside your snap ... you wont actually get anything fro the host system without having an interface if you want any runtime stuff20:16
ogra_Pharaoh_Atem, you doing a distro port with him ?20:17
Pharaoh_Atemwe're working on the Fedora stuff20:17
Pharaoh_Atemand once Fedora is working, I'll be pulling it into Mageia20:17
Pharaoh_Atemand I'll be comaintainers with him in Fedora20:17
ogra_bring it on !20:17
stokachuogra_: so i'd need to make a service on the host system in order to interact with it via the cli?20:17
stokachuas its interface20:17
e^1ogra_: cool :)20:18
ogra_stokachu, your app will run in a sandbox ... to talk to the outside world you need to have an interface20:18
ogra_one half of the interface is provided by the OS (and needs to be implemented there) ... the other has to be provided by you20:18
ogra_stokachu, zyga is your man for details20:19
Pharaoh_Atemthough the snap system has some serious issues to resolve before we can get to that point20:19
stokachuok thanks20:19
ogra_yo mean like selinux ?20:19
Pharaoh_Atemselinux, snapcraft stuff, etc.20:19
ogra_the only way to make snapcraft usable is to have a cross distro db to map package names20:20
Pharaoh_Atemor do "on <distro:rel>" stanza20:20
ogra_else snapcrafts idea of having one snapcraft.yaml you can use foor everything becomes pointless20:20
Pharaoh_Atemthat will allow it to point to specific repositories no matter where it's being run from20:21
ogra_but that would mean you need to do that for every build and stage package for all distros to get a universal snapcraft.yaml20:21
ogra_ending up with multi page yaml files20:21
Pharaoh_Atemit means that no matter what distro you use, it would ALWAYS use whatever you declared20:21
Pharaoh_Atemso if I made a snapcraft.yaml that says the snap uses Fedora as a base, it will ALWAYS use Fedora, even if you build on an Ubuntu system20:22
Pharaoh_Atemthat's a much cleaner way to solve the problem20:22
ogra_but that snp that someone built on an outdated debian system that missed all security updates now will always use the outdated libssl20:23
Pharaoh_Atemand that's important20:23
ogra_even if i re-build it on ubuntu20:23
Pharaoh_Atemotherwise snaps are not reproducible20:23
Pharaoh_Atemit would be utterly stupid if you can't make reproducible snaps20:23
ogra_well, but then i cant just re-build it with a known safe system20:24
Pharaoh_Atemso you're saying the snap author is incapable of being smart about this?20:24
Pharaoh_Atemalso, very rarely is the host environment a known safe system20:24
ogra_the snap author is preferably an upstreaam who has no clue about packaging20:25
ogra_nah, your cleanbuild env is ...20:25
ogra_since it runs in a freshly pulled up container20:25
ogra_snapcraft is a massive chance to get rid of app package management in distros ...20:26
ogra_so that a distro developer team can concentrate on the core and save manpower20:26
ogra_and that an upstream just has the most easy way to package his app without having to know distro internals20:27
ogra_(beyond package dependency names indeed)20:27
ogra_at least thats my vision20:27
e^1ogra_: we can also install snappy on x86 and x64 systems right ?20:32
Pharaoh_Atemogra_: as much as you want to think about it, it'll never happy20:39
Pharaoh_Atemand it's arguable that it would be a good thing if it did20:39
ogra_well, after ~15years in the linux business my biggest dream is that distros go away ... and drag all their political issues with tghem ;D and we can just all work together all the time20:40
Pharaoh_Atemthere have been many, many, many attempts20:40
ogra_all of them failed ... but thats human nature i guess20:41
Pharaoh_Atemhell, nearly a decade ago, Jeff Johnson actually suggested implementing deb management in rpm20:41
Pharaoh_Atemwhen he forked rpm to create his rpm5, he actually did it20:41
ogra_lol, i remember20:41
Pharaoh_Atemthere's literally no reason why we can't implement deb format in rpm.org and actually unify on a common package manager implementation for different formats20:42
Pharaoh_Atemthe fact that we don't is only because we can't get people to agree it's a good idea20:42
Pharaoh_Atemas others have said, what makes up Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, or whatnot isn't necessarily the tools, it's the policy and the people20:43
Pharaoh_Atemthere's literally no reason that we couldn't get everyone to use rpm (as LSB proposed a decade ago) and just implement the database/package support layer on top of it for the distros20:43
Pharaoh_Atemand a translation mechanism to get everything working20:44
Pharaoh_Atemogra_: I held out hope for many, many years for that to happen20:49
Pharaoh_Atemthings like niemeyer's smartpm gave me hope it would happen, but it never did :(20:49
Pharaoh_Atemif someone ever became interested in the idea again, I would definitely help out20:52
Pharaoh_Atembut it seems like the walls have gotten higher over the years :(20:53
Pharaoh_Atemit's been a hard battle to get Fedora and Mageia more in sync over the course of this last year20:53
Pharaoh_Atembut we're getting there20:53
Pharaoh_Atemand the two distros are fairly independent20:55
Pharaoh_Atemthe biggest irony about smartpm is that it only started becoming popular after niemeyer abandoned it20:55
Pharaoh_Atemit's now used in yocto and is a rather popular alternative in pclos and several other distros20:55
ogra_well, i effectively think debs and rpms are an anacronism, we still need them on a system level, but in the end, if you look at the world, there are more apk's installed than there are installed debs and rpms together so flatpack and/or snap are rather the future for apps imho20:57
* genii sips his coffee and ponders Click N Run20:58
ogra_and the even more fun about snap and flatpak is that this battle is completely not fought/fightable by the distros .... in the end the format that upstreas pick is winning ... no matter what you or me want in $favourite_distro21:01
Son_Gokuogra_, perhaps, but I think there's a place for package managers21:31
Son_Gokuwe keep seeing them reinvented over and over again, often poorly21:31
ogra_yes, in the distro21:31
ogra_distros wont go away21:31
ogra_but they should shrink a lot21:31
Son_Gokuthat indicates that no matter how much people think we can get away from it, we're still going to need them21:31
Son_Gokuarguably, they'll probably grow in usage rather than shrink21:32
ogra_but a distro can become a way better maintained core of packages21:32
Son_Gokuand things like flatpaks/snaps/etc. will choose to use these as units to compose a software bundle21:32
ogra_you need whatever your install needs, buuld deps, toolchains and such ... but thats it21:32
sergiusensstgraber when you have time, can you pass me your snapcraft.yaml21:33
stgrabersergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20924678/21:46
stgrabersergiusens: still very much work in progress but it does at least get to the go part and fails21:47
stgrabersergiusens: I'm trying with go-importpath now since that's probably the right way to get around my current error21:58
mupPR snapcraft#684 closed: Run tests from /tmp <Created by sergiusens> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/684>22:00
mupPR snapcraft#685 opened: Release changelog for 2.13.2 <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/685>22:00
stgrabersergiusens: current is http://paste.ubuntu.com/20926345/22:01
stgrabersergiusens: the problem I have now is that I need to set a bunch of env variables for golang to be happy, is there some key I can set in snapcraft.yaml to do that?22:01
stgrabersergiusens: looking at our snappy 15 snap, I need to be able to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH, CGO_CFLAGS and CGO_LDFLAGS so I can have them point to where the lxc bits are22:02
stgrabersergiusens: (and have those 3 env variables only be set while building the lxd part, not the lxc or lxcfs ones, so can't seem that globally in my env before calling snapcraft)22:03
sergiusensstgraber not yet, you probably want to wait for the `build-environment` keyword for this, should be available next week22:03
sergiusensstgraber ah, that makes things interesting; we should get together tomorrow22:04
sergiusensI am too tired right now to think straight22:04
stgrabersergiusens: do you have a branch for that already? Mark kinda said this morning that he'd like to see some progress on the lxd snap this week and that's kinda a blocker (I expected to run into problems with the security policy stuff, not with snapcraft) :)22:04
stgrabersergiusens: I'm not going to be building stuff on Launchpad for probably a few more weeks and I'm running snapcraft in a container, so I can certainly run experimental code in there without any problem :)22:05
stgrabersergiusens: anyway, we can chat tomorrow, I should get some sleep too22:05
sergiusensstgraber I can crank up a branch22:05
stgraberthat'd be very helpful22:06
invapidif you have a dependency that also needs to be installed from github23:01
invapidis that easy to do?23:01
invapidwould that be under "parts"23:02
invapidyes - got that squared away23:06
invapidis there a way to select a specific commit hash or tag?23:08
invapid"source-tag" kinda23:27
mupBug #1605080 opened: package snap (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man1/snap.1.gz', which is also in package snapd 2.0.10 <amd64> <apport-package> <package-conflict> <xenial> <One Hundred Papercuts:Confirmed> <Snappy:Confirmed> <snap (Ubuntu):Invalid>23:48
mup<snapd (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605080>23:48

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