Kiloshi pavlushka 06:38
pavlushkaHello Kilos !06:41
pavlushkaSorry, gotta run06:41
RemonShaipavlushka, Kilos helluuu07:42
pavlushkaHello RemonShai 08:05
RemonShai pavlushka, how're uuuu08:07
pavlushkaon a run, busy a bit, :)08:07
pavlushkaneed any help?08:07
RemonShaino, just gossiping...08:09
pavlushkaRemonShai: signed the Code of Conduct successfully?08:24
RemonShaipavlushkanot try.08:26
RemonShaipavlushka inshallah I'll try it at night...08:28
pavlushkaSorry RemonShai , I am a bit busy , will run for work, may be tonight, :)08:28
RemonShaipavlushka OK I hit upon.08:29
Kiloshi RemonShai 08:33
Kilospower just came on again, sigh10:09
zakihi kilos10:10
Kiloshi zaki 10:10
zakiusing kubuntu ;)10:11
Kilosonce you used to it you wont change again10:15
pavlushkaHello kamrul !12:36
pavlushkawb kamrul !12:38
zakipavlushka: hi15:52
pavlushkazaki: you like Warfaze?15:52
Kiloshi guys15:52
zakiyess. 15:52
zakipavlushka: having problem with bangla font in kubuntu15:53
pavlushkazaki: type in terminal "sudo locate ttf | less"15:55
pavlushkazaki: if you cant understand, paste the result in pastebin.15:55
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: Hello!15:56
pavlushkakamrul: Hi15:56
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: বলু15:57
AudaciousTUXki bulbo15:59
pavlushkazaki: Sorry, paste the whole result of "sudo locate ttf" in pastebin, this command "sudo locate ttf | less" was for you to see the result page by page by hitting anykey, :)15:59
zakioky now!16:02
pavlushkazaki: yes, is dolphin is your default file browser?16:05
zakithere is another problem, when i change windows, it flickering 16:06
Kilostry turning off desktop effects in the settings tool16:07
pavlushkathen run "sudo dolphin /usr/share/fonts/truetype", it will invoke dolphin with admin privilege, and you can copy paste there all the necessary ttf fonts you have in your backup.16:07
Kilosuntick enable desktop effects on startup16:08
zakiflickering problem just solved. :)16:08
pavlushkazaki: you are missing a a :p16:09
Kilosoh i forget you guys all use 16.0416:09
zakidon't have any font in my backup.16:09
pavlushkazaki: download from omicronlab then16:09
pavlushkazaki: and also run "sudo apt install fonts-beng-extra (Hilarious naming lol)"16:11
zakiflickering happen again and again. :316:12
pavlushkaand after that restart the program you are using and you can select Bengali Fonts in the settings.16:12
zakipavlushka: oky. i will try. :)16:13
pavlushkazaki: when?16:13
zakinow the main problem is screen flickering. cant do anything.16:13
zakiwhen i'm changing tab or windows16:14
zakiwhat is vsync16:16
zakiturned off tearing preventation (vsync) 16:17
pavlushkavertical sync, works on 3-D effects.16:18
zakioff kore dichi.16:19
pavlushkadoes it stopped the flickering?16:19
zakiyes. 16:19
zakiis this a permannt solution? 16:20
pavlushkazaki: well, if the settings is saved, then probably.16:20
pavlushkazaki: I am coming with you, :p16:21
* pavlushka bbl16:21
tareqhello everybody16:52
pavlushkaHello tareq , Welcome Back! :)16:54
pavlushkatareq: we got a new one here, Its kamrul from Chandgaon, :)16:55
tareqhello Kamrul16:58
tareqhi Kilos16:59
tareqhow are you doing16:59
Kiloshi tareq 17:00
Kiloswelcome back17:00
Kilosim ok ty and you?17:00
tareqsame here17:04
pavlushkatareq: here in our locality, we are drowning, rain, flood but still I am happy, I was missing the flood, It was a regular thing with my childhood, grown up with that, now observing again being in the middle of drowning.17:08
pavlushkawe used to left our house once or twice during the Rainy Season due to flood.17:10
pavlushkaand took shelter to our Relatives house, that was fun, we got some more play mets that way and study withheld for a while, :)17:12
pavlushkaI am just looking at the bright side.17:12
pavlushkaOur pond tends to overflow, so fenced today with fishnets to contain the fish.17:14
pavlushkaBut I fear they already left, coz water was increasing since yesterday, and now it will only detain the other fish from coming in, :p17:16
Kiloswhaqt kind of fish pavlushka 17:17
pavlushkacarps, mixed, of different types, to exploit the three layer, up, mid and bottom.17:19
pavlushkawb zaki kamrul 18:19
zakihow are you? 18:21
pavlushkagood, you guys?18:21
zakifinr. :)18:22
zakihad dinner?18:22
pavlushkakamrul: why dont you give us a little intro of you? we would love to know, :)18:22
pavlushkazaki: yep.18:22
zakipavlushka: now tell me how can i restore my previous irc logs here! :p18:24
pavlushkazaki: I can tell for Hexchat, should I proceed?18:24
kamruli am kamrul hasan.student of bsc in computer running18:25
zakii'm in konversation :p18:25
pavlushkakamrul: and?18:25
pavlushkazaki: Sorry I can only help you with restoring from Hexchat to Hexchat.18:27
pavlushkakamrul: something more about you other than study/bsc, :)18:27
zakipavlushka: what about system font? 18:28
zakikamrul: tell us about your hoby?18:28
zakipavlushka: oky  about logs. :) 18:29
pavlushkazaki:  run "sudo dolphin /usr/share/fonts/truetype", it will invoke dolphin with admin privilege, and you can copy paste there all the necessary ttf fonts you have in your backup and also run "sudo apt install fonts-beng-extra"18:29
kamrulnothing much..my hoby is watching anime and game18:30
zakifonts-beng-extra installed18:31
pavlushkakamrul: like minded, its good :)18:37
Kilosai! pavlushka those LC peeps are all so busy im battling18:42
pavlushkaKilos: dont stress much, take it easy. just stick to it, you will pass over eventually, :)18:44
zakioky everything 18:52
zakiwith font. :) 18:53
pavlushkazaki: did my advice helped any?19:02
zakiall of them pavlushka:p19:11
Kiloswell done19:11
Kilosyou getting good pavlushka 19:11
zakiKilos: how are you?19:11
Kilosok ty zaki and you19:11
zakiand i'm learning from pavlushka :D19:11
pavlushkaKilos: Credit goes to you, you didn't quit on me or us, :)19:11
Kilosfrustrated actually having to rely on others to get things done19:12
zakii'm fine too. 19:12
Kilosi told you i wont pavlushka 19:12
Kilosbut you guys can start building your site19:14
pavlushkaKilos: in your debt, :)19:14
Kilosat this rate by the time you have it ready then there will be time to link it19:14
Kilosno debt19:14
Kilosonly friendship19:14
pavlushkaKilos: about your frustrations, just let it be after doing your part, not every effort converts to success but that does not keep the invincibles from trying :)19:23
Kiloshaha i dont believe in failure, i just try harder till someone gives in19:25
Kilosi am too hard headed19:26
pavlushkaKilos: better, :) so no place for frustrations then, :)19:27
Kilossleep tight guys19:33
zakigood night :)19:34

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