droid2humm so confusing because i check gsettings/dconf i.e the linux equivalent to a windows register and don't  see anything for lightdm just gnome so kind of wondering since no gdm is installed what the /etc/gnome files are really doing or maybe there just left over from somebody forgetting to remove these when making the distro?00:37
qenghoOh, right. Good morning!02:31
qenghohikiko: hi hi hi hi hi!05:02
hikikohi qengho :-)05:02
hikikohow are you ?05:03
qenghohikiko: take over. I'm going to lunch.05:03
qenghohikiko: pretty good!05:03
hikikoEnjoy :-)05:04
hikikoCool !05:04
qenghohikiko: I saw some jaw-dropping scenery this weekend.05:04
qenghoIt waas obviously photoshopped.05:04
qenghoGeology can not do what I saw.05:05
* qengho noms.05:05
dufluGood morning05:06
* duflu wonders if there's a word for the start of the week05:06
dufluGood Monding?05:07
dufluBugger. My made up word already exists with a different meaning. Such is English05:08
pittiGood morning05:25
dufluMorning pitti, hikiko, qengho05:25
hikikomorning all :)05:26
dufluOh hi thumper05:37
thumperduflu: how goes it?05:38
dufluthumper: It goes Mondayish. You?05:38
thumperdrudging through some boring stuff05:38
thumperhappy to be avoiding the mid-cycle05:38
duflu1:38pm: Finished email and bug triage :P05:38
dufluFor some values of 'finished'05:39
thumperduflu: what are you focused on these days?05:40
dufluthumper: Mir and Xmir05:40
dufluAnd trying not to be responsible for Unity8 bugs05:40
thumperhow is mir shaking out?05:41
dufluthumper: Mir is OK. It moves very slowly, but the reason is test driven development. So we go 10-20 times slower than most projects, but have fewer regressions05:42
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didrocksgood morning!06:12
pittibonjour didrocks ! bien rentrè ?06:19
didrockspitti: oui oui, aucun problème particulier, et toi, comment ça va ?06:21
pittididrocks: ça va bien, merci -- c'était un week-end calm chez nous06:23
pittistill a bit shocked on all the attacks recently (Nice, Munich, axe attack in Würzburg, and now Ansbach yesterday)06:24
didrockspitti: indeed…06:26
* pitti goes for a run before it gets too warm06:26
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seb128good morning desktopers06:42
seb128hey Sweet5hark06:42
seb128how are you?06:42
Sweet5harkseb128:  all fine here.06:43
didrockshey seb128, Sweet5hark06:43
seb128hey didrocks!06:43
Sweet5harkgetting out more due to pokemon, which is a good thing.06:44
seb128while avoiding being shoot, which is good as well!06:51
didrockshey Trevinho07:43
Trevinhodidrocks: hey Didier, how is it?07:43
seb128hey Trevinho, how are you?07:43
didrocksTrevinho: finally back home ! feeling good, yourself ?07:44
Trevinhodidrocks, seb128: yeah all right ;-)07:48
Laneyforgot my server was going to be restarted08:04
didrockshey Laney!08:07
pittioh, some life here -- hello Sweet5hark, seb128, Trevinho and Laney!08:07
Trevinhohi pitti and Laney08:07
pittiseb128: avoiding being shot, or axed, or run over by a truck, or nail-bombed (last night in Ansbach) -- there's lots of choice today!08:08
LaneyI feel NAKED without my precious scrollback08:08
pitti</sad sarcasm>08:08
Laneyhey didrocks Trevinho pitti08:08
Laneypitti: :(08:08
pittiLaney: detached from the hive, eh?08:08
* Laney shivers in the corner08:12
* Laney got paged at 9am this morning08:17
Laneyseems my new schedule works08:17
seb128hey Laney pitti08:18
seb128pitti, yeah, news are crazy recently :-/08:19
Laneyhey seb12808:27
Laneyhow are you?08:27
seb128I'm good thanks!08:27
seb128how are you? had a good w.e?08:27
Laneywe went to the allotment both days and did a lot of work there08:28
Laneylooking better now08:28
Laneythe hedge is about 50% smaller08:28
* Laney muhahaha08:28
Laneyand also it was sunny08:29
Laneywhat about you?08:29
seb128we went to the north of France for the w.e, didn't do much, went to a sport shop on saturday to buy some stuff, otherwise some reading & enjoying the weather08:34
seb128bbq on saturday evening as well08:34
didrocksoh, you went to the north? like Paris? :p08:34
Laneysome place nearby has something which beeps every minute09:34
Laneyday or night09:34
Laneyand has been doing so for a few days09:34
pittismoke detector?09:34
pitti... being out of battery?09:34
Laneylike one with low battery09:34
Laneybut I can't quite work out where it is09:35
ricotzLaney, pitti, haha, I've been there a few days ago ;)09:53
* Laney goes craaaazy10:00
Laneyit's alpha 2 this week10:04
* Sweet5hark wakes up and thinks alpha2 means something about throwing libreoffice 5.2 over the fence for him.10:45
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Laneythat sounds like alphaish behaviour11:17
Laneydo it11:17
jbichaLaney: so you're uploading GTK3.20 today? ;)11:21
Laneythat was the "..."11:22
Laneycreating turbulence in a milestone week doesn't seem super nice11:23
jbichayeah I assume it will break Lubuntu: bug 159752611:24
ubot5bug 1597526 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "Update themes for GTK 3.20" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159752611:24
Laneyyeah there's a bounty for that one11:30
Laneythey might want to use another theme in the meantime11:30
Laneyafaik lxde itself is still gtk211:30
seb128what's the status of xubuntu?11:41
Laneytheir theme is ported11:42
jbichaseb128: initial GTK3.20 support for greybird is in the yakkety new queue :)11:44
seb128what is greybird?11:44
jbichathat's Xubuntu's default theme11:45
seb128xfce one?11:45
seb128does it need to stay unapproved until gtk 3.20 is uploaded?11:46
jbichaseb128: no, the greybird package works with GTK 3.18 too11:47
jbichait's a good question because some themes only include support for a particular GTK3 version11:50
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flexiondotorgLaney, Just back from a week away. Saw that GTK 3.20 will land after Alpha 2 in your mail.12:05
flexiondotorgSuits Ubuntu MATE, we'll be ready to land GTK 3.20 support just after Alpha 2.12:05
flexiondotorgInitial GTK 3.20 support will be sufficient to work.12:06
flexiondotorgWith follow up to refine it in a few weeks.12:06
Laneyflexiondotorg: 'k, that's good, thx12:06
Laneyhope you had a fun sprint12:07
flexiondotorgLaney, Very.12:09
pittiseb128: I just tried to apply your polkit patch; but "pkexec whoami" in gnome-terminal still says "error response to PolicyKit daemon: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: No session for cookie"12:26
pittiseb128: did that actually work for you?12:26
pittiseb128: oh, it seems it does work with polkit-gnome, just not without when authenticating in the shell with the text prompt12:29
pittiok, I got it; with yakkety's packages polkit-gnome itself fails to start with "Unable to determine the session we are in: No session for pid 2316"12:30
pittiseb128: uploaded to Debian now, will sync tonight when it gets imported12:34
Laneydon't quit!12:34
pittino, don't quit!12:34
Laneydoes the polkit patch fix pk-gnome?12:35
* Laney forgot if it was to the new_for_process () bit12:35
Laneywhich is the thing that needs to fall back12:35
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Sweet5harkhah, Laney is team vi!12:44
qenghoSweet5hark: in irc, I mostly give away that I'm in Job Control Clan.12:46
Sweet5harkqengho: heh ;)12:47
flexiondotorgLaney, Do you have a rough ETA fir landing GTK 3.20? I can try and make sure Ubuntu MATE moves in lock step.12:50
seb128pitti, polkit failing to start should be fixed with that path no?12:50
flexiondotorgBasically, I just need to prepare and upload ubuntu-mate-artwork package and mate-themes packages.12:50
flexiondotorgmate-themes, the official upstream MATE Desktop themes, are ready.12:51
mterryLaney, looking at that unity-greeter issue now, though no promises.  I've spent so long in qml land, I've forgotten how to gtk  :)13:13
pittiseb128: yes, it is13:21
pittiseb128: there's still something else broken, but with pk-gnome it works again13:21
seb128pitti, k, good, you got me confused when you said the service was still failing to start with that error13:21
pittiseb128: I got confused; it's operation without pk-gnome when it's broken13:23
seb128k, makes sense13:23
seb128I didn't try pkexec, sorry about that13:23
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pittitedg: hey Ted, how are you?13:48
pittitedg: btw, systemd 231 has a new feature which might help you -- if you prefix an Exec*= command with '+' it will run unconfined13:49
pittitedg: that's what you (perhaps) wanted for the logging stuff, right?13:49
pittitedg: although I still think it's better to use the journal than to put new log files everywhere, it's a nuisance to clean them up13:49
ogra_pitti, wont that eat your ram ?13:50
ogra_(if it is per app/process)13:50
pittiwell, you have less logging with less RAM, or need to use persistent logging13:51
Laneymterry: ♥13:51
seb128going for some exercice, be back in a bit over an hour14:33
ochosijbicha: hey! thanks for taking care of all the greybird packaging etc. just so you know, i'm still working on the port, i'll try to do a release very soon though (hopefully this week?)14:42
ochosijbicha: if you want or need any heads up on that or if you want to coordinate always feel free to get in touch with me here!14:43
jbichaochosi: ok, cool14:43
jbichaI was impatient so I packaged the git snapshot but releases have prettier version numbers and are easier to work with14:50
jbichaochosi: do you want me to report bugs in GTK 3.20 support now to github? I see a problem with the nautilus statusbar14:57
ochosijbicha: sure! and wow, what really? this is totally based on adwaita so i'm surprised about any gnome app bugs :) could be that you're not shipping upstream and consequently there's a visual bug?14:59
Laneyright, nighty night17:18
ochosiSweet5hark: hey! shall i test this on gtk3.20 or is the target xenial?19:04
Sweet5harkochosi: heya!19:04
ochosialso, you mention the "Radiance" theme there, isn't that Ambiance..? (dark toolbars and the like)19:04
Sweet5harktarget is yakkety. xenial will very much stay with the gtk2 backend until EOL.19:05
ochosik, so gtk3.2019:05
ochosiand what's the expected outcome? bright toolbars in LO? bright icons with Ambiance?19:05
Sweet5harkochosi: whoopsie wrt. to radience/ambience I could never remember them right :p19:06
tedgpitti: Cool, thanks. In that case it's going into an SQLite DB, so it's not throwing files everywhere.19:06
ochosialso, is breeze an SVG based theme? if so, you could try to make the icons symbolic, then they would work with any theme19:06
Sweet5harkochosi: well, I dont want to touch the icons -- they are upstreams party. The thing is, with the gtk2 backend the toolbars are light on the gtk theme, so the icon are well readable. with the gtk3 backend the toolbars have a dark background, which makes them pretty unreadable.19:09
Sweet5harkFWIW, just debugging this down to a few lines in the gtk3 theme would be very helpful (as In: when I change the color in the theme here, the toolbar color changes.) Im just lacking the time for that right now, and when I have that, I might debug what the difference between the gtk2/3 backends is.19:11
* Sweet5hark gotta run now too ....19:11
ochosiSweet5hark: ok, so the version you're referring to is already in the snap store though, right?19:20
ogra_bregma, so i spent half a workday on unity8 today (evolution and hexchat in libertine) ... since i discovered that tap to click now works on my laptop ... i had to stop eventually because my tighs started getting blisters ... the load was constantly above 1.5 and the fan didnt stop spinning20:01
ogra_i couldnt see any runaway processes in top thouh20:02
bregmayour *what* started getting blisters?20:02
ogra_upper legs20:02
bregmayou had your laptop on your lap?20:03
ogra_indeed, it has that "lap" word in its name :)20:03
ogra_anyway ... something keeps the system at a really high load all the time but i couldnt really see anything20:04
bregmaI understand now, second degree burns20:04
ogra_yeah ... i tried being funny :P20:04
bregmaI don;t get that kind of load, but I do see an awful lot of active threads using htop20:05
ogra_ah, i have userland threads off in htop20:05
pittiLaney, seb128, tedg: just landed https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/3678, so the name is fixed now20:05
ogra_didnt think of that20:05
bregmait's certainly something to keep an eye on as we go forward with convergence on the desktop20:06
ogra_well, it slowly gets into usable state for me ...20:07
ogra_at least for laptop use20:07
ogra_not so much for my triple head nvidia workstation sadly20:07
bregmamulti-monitor is still a bit further out, as proper window management and workspace support get improved20:08
ogra_workspaces, a fixed NM and the high load issue and i can use it as daily driver20:08
ogra_the window mgmt is good enough for me ... ii had worse stuff in my life :)20:09
bregmaI'm seeing more Xmir and Mir-stack CPU usage than I'd like when libertine apps are running, we'll want to keep a special eye on that because of the lifecycle20:09
ogra_but unity7 really spoiled me ... i cant use any laptops without workspaces anymore :)20:09
pitti+1 :)20:10
bregmamultiple workspaces on multiple montors20:10
bregmathere can never be enough screen real estate20:10
pittibregma: OOI, is  it possible to at least change the current monitor?20:10
pittiwith unity8 I don't see anything on my external monitor; I suppose it just uses the internal one (but that's closed and in the dock); is there some equivalent of xrandr?20:11
bregmaI don;t think Uniy 8 supports that yet, but Mir does underneath20:11
bregmabecause Ubnity 8 *is* a Mir server, it needs to be able to do that20:11

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