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MooDoohowdy all06:44
Kiloshi popey you said i must remind you on monday10:49
Kiloslast mail to the LC is what its about ty10:50
Kilosrt replies to mails but i dont see any new info10:50
popeyKilos: I am not on the LC10:52
popeyso I can't see that mail10:52
Kilosoh my sorry then10:52
Kilossvij 10:52
Kilosi forgot what i asked you to look at popey 10:56
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svijKilos: will check later, currently busy sorry11:17
Kilosty svij 11:18
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Kilossvij please dont forget me17:48
svijKilos: sorry, unfortunately no time for ubuntu stuff today, will check tmorrow18:27
Kilosok ty svij 18:28

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