user_If I download ubuntu mate alpha...do the packages get updated via apt? Or do I need to re install daily builds?02:23
randallI imagine apt would update it to the stable release, but I never tried it02:31
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alkisgI don't know... what is awesome?06:20
ducky__i can see people here06:21
ducky__its awesome06:21
ducky__so how do u know who is talking to u?06:22
alkisgIt's also stunning! :)06:22
alkisgIn general, it's an open chat06:22
alkisgBut if you want to talk to someone specific, you prefix the line with his name06:22
alkisgducky__: got it?06:22
alkisg(that's du and tab for autocomplete)06:22
lenovo_loverThanks for waking me up ducky!06:22
ducky__ yep06:23
ducky__so we talk here just for fun?06:24
alkisgNo, only for ubuntu-mate support06:24
alkisgThere are other channels for generic chat, but I don't know them06:24
ducky__all over the world?06:25
lenovo_loverIRC channels are all over the world06:25
lenovo_loverWhat kind of hardware are we running Ubuntu-MATE on?06:30
madsalenovo_lover, my guess if you're running a lenovo ;)06:30
lenovo_loverPanasonic Toughbook actually :P06:31
madsaI've got an ASUS UX305CA, it's really nice06:31
madsaIntel m3 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB Micron SSD06:32
lenovo_loverThat thing is pretty thin. What are you getting for battery life?  Mate vs other DE?06:33
madsaRunning MATE, but have to run it at 1920x1080 resolution since MATE doesn't have proper hidpi support06:33
madsait's actually a QHD (3200x1800) touchscreen06:33
madsabattery life I get about 6-8 hours06:33
lenovo_loverWell that beats my 1024x76806:35
madsayeah, it's thin, about the same size as a macbook air as well06:35
madsathough way cheaper (only 700 USD)06:36
lenovo_loverI have a Thinkpad T450s as well, but I'm likely selling that soon.06:36
madsatoo bad, that's a nice laptop06:36
lenovo_loverIt's great, but I enjoy the 4:3 aspect screen, as well as the novelty factor of my current machine06:39
lenovo_loverThe screen is marvelous on the T450s though.  100% rgba and the blacks are great.06:40
lenovo_loverI like native res over scaling, so 1920x1080 is perfect for readability on a 14" screen06:41
madsasweet rig, I like it06:44
madsayou could drop it down a flight of stairs and it would still boot I bet06:44
lenovo_loverThanks :)  And yeah, I've seen them sustain more abuse than that and come out fine.06:45
lenovo_loverI just came back to Mate after a 5 year haitus with GNOME06:46
lenovo_loverFeels just like where I left off with Ubuntu 10.10 I think.  Fast, and extremely functional.  I'm glad to see that there a lot of people interested in it.06:47
madsayeah, but it seems like they need more devs06:47
lenovo_loverIf I were a dev I would love to volunteer my time.06:49
lenovo_loverHopefully after the GTK3 port, they will be freed up for feature enhancements.06:49
madsayeah, agreed06:50
ouroumovWhat feature are you discussing? =)06:51
lenovo_loverI see there are several requested features on the dev board, such as batch file rename in caja, etc.06:52
madsaare you looking at the roadmap?06:53
lenovo_loverIt's not on the roadmap, but in the requests section I think06:54
lenovo_loverIt's 2am in Houston and I have to get some sleep. gnite everyone06:56
javier_hi im spanish and my english is not well could you tell me a spanish char please? thanks07:41
maximusWelcome it shows that i have Ubuntumate 16.04 but there is
maximusCaja shows all the hdds but will be better to hide some of them like in KDE or XFCE07:44
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awol_hello just exploring10:43
mate|31732Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to disable the weird 3d effect that system sounds have?11:41
mate|31732That is, sounds seem to change their balance depending on where the window is. For example, if the window is on the left half of the screen, sounds play through my left headphone.11:43
mate|31732Is there a setting in pulseaudio or something to fix this? There doesn't seem to be any setting for it in the sound prefs and MATE seems to be the only DE that has exhibited this behavior.11:53
mate|31732Ok I found the issue. Pulseaudio is complete trash and disabling the positional module thingy fixes it.12:12
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Guest22707I've been trying to join the Ubuntu Mate forum, but can't get the site to send me a confirmation email (tried several different addresses). Anybody have an email addy for an admin there?  Thanks.12:55
muereWas sagt ihr zu M√ľnchen?15:51
pavlushkalaj: Hello17:04
TintomaticDoes anyone know if it's possible to upgrade from 15.10 to 16.04.1 using the ISO image file?17:21
randallburn it to advd, or write it to a usb and go through the normal process, there should be an option to keep your files17:22
TintomaticThe installer has an update option? I never noticed that. I'll give it a try.17:23
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pavlushkajcjordyn120: hey18:20
jcjordyn120whats up?18:21
pavlushkajcjordyn120: For now, only me, others went to sleep.18:24
__CoolGuycan i install software offline from dvd like debian?19:11
__CoolGuyis there some links?19:11
__CoolGuysome links to download?19:12
amelia__hello- I am having trouble installing my printer. this was also a problem in UBUNTU but was magically solved. ( I forget how) but! it works for Ebay! just not for anything that needs to print off my email. what to do??19:15
madsa__CoolGuy: https://ubuntu-mate.org/download/19:44
Akuli__CoolGuy, you can do the installation offline, but updating offline is going to be a real pain19:49
Akuliinstalling software the same thing, not really19:49
pavlushkaHello Akuli !19:50
Akulihi pavlushka19:50
pavlushkaAkuli: seems like __CoolGuy has internet data issue , :) so looking for alternatives may be :)19:52
pavlushkaSometimes I do suffer from that issue, luckily sometimes, :)19:53
Akulii'd personally just use debian19:53
pavlushkaAkuli: may be __CoolGuy is caught between love to Ubuntu-MATE and offline facility for Debian, :)19:56
pavlushkaI just love Ubuntu-MATE, I have strong attachments with old familiar things. Cause Ubuntu used to use Gnome2 and it runs smooth on low specs machine as well, :)19:59
Akuliyou can use mate on debian just fine, just select it at the end of the installation20:00
nicolas46534hi !20:34
nicolas46534I just would like to report bad checksum on the ubuntu-mate.org/download/ webpage, the ubuntu-mate-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso file hasn't the same checksums than in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/releases/16.04.1/release/MD5SUMS files20:35
nicolas46534and sorry if it has already been reported20:36
nicolas46534can someone confirm that to me please ?20:36
joeshmoeok so i am new to this irc thing even tho i guess it has been around for a while, im new to computers in general, or at least software and operating systems and how to run things like an irc22:36
joeshmoebut i want to learn how to write script, and i want to become a developer22:37
joeshmoei know it can't happen overnight22:39
joeshmoebut i know i am a quick learner and have taught myself how to work ubuntu and i've started to understand html scripting22:41
joeshmoejust self taught so far but if anyone out there could help or point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate that person spending their time22:41
joeshmoetwo things in life you can never get back once you have spent them, your time and your words and i will not waste anyones22:42
nomicjoeshmoe use python22:54
nomicscripting & far more22:54
nomic& is intrinsic to linux22:54
nomicpython joeshmoe22:55
nomicyou'll get more out of python than HTML22:55
joeshmoethank you very much, what is the difference between php, and html and python and c++22:55
nomichtml isn't really anything , is just webside22:55
nomicpython c++ and php are real programming languages22:56
nomichtml is the most basic web script22:56
nomicpython / php are interpreted - c++ is compiled22:56
nomichardest to understand/get into =  c++     2nd = php22:56
nomic3rd = python22:57
nomicphp is used more for webside / server processing22:57
joeshmoeok, because i went anme d started up a command terminal and typed in root and it will only let me run commands in c==22:57
nomicpython is used for everything ... use python22:57
nomicif you want to learn scipting -> development22:57
joeshmoeok i will thank you22:57
nomicif you start up the pc then get to the bash command shell22:57
nomictype python22:57
nomicyou are then in the python "interactive shell"22:58
nomicctrl-z gets you out of it22:58
joeshmoeok i have to run an errand i will be right back ok22:58
joeshmoethank you so much22:59
nomicyou are welcome22:59
nomiclearn/use python22:59
nomicis accessible22:59
nomic(interpreted) .. 100% for scripting, as well as programming .. so if you want to learn about scripting, through to development, on linux - use python23:00
nomicit is intrinsic to linux (used everywhere)23:00
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