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dufluls: No file or directory05:00
RAOFOooh, hosed system.05:00
RAOFNo ls?05:00
dufluls: Deprecated. Use a Mir shell instead.05:01
dufluRAOF: Apparently Mesa 12 adds 'support' for GBM_FORMAT_XBGR8888. But using it results in backward colours still. I suspect nobody actually tested the new feature yet...?05:02
RAOFI'd expect it to be associated with a piglit test, though.05:03
RAOF(They're pretty easy to write, if you care ☺)05:03
dufluNever saw a test committed with the upstream change. But they say they added GBM_FORMAT_XBGR8888 for Android (where it is OpenGL's type RGBA in big endian). I'd be surprised if nobody else tested/fixed it yet05:04
dufluI mean Android's RGBX type, which is big endian05:04
dufluI used to have a manual test for it with mir-demos. I should dig that up05:05
tepper3oh sorry :> i'm using irssi and mistaked the term tab05:08
RAOFduflu: Piglit is in an entirely different repository; you wouldn't see any tests unless you were following it.05:14
dufluOh. I thought it was odd previously tests were committed separately05:14
RAOFhttps://cgit.freedesktop.org/piglit/ is probably where tests would go.05:16
dufluI need to check it's not our fault still05:25
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duflualan_g: We don't have any report that simply logs what pixel format a surface is created as do we?08:11
dufluI keep needing such a thing08:11
dufluHmm, or client report would do08:12
alan_gduflu: I can't claim to know it all, but I doubt it is currently reported. We probably just report the surface name.08:13
dufluI can't remember which report that is either08:13
dufluBut I think if I want the format of a specific client it should be a client report08:14
alan_gI'd guess --scene-report has the surface create event and could add such detail, but we've never got around to adding much (optional) detail to any of the reports08:18
RAOFWe should write a logging Mir proxy.08:24
RAOFThanks to Protobuf being self-describing it'd actually be pretty easy, and would trivially log *everything*.08:25
RAOFLovely for debugging.08:25
duflu#define if ...08:25
duflu#define while ...08:25
RAOF(Except, of course, for input events and anything else that comes over that socket, because yay)08:25
RAOFI really, really, wish things stuck in a std::function<> didn't need to be CopyConstructible.08:27
RAOFanpok: Of *course* there's an N document resolving that :P09:06
RAOFanpok: Although, to be honest, std::packaged_task would work fine for me were it not for the tiny problem of I'm doing this because std::future's use of TLS makes hybris have a sad.09:06
anpokah yes09:07
alan_gduflu: I know there are other options to play with, but is this a plausible starting point for using Xmir? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/miral/script-testrun-with-xmir/+merge/30086609:26
duflualan_g: That's the correct minimal syntax, yes, with two caveats:   (1) The default renderer on desktop is dri2 which is less reliable so sometimes try -sw.  (2) The -rootless option is not yet used by Unity8 but we hope to in future09:28
duflualan_g: Oh two more caveats...09:30
* alan_g wonders...09:31
duflualan_g: (3) Our dbus settings are broken and will hang GTK apps. Use export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=none or such to stop it hanging. (4) gnome-terminal is broken (and only gnome-terminal). So try something else like gedit09:31
dufluBut maybe those problems are only in yakkety09:33
dufluAt least only (1) of four caveats is an Xmir bug09:33
alan_gduflu: I've already got gnome-terminal "working" with the gtk-mir backend, just aiming to provide some support for other X apps.09:35
duflualan_g: Well it used to work perfectly. Something in yakkety broke it.09:36
dufluyakkety is in flux09:36
alan_gLuckily for me I can still work on xenial & vivid+overlay09:37
duflualan_g: You might actually want to run pure native X apps to avoid all the GTK/dbus problems.... like 'xterm', 'bitmap'09:37
alan_gack. For the moment I'm mostly wanting to document a test context for "where in the stack does it go wrong" questions.09:40
alan_gIt's hardly good support as (for example) Alt+F4 kills Xmir not the client09:42
duflualan_g: Actually that sends the close signal to the current window, just the current window09:42
dufluin mir_proving_server anyway09:42
alan_gThis is miral-shell which currently does that for Ctrl+F4 and does SIGTERM with Alt+F4.09:44
duflualan_g: I think it's meant to be close current window everywhere else in the world :)09:48
duflualf_ What do I win?....09:49
duflu                                  glmark2 Score: 409:49
duflualan_g: Really common combos like that which exist in other operating systems too I think are best kept09:51
alan_gI agree: that;s why "the shortcut key combination for closing the active Window is Ctrl + F4."09:52
duflualan_g: Isn't it Alt+F4 elsewhere?09:52
dufluCtrl+F4 doesn't exist in Unity7. Maybe in Windows?09:53
alan_gI'm sure I use it in Unity7, but it can easily be app specific.09:54
dufluDoesn't seem to do anything here09:55
alan_gMostly it came from demo_server with demo_clients09:55
alan_gTrouble is there's a lot of "standards" in this area. I'll dig a bit.09:56
alan_gYou may well be right.09:56
duflualan_g: Well, check what the common defaults are in various window managers (not apps), and Windows, and OSX09:56
alan_gduflu: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt_key#Alt_key_combinations supports your case09:59
dufluMaybe that's the only truly common window manager combo. The app equivalent is Ctrl+W10:00
dufluwhich may or may not be implemented in an app10:00
dufluAnyway, time to cook dinner since my callgrind graph is so uninteresting10:00
alf_tvoss: Hi! Could you please take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/platform-api/+bug/160260410:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1602604 in unity8-desktop-session (Ubuntu) "package repowerd 2016.06+15.04.20160706.1-0ubuntu1 [modified: lib/systemd/system/repowerd.service] [origin: LP-PPA-ci-train-ppa-service-stable-phone-overlay] failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New]10:18
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alan_ggreyback: how's qt compositing on MirAL going?13:35
greybackalan_g: am assembling some MPs for you now13:35
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alan_ggreyback: all your MPs belong to trunk16:27
greybackalan_g: thanks. I've bigger chunks to come, probably tomorrow16:29
alan_gack. Are you looking to review any of mine?16:30
greybackI will now16:31
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